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Alex Meyers
Alex Meyers

I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.\n\nMy dog Charlie is the cutest dog in the world, fyi.\n\nFollow me on Twitter:\n\nFollow my dog Charlie on Instagram:\n\nFor fan mail, email me at: alexmeyerscontact (at)

  • Haniel Lopez
    Haniel Lopez

    Can he please do a review on Sailor Moon?

  • Harry Potter Crazy Fan
    Harry Potter Crazy Fan

    who else noticed that he got ravenclaw and slytherin mixed up?

  • Aaron F
    Aaron F


  • Jose Andrade
    Jose Andrade

    It’s funny how mr DuPont killing himself was such a predictable move. Once I was watching that scene I already knew, and it was before watching this video.

  • spot.on

    Why was Harry wearing a belt and slacks while sleeping?

  • Natalie Chen
    Natalie Chen

    rogelio de la vega!

  • Natalie Chen
    Natalie Chen

    rogelio de la vega!

  • Jeremy St.Hilaire
    Jeremy St.Hilaire

    Do a Mary popping doesn’t make any sense

  • Xander Hebert
    Xander Hebert

    5:43, ah yes, the bat crossbow. Everyone’s favorite non lethal crime fighting weapon.

  • TerraByte Studios
    TerraByte Studios

    Wait so hes 32 or 33

  • Tone B.
    Tone B.

    I mean he might as well do one on Spy Kids...... unless he did one that I didn't know about.

  • Kelly games
    Kelly games

    Do u like your life?


    The principal eats pieces of shit for breakfast

  • VibeKiller000

    And I thought you couldn’t touch lava girl soooooooooo

  • Janna Smith
    Janna Smith

    React to bunk’d

  • DAkota B
    DAkota B

    your videos amazing

  • VibeKiller000

    Bootleg avengers 😴

  • Wiggly Playz
    Wiggly Playz

    I love ur vids keep it up!

  • Danica Ortiz
    Danica Ortiz

    Just stop complaining about almost every show you watch bruh 🙄

  • Rachel F
    Rachel F

    God drake was such a langer

  • Matteo Gagliardi
    Matteo Gagliardi

    Anyone notice that Missy’s dad is Pedro Pascal? Mr. Mandalorian himself?

  • Chris Rutkowski
    Chris Rutkowski

    I love his animations

  • Chris Rutkowski
    Chris Rutkowski

    Mario music playing in the background

  • Durga

    That pilot seemed really cool ngl

  • dou jin
    dou jin

    Thx god our future we get vtuber for entertainment instead of this stupid shit

  • Jade Wilson
    Jade Wilson

    Dude we aint gonna talk about how Gabrielle hes dress heels on with big cofted pants like the outfit and style is way off

  • David Johner
    David Johner

    me watching the video: okay me realizing who the dad is: :0 ITS THE MANDALORIAN i'm a BIG mando fan

  • 1not matt
    1not matt

    Its 2021 not 2020

  • The Real Trivia Livia
    The Real Trivia Livia

    Objection: Andy Sachs from Devil Wears Prada was not trying to get into the fashion industry. She wanted it to be a stEppIng stOnE to a career in journalism.

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    When it's New Year's Eve I know I know I was two years eve dirt Derby names the movie named we can be heroes funny cleaning Sharkboy and Lavagirl they actually did that they're staying go and they're married now

  • Fat kid gaming
    Fat kid gaming

    "do you wanna be a bagle?" Well yeah I kinda do

  • The Scott's
    The Scott's


  • Mariama Magona-Kallon
    Mariama Magona-Kallon

    For my favorite LV-homer and that's my favorite movie we can be heroes is the best like your videos

  • Kenneth Fare
    Kenneth Fare

    This shaped my childhood I don’t know why I’m ready for spy kids 5 it’s gonna be bad

  • Hi I'm a pig
    Hi I'm a pig

    i loved the books so much, but the movies are kinda dissapointing...

  • Jade Wilson
    Jade Wilson

    Home Alone is a movie not to watch while eating it makes me lose my appetite cuz everyone looks UgLy UwU no offense

  • Dingo Banana
    Dingo Banana

    Just seeing the voodoo doll in the backround

  • alfie

    I seen the heroics

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a interesting stuff

  • Hop Ban
    Hop Ban


  • Erdall Pirqi
    Erdall Pirqi

    Both movies were really good not wierd

  • Hop Ban
    Hop Ban

    Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

  • Jim K
    Jim K

    I cannot believe that this dumb show didn't get a "You is a hilariously dumb show" episode. I hate you for making me watch this idiotic show, where plot armor is the only reason our awful protagonist isn't frying in hell. He constantly murders people known to be directly connected to him. He touches everything with his bare fingers, leaves tons of forensic evidence to put him on death row, but every private detective and law enforcement officer in this show suffers from "idiot disease". He stabs a guy in the middle of NYC in the chest in the evening in front of large buildings and nobody sees anything??? He leaves his DNA and fingerprints on his piss jar and nobody can connect him to that murder??? The poor Candace girl reports being kidnapped and an attempted murder and the cops tell her to gather evidence. The examples of character idiocy are endless. Common this qualifies for the hilariously dumb analysis. Do it, you owe me!

