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  • Ophelia

    Can you do unfabulous (nickelodeon show with Emma Roberts) ? That was my favourite show.

  • Lonnie M
    Lonnie M

    men legit MADE the manic pixie girl character and then they target women to shame against it....

  • Nimo Issa
    Nimo Issa

    My sis really wants to watch this

  • Call Me Lick
    Call Me Lick

    So I'm making this channel to help homeless with the money i make off it , and I'll post here the video of the donations here, you can help by subscribing, thank you!!!

  • Clark Loeffler
    Clark Loeffler

    I was complaining about this movie to a girl and she said and I quote "I don't understand why you think he's maltreting her, I mean he treats her as a queen gets her everything she wants and is super rich and hot". So dear Netflix please make some movies for 14 years old without toxic relationships and big controlling men, beacuse my peers really concern me. Edit: wow it's good to see so many people agree with me!!!

  • Nayamo Oo
    Nayamo Oo

    Please do Dash and Lily

  • Clark Loeffler
    Clark Loeffler

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  • miss mystery
    miss mystery

    u gotta watch dash & lily

  • Nadine Ralliford
    Nadine Ralliford

    While watching teen wolf I felt really uncomfortable there always taking there shirts off and shit

  • island_of_iha

    fun fact Ava Michelle who plays Jodi is 6’3 Sabrina Carpenter is barely 5’

  • Eddie Jonson
    Eddie Jonson

    8:16 wait wut? Lmao

  • NOW WHAT the penguin slayer
    NOW WHAT the penguin slayer

    i don't care about any of the characters except for miguel, daniel, and johnny. season 2 was so boring

  • breadsayshai


  • Maddy G
    Maddy G

    Julie and the phantoms IS GOOD, and no offence but key word: TWEEN ROM-COM

  • cereal lover fruit loops
    cereal lover fruit loops

    Who didnt watch teen wolf is probably wondering who is derek😂😂😂

  • Anna Marie Walsh
    Anna Marie Walsh

    You really didn't have to bring up the One Direction hiatus, Im even wearing my concert shirt right now

  • Zoe Lulu
    Zoe Lulu

    2:02 This is just hilarious I can’t stop laughing. 😂

  • The Ramen Tumbleweed
    The Ramen Tumbleweed

    The books are a dumpster fire of shallow characters, black leather, and Cassandra Clare's fanfic kinks. The TV show is hilarious AF, MST3K worthy, and without all of the terrible purple prose. It's all garbage.

  • SangerZonvolt

    Ok, did the actor who played Kim have a failed beauty operation or does she suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome? Because her face looks really strange.

  • Call Me Jude
    Call Me Jude

    I loved stargirl as a kid; the book. The movie broke my heart. I didnt care for it at ALL

  • Rafel Cerna
    Rafel Cerna

    This kid sounds like every mad scientist in movies. 4:00

  • AnimationTimez !
    AnimationTimez !

    7:34 kids on the playground

  • Ras Chr
    Ras Chr

    “It’s a rock that glows in the dark, got it. Thx.”

  • Ras Chr
    Ras Chr

    And people ask why Readers don’t like book adaptations..this would have been a good show, if the books didn’t exist. But they do. And this sucks.

  • Insufferable Fool
    Insufferable Fool

    The only redeeming factor of all three of these movies is the one song Kristin Chenoweth gets. Period.

  • Muse Love
    Muse Love

    Alex: And wouldn't you know- Ad lady: TIP TO GRIP *shoves tampon in her mouth*

  • •l u c i f a•
    •l u c i f a•

    I’m four years late... I call that early 😀

  • Berry Gachaiii
    Berry Gachaiii

    Just an honest thought I love this show

  • Rafel Cerna
    Rafel Cerna

    Wtf? 7:32

  • Nora A
    Nora A

    In the first movie Kevin and Margret were watching “A Christmas prince” on Netflix and in the second movie they made an appearance? wtf??? 😭😭😭

  • Angelica Amora
    Angelica Amora

    Oh wait british Vanessa should be british?

  • Jubilee

    Tall glass of Ovaltine indeed. And good for you.

  • write side
    write side

    video starts at 1:52

  • mario98730

    So it's Jonas Brothers + Your Lie in April?

  • Moyosore Ogunbiyi
    Moyosore Ogunbiyi

    This dialogue is beyond cringe due to my cynicism.

  • Yra Kyna
    Yra Kyna


  • mimi


  • Gabby0608

    I loved Emily in Paris! Emily is smart, hardworking, charming and willing to overcome her barriers. With how she was treated at first at the Savoir, others would go home and cry or get really upset. But she was determined to make her place in the office and contribute. Remember she was never meant to go to Paris so she had culture shock and was naive to the culture. I think people need to go past the cultural incorrectness and not take it too seriously and just have fun. :)

  • Camilla Gärtner Dahlgaard
    Camilla Gärtner Dahlgaard

    A Knight Before Christmas - also with Vanessa Hudgens - will be the crossover resulting in the 4th Vanessa Hudgens... 🤗😏

  • Florentina Petre
    Florentina Petre

    Your joke about Lupus is inappropriate for those who are actually struggling with that disease. Please watch your "humor"

  • scrabble cheat
    scrabble cheat

    do you really think a 40 years old woman would sit through this kind of movie? these are made for teens obviously it's insulting that you think adult women would watch something so stupid

  • Hope DM
    Hope DM

    Alex needs to make his own cartoon show😂😂

  • parada lada
    parada lada

    10:31 "It's just this half-*baked* revenge story" Ahh, I see what you did there 👀

  • Aisha Lady
    Aisha Lady

    " So that's why I'm giving you the chance to fall in love with me!" so kind of him.. WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE?!? Why didn't you ask her for a date or something?

