Halloweentown doesn't make any sense...
Halloweentown animation
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  • J C
    J C

    I do sympathize with the mom in this show. Like she was right for freaking out about her kids sneaking away at night. However, when you have kids, it's your duty to talk to them about who they are and where they came from. Even if you have to warn them about the dangers of it. They didn't ask to be born so the least you could do is inform them of their history and culture. Imagine Marnie finding out she has magic one day randomly and having people bully her and call her a freak or something and then she loses her mind or something like that. Her mom definitely shouldn't have kept that from her. That's a big secret to keep from your child even if you're trying to protect them. Which to me is such a cop out excuse because it literally never works out in real life.

  • Silver Doe
    Silver Doe

    “Everyone knows that Grandmas purses are full of Werther’s and those weird like strawberry candies that get chewy after awhile” ⬅️so spot on😂 Omg that is literally what my Grandma has in her candy bowl! Except the Werther’s are the sugar free kind. Even worse!

  • Lucas Denault
    Lucas Denault

    I haven't seen the 4th movie but the first 3 movies are cheesy but fun. The 3rd movie actually has kinda a serious plot. Can't wait to watch the 4th movie.

  • Jackinabox

    This movie looks awful

  • zariah gonzalez
    zariah gonzalez

    No. Just delete this whole video.

  • Fake_Gamer _Cat
    Fake_Gamer _Cat

    If I talked to my mom like that I would've been slapped across the face... and I'm 23

  • Skites

    This my favorite movie

  • Youssef Atout
    Youssef Atout

    I love this movie don’t throw shade jk i now it does not Mack sense but I steel love it

  • Naseem Elbrak
    Naseem Elbrak

    That one kid in Kindergarten at the teacher when the teacher calls their name : 5:41

  • Brittacus Brattacus
    Brittacus Brattacus

    The fact I buy granny candy cuz I loved it so much as a kid 😂 pssst they sell it at most stores

  • J Gee
    J Gee

    Gwen is rude and mean she thinks on herself

  • melba vasquez
    melba vasquez

    Wait why did he call Luke the big cheese lol?🤣Over protective brother dylen.😎

  • Marie Plays
    Marie Plays

    I’m thirteen and I’m practically a thirteen year old

  • Oofy Noob69
    Oofy Noob69

    Marnie? Marty? Mary? WTF IS HER NAME?!

  • Derk guez
    Derk guez

    Kid finds out she's a magical witch. Proceeds to go to magical place to learn magic. Gets together with others to defeat magical bad guy......what other story could this possibly have been based off of....hmmm...

    • Derk guez
      Derk guez

      @Ad Lockhorst hahhahahahhha

  • Charlene O'Neill
    Charlene O'Neill

    Debbie Reynolds was a great actress. I miss her. Halloween Town was a kid movie. So why Yall try to ruined it? Ugh

  • Peachy Yu
    Peachy Yu

    ngl I loved this movie so much as a kid

  • Fancydoodlz

    You know Alex i LOVE raisens so never attack my bois like that again! :P

  • Bazinga

    If I was n this movie, I would be brainwashing myself into believing I am Kurt Cobain

  • Fat bastard
    Fat bastard

    Bro im 23 and i love halloween town and even cartoon networks scary godmother.

  • Maria Eduarda Alves
    Maria Eduarda Alves

    Omg is this strawberry candy a thing in US too?

  • Incognito Burrito
    Incognito Burrito

    The thing that makes absolutely zero sense and really bugs me is why the mom wants to get her family as far from Halloweentown as possible. It’s never really explained why she chose to do this, just that “Halloweentown isn’t normal”. Yeah, and Austin isn’t normal either but they didn’t hurt anybody. Sure, it could have been that she was trying to protect her kids from Kalibar but she never mentioned him as being creepy, in fact, she looked really happy to see him when they reunited. It would make so much more sense if there was something actually dangerous there or perhaps a traumatic event that the mom experienced that she would rather forget. Heck, maybe the blood lines could be flipped and the mom could be raising her family like humans because that’s the only way she knows how and maybe she can’t accept the fact that her husband’s dead so she just tries to forget about it. They literally could have done anything to explain why she chose to do this and the fact that they didn’t do anything just puts a huge plot hole in the story.

    • Uncreative

      She wants to be normal (Which all started at some point after she met their dad. He was a human. Then he died bla bla bla) So of course she doesn't want them to have powers or know about Halloweentown. Cause she wants a normal and human family. She doesn't use her powers etc. The thing you talked about with Kalabar makes no sense. She didn't know what he was doin'. So how would she be like " I need to protect them from him." It's so obvious why she's acting like she does.

