Big Time Rush was a weird show...
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Sam and Cat was a weird show...
Zoey 101 was such a weird show...
Drake and Josh was the weirdest show...
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  • Allison knight
    Allison knight

    I love this show so much 1 weird thing is that there was no laughing audience in the background

  • Let’s go fun strike Dark streek
    Let’s go fun strike Dark streek

    Excuse me sir I am 12 years old and this is the hardest thing I’ve ever watched in my life what what the fuck did I just watch

  • Te l
    Te l

    I really loved the show when I was younger. It was just so fun and creative. I don't know if would enjoy it as much today but I think it still holds up.

  • Alex Rios
    Alex Rios

    the first episode doesn't do the whole series justice the episodes get way better later on when they actually have plotlines with each character

  • Xtatic_Games

    It wasn’t a weird show

  • Undercover Unicorn
    Undercover Unicorn

    Has he reacted to Spy Kids?

  • TheDollPlace

    Coraline! like if you agree

  • TheDollPlace

    Do aquamarine!!!!!!!!

  • TheDollPlace

    Icarly? Hannah Montana? Suite life? Jonas? Aquamarine

  • Stitch Lover
    Stitch Lover

    Big time rush was my whole childhood. I still listen to them

  • Jietro Raximoff
    Jietro Raximoff

    4:28 'you also have anger management issues". Yes. Because guys who do this(2:10) are in a position to judge.😕😏😆

  • Kiki Chan
    Kiki Chan

    I actually loved big time rush, amd I listened to their music unironically 😂

  • Cereza Snow
    Cereza Snow

    I prefer BTR than Jonas Brothers ngl

  • Cereza Snow
    Cereza Snow

    I'm still waiting on Ned's declassified school for survival guide

  • Mya Atkins
    Mya Atkins

    Naked brothers band!!! And Ned's declassified

  • Wallis_

    The only thing I remember from this show was like... One of them pretended to vomit by using a mushy food, and then the other boys ran up with spoons and ate it so the teacher got grossed out. That's literally the only thing that remains in my head and it's so nasty.

  • cayla deanne
    cayla deanne

    You forgot about Ned Bigby and his amazing declassified school survival guide

  • Kittysuit

    i used to (and still do, secretly) loooove this show. everyone thought it was because i fit the target demographic i guess but i was never attracted to anyone in the show. i just loved the stupid humor, the catchy songs, and the amazing sound effects (pay attention to it, there is a sound effect every 2 seconds and it will drive you nuts but i love it lol) i had a chance to see them live but didnt, and now i will forever regret it :(

  • Potato SIR MEOW
    Potato SIR MEOW

    *gOT to liVE IT BIG TIME*

  • Bella

    You should react to Julie and the phantoms

  • ThatStrangeBugGirl

    Man I hated this show as a kid lol

  • Hannah Corbin
    Hannah Corbin

    Big time rush is amazing, it's my whole childhood, I got to see Logan Henderson in concert he waved at me!!! I might have forgotten how to breathe for a second!! 🤣

  • Armyesha

    PLEASE do Nick's underrated show How to Rock !!!!!!

  • Greek Yogurt
    Greek Yogurt

    Am I the only one who’s STILL listening to BTR to this day?

  • brooklyn kontny
    brooklyn kontny


  • Miguel Cervantes
    Miguel Cervantes

    I’m a 15 year old BOY and I love this show till this day

  • Jean McGhee
    Jean McGhee

    BTR was the best, but definitely weird 😂😂

  • galacticdreamz 13
    galacticdreamz 13

    7:10 made me straight up cACKLE bdhsjdgdv,,, I LIVE for your animation

  • Zilla S
    Zilla S

    Hey..... the theme is really good

  • Carmela Dolar
    Carmela Dolar

    Do True Jackson VP or How To Rock both underrated. You should also do Nickelodeon movies (Rags,Fun Size, Swindle, Best Player) also underrated.

