the biggest problem with 13 Reasons Why season 3
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video essay. I don't do them so much anymore, but its nice to go back to my "roots" every now and then. Also Charlie's plush toy is only available until September 20th, so make sure you buy it now before its too late:

    • Knockoff Mjolnir
      Knockoff Mjolnir

      7:38 I'm sorry. I know this is supposed to be serious. Just the way you said, "Oh, drug abuse" caught me so off guard. XD

    • Madhav Bhardwaj
      Madhav Bhardwaj

      The jessica issue is very small.... It is all about the context.

    • Ashley Martijn
      Ashley Martijn

      Alex Meyers miss the animations :(

    • random Swiftie
      random Swiftie

      React to EUPHORIA SHOW

    • I.N Aberdeen
      I.N Aberdeen

      You should watch euphoria


    the fact no one acts like a teen? none of this shit makes sense? they tell a random new immigrant black chick all the horrendous shit that happened? NONE OF THIS MAKE ANY SENSE! I dealt with a lot of the material in this show when I was in High School and its about as accurate as a 1945 Russians vie of America. AKA not at all. The show feels like 50 year old writers trying to "hello my fellow kids" with their script. Its fucking awful.

  • Wahida Mahzabin
    Wahida Mahzabin

    This is such a shit show. Complete waste of time.

  • Vishal Reddy
    Vishal Reddy

    The few positives of this show are Tyler's redemption and Justin and Clays relationship. But both kinda of get ruined to be honest. Like Tyler's "friends" constantly demean his good nature amd dont trust him. I get hes still a threat but they act like parents rather than friends. And Justin just is such a depressing character like they coukdnt give him anything good. And than they just kill him off. LOL

  • Vishal Reddy
    Vishal Reddy

    I'm all for dark tv shows with realism and reflection of our society. But this show is just depressing for no reason. Just makes everyone who was a decent character in season 1 into an asshole by season 3. These kids refuse to get help, treat their "friends" like shit, and the show seems to make every inexcusable action okay with the right story developments. They literally do my guy Clay so dirty in season 2-4. In season 1, he is literally a hero in my eyes, trying to get everyone to take responsibility for what they did and own up to their shit. But he slowly just becomes crazy, obsessive, and overall just an asshole. Especially to his own family who for the whome show just try to help him. This show has done way more to damage people prespective of these problems than help anyone.

  • I like Pizza
    I like Pizza

    I think the show should have stopped at season 1 or 2. The third and the fourth was more like a drama and took away from the show’s message.

  • Just an old Snufkin
    Just an old Snufkin

    It's not that Ani is plain and has NO backstory and such. Actually she's a bomb. I appreciate her character because she isn't just a walking mess like the rest. It wasn't said directly but she learned not to attach to people by changing schools because of her mom's job and she's just so strong and keeps her emotions under control. We can learn a lot from her. I don't really understand why people say she's annoying. Maybe she did one wrong thing, like saying it was Monty who killed Bryce, not Alex cz u know nobody likes him, he's already a rappist, but he still had his owm life and problems and didn't deserve to be punished even more

  • Maria Z
    Maria Z

    So I haven't watched the show so correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand, Tyler being the school shooter and then you know, becoming a better person is fine and all, but when it comes to Bryce, it's not? And he deserves to die?

  • EnchantedWings

    I don't like the portrayal of trauma as something that makes people interesting. While I have a lot of childhood and early adulthood trauma, I hide it. So, people who don't know me or know me but don't share it with them, I seem to be optimistic, happy-go-lucky, excitable, psychology research obsessed, creative, artistic, and understanding person. Underneath all of that, I fight the shit from my past day to day. And it manifests in different ways, whether it's refusing to take medication as form of self punishment, binge-restrict food, nightmares, intrusive memories, refusing to get a pet because of a certain thing that happened to my first (and beloved) cat, binge spending on stuff I don't need, etc. I would love for there to be a Netflix show about the reality of mental health issues, like following the life of someone, with each day or week being a separate episode. Could be informational entertainment and not glamourised like 13 Reasons Why..

