why are we still watching Riverdale...
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Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a weird show...
Riverdale has completely lost its mind...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...
ZOMBIES 2 doesn't make any sense...
Katy Keene is a weird show...
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  • Phoenixxx

    Let's be real tho season 2 and 4 were the best

  • Jamie Stanway
    Jamie Stanway

    Make you know what im saying merch

  • The Sir
    The Sir

    Gotta love the music in the back ground

  • adan armaly
    adan armaly

    do little womennnnn!!!!

  • Harper Andrea
    Harper Andrea


  • Yomna Islam
    Yomna Islam

    I don't care how people say it's bad, I love it so much

  • Your Main
    Your Main

    Omg I got a frito lay ad and got Rick rolled fuckkkk


    I kinda get mad that he says he know hugheah was stull alive abd that she got hipnitizeded to find out what happen beacase they didint know if jughead was going to make it and if you pay atointion you notice they never said he he was dead just that he got hurt

  • Sabina Matějková
    Sabina Matějková

    I love riverdale so

  • Apollo The god of Fortnite
    Apollo The god of Fortnite

    You psycho brontosaurus

  • Lea does Random stuff
    Lea does Random stuff

    The ocd in me wants him to change his flip in hat color so it doesn’t look like all the same

  • vic to
    vic to

    thanks to you, I'm not

  • Olivia

    why is betty more cringe than veronica

  • mrs nobody
    mrs nobody

    betty: and i'm coming for you- alex: BRONTOSAURUS i wheezed after that idk why


    the thumbnail is now my favourite pic

  • Bri L
    Bri L


  • Scoob Gang
    Scoob Gang

    i´m the daughter of all the black hoods XD._.

  • croissant buddy
    croissant buddy


    • Baby Mochi
      Baby Mochi

      Ummmm ok

  • narges poya
    narges poya

    okay but u didnt have to attack kpop like that im ded-

  • MakisLucky

    remember when this show was about the town coping with Jason Blossom's death?


    Does anyone else think it’s kinda cruel to force FP to be the one that finds Jughead’s body? Because this is the second time that FP has had to find his “dead” or near dead son in the woods and that cannot possibly be good for FP’s heart? I mean I know that at this point FP knew Jughead was alive, but he didn’t know the condition his boy was in so this had to be hard on FP. So yea I think that was kinda cruel and rough on FP especially. Also given that they left an unconscious Jughead on the edge of a river, in a ravine in the rain, Jughead probably would’ve ended up with pneumonia or something to go along with his concussion, so yeah that wasn’t to good for Jug either. The whole fake death plan was just stupid, I mean I know they were protecting Jug but given that they had the Sheriff, an FBI agent, a PI, a reporter, a precocious teenager, in on the plan with Betty, Archie, and Veronica, there had to be a better way to handle things

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James

    Y no1 commented like 8 months

  • Dhoon Ganatra
    Dhoon Ganatra

    riverdale is the best thing in this world how can you not like it?

    • amievenpartofthisuniverse no
      amievenpartofthisuniverse no

      please tell me you're being sarcastic

  • swagwolfgang

    I was deadass half and half sure jughead was alive but they played it off pretty good

  • Ciara Miu
    Ciara Miu

    6:19 ADHD in a nutshell

  • Daneya Brito
    Daneya Brito

    Correction why are you still watching Riverdale, I haven't seen a single episode

  • Leia Cariappa
    Leia Cariappa

    to be honest, I HAVE NO IDEA🤦‍♀️

  • ma ma ri
    ma ma ri

    "Up is down" "Black is white" "Cole is Dillan" I can't-😭🤚🏻

  • Isa Doherty
    Isa Doherty

    Betty: I am the daughter of the Black Hood aka serial killer Also Betty: Psycho bitch

  • Lidwin Lidwin
    Lidwin Lidwin

    I like the Riverdale series Idk how many people in the comments watched it If you read books you'll know They have so many qoutes from books for perfect timings that hits well and tells a whole another story gets you feel the exact situation they go through Any book worm there with me?

  • Kavya Singh
    Kavya Singh

    thankgod i stopped watching riverdale after season 2

  • Evelyn Mihai
    Evelyn Mihai

    Hearing my name is so weird

  • josie simpson
    josie simpson

    I love riverdale

  • Deepanshu kr
    Deepanshu kr

    The thumbnail is great

  • Kerry Stokes
    Kerry Stokes

    Stop it best show ever

    • Czedric Villarta
      Czedric Villarta

      "jInGle jAnglE" wow best show of all time.

  • Ineedtochangethisoneday

    I heard they are trying to make a season 5

  • Alexandre Spina
    Alexandre Spina

    We got what we wanted , a good mistery

  • alex5671 alex5671
    alex5671 alex5671

    because it is literately the best show in the history of whenever it came out(2019?)

