Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Kim Possible Animation
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  • Peighton Barth
    Peighton Barth

    LILLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! Go back to Mc Clarins omg.

  • Dan GG
    Dan GG


  • MilkyWayMaster1 play’s
    MilkyWayMaster1 play’s


  • clyite


  • Kevin Sekti
    Kevin Sekti

    I mean like who picks up paper while cart wheeling, the paper is just gonna be oofed

  • Joel Lisowski Music
    Joel Lisowski Music

    Student: Hey Kim can you pick up the pencil I dropped? It's over there *Kim flips and flips while picking up the pencil

  • farris albassam
    farris albassam

    That’s like 5 million mega watts of boom boom stuff

  • saturn123408 9
    saturn123408 9

    cause you know using a grapple gun in public to soar into a school bus doesn't put you on a watch list

  • Emillie Bernard
    Emillie Bernard

    Yes....Kim Possible is dumb, not kinda, it is just straight up dumb, I remember those times when I watched it, it was totally dumb 🤦🤦🤦 Kim is....A SPOILED BRAT! she is just, pffffff, 🤦 nvm and I knew that the "girl that was supposed to be Kim's friend" is the real villain, and like if u think that Alex Meyers is the best 🙃🙂😋🤗😜😀👇👇

  • Joel Acosta
    Joel Acosta

    Why a live action reboot it would of been better if it was animated

  • Em b
    Em b

    There's not an easier way to give someone there bag.

  • BTS forever
    BTS forever

    oh kimmy, havent you heard whatever you do an asian does it better then you? so dont feel bad about that! just feel bad a non asian is better then you :)

  • BTS forever
    BTS forever

    oh kimmy, havent you heard whatever you do an asian does it better then you? so dont feel bad about that! just feel bad a non asian is better then you :)

  • Daniel Levy
    Daniel Levy

    4:44 Since when is Kim a 'makeover lover' ?? It's like they totally forgot about the actual charcter, and just thought: "We need your average tv schoolgirl"

  • Hun Lim
    Hun Lim

    Alex: This movie is actually pretty realistic Kim: uses grappling hook while talking to necklace hologram to hook onto stoplight and swing perfectly into narrow closing doors. me: *yeah, ok.*

  • C- Ariana Escobar
    C- Ariana Escobar

    why don't you have *InTrO*

  • klever raven
    klever raven

    2:30 ALSO....dr.phil?

  • klever raven
    klever raven

    also, isnt the kid behind the laptop alsosupposed to be in school to?

  • klever raven
    klever raven

    0:51 upside down jetpack?

  • bunnylover460

    This movie sucks

  • immabot

    Do Young and Hungry

  • sarah elnoamany
    sarah elnoamany

    Do babysittier killer queen

  • Angry Pikachu
    Angry Pikachu

    "High School Didn't Matter At All" - NakeyJakey (2020)

  • Yung JUUL
    Yung JUUL

    I feel bad for the dude from the Goldbergs he’s stuck as the nerdy lil shit

  • Hans Olav
    Hans Olav

    oh my High Ones...the original 'tearing down Actual strong independent woman to be replaced by an ideology vehicle' movie?? can't believe I didn't see it... course, it's disguised as a 'be yourself' lesson. :)

  • Disney Monico
    Disney Monico

    I didn't really like the movie but if they maybe would have put her in cheerleading's and maybe that would make it just like a little bit better but soccer why

  • Disney Monico
    Disney Monico

    Don't get me wrong I love kim Possible so so much but the new movie she is kinda rude and dumb

  • carlos ramirez
    carlos ramirez

    it isnt kinda dumb .... its bulls**t

  • Cinnamon Dinosaur
    Cinnamon Dinosaur

    Is the teacher DR phill

  • PGP_AGoficialYT


  • Цветелина Рангелова
    Цветелина Рангелова

    I don't understand why everyone was laughing at her when she tried to do the Athena thing, like wtf?! So, like, everyone is going to ignore the fact that she saved the world a million times and they are here thanks to her! Again, the worst movie I ever watch! The series were SOO much better!

  • Green Light
    Green Light

    Kim Possible and the Horrors of Highschool

  • Eva B.
    Eva B.

    I’m 12, and this was my first Kim-Possible I’ve ever watched. This is so bad I can’t even watch the real Kim Possible oh my god BRING ME BACK TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL.

