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I make cartoons and sometimes video essays about movies and TV Shows mostly, but sometimes I tell stories about my weird life.
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  • lokesh rahul
    lokesh rahul

    Honestly, I am here for Victoria "the haunting of bly manor" girl

  • Phyre Ella
    Phyre Ella

    :))) the movie is'nt funny for me (i actually love the movie)but you you make it so funny ur really talentated.

  • Fun Tech Zone
    Fun Tech Zone

    You people remeber what Hayley said to Rebekah about her being a bitch but eventually she began to like it. Well that's what happened to my understanding about caroline

  • Dan GG
    Dan GG


  • Pumpkin Duke
    Pumpkin Duke

    Zed: I'm an allegory for a racial minority Addison: I'm conventionally attractive and hair is silver I truly feel your pain

  • Just passing through
    Just passing through

    "Mother of the year"..🤣🤣

  • Mr Cluckens
    Mr Cluckens

    I liked this movie, rewatched it this year, made it ten minutes in, the uninstalled netflix

  • Just passing through
    Just passing through

    It's my job to say that.. Get your own LV-home channel..🤣🤣

  • Zoe Cardinal
    Zoe Cardinal

    I saw show and I love it so much.

  • No one
    No one

    Round the twist is so bad it’s good

  • RONIN GOBLIN reactions
    RONIN GOBLIN reactions

    Vampire suck!!

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos

    MPDGs are real. I fell in love with one.

  • Shreya Sanjay
    Shreya Sanjay


  • Anahi Loetz
    Anahi Loetz

    All this time. Alll this time! I thought that stargirl main character was zendaya... Is it zendaya Idk!!!😂😂😂

  • The Littlest Potato
    The Littlest Potato

    secret society of secord born royals *please*

  • Dylann Riggs
    Dylann Riggs

    Ahhh no! Summer isn’t a manic pixie dream girl. Tom, yes, is the sad boy and thinks Summer will complete him. So in his eyes, he does. In until the expectation/ reality scene when Tom has to come to terms with the fact that Summer is her own person and not just created to bring excitement to his life. Manic Pixie Dream Girls have no character arc, backstory, or conflict. This is completely contrary to Summer as she has all three. At first glance she can be thrown into the MPDG troupe but she is in fact quite the opposite.

  • Niboo

    Round the Twist was *indeed* quality entertainment, thank you very much.

  • RONIN GOBLIN reactions
    RONIN GOBLIN reactions

    🎶Poopoo peepee check OOOOOoooooo🎶

  • Alice Kirkland
    Alice Kirkland

    I must say that last time I wasnt really agains Ksara. I wasn't a fan of her BUT it was interesting to see two different opinions meet. But today's "Suck a dick" advice infuriated me. Thats a teenager we're talking about. They are like 19 and this is your advice? I totally understand that long distance is hard and it won't probably last but why tell them to "suck a dick and send nudes". This is not what normal people do. Sending nudes (especially without other person asking) is literally a dick pic. AND tell them to SEND NUDES to a guy who you say IS NOT interessed in her?! Do you know he might just show it to all of his new friends?! or post it?! What kind of advice is that?! Not everyone is Only Fans star, Ksara. People don't do that openly.

  • natalia rodrigues
    natalia rodrigues

    looks like manny santos achieved her acting dreams

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger

    He failed to mention that Esteban and Arwin are 2 of the best characters. Also that London and Maddie break stereotypes. Maddie isn’t a dumb blonde and London isn’t a smart asian. I heard they were originally going to switch the actresses roles. Glad they didn’t

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger

    Dylan is busy being a Final Fantasy character

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger

    For several years it went completely over my head that London Tipton was a Paris Hilton parody. In my defense I knew next to nothing about Paris Hilton including that her last name and the Hilton hotels were connected.

  • Leandre Jeanne Aquino
    Leandre Jeanne Aquino

    when somebody is super nice even if it is a robber 2:03

  • AlexeiObv

    Is it embarrassing that I’ve watched this growing up, and I still watch the show? 💀😳

  • Kevin Sekti
    Kevin Sekti

    Audrey is like PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW and mal is like GRRRRRR

  • Freya

    I rewatched the whole series and i skipped like 50% of it cause I CANT STAND THE STARRING AND HEAVY BREATHING AND SLOW TALKING like does it take you 5 minutes of mumbling to say something

  • P A R A D O X パラドックス
    P A R A D O X パラドックス

    12:40 lol

  • Kiyoko Shimizu
    Kiyoko Shimizu

    I hate how easy they make dancing seem. Like bruh it takes YEARS to be able to dance like they do, you can’t just be able to dance in like a month. Also can we talk about how manipulative Quinn is? She practically made Jas quit her dream so then Quinn could have hers. lmao I can’t believe I’m getting so annoyed about a damn teen rom com. I just hate how they set this kinda thing as ‘normal’

  • Mr. jagzy
    Mr. jagzy

    1:27 is that a shih tzu on the computer becouse i have one

  • Voided Wanderer
    Voided Wanderer

    An Australian Show Called Home and Away. It’s........something

  • Yordano Brito
    Yordano Brito

    Ever saw the zack filed another weird kid show

  • Trevor Belanger
    Trevor Belanger


  • Yordano Brito
    Yordano Brito

    Remember this show on fox kids.....still confused till this day

  • flash beast
    flash beast


  • Jessica Y
    Jessica Y

    You think you can do a review for After we collide?

