sad lonely and need a haircut
just hanging out because I'm bored

  • Caleb Tenkorang
    Caleb Tenkorang

    That animation is incredibly realistic. How did he do that? O^O

  • SA my
    SA my

    I thought he had blonde hair

  • Sherine Anand Asir
    Sherine Anand Asir

    Damn he looks quite

  • G Money Moolah
    G Money Moolah

    Noooooo! Why Alex why!!!!!!!!!!! You look very sad :( Take a break if you need one! Not like my life in lockdown depends on you tube....

  • Christopher Cassidy
    Christopher Cassidy

    This my dads account lol

  • Christopher Cassidy
    Christopher Cassidy


  • lemonsandsugar 13
    lemonsandsugar 13

    I really wanna go into my screen and hug him. he really looks like he needs some love rn lol im 5 years late ahahahaaaa

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    Lol “I’m not going to read that never mind”

  • Cas Lee
    Cas Lee

    Alex is hot??? what the fuck...


    Man your, your depressed, CHEEEEEAR UPPPPPPP

  • Margarbie Adams
    Margarbie Adams

    You are gorgeous and funny please stop putting your seld down. You are amazing and you bring happiness to us all

  • Margarbie Adams
    Margarbie Adams

    Well i finally can put a face to the voice😐😐

  • kittyfrog 1980
    kittyfrog 1980


  • Lonely Little Wolfie
    Lonely Little Wolfie

    Alex is in his thirties?? He looks at least 25.

  • Daytona Adams
    Daytona Adams

    We need picture of him in highschook

  • Splat Productions
    Splat Productions

    Looks fine to me Why you not have a girl I question

  • Lydia Vodopic
    Lydia Vodopic

    Hope you are feeling better now, you always make me laugh and you bring so much joy to all of the people watching your videos. Sending love ❤️

  • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    Bruh 💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sadaqat Khan
    Sadaqat Khan

    Not gon lie I thought he was goin to be ugly because the way he draws his specific character 😂 I was wrong

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    I saw his dog wasn’t in his new video so I looked up Alex Meyers on google and it said divorce. I’m so sorry man.

  • Meilani Nunnery
    Meilani Nunnery

    Me seeing his face for first time YIKES😳

  • oreo boi
    oreo boi

    First time seeing ur face nice

  • Aggie

    I literally had a crush on you just over hearing your voice .

  • Aggie

    O finally got to see how you look. Your videos truly have made me laugh and laugh! You are absolutely talented... your voice is brill.

  • Ajay Sea
    Ajay Sea

    Hey Brother, I'm late. But as a fellow divorced artist, I wanna say, you're an AMAZING dude! I just recently found your channel, and I must say, I haven't binged videos as I do with yours; you're funny, intelligent, and thoughtful! I love how you infuse life into your animations, and I am wickedly happy that you found your calling with these videos! Please don't give up the fight! You are here for a reason, and you're doing great at it! Those meant to be in your life will keep up!

  • Connie Kennedy
    Connie Kennedy

    Alex, you are awesome. Please take care of you.

  • SCP -017
    SCP -017


  • rach78901

    I’m so surprised he’s not ugly at all

  • Adam Kalambayi
    Adam Kalambayi

    How does a 30 year man look like a 22 year old that studies tech at Cal Berkeley.

  • Brinda db
    Brinda db

    Reading all comments of your caring fans is really so nice. IF U WANNA TAKE REST ANY WEELK YOU CAN DO IT. YOU MAKE US LAUGH AND THANK U .

  • Misja Fit
    Misja Fit

    Damn you are so hot :o


    You are so amazing,we love you

  • projectmicky1226

    I know I usually stick to his normal videos. But I came back to see this one, and I have to hope our guy Alex is okay now. We love him so much we absolutely hate when he’s sad. And yes, love is a word we use that seems over dramatic. But he lights up our lives in ways others we are next to just can’t, living with out his fun quirkiness would be heartbreaking to say the least. Divorce is a tough one. God I had to wait two years for mine to go through and he was abusive in more ways than one...and you’re easily the funniest person on LV-home to me. I love your unique voice, it’s so relaxing to me. I never lose focus when watching your videos either, and I always go back and rewatch a lot too. Just because I love your commentary and your jokes ❤️

  • Katelyn

    dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋

  • Matilda B
    Matilda B

    Seriously how is this guy always complaining about how no one was interested in him in high school but he honestly looks great 🙂

    • Matilda B
      Matilda B

      No I don't mean it in a romantic way bc I have a bf

  • Matilda B
    Matilda B

    Wow Alex is a lot better looking than I expected

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho

    This is unrelated but I’m stupid for thinking his exaggerated voice was his normal voice

  • Glamazon

    Didn't expect such a cutie... He says so many things about himself sucking in high school etc... Nah, you're a nice one.