  • Pirate Panda
    Pirate Panda

    1:55... You just insulted me Alex... Why...?

  • Zariha Mcqueen
    Zariha Mcqueen direction

  • London Alarilla
    London Alarilla

    Wait whoa whoa whoa, how are you just gonna brush over the fact that you’re divorced like that 🥺 I’m sorry

  • Clark Lang
    Clark Lang

    big time rush is a goated show one of the best on nickelodeon

  • Kaden Kell
    Kaden Kell

    don’t hate on Big Time Rush

  • Cathy

    I know it's not like the other shows, but Avatar: The Last Airbender?

  • Artixell Animations
    Artixell Animations

    2:02 not sure what was wrong with this guy, he's fabulous. Should have made the show about him. Smh.


    2:05 fat daddy 💥👃💥 I've had it with SIMPSSSSS 2:10 *singing simp exists* 2:12 💥👃💥 *LITERARILY BRINGS OUT DA BIG GUNS* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 3:38-3:39 DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Auke Jorrit
    Auke Jorrit

    *boys in the bathtub* Did you mean... _Blonde Boys_

  • Moises Montgomery
    Moises Montgomery

    BTR was a GREAT show

  • Crash Gaming
    Crash Gaming

    I have 1000 hours on animal crossing

  • Nebules

    “It’s hard not to watch them when you are a 15 year old girl” Me:ummm...yea! Especially hard if you are a female...pffftt boy liking it...that’s crazy...😅

  • likwidude7

    I liked this show but the thing it couldn’t standddddd is how they always talked up the palm woods pool and it was the blandest most rectangle pool ever

  • Katie Atwell
    Katie Atwell

    I never watched this show, for the exact reasons in this video... However I watched Naked Brothers Band and why do I feel like this is a rip off of that...

  • Sanaya Mathew
    Sanaya Mathew

    2:01 That sounds a lot like the song I’m writing rn...maybe I should quit musical arts

  • the running man
    the running man

    Big time rush was my childhood I loved watching that show


    Apart from all this, you can’t lie this show was the best and BTR was one of the best group of its time and they did a genuinely good job in making fans hooked on them

  • Samedha Arora
    Samedha Arora

    You should do a hallmark movie...Will never be out of jokes

  • The Malevolent One
    The Malevolent One

    “ Divorced”???

  • Black Star
    Black Star

    I' m sorry, but this show was really cool. Period .

  • Milk Grassfed
    Milk Grassfed

    People be sleeping on Show Me

  • Milk Grassfed
    Milk Grassfed

    Just wanna inform people that BTR just got an OFFICIAL Instagram account a couple of months ago. It’s verified and everything. They even post regularly! I’m preparing for a reunion btw. We need a new album

  • Milk Grassfed
    Milk Grassfed

    I’m a 17 year old rusher, and BTR was elite. Both the real band and show

  • ill at ease
    ill at ease

    you should do the thundermans

  • Team_Edward

    Am I the only one who keep getting distracted by his animated face constantly changing and going over the top??? Kinda annoying honestly

  • Yusuf Abasoomar
    Yusuf Abasoomar


  • DT Tai
    DT Tai

    Who agree we gotta see Liv and Maddie & Andi Mack!

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose

    I've never realized how cringey some of my favorite kids shows were until now🤣🤣🤣

  • santiago espinoza
    santiago espinoza

    react to the thundermans

  • Abbie 51304
    Abbie 51304

    You should do julie and the phantoms!!! Its kinda similar to Big time rush

  • fallingcanyon

    "you also have like anger manegement issues"

  • The1WithNoShoulders

    Okay hear me out, The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. It's a very bad nick movie

  • Camila Rodrigues
    Camila Rodrigues

    What about Ned Survivor Guide?



