The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
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High School Musical doesn't make any sense
The Originals is kinda dumb...
The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
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Once Upon A Time is kinda dumb...
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  • ** Møra_Baya **
    ** Møra_Baya **


  • ally best
    ally best

    Jacob Elordi said in an interview not to date someone like noah because he's an awful boyfriend. Everyone talking about making poor choices yada yada, well remembering myself at 17, I also was an idiot who did questionable things for attention and ignored horrible things I shouldn't have. At least the movie had somewhat realistic ideas of how teenagers would act... I find movies about teenagers acting like they are 30 a lot more cringeworthy.

  • Mo’s Stuff
    Mo’s Stuff

    0:57 Ngl, I spit out my water everywhere from laughing💀

  • Miss Imagination
    Miss Imagination

    Elle is blind to the red flags- When lee saw the scratch on Elle’s face he automatically assumed Noah hit her.. LIKE COME ON-

  • Landon Miles
    Landon Miles

    Someone invited me to a kissing booth once. I refused immediately. I’m with Alex. Kissing booths are gross.

  • jacqueline jiang
    jacqueline jiang

    Video: “Everything just seemed like-“ Ad: hAvInG dRy sKiN??? Lesson of the day: Ads can make a video just that much better

  • Lydia L
    Lydia L

    what really bothered me is that elle was willing to date a guy that assaulted her.. like have some self respect

  • Sabiya Kathiria
    Sabiya Kathiria

    if i wore that skirt, i would have been dresscoded and catcalled. netflix>real life

  • Trissa M
    Trissa M

    This movie was ridiculously too long, such a bore!!!!!!!!!! Like cut to the chase lol

  • Riley Hostetler
    Riley Hostetler

    I can’t believe Elle just forgave him! All he wrote on the note was: I’m SoRrY🥴

  • Carolina xoxo
    Carolina xoxo

    i just hated when they smiled in the booth scene

  • Carolina xoxo
    Carolina xoxo

    Elle: I what ur thinking: Noah is stupid hot Me: No that's not what I'm thinking

  • Sakshi Tiwari
    Sakshi Tiwari

    This movie is really dumb Thanks you saved 2 hrs of my life 🙏

  • cooljenn1


  • Alice Lewis
    Alice Lewis


  • Kenzi Schapira
    Kenzi Schapira

    “Cause I never even WENT to prom HHA HA Ha ha I dont care :,,,(

  • Theuglyduckling


  • Theuglyduckling

    noad , stupid hot? bAHAHAHAHAHAHHA nurpe

  • Mak’s Game
    Mak’s Game

    Lee is a manipulative controlling psycho "JuSt ThE BeSt FriEnD."

  • Krissann Larmond
    Krissann Larmond

    Rule number 19 "he who smelt it dealt it" that got me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • m h
    m h

    Moral of the story “everything is possible...if you find a hot bf” um 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • m h
    m h

    “The kissing booth meant something to people” lol 😂 😂😂😂😂 dumbest thing ever

  • abhinash

    OMG this is funnier than like the funniest movie.

  • Bluelandya and Greenlandya
    Bluelandya and Greenlandya

    I like how when she had her period she just opened her eyes like *WOKE*

  • alex5671 alex5671
    alex5671 alex5671

    i know right just the name is cringy

  • Juzee Katerina
    Juzee Katerina

    the man-bun killed me

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long

    Bro she really be out here looking like a penguin

  • gae


  • Willow Zak
    Willow Zak

    Does she not own any leggings? Or are those not allowed? I'm sure they would've made an exception.

  • De Ja Lee Jack
    De Ja Lee Jack

    cprona anyone?

  • DIwhy?

    But the way Lee was like: The only thing I had that he didn’t was you. First of all, Elle is not an object for possession, she is a HUMAN BEING Also, sharing exists! Lee is Elle’s best friend, and Noah is Elle’s boyfriend Also, Lee and Elle’s friendship is SUPER toxic. They have a list of rules for their friendship that they made when they were SIX!