  • Human Bng
    Human Bng

    Yeah it's so depressing

  • Hannah Mason
    Hannah Mason

    "what universe is this show supposed to take place in? because it's certainly not this one." mannn, these videos crack me UP. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ankush Nagpure
    Ankush Nagpure

    I don't understand how suddenly everyone friends with Ani and tells everything to her.... Nonsense... I hate alex and jess now

  • jodie weeks
    jodie weeks

    ani’s lies, and snitching ruined everyone and everything

  • Sibtain Haider
    Sibtain Haider

    Season 3 is basically multiplying the show with zero

  • Madi Loe
    Madi Loe

    Thank you I hate Ani

  • whatever_ImAGirl

    Teen drama touching on such issues without adressing clearly what's the real message can be dangerous to say the least... a kid will not understand or see what you want to show in your show (even adults). So maybe there are interesting questions brought up but is it what the audience get ? Probably not. urgh hate that genre

  • Weird Thoughts
    Weird Thoughts

    I was going to watch this show...but I was too lazy to watch it, so I am just watching your summary. Cause I liked the previous two.

  • Ritam xx
    Ritam xx

    Wow u pointed out a very interesting thing- overromanticising trauma..we all go through it,we are all flawed -true but that's not more than the trauma that happened to you.

  • Jake S
    Jake S

    If you thought season 3 was bad, it had nothing on season 4.

  • Mark Harrelson
    Mark Harrelson

    Are we ignoring how Jessica is like the biggest hypocrite in tv history? She spent the entire season preaching about seeing justice is served to those who are guilty, no matter your feelings for them. Yet she turns right around and places to blame of Alex killing Bryce on someone else just because she has a good relationship with him. Like that the crap?

  • Naomi Even
    Naomi Even

    Bryce looks like theodd1sout

  • Scotti Brown
    Scotti Brown

    I personally didn’t think the third season was that bad, I actually kind of enjoyed it, but that doesn’t mean I have problems with it as well. For one thing, I honestly have no idea why Jessica kept going back to Justin, their relationship was toxic and why would you go back to a guy who let his friend rape you when you were drunk?!?! I did like Bryce’s storyline in the third season. Maybe I’m just an optimist but I thought it was cool how Bryce was I guess trying to redeem himself. And if I remember correctly, it took him being bullied at his new school to realize that he had issues (please correct me if I’m wrong). He’s a horrible person, but I don’t think he deserved to die the way he did. And Monty getting the blame for Bryce’s death is just not okay. Yes, Monty went to jail for his sexual assault on Tyler, but he shouldn’t be the person to blame for Alex’s murder of Bryce.

  • Erin

    I laughed 👁️👄👁️-

  • Collided Worlds
    Collided Worlds

    Season 3 would've been so much better if Bryce's arc was to come to the fact that he was a horrible person, and in the final episode, he takes his own life. This works because it gives Bryce an actual arc, and it leaves are characters somewhat morally well.

  • ْ

    I literally came here running after finishing the 3rd season, and here is some of my opinions on season 3 of 13rw: 1/ I don't know who to thought it was a good idea to bring this Ani girl and add her to this show but they need to be fired immediately. She was a fucking liar who thinks she knows it all like lmao girl set your ass down you only have been here for 5 minutes what do you know? also the fact that she thought it was okay to frame monty because "eh it's fine because he's a r*pist anyways right?"god, I can't fucking stand her she's so manipulative 2/ Alex used to be one of my favourite characters but my respect for him went downhill. 3/ Jessica was so annoying this season. With all her "activism" shit. Honey, crashing a fucking wedding while a mourning mother is giving a speech about her son who died doesn't make you woke and no one thinks you're cool. She reminded me of those fake woke girls at my school and now I think I want to puke. Also, she has this very wrong idea that every athlete/jock is a r*pist? ummm? Your boyfriend is a jock tho? 4/ Bryce was a human being. Idfc what you have to say but he did NOT deserve to die in that way. I am not saying we should forget everything he's done. He was still a r*pist and he should pay for what he did but not in this way. He was trying to change and be a better person but no one even gave him the benefit of the doubt except his mother. His death was just brutal. 5/ Framing Monty was so fucking wrong and sick. He was going to pay for what he did to Tyler there was no need to frame him for the murder of his fucking best friend. Also, I don't think he died. season 4 is probably going to be about him. 6/ Tyler,Justin, Zach,Tony and Clay are the only characters that I claim at this point. 7/ Each and every character in this show need a fucking therapy. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • Kai Is Imposter
    Kai Is Imposter

    Here is the biggest problem: *oni*

  • himura haibara
    himura haibara

    I feel like it's more difficult to write a good person character with no sob sad backstory so they just wrote horrible people with traumatizing past doing horrible things to other people who didn't even do any bad thing to them.