  • Zoe Holway
    Zoe Holway

    Do you have a cavalier king charles spaniel??? I have one too and I love ur videos and agree

  • Daniel Deya
    Daniel Deya


  • super extreme bros.
    super extreme bros.


  • Valerie Galvez
    Valerie Galvez

    Can you do Bunk’d?

  • Carters Awesome world !
    Carters Awesome world !

    Me waiting to hear Ron’s voice and realizing he’s the og gold berg :D

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From Tomorrow

    There was no Kim possible live action movie

  • مصطفى صلاح علي عبد الحسين
    مصطفى صلاح علي عبد الحسين

    Surprisingly more people watched this review than the actual movie. I'm not kidding , this movie is one of the lowest rated movie on the Disney Channel

  • Michael Boateng
    Michael Boateng

    we meet again!

  • Anjounet Leavell
    Anjounet Leavell

    It’s so true though... finding friends now is impossible!

  • Anjounet Leavell
    Anjounet Leavell

    Abandon all hope and joy, and find some meager satisfaction in monotony!!!

  • Jackob Abiy
    Jackob Abiy

    Just waiting for the day that vilains in movies like these wear normal clothes. Just imagine if Shigo just wore a cardigan and jeans

  • Ashia Smith
    Ashia Smith

    11:40 Literally Me After That Line 😂😂

  • zayana mohamed
    zayana mohamed

    There was a boy meets world 😂😂

  • Aimilee O'Neal
    Aimilee O'Neal

    4:10 is basically how I make friends

  • Dreamslayer 4112
    Dreamslayer 4112

    I like how no one is terrified and they are just filming

  • Messy Mudkip
    Messy Mudkip

    9:45 YEET THE DOG!

  • Maxwell Fountaine
    Maxwell Fountaine

    The main reason why it’s stupid and makes no sense bc of the title XD

  • secret life1223
    secret life1223

    Video Suggestion: Maximum Ride movie

  • Atharv


  • Ruby Aung
    Ruby Aung

    If ur gonna say Kim possible is kinda dumb,make sure to put live action movie in front of it MY WAY BUT ACTUALLY...YES JUST MY WAY

  • •antrixq•

    Did she really have to do all of those flips just to pick up some girls homework

  • How Do You Art
    How Do You Art

    I may or may not have had a crush on rebooted Kim Possible 👉👈

  • k mansfield
    k mansfield

    does anybody remember the mom off veronica mars

  • Mason Souris
    Mason Souris

    the mum is from a show called how i met your mother

  • Shadow - Playz
    Shadow - Playz

    7:33 LOL!!! Hahahaha wtf

  • Michael Lind
    Michael Lind

    They should take the leap and do a Mature(TV-MA,Rated-R,etc...) miniseries of Kim Possible. Here's the rundown: -Kim is a genetically engineered super-human(which explains her talent and abilitys),who was enhanced when she was still an embryo(though she doesn't know this). -Ron is a stoner -Ron received Rufus,who is a Mole Rat that has been uplifted by being Cyber-genetically engineered(kinda like Rocket Raccoon),as a birthday present from Kim around the time they first became friends. -Wade is home-schooled -Draken is a mad scientist.(who just happens to be a Geneticist) -Shego, who(just like Kim) is a Enhanced Human,was created by Draken to serve him.

  • Toxic_ Fllowers
    Toxic_ Fllowers

    that why it's so legendary to make friends NO ONE SAYS YES EXCEPT LIKE WHAT PPL

  • Kelly Dgedge
    Kelly Dgedge

    This movie failed everything , were are her brothers etc and was a cheerleader not playing football , this movie was crap

  • Cédric Rüfenacht
    Cédric Rüfenacht

    4:28 i mean, that was the same for me when i was in my late, i dont know if its just for past 20s

  • Cole Buckon
    Cole Buckon

    They changed Rufus's origin so he came from a lab?! How dare they omit the wonderland that is Smarty Mart!!! In all seriousness, while I didn't see the movie, and while the majority of what I'll been told about it is either terrible or just cringle, the idea that Kim's emotional conflict in a story is that she has to cope with someone outclassing her is true to her character (in the early seasons, at least). One of the things I like about the show is that it balances Kim's overpowered skill set with personal flaws that she often has to overcome as part of a given week's adventure. There was potential here for a really heartfelt story that wouldn't contradict the animated canon.