  • Offset

    I have to read the book Kissing Booth for school and this kinda helps so ty

  • bjkk hj
    bjkk hj

    elle: *the kissing booth meant something to people* alex: *all it meant was that 50 kids went home with herpes that day* i wanna grow up to be like Alex 🤭

  • seventeen is the best
    seventeen is the best

    lee is so annoying so he can have a girlfriend but she can't have a boyfriend i really hated this movie

  • My Name Is Potato
    My Name Is Potato

    The whole movie was basically a badly written fanfic and I am upset my eyes had to watch the whole thing. This video is a gem 😂

  • Commander Bly
    Commander Bly

    I don't like Joey

  • Rocco Gutin
    Rocco Gutin

    what the firetruck me- turn it off

  • Rocco Gutin
    Rocco Gutin

    xfcxgfhjklkhujgfdsfghjk;olyjgtfhrdhjkljhgjkl;' ';lkj;' ';lkjhkl;' ';lk;' ;lkjnmk,l;' ';lkjl;' ';lk;' ';l;' ;lk;';

  • Rocco Gutin
    Rocco Gutin

    im in school

  • Norrin Shearer
    Norrin Shearer

    I can’t think of any way a kissing booth would even be considered to be allowed to happen at a high school where I grew up 😂

  • Amulya choudhary
    Amulya choudhary

    And i used to think all this really happens in america !

  • Bryson Dynamite
    Bryson Dynamite

    "It was just a kiss" bro you literally made out

  • Hoodie DJ
    Hoodie DJ

    "Everything suddenly seeme-" *"USAA"*

    • Stargameradora

      Everything suddenly seemed "Old navy"

  • Connor Popchoke
    Connor Popchoke

    5:03 I’m not even gonna ask

  • Akane Shio
    Akane Shio

    So I never watched the movie but I ALWAYS thought it was called "The Kissing Both" and I'm socked O_O

  • Anabelle Spangler
    Anabelle Spangler

    Can you do hocus pocus

  • Mindset_YT

    Can we just put out the fact about how he knew we were doing homework while watching

  • Crimson Midnight
    Crimson Midnight

    Why is it that in all these movies all the main boy characters are obsessed with this one completely bland and always annoying main girl character

  • DrAgOnfL I
    DrAgOnfL I

    Ok. If all you have is a skirt from 9th grade after you rip apparently the only pants you have, you should AT LEAST have another skirt. Like really, when in the summer do you think you're going to wear any of your uniforms in the SUMMER? Like, really?! And she could've just tied a sweater around her waist.

  • Fresca Frisco
    Fresca Frisco

    is it just me or is elle way to emotional like "noah is declaring his love for me this seems like a great time to cry" like lmao take a chill pill

  • lamatix industries
    lamatix industries

    B**** it is romantic drama like what do you mean

  • SugargliderMoon

    Rule #21 wHoEvEr cAlLs sHoTgUn gEtS In tHe cAr fIrSt!

  • myow

    I'm so quirky guys

  • Shambo

    Alex Meyers

  • Skye Johnson
    Skye Johnson

    Kinda dumb it is so stupid and useless and then they made a sequel for no reason

  • shib0ni

    Ok but, even tho that whole list thing is childish but if the lee guy follows it out of respect for her then she shoulda too.. she's just a bad person tbh

  • shib0ni

    Nobody: Teen movie writers: confident, beautiful girls who like things like makeup and boys are evil

  • shib0ni

    Too scared to watch the real deal so I'll watch the commentaries on LV-home making fun of

  • Niels Van rijn
    Niels Van rijn

    Never watch this movie in spanish, in my Spanish class we watched this movie and it sounds like hentai

  • Kate

    Kinda dumb...? Boy you need brains to get into Harvard... not looks.

  • 기뮨서

    Lee is so much better than Noah. And he def deserves more than airhead Elle

  • Hans Olav
    Hans Olav

    Mean Girls, from what I've understood over the years, was nothing special. at least, not compared to a little thing called "Heathers'. the original, mind. :) probably the only stage-show I wish I'd gotten to see live. :)

  • Nath

    Elle and Lee's relationship it's *TOXIC* Yeah, I said it

    • Sasu Ryke
      Sasu Ryke


  • Keva Alpine
    Keva Alpine

    Toppers be like what the fuck ? How did he get into Harvard and I didn't. 😭😭😭

  • Cocoa Gem Edits
    Cocoa Gem Edits

    "got my period finally" whhhhhhaaaat girl says that like

  • Elma HK
    Elma HK

    I go to a Swedish school in Sweden-_- and every girl is attractive like huh?