  • jasmine dogra
    jasmine dogra

    i only watched for ross butler still mad about zalex tho

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    I really wish alex would have gone to jail

  • Mastar 43
    Mastar 43

    I don’t understand how people like this show it’s very confusing and makes almost no sense

  • Alma Kamara
    Alma Kamara

    Covering up is one thing but framing is just evil.EVIL

  • Indy Saoirse
    Indy Saoirse

    Even as someone who obsessed over this show, this whole "forgive the rapist" plotline reeaalllyy rubbed me the wrong way. What's even more concerning is all the comments going "poor Bryce, we forgive you." That's such a harmful message to send that rapists can just be "redeemed" and everything will be good, and these mostly young teens seem to be eating it up.

  • mgsGamer

    13 reasons why you should not like this show

  • Chuarzita

    Thank you for the videos, I watched 1 and 2 and was left kinda traumatised after seeing the second one... its really just "life is horrible and you can do nothing about it". Your videos saved me from watching season 3 and 4 - as I thought they weren't any better.

  • Harshit Singhai
    Harshit Singhai

    Most of the time the characters describe their life as fucked up, messed up, going through shit, all over the place just to sound cool.

  • Harshit Singhai
    Harshit Singhai

    I agree the show glorifies the problem the characters are facing and makes them look cool. It sends a message that having "messed up" and "fucked up" life is cool.

  • Zoe Choi
    Zoe Choi

    Clay and Ani stuck their noses in everyone’s business the whole season, so fooking annoying! I found Clay was the most unlikeable character last season but still bearable, but this season 🤮

  • JackN 15
    JackN 15

    When you just watch season 3 bits at a time it was alright😂

  • riley keegan
    riley keegan

    okay but the yoga studio scene with bryce got me in tears. I know he’s absolutely terrible but seeing him completely break down was so accurate and I bawled my eyes out.

  • x CrusaderOfHope
    x CrusaderOfHope

    4:10 That picture right there of Clay looks like him and like Justin 😂😂 (2020)

  • Logan Neale
    Logan Neale

    Why do they keep making more of this show

  • SKC

    it’s ridiculous how the only message that the show managed to give us is that it isn’t a crime if your friends do it

  • Maria Inês Martins
    Maria Inês Martins

    Hey, I love you but I miss your comedy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BessDavies

    One of the (many) issues I have with Season 3 is how they REALLY try to make the viewer kinda/sort of feel bad for the rapist because of his messed up past/home situation. No. Nope. Just NO. Zero simpathy for rapists. Zero. Nada. None at all. Plenty of people go through broken homes and abuse, and don't turn into rapists. Fuck that shit.

  • Rebecca Porter
    Rebecca Porter

    3:37 I just finished the 4th season. And I’m still asking that jfc

  • princess brennyn
    princess brennyn

    3:10 Thts literally what made me so pissed at the show. Its showing the young teens tht its okay to be a hypocrite as long as you see yourself as the good guy in your own story.

  • Austin Shelton
    Austin Shelton

    Clockwork Orange manages to make people feel sorry for a murdering rapist.

  • Cristian Gallardo
    Cristian Gallardo

    Hey bro I love your videos! But you had so much more to say and way more animations in your videos about the TERRIBLE sequel Twilight! This show is obviously more serious but your channel has a way of making light of serious topics while not diminishing the seriousness of the subject. Idk, I just feel like you could’ve done a lot more with the series than ya did. Still, great job though bro! Big fan, subscriber and supporter! Keep it up bro!

  • Venny Marcus
    Venny Marcus

    Me waiting for him 2 react 2 season4

  • Isabelle Izzy
    Isabelle Izzy

    They should’ve stayed with season one with Bryce just in jail. Ani is bad and it isn’t “13 reasons why” anymore... it’s who did it

  • dawn nimal
    dawn nimal

    God, ani is the worst character on 13 reasons why

  • Aria Monty
    Aria Monty

    The biggest problem: *ani*

  • Lara Brandellero
    Lara Brandellero

    How far is too far for redemption? Being a serial rapist.