  • 5K with out any Videos
    5K with out any Videos

    Wow, you are way more handsome than I thought you’d be

  • Kuralay V
    Kuralay V

    Honestly when I see pretty/beautiful people calling themselves ugly I wonder if they ACTUALLY believe in that. Like it’s hard for me to comprehend that a guy who look like that thinks he’s not attractive. Like what am I then?? Edit: My comment came out as quite superficial but I really needed to take it off my chest lol. I wish I could write something that would make you feel better but I know from my own experience that no amount of positive comments will really lead you out of darkness. I’ll be just hoping that you will overcome this period and be content 🙏

  • Chelsea S. Wheeler
    Chelsea S. Wheeler

    I just wanted to say that I love your videos, sense of humor, and work ethic, Alex. You're really handsome, too.

  • The Last Ronin
    The Last Ronin

    OMFG ITS A HUMAN BEING who would’ve thought

  • Tanya Pate
    Tanya Pate

    Face reveal

  • Bibhabaree Sahu
    Bibhabaree Sahu

    Hey Alex I just wanted to stay, please don’t be sad, take a break from LV-home if you need to please have hope that everything is gonna work out, I hope you have a great day, and I hope in 2021 you get great prosperity and fortune because you always make me laugh and very happy so I hope that u will too

  • i s e e k _ u. / 아이싴유.
    i s e e k _ u. / 아이싴유.

    Love future funk as well

  • 제니시린

    Blue eyes with dark hair is such an amazing combination of features.

  • Z space fruit samurai
    Z space fruit samurai

    What a talented person, great at everything he does, including lying that he's not good and stuff, HUGE RESPECT AND LOVE! I started watching this channel today, instant sub, binging everything here

  • Lexi

    So cool seeing the guy behind these awesome vids, for real I love your expression of masculinity, you are unafraid to explore and enjoy everything

  • Jess Monica
    Jess Monica

    Lmao Alex would be a complete copy of my boyfriend if he had an American accent, dark hair and could actually grow facial hair 🤣

  • Abelyn Nena
    Abelyn Nena

    At least he has a new gf now

  • Klaus Heisschooler
    Klaus Heisschooler

    Good dang... you're hot.

  • Farnoosh Hajighanbari
    Farnoosh Hajighanbari

    did you know you sound like jack de sena?

  • CellarDoorPoet

    Nope. Too awkward to watch.

  • J Noneya
    J Noneya

    You look totally different then I thought you would

  • JSN

    I’d rather have you be happy then continuing make videos

  • izzy san
    izzy san

    damn hes good looking

  • Aris Simion
    Aris Simion

    Tour logo is cool. Nice. The logo you now the little guy .

  • Trapp Family
    Trapp Family

    Him: It's ok I can't get any more depressed than I already am. Me: me too :( Everyone in the comments: Glad to know you are doing good!! Me: Yes good is EXACTLY how I would describe that.............................................:(

  • L0n3 Duo
    L0n3 Duo


  • Pastor Madeline
    Pastor Madeline

    You’re a good-looking guy, don’t be so hard on yourself :). Your videos always make me laugh out loud.


    Seeing all those animations Ihv always imagined him to be a Weird Geek Buttt...OHHKAYYYYYYYYYYYYY 🙃

  • Megan MacCaughey
    Megan MacCaughey

    You are actually really good looking. From how much you put yourself down in your cartoons I expected an ogre or something. But you’re quite handsome. Maybe Japanese girls just don’t get you?

  • juke365

    0:24 when the teacher in the zoom call starts to type on his keyboard furiously

  • Blxxd Jaden
    Blxxd Jaden

    U r soooooo cool😆😆😆😆 I wish I was ur son

  • Mrs. Vernon
    Mrs. Vernon

    Awwww. This was hard to watch. He is in a place and talking to fans. But it's coming across as rude and apathetic.

