friendship is hard
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  • Thunder Roxz
    Thunder Roxz

    My heart is already tearing apart and I'm a minute in.

  • Yavvyer

    Not all endings are happy...

  • Not Liam Dostal
    Not Liam Dostal

    Best Disney classic

  • Saif Rahim
    Saif Rahim

    This movie is one of the first few Disney movies and even though most people forgot about it it will always be a movie that will stick with me

  • Bryan Montgomery
    Bryan Montgomery

    Bruh wat bout fox and the hound 2

  • favss

    Forgotten!? That's my favorite disney movie 🥺🖐🏻

  • instant regret
    instant regret

    One of the sadder realisations i had after going to college was anytime i spoke with my highschool friends, it was always about our campus life. No more were the varied and colourful conversations about mundane things. We shared less things in common now. We had moved on.

  • バルブ / Bulb
    バルブ / Bulb

    The books even sadder.... 😭

  • Jessica Young
    Jessica Young

    Well damn, this video described my friendship with an old friend almost to a T.

  • James Lanzo
    James Lanzo

    And they say animation is for children!

  • Ino.Black.Pearl

    I had the videotape of this one... I almost forgot about it! Beautiful yet sad...

  • Emily Bell
    Emily Bell


  • Bryna

    I love the Fox and the Hound so muchhhhhhh *cries*

  • CarstenGamer 01
    CarstenGamer 01

    I dont want to believe it , but, did you try to stretch this video to 10:00 with that end part?

  • Abbie Goulet
    Abbie Goulet

    Man, this was awesome. Super interesting insight and so well spoken. If you ever have another idea like this, you should do it again.

  • John

    They need to make a remake of this. The fox and the hound was is of my fav movies

  • Let's Play
    Let's Play

    Um so, where are the jokes.... I came here to laugh 😃 why am I crying byr

  • Simon

    This hit harder then three bottles of viagra

  • MrFlipperInvader792

    Hey he's back to doing editorials again

  • The epic Gamer jaz
    The epic Gamer jaz

    I love fox and the hound

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    I love this movie so much

  • OcarinaSapph1r3 -24
    OcarinaSapph1r3 -24

    Forever is a long time.... & time- has a way of changing things...

  • FaithEck16

    I loved that movie as a kid. It's one of those Disney movies that even as an adult you'll find an important message behind it and it can still be enjoyable.

  • Turbulent Bookworm Podcasts
    Turbulent Bookworm Podcasts

    This makes me feel kinda sad. But you're so right.

  • Catalina Cerdas
    Catalina Cerdas

    Hey Alex by the way, what do you think about Bridgerton? hahah I would love to hear your comments on that.

  • Catalina Cerdas
    Catalina Cerdas

    I loved the video Alex, thank you! This was nice and refreshing to hear and watch from you. I do still love your dark humor when you talk about silly shows. haha Take care!

  • Catalina Cerdas
    Catalina Cerdas

    Awww you will make me cry. That movie is too much for me to take, even as an adult.

  • Isabelle Grayson
    Isabelle Grayson

    I used to lament & ruminate over lost friendships & relationships too. They’re like fragments of both hearts being chipped off that mixed together. These fragments could be glued together to make an even bigger heart that lets you grow into the person you are today with all those memories, experiences, & lessons learned.

  • Ramen Gaming
    Ramen Gaming

    *thinks about gon and killlua*

  • yuval schweiger
    yuval schweiger

    I don't care what the view count says or that I'm a bit late a wanted to say this was my most favorite video you have ever made and one my favorites as a whole I wanted to say thank you and have a great year.

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend

    In Swedish, this movie actually has names not just like Dog and Fox, it’s called Micke and Molle

  • Yooran

    Haha I'm lucky, I didn't have childhood friends...

  • Hana Mahran
    Hana Mahran

    this video deserves so much more views

  • WolfgirlHD Spielen mit Lachen
    WolfgirlHD Spielen mit Lachen

    at first i was a little confused because i couldnt remember/recognize the names Todd and Copper Until i realized that names are diffrent depending on the country. I live and grew up in Switzerland and there its caled Cap und Capper.