  • Wanderlust Introvert
    Wanderlust Introvert

    I am really looking forward to your season 4 video. As someone who was extremely moved and impressed by season 1 (no it was not perfect) I am absolutely disgusted by what the show has become. There was a huge potential to start more important conversations. But - kind of like Riverdale - the writers and producers sacrifced this so they can fokus on too many character, shipping and spectacle instead of depth. This show is full of horrible people who do horrible things and get away with it. And by doing so it gives the impression of normality. Like being terrible is the default mode and you can still be a "hero" if you have the right friends or say "sorry". And you can actually use this as a concept for a show if you actually care enough to adress this and show realistic contrasts. Instead this show is overhyped and does more damage than good. The trigger warnings did not fix the harm this show can do to people.

  • igurogxnocide x
    igurogxnocide x

    i prefer this type of show reviews than his over the top exaggerated type

  • Benjamin Olsson
    Benjamin Olsson

    Is ... is this the same Alex Meyers? He sounds older, but this was 9 months ago. Huh?

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover

    Nothing wrong with the actress but I couldn’t stand her character, she cruised her way in trying to but into everyone’s lives, acting like she knew everything, and on top of that she slept with Bryce.

  • Sonquilla Zhane
    Sonquilla Zhane

    Please please be doing season 4 now, i love your take

  • Nigel Dsouza
    Nigel Dsouza

    This show should have ended in season 2

  • Eat.a. Bric
    Eat.a. Bric

    i cant wait until u do season 4

  • Kennedy Evans
    Kennedy Evans

    I'm pretty sure I watched this video before but screw it

  • Wonder world
    Wonder world

    Season 1 and 2 is enough for this series...and yes Ani is the worst character and annoying character ever

  • Eva Longwe
    Eva Longwe

    I don’t think that’s the bro code.... BUT the mom of a bro is always off limits 😉

  • Omega FPS
    Omega FPS

    I just HATE Jessica, such a boring character

  • Chandramouli Sarkar
    Chandramouli Sarkar

    Basically this season was Directed by evil Bryce

  • Perfictionoid

    I kinda liked Bryce this season

  • trxp house_edits
    trxp house_edits

    I think bryce was really trying to change yeah he was the bad guy but I couldn't watch him die because deep down he was a good guy and felt bad for what he did to all those girls

  • — S.
    — S.

    It was completely pointless to add ani to the show, what happened with the other characters?

  • gigi

    the episodes are so unnecessarily long that it seems like its been 6 seasons

  • Corinna Amoroso
    Corinna Amoroso

    I thing the big problem is Ani.I don't like her.

  • Maryam Siddiqui
    Maryam Siddiqui

    What makes it worse is that the book never portrayed this so Sigh why cant yall just follow the boook

  • Nana Love
    Nana Love

    Unpopular opinion : having Bryce seeing for redemption was a good idea. The question "does that kind of people change and should be allowed to change?" was very interesting... but doesn't really work at the same time. Because it is hard to see why Bryce is even trying to change, considering that he never saw any problem in his behaviour before, never seem to care about anything except himself. It kinda goes out of nowhere. The only reason why he wants to change seems to be that he was bullied now. Not that he is realizing how bad he is. It's just "I have been through trauma now so I'm going to be a better person". It doesn't talk about what makes him a rapist in the first place : a narcissist personality with zero empathy, who doesn't see people as people but as the object of his pleasure. I'm not saying such people can't change, but really, they need a therapy, a real one, and it will probably take a lot more time than what we saw in this show. The story of his redemption ended up like "he suffers now and that makes him a better and relatable person". Except it does not. People should earn their second chances, not getting them because "life is hard for them now".

  • Court Jester
    Court Jester


  • Vanna Bacon
    Vanna Bacon

    Wow great review , I agreed all your idea.