  • stupid girl
    stupid girl

    you should do a video on the naked brothers band

  • gacha Disney star
    gacha Disney star

    i've been playing your game WUT for 6 days, i wanna say: it's pretty fun game

  • Cam Bam
    Cam Bam

    I think you should do ginger snaps, it’s Halloween related and it’s super hilariously baaaaaaad

  • Danny Kaler
    Danny Kaler

    As fun as it would be to see you do a few anime episodes, it would end up being a death sentence because the fan base is so toxic can't handle the slightest of criticism 🤣

  • Emaan Segers
    Emaan Segers

    He came for my neck with that tooth growing out of my gum line, though.

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol

    5:43 one direction dancing? Ahaha

  • Issa Niyah
    Issa Niyah

    Me waiting for Julie and the phantoms 🌚

  • Elena ___
    Elena ___

    1:03 all the time

  • Safi Musgrove
    Safi Musgrove

    True Jackson VP is missing from the roster Mr. Meyers.

  • Wrapify

    You should do a video on hubie halloween since its october

  • Mohammed Sherif
    Mohammed Sherif

    Pls continue the flash series

  • Jordin L
    Jordin L

    Naked Brothers Band pleathe

  • Steph Esposito
    Steph Esposito

    6:30 not the abercrombie rejects 💀

  • Nikkola Eldar
    Nikkola Eldar

    "... and the dream was over" *sad trombone*

  • Mohamed B
    Mohamed B

    Big time rush was a legendary show man

  • Elizabeth Yoskova
    Elizabeth Yoskova

    It was the best show 💔💔

  • Kivi

    I loved this show so much. But it's kinda weird to hear their real voices. I am German so naturally I watched it in German. Even though they sang in English. Which made it weird again

  • l Esposito
    l Esposito

    Nickelodeon producing cringing overacting for all to cringe

  • l Esposito
    l Esposito

    AHEM Ive been asking for ALL the disney movies

  • Sharkie

    I really only liked the theme song during the intro for this show. 😅

  • fat bitch
    fat bitch

    Hey Alex you should react to The Naked Brothers Band!!!

  • Ալբերտ Ամիրաղյան arm comics
    Ալբերտ Ամիրաղյան arm comics

    Nooooooo for me this is the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Had to download the game

  • Sammi Poo
    Sammi Poo

    Can you please do a movie review on that new movie clouds on its Disney plus pleasee??

  • KillerQueen msp
    KillerQueen msp

    I love the show 😍😍🥰🥰💕💕 been obsessed with the hot attractive male actors 💖

  • thatkidcgonzo _15
    thatkidcgonzo _15

    Aye you leave my boys alone lol

  • Natalia Villalobos
    Natalia Villalobos

    Him: can you imagine millions of young teenage girls being obsessed with dancing pretty boys? Me: sitting here with my 1D merch and Cds, H & L concert tickets and a Harry fine line inspired case 👁👄👁 Also my pf pic

  • That One Guard No one cared about
    That One Guard No one cared about

    Ok not going to lie, this dude can be a great youtuber he’s pretty funny, but in my opinion 1 thing is holding him back. And that’s him ranting on for 2 minutes and stuttering for like minutes to stretch his videos to 10:02. And if the 8 years wanna spam hate messages to me couldn’t care less, you do you.

  • Melissa Christina
    Melissa Christina

    sad trombone

  • Hope Guerra
    Hope Guerra

    You guys remember the Naked Brothers Band?

  • Cool Gator
    Cool Gator

    You should make a video about the 1985 teen wolf movie starring Michael j fox from back to the future

  • Sundali Fernando
    Sundali Fernando

    Any kind of guy hit so hard

  • Barkot Gebre
    Barkot Gebre

    Do the, "Cuties." Its on Netflix and it's known for pedophilic stuff. A lot of youtubers have done it and I just want to see your input on it.

  • Tina R
    Tina R

    idk if anyone remembers but i really wanna see him review supah ninjas lol

  • PERIODT pooh
    PERIODT pooh

    can you please look at the haunting of hill house?

  • Billy Bong Thornton
    Billy Bong Thornton

    Ned’s Declassified and Unfabulous were great nick shows as well.