  • pauredox

    we have the same text ringtone so now i feel like a phsyco

  • Bryan acosta
    Bryan acosta

    Fun fact: *One of my teacher like this show*

  • RaidenTheGreat

    Sonic is the best game

  • Catherine Arnold
    Catherine Arnold

    This acting is so painfully Disney

  • Husky Flusky
    Husky Flusky

    De banna phone

  • Silas Cherry
    Silas Cherry

    i like tropical christmas :)

  • K. Formston
    K. Formston

    Gotta love a movie where there is literally no threat

  • Sky Joanson
    Sky Joanson

    These new Netflix movies do nothing but teach impressionable young audiences bad messages: “It’s okay to be sexually assaulted/harassed by someone if they like you” “Constantly being abused in a relationship is okay if the other person is just *damaged* and *misunderstood* “ “Having other people try to control your life every second is alright if they love you” There’s so much more

  • Carmela Torres
    Carmela Torres

    Poor Marco

  • Traxion

    6:18 *HOLD UP*

  • Daniel Garib
    Daniel Garib

    Dammit i loved this movie as a kid.

  • Xander Hebert
    Xander Hebert

    You strangely remind me of the gaijin goomba, i can’t tell you why because it isn’t really one thing.

  • Johnbro Beys
    Johnbro Beys

    Holy crap he actually got off riverdale

  • Nyiah G
    Nyiah G

    I want some pizza😍.

  • Smart- Waffles
    Smart- Waffles

    “And uh, looks like Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy doing.........*inhuman noise*” 🌚👄🌚

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    What's the thing some of the actors of it Jennifer Spectre Jennifer Jennifer fechter

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    Once Upon a Time

  • BTB Kease
    BTB Kease

    Hey I actually like this show

  • Hannah's Creative Corner
    Hannah's Creative Corner


  • Samantha Kane
    Samantha Kane

    TECH! I found Alice!

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    Respect that kid man why you did that I'm saying something just leave him alone say whatever you want to say

  • Pop Cat
    Pop Cat

    That "Devils Tango" part had me laughing for a while.

  • I- don’t know!
    I- don’t know!

    I’m so mad they made Ariana dyed her hair red once I month I think and then they made it damaged witch made it go damaged-

  • supernova girl
    supernova girl

    This show is actually insulting when you've lost someone to suicide and when you've experienced the feeling first hand lol it's not some hash tag Instagram trend and I'm sorry but apart from the rape thing every problem she had was so first world problems it was almost laughable as soon as it got to her crying about how all the boys in her school said she had a nice arse I was like fuck this and just turned it off it was so ridiculous 😒

  • j0shss

    Yo what's the Mandalorian doing here

  • Discus.Offical 01
    Discus.Offical 01

    so the drawing girl is like banana joes mom from gumball?

  • alpha dog
    alpha dog

    You suck we can be heroes is the best

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    You want to get want you want to talk about donkey show pop the cattle my favorite show in the earth Public Enemy is my favorite show and we can be heroes 2 it's so good it's so good I love it

  • Weevil Underscore
    Weevil Underscore

    Guys i would fail fairy god mothers villain to good person class, I would always choose to carve out the crying babies heart

  • Peter Brady (STUDENT)
    Peter Brady (STUDENT)

    i watched this movie 2 or 3 days ago

    • Peter Brady (STUDENT)
      Peter Brady (STUDENT)

      we shold have known that Ojo was an alien because she is the only one without a parent fighting

  • Xavier A
    Xavier A

    0:33 Hmm if they are zombies why dont that zombie kid dont have that watch thing

  • Brian and Lulu
    Brian and Lulu

    The bitch Sarah got yeeted

  • The one Patrick Star
    The one Patrick Star

    Me: *Uses my moms credit card to buy vbucks so I can buy the battle pass* Also me: My face at 7:55

  • Aksa Johnson
    Aksa Johnson

    I love the good

  • Shulk The Fluffy Husky
    Shulk The Fluffy Husky

    its not supposed to

  • I- don’t know!
    I- don’t know!

    Alex: This is so stupid- Addison: Am I a joke to you.

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez

    Do attack on titan