  • radonstone

    Fuck Ani, Jess and Alex. Worse thing about 13 reasons why season 3 is Ani in my opinion. She easily snaking herself into all their lives makes no sense. it directly compromises the rest of the core casts' competency. I have no problems with the new kid narrative that's there but she should have been more of an outsider. they already made her a filthy compulsive manipulative liar who only trusts what she sees so many of her actions could have stayed the same. the greatest issue is how close she got to everyone else. she never should have been "in the group" like how she was shown to be. A few rewrites i'd make is 1. make it more Clear to the audience that Clay has an unending rise of hatred for Bryce but not because of his romantic feelings for her but keep Ani lying about it 2. Make Jess and Alex repeatedly defend Clay throughout the season to any and everyone who dares ask them. that could make the ending a bit more predictable and have a greater impact than "dun dun dun, it was them allll along" like some scooby doo shit. 3. Have Ani be "friends" with them but always oin the outskirts trying to get through to them and finding out what really happened because as we know she is extremely inquisitive. However she isn't always with Clay, keep him as a main focus with a few things in mystery with Ani finding them out and telling her distorted story to the cops. 4. make Ani have some more character depth. we know her faults but why does she have them? have her be the new kid who always makes friends, but not with the core cast. and this burns her up. (A)she wants to get in, she wants to be friends so she can still try set up monty to take the fall. with the rest of the cast figuring out she "helped them". (B) Jail Alex and Jessica with Ani hoping to replace them 5. Don't kill Monty.

  • Andrea Buccat
    Andrea Buccat

    'they' should’ve at least changed the title of season 3 and season 4

  • Francis Paesano
    Francis Paesano

    He did not say spoiler alert, and then he spoiled the whole shit. Fuck this guy

  • afrida homaira farha
    afrida homaira farha

    It's funny coz when Justin tried to cover the rape for Brice even though that was his girlfriend but he was Brice's friend so he tried to cover up for that he was bad and a hated person... but now they are covering up for a murder for the sake of friendship but everyone is ok with is like if someone else do something wrong you want justice but if you or your friends do something wrong then what the hell is justice go and blame others 🤣

  • Omar Khasawneh
    Omar Khasawneh

    Ani is the worst character

  • T747

    Ani annoyed the shit out of me

  • Angel G
    Angel G

    Ani is the most annoying character I’ve ever seen

  • Kiera D
    Kiera D

    The biggest problem was having Ani be a main character and the narrator.

  • Sherri M
    Sherri M

    Clay, Jessica & the gang : We fight for truth & justice! Hey hey ho ho! (Alex is the murderer) Clay, Jessica & the gang : Aw nevermind, we can get away with a murder.

  • Anish Ray
    Anish Ray

    This show's first season was a simple meaningful story. It has now become ridiculous.

  • G Sevde Kırılmaz
    G Sevde Kırılmaz

    4:10 "She just exists to be slightly annoying all the time." You sure about that 'slightly' part?

  • A Aditya
    A Aditya

    Check out 13 Reasons Why season 4 next month

  • Nina Hunt
    Nina Hunt

    Ani is the problem

  • Amama Q
    Amama Q

    Another problem in 13 freaking reasons why is that the characters never talk about anything to their parents. *I mean Clay's mom is a lawyer yet he refuses to tell her a thing and now it just keeps getting bitter* Honestly if I had any bad situation like this I would immediately go and talk to a trusted adult and *this is something all of teens should do* TALK!!n

  • MH03

    I hate Ani

  • Red

    13 Reasons Why sucks because it could affect the target audience’s mind or poison their minds

  • mody

    I got bored after the first season and didnt finish the show. But I think is nice they are at least try to do soemthing to change how things are going down in high schools

  • Hend Alsaleh
    Hend Alsaleh

    No animation in this video makes it more serious. Not complaining tho

  • BrightNeonBrilliancy

    It's probably why the show kind of side- swept Zack- because he's legit the most interesting, none melodramatic character on the show. He doesn't have any major trauma and makes logical decisions, so the show is like...nah, you're not important anymore. His purpose in season 3 was legit only to be a red herring for a single episode.

  • chrìstøpher

    They only problem I see is ani

  • Mah M
    Mah M

    I really liked seeing Tyler evolve over the third season. His acting was phenomenal.

  • Mah M
    Mah M

    I love ur video essays

  • Ed Jim Jim
    Ed Jim Jim

    I was hoping for a shooting tbh

  • Main Everything
    Main Everything

    One season was enough, it's just so bad 😖

  • Sewa Mars
    Sewa Mars

    WHY ARE THEY A FRIENDS GROUP?? Clay knew them because they hurt hannah and now they are covering up for each other ? Theres no friendship between the main characters why tf are they so bonded never made sense to me

  • Sewa Mars
    Sewa Mars

    Nothing makes sense there aint reasons for anything they do.. they just do them because they want ? Where tf ani ass came from ? Why is clay obsessive when he had a stable home ? Bryce all of a sudden wants to change? Just nothing adds up and the way they interrupted everything makes no sense nothing is expected in a very bad way.