    • Its Just Julianna
      Its Just Julianna

      @-N-y- you make a very good point

    • -N-y-

      I believe that the mom just wanted to be a "normal" human. At the end of the day, its her family and if she doesn't want to be associated with being a witch (no matter if its right or not to allow the kids to make their own decisions) then she has the right to. The grandma goes out of line so many times, going behind the moms back trying to teach her family things she doesn't want them knowing and gets mad at her for making her own decisions for her own family. Her kids are just kids and if she doesn't want her family to be magical, then she shouldn't have to. (idk just my thoughts!)

    • Its Just Julianna
      Its Just Julianna

      Very well explained

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown

    This video made me remember Sky High for some reason. That’s a movie that you should cover.

  • Natasha P
    Natasha P

    Can you do the other halloween town movies too at some point?

  • raydoll20 2
    raydoll20 2

    For real I have never seen those candles

  • Jill Genocide
    Jill Genocide

    Kalabar do be sounding like a neckbeard tho

    • Lily Moss-yerg
      Lily Moss-yerg


  • Nick Ryan
    Nick Ryan

    My great grandma loves these movies, and honestly she's pretty much the same as Marnie's grandma, and I love her for that. I'm actually kinda sad that she will never take my brother and I to see Shrek at mcdonalds ever again...

  • L c
    L c

    You should do the rest of the halloweentown movies

  • wolfy mase54
    wolfy mase54

    The only reason I’m watching this for the 5 hundredth time is because in online school we had to watch the movie also the vid and the movie played the same scene at the same time

  • Pepsy Kirk
    Pepsy Kirk

    0:54: everyone goes trick or treating me: NO. (i am a malaysian. that means that i can't go trick or treating.)

  • Benjamin Baer
    Benjamin Baer

    calibar told them ha's the impostor, worst among us play ever

  • Frogger Noah
    Frogger Noah

    My grandma made me watch it....... I regret her persuasive speech

  • Grend the Lizard
    Grend the Lizard

    Humming is the best power of them all. I'm not gonna edit this.

  • Espeonisbetter


  • Smile’s game guides YT
    Smile’s game guides YT

    Have you seen the As Told By Chibi Shorts of this Movie doe

  • 80 Nomads
    80 Nomads

    I love how this kid's movie casually promoted murder. Like, they just killed that warlock guy and everyone was happy about it, dancing even. Someone doing bad stuff in your town kids? No need for police, kill 'em with your grandma. What a touching message lol

  • Anogm _us
    Anogm _us

    Plot twist: the evil warlock is actually emporer palpatine from star wars

  • space cats
    space cats

    Do sound of music

  • Kaiden's Stuff
    Kaiden's Stuff

    My grandma actually has those little strawberry candies but I can't find them anywhere in stores

  • PickYourPoison

    Big Cheese

  • Alexandra O'Donoghue
    Alexandra O'Donoghue

    God, when you mentioned Werther's Originals, I could totally agree! My Gran had them all the time and I'd always be eating them

  • -_Ichika_-

    Well, shoot *guess I better blow up the world now*

  • Elijah blechman
    Elijah blechman

    2:12 food city. Cvs

  • Remi Arizaga
    Remi Arizaga


  • May Millicent
    May Millicent

    I saw the strawberry candies at Walmart in the checkout line one time

  • Bea TM
    Bea TM

    This movie is a MASTERPIECE. I did a Halloween town marathon in two parts with my youth group, and omigoodness, I love these f ing movies. For us, I think what made it so good was the commentary. We did the movie viewing over zoom, so we could chat during the movie, and it was absolutely hilarious. Any other way, I don't think I'd have enjoyed it quite as much. Also, THE BIG CHEESE

  • joshua melgar
    joshua melgar

    9:03 help stepbro im stuck in the pumpkin

  • joshua melgar
    joshua melgar

    who else waiting for hocus pocus

  • Wow Justwow
    Wow Justwow

    Too bad

  • ShipFantastic

    Mah Queen!

  • Pandaperson_uwu :3
    Pandaperson_uwu :3

    Hmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Can 2020 be over yet

  • evee mcghee
    evee mcghee

    strawberry candy is sold at the dollar store and CVS/walgreens pharmacy

  • Leticia Ruiz
    Leticia Ruiz

    at dollar tree you buy them and they are yum straw berri candy

  • Dev Sahu
    Dev Sahu

    This is like watching the movie in 10 mins and in much more fun way 😂


    i hate these movies just because Disney did a marathon of these movies and i couldn't find my remote so i had to watch the whole marathon cause i was lazy, and now i hate everyone about those movies.