  • Anita Naseer
    Anita Naseer

    I think the reason that scene where Betty finds out Donna blew powder in her face was added not only to keep the viewers (kinda) believing that Jughead was dead but to get Betty more evidence against Donna that they could either use to mentally break her or to just paint a better picture of what happened.

  • Real Copycat
    Real Copycat

    Kpop I not stupid I saw that message

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    Did anyone else laugh at when she said my dad? no just me

  • Renee Diaries
    Renee Diaries

    This show is like you have a good idea how to start making something in your head (season 1) but then you got no clue how to continue/finish it and you try to cover it by doing nonsense (season 2 onwards)

  • Steven Burks
    Steven Burks

    Went to shit after Luke Perry died.

  • kvqla

    i dont understand why people make fun of the show, they work really hard and i think its a great show. but do we always gotta go at someones opinions do we? but ill respect others opinions as everyone should

    • The Doorman
      The Doorman

      Yeah, newsflash buddy, just because hard work is put into something doesn’t mean it’s exempt from criticism or jokes. Heck, even the actors on the show make fun of the writing of the show They work on. Also slight tangent. Don’t just respect someone’s opinion. Everyone has an opinion on something and not everyone has to agree or disagree. However, maybe work to understand others opinions. You don’t have to agree with it, but understanding opposite mindsets can go a long way to not only working up discussion, but also develop a persons critical thinking. So just, keep that in the back of your mind Anyhoo, rant over

  • RMJ

    i ask myself the same question. i’m interested in it as i’m watching but as soon as i finish a season i tell myself “that really wasn’t that good”

  • Jane Moody
    Jane Moody

    1:28 ad skip skip ad

  • the one please
    the one please

    Riverdale just gone in circles!

  • mohammed musa
    mohammed musa

    in opinion its actually a good show

  • Melanie Senf
    Melanie Senf

    I actually really enjoyed season 4. Surprisingly but I didn’t expect anything after that gargoyle crap

  • Lucas T. C.
    Lucas T. C.

    ok your first videos about riverdale you told everything about the story but now you just leave holes in it, not that I care enough to know what it is about, I'm just watching your videos instead of the show because I can't believe how bad it is


    I gotta say ep14 was not horrible ALONE

  • Eva Freytes
    Eva Freytes

    I only watched season 1 and im so glad i stopped there lol

  • Kendra Close
    Kendra Close

    Why can’t you just mind your business and stop judging people for what they like

    • Czedric Villarta
      Czedric Villarta

      he's not judging everyone dumbass,he's just making fun of the STUPID show.

    • Loading

      Or you could mind your own business and stop judging him for doing what he likes and making theese videos

  • Em b
    Em b

    I've watched d first 3 seasons and a few eps of the 4th and hvnt watched it in months. I've survived three seasons of riverdale and I'm putting that on a t-shirt

  • beautifull alias
    beautifull alias

    I stopped on mis season 2 and as corona I decided to finish watching it.

  • Doll Kathleen Louise
    Doll Kathleen Louise

    Am I the only one who thinks Riverdale has WAY TOO MUCH "devil's tango" scenes? Like, it's annoying

  • Carlinda!

    The thumbnail, good grief!

  • Andrea chavez
    Andrea chavez

    You psycho br-brontosaurus 😂

  • Nomi Sunrider
    Nomi Sunrider

    "Do what I say or I'll release the tape of you and ponytail doing the nasty!" Umm....wouldn't you get arrested for child pornography?

  • Sloan Gaislaisone
    Sloan Gaislaisone

    I can’t even imagine how exhausting it must be to animate like a 10 minutes worth of video. It’s crazy impressive.


    did no one see the k pop is stupid 6:31

  • ilaria

    This story is like when I right a line for a story every week...... But worest.

  • Qupj Productions
    Qupj Productions

    Shankshaw prison... really. You couldn’t just call it Shawshank prison and make it less pretentious.

  • eggs are beautiful
    eggs are beautiful

    idk tbh

  • Chase 11
    Chase 11

    Why does he act like he actually thought that jughead was alive

  • ItzAlfieGacha

    I've watch all seasons of Riverdale, but I'm agreeing with basically everything Alex is saying

  • 27may

    this is reason why adults dont treat teenagers seriously

  • Wayne Munjuga
    Wayne Munjuga

    People were actually watching it? I thought y'all were joking lol

  • Savannah Jones-Verity
    Savannah Jones-Verity

    I loved the first season! The second one was okay and then it lost me in the shit show of a mess riverdale has become 😂


    I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Hanna lynn
    Hanna lynn

    face reveal pls

  • Kayy Marth
    Kayy Marth

    Alex you’re amazing. I love your channel. Sending love from Mozambique, Africa

  • Ziya Brooklyn
    Ziya Brooklyn

    At this point I just want to slam my head against a wall

  • Batool Sayed
    Batool Sayed

    Why isn't the gentleman's code a thing in Riverdale

  • Swoofix


  • WAM Spray
    WAM Spray

    Every time I watch this I just think of suite life of Zach and Cody

  • Lian Benhanan
    Lian Benhanan

    Do you ship bughead???