  • Sam Spinner17
    Sam Spinner17

    This is a weird thing to say but your voice is hilarious I mean perfect for the stuff you say

  • tobias lorenzen
    tobias lorenzen

    Soooo someone who Sounds like a Child looks nothing like a child

  • Aishwarya Harsule
    Aishwarya Harsule

    you are cute!

  • Yossi

    ALEX!!!!! You are so important in my household. Just so you know, I have a special needs daughter who loves your reviews. She can have the worst day, and take a complete turn once she hears your voice. You are awesome!!! Thank you!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Kasweka Kayonde
    Kasweka Kayonde

    I hope you get some professional help to get through this tough time. Sending hugs 🤗🤗

  • JVIP Westmoreland
    JVIP Westmoreland

    Dang I looked at almost all the comments and only one was funny what the heck guys

  • Ashapop1067

    Do you want a hug?

  • Anya Bratter Gronblom
    Anya Bratter Gronblom

    *Silence* *Alex typing* Me- dousent realize its alex Alex- "HELLO EVERYBODY" me- waaaaaaaaaaaat thats alex FACE REVEAL I MUST SHOW MY FRIENDS!! Me-"OH AVAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

  • Melanie Plistis
    Melanie Plistis

    God he looks so sad it makes me want to hug him !!

  • Shana-Elizabeth

    I know I am late but it makes me sad to see Alex sad. I hope he is feeling better now. He makes me so happy when I see him upload. 💜🥰

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man

    He has to pay for two houses now? Did his wife ask for that as they got divorced? What the hell.

  • Faith H
    Faith H

    Shows face.. 500 views. Doesn't show face... 3.2M views... So how does this work 😟

  • MexiGirl6579021

    He does not look like what I thought he would. Definitely not a bald, white, bubble faced, cartoon shape I thought he'd be

  • MikuHatsune

    Alex, my are you so hot?

  • a creative princess
    a creative princess

    Why does youtube keep on recommending me this

  • Tiktok Theater
    Tiktok Theater

    Y'all haven't seen his faec yet...

  • Karen Lm
    Karen Lm

    Your hair is super cute.

  • Muncher Videos
    Muncher Videos


  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill

    I don't want to sound weird but you are very attractive

  • MillieMustard

    why he start typing like one of those extra teachers who just got their nails done-

  • crappy firedog
    crappy firedog

    I didn't imagine him looking like this lol

  • Hannah Cherian
    Hannah Cherian


  • Marcela Jones
    Marcela Jones

    just saw the picture you posted on tt with kelsey and i swear you look 15 years younger (and prettier) which makes me believe kelsey is actually having such a good and amazing impact on you (when you are happier you get prettier) and im honestly so happy for you!!!! sending all my love to the incredible handsome couple!

  • Juliana Akemi
    Juliana Akemi

    Strange cuz i actually pictured u the exact way that u are

  • AmethystBeloved

    I recently got divorced too after ten years of marriage. It's sad and lonely, but we'll make it through to the other side.

  • Legacy of Lore
    Legacy of Lore

    Alex... Do you need the help of Better Help...? (simultaneously concerned, but also shutout to some of your previous work) Anyway, I hope you're in a better space today than you were back then 🏵️

  • Shivani Adhiyaman
    Shivani Adhiyaman

    Bro I was seriously waiting to confirm that's you till i heard your voice!

  • Sagarika

    Most likely you won't be reading this.. but just had to tell that..I genuinely appreciate your work and I watch all of them, even though I don't usually watch too many TV shows or movies. Thank you ...

  • nada O
    nada O

    lol i thought he is black

  • Nid Nnn
    Nid Nnn

    5 months passed i hope u feel better and things are better now we love you

  • Sheyla R
    Sheyla R

    You should definitely check out the Queen's Gambit whether on your own time or something. It's great!

  • Perin Hussar
    Perin Hussar

    WTF!?!? Alex, You Single??

  • Daniela Lopez
    Daniela Lopez

    I THOUGHT he was blond

  • Akira Hatson
    Akira Hatson

    i hope you feel better ps:do artemis fowl and avatar the last airbender(both movie and the series)

  • Sam Ong'ondi
    Sam Ong'ondi

    ALEX MEYERS is kind a dumb look at that face iiiiuuu