Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Kim Possible Animation
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  • P1Z24 PLAYS
    P1Z24 PLAYS

    4:53-5:05 Im dying 😂

  • Kelli Tran
    Kelli Tran

    just show your a spy to everyone in the world

  • Bonnie B
    Bonnie B

    Wait a minute... MY NAME IS BONNIE! 😰 (Dramatic tone plays!)


    review disney channel original movie upside down magic

  • Victoria Pereira
    Victoria Pereira

    kim possible is marshall and lily's daughter

  • Spadian

    this movie got 100% on rotten tomatoes....

  • Alex Will
    Alex Will

    Summer salt summer salt more summer salt

  • Alexander Gardner
    Alexander Gardner

    Kim 0 gravity 1

  • Lil chicken nugget
    Lil chicken nugget

    You think I could get some free clothes from the hair salon

  • Saif Rahim
    Saif Rahim

    The Kim Possible movie lesson Cringe is possible

  • Tedd A
    Tedd A

    You missed the fact that the kid who played Ron Stoppable also played Adam Goldberg in The Goldbergs. Also watch The Goldbergs it's an amazing show and funny

  • Dea_ Animates
    Dea_ Animates

    Alex at the movie interduction: M-HM

  • Dave Hicok
    Dave Hicok

    The bus driver is the relly the vailan

  • Aliyna Sophia Rose
    Aliyna Sophia Rose

    Normal person: **sees papers on the floor** **walks over and picks up papers** Kim possible: **sees papers on the floor** “CRINGEY CARTWHEEL TIIIIMMMEE!”

  • • cøøkie_møcha •
    • cøøkie_møcha •

    ._. Hehehe

  • Caylee Charvat
    Caylee Charvat

    WAIT A MINUTE IS THE MOM LILY FROM HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER?!?!?! i never knew she was on Disney Channel.

  • Bunchlings

    "Turns out Athena is ok, sort of" *"They rebuild Athena"*

  • The gaming Potato’s
    The gaming Potato’s

    I liked how no one cared when Athena died

  • The pop Bois
    The pop Bois

    Ok way dose is have 100 rotten tomatoes

  • reena lee
    reena lee

    did you know if you look up Disney Kim Possible cast Athena won't be on there

  • Fernanda Ceccato
    Fernanda Ceccato

    K so I never watched this movie so when she was like do you know who I am Me an avenger Her I’m Kim possible Me oh

  • Mohammad Yousuf
    Mohammad Yousuf

    I had friends in high school but idk how

  • The Wizard Games
    The Wizard Games

    Kim is the Shiz, but why make it live action... EVER

  • Ishan Kabir
    Ishan Kabir

    Why is there always so much fouling in American portrayals of football?

  • renor rainn
    renor rainn

    this movie was supposed to be a prequel, kim possible was created in 2002 WHY ARE THERE SMARTS PHONE IN 2002

  • PsychGeekGirl

    Athena is someone’s OC from a fan fiction. 5.5 GPA, after 2 days of school are you kidding me? That’s fanfic writing.



  • Angilyica

    The original is better, and you can't deny

  • Jessica Lawrence
    Jessica Lawrence

    spark is friendship

  • Unseen Sighting
    Unseen Sighting

    Why does she need to do 98,000,000 cartwheels to pick up like 3 papers and a backpack!

  • Kolos Ézsiás
    Kolos Ézsiás

    Never take your glasess off when lik you comes in please i will destroy my dogs legs and slap him

  • Kolos Ézsiás
    Kolos Ézsiás

    Só when i sa the intredosing but really a 10 year old black kid Like ím sorry if this sound rasist but really

  • Sydney Oelke
    Sydney Oelke

    Fun fact did you know that humans are SCP,s

  • Greenville Copper
    Greenville Copper


  • Greenville Copper
    Greenville Copper

    3:48 why was this funny though😂😂😂😂

  • Greenville Copper
    Greenville Copper

    1:28 Wow. I thought Kim used wade to fight crime not get to school on time..

  • Sabrina Mitchell
    Sabrina Mitchell

    Is ron stoppable the kid from the Goldbergs???

  • Ducks on the Internet
    Ducks on the Internet

    Athena fighting shigo was super easy barely an inconvenience

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald

    This version of Kim is like one of those “My breasts are bigger than yours” types of girl

  • dawealone

    Holy crap I feel old that came out a year ago and it feels like a few months

  • F i S h Y
    F i S h Y

    Movie: introduces the main characters because it has too Alex:MMMMMHHHHHHMMMMMMMM..........

  • Alexandra Ramos
    Alexandra Ramos

    9:01 My life in a nutshell

  • Niyo Moise
    Niyo Moise

    Do spy kids


    I was literally on the ground laughing at the gasping part because I did the same thing. XD

  • Danthepug7

    just realized Alex sounds like TheOdd1sOut when he is louder

  • Ella Eccant
    Ella Eccant

    kim possible is not living up to it's high expectations

  • Mousentor

    3:45 kids that what you do when you see a kid crying

  • Loen Mayne
    Loen Mayne

    the actor of aam goldbergs kim and ron both are

  • Ngalo Mlotana
    Ngalo Mlotana

    Yeah friends suck

  • Natsuki

    Nice show

  • Mack Pope
    Mack Pope

    The Kim actor seems like I know them from something

  • Danny Opoku-Agyemang
    Danny Opoku-Agyemang

    Wade is from raven’s home

  • Space


  • Dreaming Pichu
    Dreaming Pichu

    Some remakes are good, like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Some reboots are bad, like The Powerpuff Girls 2016. Some reboots are bad, but know how bad they are and wear it on their sleeve like it's a badge of honor, and we just eventually come to respect that, like Teen Titans GO. When making a remake, you just need to find the right people to do the job. The kind of people who can take the best parts of the original show, while also adding their own elements and fixing the problems with the original.