  • wisdomwalrus

    the most confusing storyline of all time

  • Nell

    Why is no one talking about how extremely cringe and annoying Felicity is???????????

  • Remy Hemopo
    Remy Hemopo

    Am I the only one laughing thru the whole video 😂

  • Natalia Sweetstorm
    Natalia Sweetstorm

    I think that Rose is Julie’s mom.

  • Kh Saraa
    Kh Saraa


  • Kh Saraa
    Kh Saraa


  • Kh Saraa
    Kh Saraa


  • Fabio Kun
    Fabio Kun

    Idk why u are saying the premise is stupid. An american girl that has an ego bigger than her boobs goes to France without knowing jack shit. She is prideful. Problem is she barely grows in the series. As a foreginer in France I can relate to her, stereotipes and all

  • rocketgum

    According to my experience when I went to Paris, not everyone speaks English at least not with that level... and they actually prefer to speak Spanish in case you don’t know French

  • Kerry Jesberger
    Kerry Jesberger

    I love you dude, but you can't say stuff like "wrestling is fake." Mick foley suffered broken ribs, a dislocated jaw, a concussion, and a TOOTH THROUGH HIS LIP THAT GOT STUCK IN HIS NOSE in the Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker in 1996. And then AFTER all that, he still got back in the ring and got body dropped onto a bed of thumbtacks. Wrestling's not fake, it's scripted. x)

  • Octavio Baldovinos
    Octavio Baldovinos

    Home alone is a good movie

  • avery kline
    avery kline

    It bothers me that he doesn't say Kara right ahah

  • Ara luna cinnamon
    Ara luna cinnamon

    Her forced accent uhhhh honeyyyy stop please.

  • Teesha Debnath
    Teesha Debnath

    Does he even blink throughout the movie?

  • Katrina's World
    Katrina's World

    Yay stargirl

  • supreeth s
    supreeth s

    If it is weird you don’t see

  • Settia Nisms
    Settia Nisms

    by the 8th movie, everyone’s vanessa hudgens.

  • Apples

    I would LOVE to have seen a table read for this

  • 雨雪娘

    It’s inevitable, we’re going to have a whole princess universe with only Vanessa hudgens

  • Blessie Barbie
    Blessie Barbie

    Make a review of the last movie

  • Katinjs

    I saw this movie with my friend. I didn't really gave much attention to the story, so the next day I watched it again... And I regret that, because I wasted 2 hours of my life.

  • Ror’s Recipes
    Ror’s Recipes

    2:10 anybody notice the guy in the back balancing a pencil on his nose? What is this movie? 😂

  • Alina Scotsman
    Alina Scotsman

    whenever i hear about this movie i always think about that time that i was baby sitting these third graders and this girl was so patiently singing that what could go wrong with a girl and a zombie song and i just laugh so hard because this girl was so into this movie and like good for her but like....really?

  • Adam Zahariuk
    Adam Zahariuk

    The show was well written

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright

    please do How I Met Your Mother, its one of my favourites

  • Nana Love
    Nana Love

    "I have been crying for 25 years?!" ... And he is the clever one. However the show not that bad, there are moments that were really funny, others that are very emotional... I wouldn't thought I could cry during this type of kid show, and then Luke started to sing to his mum. And I knew I could cry.

  • Danny Blue
    Danny Blue

    I've read the books and watched the serial on Netflix. In my opinion the books are better though I liked the show even if a lot of things are not exactly like in the books

  • Charlotte Beacham
    Charlotte Beacham


  • Hazeema Naz
    Hazeema Naz

    Let’s be honest the only good think about Twighlight is that Robbert Pattinson is in the movie He is Alex if Alex had millions of girls screaming about him walking into a room

  • Alina Scotsman
    Alina Scotsman

    okay usually the acting in these movies are lazy but like understandable why they’re not trying but in this one they’re really invested in it (specifically Dove Cameron) and it’s just kinda cringey. like don’t get me wrong it’s good they actually are you know, doing their jobs, but it’s just kind of cringe. it’s even worse in the third one tho, i mean this one has to be best of the three but like why are they taking it so seriously???

  • Alina Scotsman
    Alina Scotsman

    y’all why was ben being crowned king when his dad was still alive and he was i. high school? like why?

  • Reeva Joshi
    Reeva Joshi

    Two more movies!? Well then I think we all know how this is gonna go... I think maybe Tessa is smart for once in her life and realizes how awful Hardin is and dumps him for Trevor. In the next movie she is dumb again and thinks Hardin really has changed and he has and they live happily ever AFTER. Honestly I haven’t read the books but I wouldn’t be surprised if they also added a fourth boy in the mix or another girl because I have a feeling that’s how most of these girl instead of a triangle iT bEcOmeS a SqUaRe!