  • the D.N.A's
    the D.N.A's

    Some of the episodes are based of Paul Jennings' short stories

  • Rammy The DucK
    Rammy The DucK

    rip, the actor for Addison had to wear 2 wigs, also Addison is wearing the wig wrong, you have a wig cap you idiot

  • Victoria Eyo
    Victoria Eyo

    I’m Nigerian but we had this show too. The episode that the brother gave birth to a half tree half human is one that will forever remain in my mind

  • Liliana Frank
    Liliana Frank

    my fam lives in sioux city

  • B K
    B K

    She probably needs therapy to deal with the anxiety and insecurities. If she’s willing to work on her stuff the better off she is for the current or next relationship.

  • Olivia Carlton
    Olivia Carlton

    Oh boy we’re having nightmares tonight

  • Olivia Carlton
    Olivia Carlton

    The sound effects in this show

  • aliasmakayasmommy

    Hey I love your videos but could you pls react to Harry Potter next pls??? I love the series and want to see what you think. Well me, my cousin, And aunt Hope you do. Keep up the good work. I subscribed.


    Peanat buttaa

  • A

    this is an ad for disney plus

  • AbdulTayyeb Ratlami
    AbdulTayyeb Ratlami

    Why do you ruin my child hood

  • Mimsy

    This show gives me nostalgic vibes even though I have never seen it. The acting and camera quality and directing is just *le chef's kiss* golden garbage.

  • Harriet Grantham
    Harriet Grantham

    Then there was that episode where Pete peed on a tree, which somehow made him pregnant with a tree baby, and then having to give birth to the tree through his mouth

  • brt Mari
    brt Mari

    Do the reboot of charmed

  • Hannah Nobleza
    Hannah Nobleza

    Descendants make sense 😠😠😠😠😠

  • Mimsy

    This show just feels like teenagers/preteens tryna act cool and edgy like everything they do is A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH!!! *DUN DUN DUNNNNNN*

  • Laura Torres Beltran
    Laura Torres Beltran

    nobody legit nobody not a single soul not even like beggars not even charlotte Cleor screaming like a hyena

  • Dona Nasol
    Dona Nasol

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that the family had to go to Florida, then to New York to pick up Kevin, and back to Florida then most likely back home. So I have no idea how broke these guys are.

  • arjunn s.
    arjunn s.


  • Cookie Lover
    Cookie Lover

    I don't know what I just watched

  • Sergio Iniguez
    Sergio Iniguez

    Ewww wtf did they do to Maleficent!

  • Laura Torres Beltran
    Laura Torres Beltran


  • Sieun YON
    Sieun YON

    Mr. Meyers that nobody that plays Jas has a LOT of followers on Utube😂😂

  • Katherine Kinnan
    Katherine Kinnan

    u should do one of these 2 one mars needs moms I'm aferid to watch it,u can watch it on disney plus and the other one that is an amazing moive is Heathers 1988 u can find it on Amazon Prime

  • Ciaira Bennett
    Ciaira Bennett

    8:49 ayeee JK☺

  • Mimsy

    6:23 I hate that that is going to be me. COVID started right before prom and will most likely continue into my next prom at the end of this school year. Good thing the dress I got for only like $13 on Depop.

  • jamie greenberg
    jamie greenberg

    ok but dude didnt mention their BANGERS

  • Raegan Morgan
    Raegan Morgan

    There needs to be a part four! Who's with me!?

  • idon'tknow _whattowritesooo 155
    idon'tknow _whattowritesooo 155

    Can you please do the Best Worst Weekend Ever? It's really confusing and is the exact thing i think you would have on your channel

  • idon'tknow _whattowritesooo 155
    idon'tknow _whattowritesooo 155

    Can you please do the Best Worst Weekend Ever? It's really confusing and is the exact thing i think you would have on your channel

  • Kevin Sekti
    Kevin Sekti

    when zed got a glimpse of addison: (0o0)

  • Wendy Reyes
    Wendy Reyes

    You should do: “Living Life with Derek” it’s not that old, I watched this during my middle school years even if this show was no longer watched 😂

  • Mimsy

    4:14 ONLY A 7/10?????? dude its the BEST Disney movie of all time.

  • Neb Vibez
    Neb Vibez

    8:00 that whole minute had me dying

  • Dustin Sandler
    Dustin Sandler

    Next up: Fifty shades of very very very very very dark blue

  • Minori A.K.
    Minori A.K.

    *Why is your voice so funny*

  • nitee Johar
    nitee Johar

    i love teen wolf

  • Klix is better
    Klix is better

    He spitting fax

  • Izabella Valenzuela
    Izabella Valenzuela

    Addison: ha u got racially discriminated everyday when u were growing up well guess what I have slighter blonde hair sooo

  • Adalexen The Time Traveling Unicorn
    Adalexen The Time Traveling Unicorn

    I like how they're laughing and giggling at these two inanimate objects doing flips like that's not scary.

  • Serenity Greenwell
    Serenity Greenwell

    It's called S.H.I.E.L.D

  • Serenity Greenwell
    Serenity Greenwell

    You should watch shield

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich


  • AHiddenPerson

    No one: Mr. Electric: :OO