  • Something Better
    Something Better

    I honestly think this is one of your best youtube videos. I love these video analysis of themes in movies and how it applies to life. Thanks for this video, I loved it. Also completely off topic, I bet you would be an amazing professor.

  • Sam Cat!!
    Sam Cat!!

    Honestly tho I love this Movie so much

  • Alaska Ann
    Alaska Ann

    Holy... I didn't plan to cry today, but okay...

  • RoseClark

    This was really wonderfully made. I'm used to your rather comedic approach to shows and movies but I'm not gonna complain at all if you chose to make more of your videos in this style. You kept your humor in it but did more of a deeper analysis and it had amazing visuas, especially since it was so fitting for the theme. Keep it up! You're a really great creator.

  • Lucky with paint
    Lucky with paint

    The difference is there are those of that rarely made friends at school. Somehow we just dropped out of the loop

  • jennifer simmons
    jennifer simmons

    It may take more effort but it’s worth it

  • jennifer simmons
    jennifer simmons

    And sometimes schedule a time to be together

  • jennifer simmons
    jennifer simmons

    Yeah that sometimes that can happen but if your truely best friends you work through it together and sometimes some change is a good thing as we grow our friendship becomes something more meaningful and that’s the beauty of friendship

  • Jessica C
    Jessica C

    Alex giving me a crisis questioning life again as all my senior friends a year older than me who I’ve known for years are leaving.

  • Russ Buick
    Russ Buick

    i loved this movie and it'll never be forgotten in my heart

  • Alice Halimi
    Alice Halimi

    this hurts way too much

  • RevenEdits Queen
    RevenEdits Queen

    Friendship is hard because sometimes you just forget that you’re friends are more important than you’re money or your ex or you’re girlfriend that can leave you at any time...... You simply just forget 😶

  • Grasica Is
    Grasica Is

    I like these video essays that Alex has been doing recently

  • melis ensert
    melis ensert

    dude i honestly love your videos and this one was different but so good too!

  • Jackson Ryan
    Jackson Ryan

    You just slapped reality right my face.

  • Leonor Garcia
    Leonor Garcia

    Im 9 and i nevr see thes

  • soulkeepers

    this got dark real fassssssssssst and deep

  • Nicole Neklyudova
    Nicole Neklyudova

    Does someone want a hug? 🙃

  • reuben walsh
    reuben walsh

    wow now i feel depresed

  • Miu

    Dude why you makin me sad over here I never even had friends

  • King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England
    King Edward "Longshanks" I, Hammer of the Scots, Lord of Wales and King of England

    Why are the views so much lower on this one? Most of Alex's videos are in the 500K-1M mark but this doesn't even make 300K when it's easily one of his smartest videos? Is it just because of the vague title? That sucks if so, cos this really deserves more recognition.

  • dflowers30

    Damn this hit me. It is so much easier to make new friends as a kid and really hard to do so as an adult cause life takes everyone to new journey's all the the time. This movie had a great message

  • kodoku

    The Fox and the Hound still makes me cry..

  • Smurfetta5683

    I've never seen The Fox and the Hound. Just seeing clips and hearing you talk about it, I was in tears. There's no way that super emotional me would be able to get through this movie lol

  • Tesla Cannon
    Tesla Cannon

    So. Many. Tears.

  • joneth piptne
    joneth piptne

    It's hard to make friends and keep them because most people ain't s*** 😂


    I'd say, it is Friends will carry you but never bring you back

  • Mc Flurry
    Mc Flurry

    This is probably my favorite Disney movie.

  • kelly hawkins
    kelly hawkins

    This is a great example for this topic!

  • Voni T
    Voni T

    Yeees but this hurt

  • InBackSound

    this video makes me cry(((

  • Roza Gonzalez
    Roza Gonzalez

    I remember that when I was a 2nd grader i made a friend we were in the same class as we grew up we started to separate i would hang out with a different friend group and I would only talk to her a little but we would see eachother at the fleamarket each Saturday i think my dad said something and her dad got mad because when I saw her in the store and i said hi they turned and didn't say hi only her sister did i felt bad like maybe did something wrong but I knew that me and my friend started to separate and there was nothing I could do so we don't talk much but I see her sometimes and make small talk

  • Angelina mark
    Angelina mark

    dude- why did you have to make me cry like that...