  • HyperBeam

    The actor of Ron is the mine character for the TV show The Goldbergs

  • Cathy Milligan
    Cathy Milligan

    And they dont like each other of course because... They don't

  • Emile A239
    Emile A239

    yeah so POV: your on the bus; and your the driver. bus driver. you about to close the doors and you dont see this kid, whoes about to try and make it to the bus. you see them and they pull out a damn grappling hook, make it in time before the doors close, and act like thats there normal damn fucking tuesday.

  • CookieVR

    You should review Dennis the Mennis from the early 90s

  • Big Asian Boi
    Big Asian Boi


  • Slimmy Jimmy
    Slimmy Jimmy

    This movie is... CRINGEEEEEE

  • It's MALEBO
    It's MALEBO

    They don't like each other know..... They don't 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣Alex you are good fam

  • Leon the lost Lizard 2.0
    Leon the lost Lizard 2.0

    And I felt bad for her *spitts in her face*

  • strayjuggler102

    do his animations not wear clothes

  • Eloise Arnold
    Eloise Arnold

    Athena: spills everything everywhere Kim: oh u know what imma do instead of picking the papers up like a normal person imma do 3 useless cartwheels and pick up the papers like a psychopath oh yeah now were friends

  • Maxwell _O.O
    Maxwell _O.O

    Dumb this looks like a nickelodeon movie

  • BlockGirly Gamer
    BlockGirly Gamer

    Athena: I broke her... just like you asked me too Alex: hwayaaahwayaaahwayaaahwayaaaah

  • Herberts World
    Herberts World

    Nowa days I just chuck money at people and yell, be my friend

  • Dave Lawrence
    Dave Lawrence

    9:38 how just how is that gasp even possible (do u get the pun?)

  • Hannah Weisinger
    Hannah Weisinger

    Kim: Ive never met someone who’s better than me... Me: Every single day! Welcome to my world...

  • Black Boi
    Black Boi

    The Running Part At 12: 26 In The Video Is To Cringe To Watch XD

  • KidzCraftGaming

    :/ Kinda? Ya Mean Suuuuuuuuuuuuper Dumb and idiotic

  • Patricia Sigmond
    Patricia Sigmond

    Tbh this movie reminded me of another Kim possible movie they already did

  • Martina C
    Martina C

    Did I just see Wendy Wu homecoming warrior at 3:11?

  • notice me senpai
    notice me senpai

    You should watch the boy who cried werewolf And make a video about it

  • TheWillOfABeast

    I'm 18, and I know this is for a younger audience but, just, just . . . just . . why??? Why is this movie off the rails compared to the TV series that stayed on track?? They're are a lot of stuff wrong with this movie. Some stuff they could left out, and a bunch of pointless acts. Athena's appearance, Kim flipping for picking up freakin' pieces of paper, the classrom looking like a 4th grade classroom. And, I thought this would've been a prequel to the TV Series. Ron first getting his mole-rat, Kim not cheerleading. But, at the end it's just . . .like Alex Meyers would say, "Really something" "Why??!?"

  • Franklyn Barr
    Franklyn Barr

    I love your work

  • dogdottaco

    5:00 i legitimately thought he was gonna draw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or something like that

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda


  • Joel Guest
    Joel Guest

    kill me

  • Xx twinkle magic xX
    Xx twinkle magic xX

    They ruined Kim possible

  • Omaha

    My parents say that about me all the time too, Alex! "He's a little funny...But disappointing." oh, wait shit..

  • Kirsty Lindsay
    Kirsty Lindsay

    u sound like game theory dude

  • Edward Aaron
    Edward Aaron


  • Bro Army General Edgar Edition
    Bro Army General Edgar Edition

    Wait that’s the kid that plays Adam Goldberg lol

  • Mr. Whisper
    Mr. Whisper

    Nobody. absolutely nobody. Alex: OooOh lOoK aT mE Im AthEnA I cAn SpiN

  • Ciara Doherty
    Ciara Doherty

    Wait a minute Kim possible (cartoon) was a cheerleader 📣 but know she dose soccer

  • Flexon360

    Can we just stop to talk about how THICC Kim is 3:14

  • Ben McLucas
    Ben McLucas

    It’s weird how high school and their teachers are portrayed as being horrible when it’s not bad at all

  • Hey_Adora

    This movie makes no scene

  • Hey_Adora

    Shego x kim

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4,5 milj.