  • LGYL

    8:01 Thanks for the advice man. I've been in junior high for 2 years and now I realize what's happening after you say that, and right after you said that, I'm say to myself "What the fuck am I doing? why am I in a rush to get my animation channel going? Why am I working so hard? Why am I denying food or comfort?", so thanks man. Don't give a shit for your dreams as well, just your goals.

  • David Romaniv
    David Romaniv

    I did not expect Ron to be the same actor that played Arnold from the Goldbergs

  • Bullets' Hat
    Bullets' Hat

    Hand stand powa

  • brutalx xghost
    brutalx xghost

    Should of made this into a cartoon.

  • L.O.U

    Who tf is Athena??? This sjw b.s killed this! Mom and grandma???? Wtf yo?! I was an actual fan of this of this show. Movie killed that! TRASHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aadi Mehta
    Aadi Mehta

    what is with Kim's high school classroom looking like my first grade classroom Edit: I'm not in first grade it just looks like the classroom I had when I was in 1st grade


    "because it's this kinda movie first we get a makeover sence" Nobody: Not a single soul: the ad: pantene~

  • Tush dadash
    Tush dadash

    Kim possible is kinda dumb

  • Mr Bounty Hunter
    Mr Bounty Hunter

    13:30 yes,make it worse

  • Julius Nurse
    Julius Nurse

    She had a 5.5 gpa 😳😳😳

  • Ghost

    yo kims grandma looks like my grandma no cap

  • Cameron Wright
    Cameron Wright

    im a potato

  • Evan Kleuser
    Evan Kleuser

    Dear god.... I can't watch this video for 2 seconds without cringing! Also... "I've never met someone who's better than me" you're lucky Kim! Be happy!

  • Micah Hardin
    Micah Hardin

    You watch and hate all of the shows I watch! Makes me regret it... 😭😃😅

  • the cool guy
    the cool guy

    I watched kim and liked it

  • Garrett Phillips
    Garrett Phillips

    I know im late to the comments but i don't have any idea why so many people hate this Kim Possible movie it's awesome the cartoon sucked in my opinion. Any of you that love the movie Kim Possible tell me and please tell what you like about the Kim Possible movie.

  • Meh the Wolf animations
    Meh the Wolf animations


    • Meh the Wolf animations
      Meh the Wolf animations


  • memes and stuff
    memes and stuff


  • Leila Visser
    Leila Visser

    This is how Disney movies or whatever this is should be like.

  • Master killerdaki
    Master killerdaki

    My life is a half of a half of a half-life

  • Dolphin fan cam ಥ_ಥ
    Dolphin fan cam ಥ_ಥ

    3:49 She just crumpled up all of the papers smh

  • Mmuso Modungwa
    Mmuso Modungwa

    Wasn't the whole spy thing supposed to be a secret

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    It has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. How the hell??

  • fred mmei
    fred mmei

    so many pointless backflips i like the old one better

  • Gorlick Kids
    Gorlick Kids

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

  • nagito

    1:39 who is that girl sitting next to him?

  • Owen Cretsinger
    Owen Cretsinger

    4:43 He says we get new makeover scenes, about to show the scene. Immediately an AD. Was this New Makeover scene an ad or?

  • Willie Clark
    Willie Clark

    What the hell is this movie

  • D.O.A

    Best scene of this movie is the : « I have never told you that I’m affraid of Electric Eels -ROOOOOOOON !!! » I’m pretty sure even in the real life they put something that she is affraid in order to have real reaction

  • Ispy Clipz
    Ispy Clipz

    when i saw the pink car i thought of jojo siwa

  • Ispy Clipz
    Ispy Clipz

    why is she flipping wtf

  • Ethan 100
    Ethan 100

    Spam 11:40

  • Shahan Ahsan
    Shahan Ahsan

    She was already in High School,wasn’t she

  • Ejiro Kirishima
    Ejiro Kirishima

    Guys adam goldberg is now Ron?

  • The Flower Blogger
    The Flower Blogger

    This was a disgrace


    How is Wade looking the youngest and isn't at school or just knows more than the others😂

  • HeppuPlays

    i never watched kim possible so i know almost nothing of the show at all but i still found this Movie kinda dumb

  • Angie Beleil
    Angie Beleil

    Alex Meyers: Kim possible is kinda dumb Me: they ruined da TV show it is the dumbest movie

  • #relatable

    the mom is Lily from How I Met Your Mother?

  • J plays
    J plays

    Not trying to be mean but this movie is kinda bad no Christy Carlson Romano means no kim possible Christy Carlson Romano will always be the best kim possible EVER

  • Saeed room
    Saeed room

    Are you trying to talk about all of the Disney+ movies

  • Louis Pain
    Louis Pain

    How to avoid anything: I mEaN iTs JuSt YoU kNoW

  • Aarush Gounder
    Aarush Gounder

    The girl in purple looked like robin for like half a second

  • FakeMexican Bruh
    FakeMexican Bruh

    I like how when Kim did the spin better then anyone else, and they still laughed at her.

  • Carmello Turner
    Carmello Turner

    kim possible animation is better

  • kipthehybrid 29
    kipthehybrid 29

    Question: what exactly is kim possible?