  • Jada Love
    Jada Love

    The fox and the hound made me ridiculously sad as a kid

  • KamThings

    I still cry when I watch this 😢

  • Omar Zalazar
    Omar Zalazar

    this movie made me cry!

  • Nargon46

    Well crap now I'm cryin again I grew up on this movie and ya know what? Mufasa's death didn't make me cry nearly as much as Widow Tweed having to let Todd go.

  • shutu :-D
    shutu :-D

    im not crying

  • Amanda Rios
    Amanda Rios

    I fucking love these videos you make though 😭💚

  • Kuralay V
    Kuralay V

    I love your video essays so much 😭

  • Tweetyresm

    Ok so this video got me ALL in my feels, but I'm a glutton for emotional pain I guess because I definitely want MORE of this type content!!!

  • Wyzzey

    Fox and the Hound is one of my favorites

  • JR M
    JR M

    This was a depressing video. :(

  • LY always
    LY always

    I looooooove The Fox and the Hound... and yes, adult friendships are so different. I don't speak to any of the people I grew up with anymore, and my circle now is smaller, but much more reliable and comfortable.

  • 100 List
    100 List

    I love life lessons with Alex

  • hamsyhamsy


  • TentaKill

    You know it's serious when it's all lower-case

  • SemajPlayz

    "And not to mention most people are pretty horrible" Truest statement ever spoken

  • thatdudeoh7

    Well this made me sad.

  • Hannah Stewart
    Hannah Stewart

    The water colour effect, I really enjoyed that x :))

  • Hannah Stewart
    Hannah Stewart

    I am *loving* this.

  • Kasper de pyjama zanger
    Kasper de pyjama zanger

    ouch, felt this one....

  • Cow Bean
    Cow Bean

    This title needs help ✨𝕨𝕙𝕪. 𝕀𝕤 𝕗𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕡 𝕙𝕒𝕣𝕕✨ Ahh... perfect

  • Xanis o
    Xanis o

    Whoa man, I came here for the usual cleverness and laughs. Then today, on the holiday of holidays for so many, you hit me right in the old heart. I have someone dear to me that perhaps I have held onto for too long when it is clear she is moving on down her own path. Man. We all gotta grow when there is room to grow into.

  • I cup
    I cup

    Btw Fox and the hound 2 is trash

  • Rasalas Black
    Rasalas Black

    In YA world, it is easy. They're not your friends, they're just potential love interest or harem member or friendzoned member. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's hard for die-hard tweens to grow up and understand that "No, that person does not like you romantically. They just happen to incidentally help you because they are a good person. Or, maybe, bafflingly enough, a good friend."

  • humyra yesmin
    humyra yesmin

    Aaannd now I can’t even share this with you

  • humyra yesmin
    humyra yesmin

    Ueumm... yeaah just so that you know 😶

  • oriana

    Me and my bestie have grown up together, through middle school, high school (and me dropping out), army and now university. She moved out of our home town, I stayed. And we talk every single day for hours, even though now our lives are way different, we still have much in common

  • Delianne Vizcarrondo
    Delianne Vizcarrondo

    I remember crying so hard when I saw this movie as a kid

  • AbnormalVlogs

    the fox and the hound is my favorite disney movie and has been since i was a little kid

  • Kara Marzetti
    Kara Marzetti

    Seriously enjoyed this video. Stuff like this would be good for a podcast.

  • Shawn

    Watching her get rid of todd made me 😢

  • Rikkilover17

    Maybe I was too intense for a kid but I vividly remember telling my mom that this was a story about different ideologies. Like their friendship didn’t fade because they lived apart but because they have two different ideologies based on their influences

  • Alison Joseph
    Alison Joseph

    Tell me about it my "best friend" was ignoring me for a year because we were put in dif classes

  • Alichia Andrea Engelbrecht
    Alichia Andrea Engelbrecht

    It's videos like these I wish there was a love button