    • Uncreative

      You could have turned off the TV.

  • Satan

    I'm 20, and still sympathize with the 13 year old. Then again, I have the maturity of a green apple.

  • Aareon


  • Brooklyn Kidd
    Brooklyn Kidd

    werthers originals are fireeeeee

  • ꧁InkyTheDevil꧂

    The grandma is a young hocus pocus C H A. N. G. E. M. Y. M. I. N. D

  • Joaquina Lee
    Joaquina Lee

    You should do the Percy Jackson movies

  • Crazy rat
    Crazy rat

    I forgot about this movie 😂😂😂😂

  • ken kentai
    ken kentai

    do halloween town 2 and 3

  • Ruby [Leggy]
    Ruby [Leggy]

    You should make a vid on hocus pocus


    Halloweentown was my everything as a child.😊💗

  • ꧁HoneyBeeBear꧂


  • Sameera Vohra
    Sameera Vohra

    You buy those strawberry candies at places like main event or places like that or at novelty toy stories, I really enjoy them

  • Sean Byers
    Sean Byers

    I had no idea Casper was so sarcastic.

  • Alejandro Crayola
    Alejandro Crayola

    Hey Alex you should do the rest of the movies! Except for the last one, we don’t speak of that one

  • Aidan LaPoint
    Aidan LaPoint

    Halloweentown is my favorite Halloween movie series

  • Quinn Lay
    Quinn Lay

    No No my Grandmother has mints

  • colin Productions
    colin Productions

    Plot twist the grandma was the teacher from the magic school bus....

  • Lil Sprout
    Lil Sprout

    Lmao omg I seen this movie a million times growing up but never noticed the town dancing in the background... lol Why the hell did I like this growing up..

  • Emilee N.
    Emilee N.

    no one: calabar after every sentence: 😏

  • Emilee N.
    Emilee N.

    i still don’t get why the mom was so anti-halloween? like you can’t even let your 6 yo go trick or treating?

  • Messy Mudkip
    Messy Mudkip

    *Evil force appears that could destroy them all* Everyone: MmmMmMmMMmMmM

  • Elora Kimura
    Elora Kimura

    Where people all live together in peace. LiKe CleaVeLaNd?

  • Kitty Mosher
    Kitty Mosher

    yea alex where do grandmas get that strawberry candy

  • Elora Kimura
    Elora Kimura

    "I like how Marny just nonchalantly THROWS HER BROTHER ACROSS THE ROOM." -Alex 2018

  • Declan Doneski
    Declan Doneski

    Did you see his noise twitch

  • Tristan Lechner
    Tristan Lechner

    Wait marines a witch

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose


  • Julia Sikes
    Julia Sikes

    It's been a year...It's high time for Hocus Pocus

  • Saree Henderson
    Saree Henderson

    So I googled it and apparently this the budget they wanted was going to be 20 to 30 million dollars but they got 4 million dollars

  • Melissa Marie López Villeda
    Melissa Marie López Villeda

    The strawberry candies are available at mexican stores

  • CoolCapricorn22

    Please cover the sequels

  • Rayce Randeau
    Rayce Randeau


  • Super sonic Riley !
    Super sonic Riley !

    I don’t care this movie is a masterpiece

  • KiD 504#
    KiD 504#

    You forgot about the skeleton cab driver.

  • KiD 504#
    KiD 504#

    Movie is classic fuck what you're talking about.

  • puppy_master23!

    Oh my god , Marney is eep from the croods 🤣

  • addytatum

    you should watch some of the other Halloweentown movies for October! Or Twitches! lol

  • Amy Rice
    Amy Rice

    Now it’s time to do the second movie 😉😉😉😉

  • Echo Dragon
    Echo Dragon


  • sebastian vizcarra
    sebastian vizcarra


  • Because I'm batman
    Because I'm batman

    That girl in the thumbnail............ her faceeeeeeee (insert puke noises)

  • Hannah Paxton
    Hannah Paxton

    Do the rest of the Halloweentown movies!


    o o ^ - ^ U U

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare

    "I thought u could ALWAYS trust ppl w/ top hats" Henry Stickmin: .....

  • #Anime Gatcha
    #Anime Gatcha

    Idk my grandma has gum spilling every where like bruh 2:02


    We learn to not trust people with top hats ever since the first Charlie and the chocolate factory came out