  • Clay Whip
    Clay Whip

    I am just watching it now and cringe so hard at the scene, where the dude who has harassed her is passing the note with the intention to get her number and she smiles like it's no big deal. It just shows how deep the pattern of being flattered by harassment really is. UPD: I keep on watching and this is creepy af! This aggressive controlling dude she falls for, wow. This movie belongs in early 2000s.

  • Likhith K
    Likhith K

    time trap. share your reviews please

  • Amy

    The "I do feel so good" literally killed me 😂

  • Avery Barclay
    Avery Barclay

    That groundskeeper IS the zodiac killer

  • Ultimate Trash Boy
    Ultimate Trash Boy

    I feel bad for that one kid that the evil gorls wanted the good girl to kiss. like he didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Ria Bist
    Ria Bist

    This man jst shows u a diff side of the movie which u refused to think about while watching the movie

  • Anoushka Prashanth
    Anoushka Prashanth

    they did jacob elordi sooo dirty lmaoo

  • Bexy

    “What the-“ “FIRETRUCK” how does this dude not burst his appendix laughing while recording

  • Aliyna Sophia Rose
    Aliyna Sophia Rose

    Lady bump? Guys have butts to 😂

  • Shrek

    When did Elle learn to ride a motorcycle???

  • neonkscksc

    OMG girls... so creative.

  • Wishy


  • Wishy


  • Wishy


  • Jackob Abiy
    Jackob Abiy

    "They are basically like the plastic girls from mean girls" FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED

  • Brooklyn Kidd
    Brooklyn Kidd

    Tbh I thought that kiss was super cute

  • queen of moons
    queen of moons

    Me just wanting him to do heatgers

  • JediMaster

    Bro main person UGLY

  • K A L X N K
    K A L X N K

    Ngl people hyped this movie to much

  • Cameron Fisher
    Cameron Fisher

    Accidentally clicked on one of these videos now I can never stop

  • AJ Maryn
    AJ Maryn

    Wasn't the OMG Girls a girl group back in the early 2000s?

  • You Cef
    You Cef

    This lee guy is childish asf

  • Save Earth
    Save Earth

    7:16 - ok what just happened i thought he said cave and i thought of volcanoes-

  • Isabelle Nagle
    Isabelle Nagle

    Do Mean Girls!

  • Zoe Villescas
    Zoe Villescas

    When you dont notice the height difference between your best friend and your boyfriend

  • roberta lanza
    roberta lanza

    Idc as long as haechan watches it lmao

  • Francis Edlemon
    Francis Edlemon

    you should do one on rado relble

  • Creampuff Studios
    Creampuff Studios

    I love the kissing booth 🤧

  • Goldforever91 09
    Goldforever91 09

    This movie was all kinds of wrong. Why did lees gf look like a 40yr old mom ?

  • madalie

    why is he sad that she kissed noah like doesn't he like someone else I know it's a rule but like why you gotta get emotional

    • Gabe bass man Addison
      Gabe bass man Addison


  • Joud Kassem
    Joud Kassem

    Kinda? It IS dumb.

  • Ashley Hotoyan
    Ashley Hotoyan

    Alex: What the fire truck Me: loollllllllll

  • Avi M Schwartz-Vazquez
    Avi M Schwartz-Vazquez

    Why did he not put grandma using the vacuum when people where kissing

    • Avi M Schwartz-Vazquez
      Avi M Schwartz-Vazquez

      I love how he turns a movie into 12-15 minute video

  • Angie Nongthombam
    Angie Nongthombam

    I agree with everyone saying she could have done this, that to cover her parts but yk, now I'm starting to think she actually wanted to show it since *Noah* and ofc she is frigging dumb and stupid so she wants attention but she doesn't want people to know she is an attention seeker dumbass.