  • Margaret Kariuki
    Margaret Kariuki

    I didn't understand the whole gargoyle thing. i was confused the whole time.

  • Kazuma Sato
    Kazuma Sato

    Then why are you still watching?? If u hate it then don't watch.. No need to spread hate... This channel is shit.. No need to degrade another show just because you hate it.

    • Kazuma Sato
      Kazuma Sato

      @Czedric Villarta I didn't degrade anyone.. Try to "read" okay??

    • Czedric Villarta
      Czedric Villarta

      @Kazuma Sato if your "oPiNioN" also degrades others then your opinion is worthless, that's all .

    • Kazuma Sato
      Kazuma Sato

      @Czedric Villarta it's my own opinion.. You worthless brainless maggot.. Shut the fck up

    • Czedric Villarta
      Czedric Villarta

      then why are you also spreading shit, if you don't like this anime boy shut up.

  • Medina Mekhtieva
    Medina Mekhtieva

    08:57 harumph 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexi Felton
    Alexi Felton

    Next: Jughead is actually Betty’s other long lost brother except he isn’t it’s actually Veronica except she isn’t and Veronica is jughead’s long lost 6th cousin 18th removed

  • sakshi sable
    sakshi sable

    Do you even like any show dude

  • Kat Likes Cats
    Kat Likes Cats

    They could’ve had Jughead “die” way earlier and had that be drawn out for more of the season and it would’ve been so much more interesting then Veronica wanting to do the DEVILS TANGO with her dad while Archie meets his uncle....it feels like Archie and Veronica were so out of place for so much of this season like the writers didn’t know what to do with them at all and gave them the most boring subplots of all time

  • Miri Lazure
    Miri Lazure

    My question is how many times is jughead going to die 😳

  • Lib R
    Lib R

    Riverdale- no one’s actually dead

  • Lib R
    Lib R

    Riverdale- the most confusing show with the most deaths and long lost siblings

  • callmecristal

    Honestly, Riverdale is so bad.. I could never get into this show.. I tried a couple times but i just couldn't do it...

  • ToxicmangoYt

    I get the suite life joke i fied laughing and when it says he went to another school and everybody tried to kill him ever five seconds

  • Princess Aubynn
    Princess Aubynn

    Veronica and Archie's relationship has too many intimate moments its just too much now I always have to skip

  • James Corden
    James Corden

    Guys I wanna start watching Riverdale but all I'm seeing I these negative commentaries any advice for me?😳

    • James Corden
      James Corden

      @Righteous_Trojan How bad can it get? You know I'm used to watching these corny teen shows and I find them okay for their cheesiness but I'll take your advice😂😂😂😂

    • Righteous_Trojan

      James Corden don’t

  • Chad Kroeger
    Chad Kroeger

    "I'm coming for you, you psycho b-" *Brontosaurus*

  • Z G.
    Z G.

    Its garbage. I gave up on it.

  • julissa !
    julissa !

    Uhh we are still watching because we love it

  • Pippa being Pippa
    Pippa being Pippa

    Why is everyone hating on riverdale like I’m my opinion I love it

  • Råndom Strånger
    Råndom Strånger

    Beacause its amazing?'

    • Righteous_Trojan

      Råndom Strånger it’s not. Everybody acts like what 70 year old men think kids act like

  • Anuva Shah
    Anuva Shah

    Season 5 is about aliens 😭

  • little rat
    little rat

    Mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama mamamamamamamamama

    • little rat
      little rat

      I like alll food

    • ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂
      ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂

      @little rat I like cheeeez

    • little rat
      little rat

      I like water

    • little rat
      little rat

      Ok fellow rat

    • ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂
      ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂

      @little rat I loooove cheeeeez!

  • Eve

    Bro why does this random blond dude have a video of Betty and Jughead doing dodgy things like is that not child pornography cos they’re all supposed to be like 17 right

    • ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂
      ꧁༒•Depressed Carrot•༒꧂

      I no rite

  • Sasha TheSimmer
    Sasha TheSimmer

    I watched riverdale all the way through just to see if it has a bit of good, the first season was the only good season. It went downhill fro, their

  • Sloth Plays
    Sloth Plays

    The actors are really good but the writing is terrible