The Hunger Games is kinda dumb
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Harry Potter doesn't make any sense
365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen
Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...
Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Hey I really hope you all enjoyed the video. Doing 2 movies 2 weeks in a row is a lot of work haha. Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

    • dawealone

      Plxlz do the other movies

    • gamerhobp

      No, old man. raid sucks

    • Sound Wave
      Sound Wave

      im gonna say something heretical. I HATE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!

    • vanessaasworld

      Plzz do the rest of the movies in the hunger games

    • L I L A H Oop_ Loop
      L I L A H Oop_ Loop

      Dude you are really wrong about this movie. Because a NUMBER OF REASONS. I don’t like you #AlexMeyers

  • dou jin
    dou jin

    Thx god our future we get vtuber for entertainment instead of this stupid shit

  • Hi I'm a pig
    Hi I'm a pig

    i loved the books so much, but the movies are kinda dissapointing...

  • CheeseMafia

    Ugh I read the books because of this video Thank you for making me cry. Tears. Hard tears. Pain. Ow.

  • Builder Bro
    Builder Bro

    Effing Trinket is such a F****** trinket, you know what I mean?


    This raid ad is the same as another one on another one of his videos

  • ste mckenna
    ste mckenna

    1:02 yea orcs totally not morgz

  • No Bun
    No Bun

    Que Dios nos perdone.

  • Ezra Johnson
    Ezra Johnson

    You know what’s really dumb You

  • L&M Toones
    L&M Toones


  • Grend the Lizard
    Grend the Lizard

    I got an add for rsl before this vid and then two seconds later you mention it? That is it. Im being hunted

  • John Crouchley
    John Crouchley

    RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Part_demigod

    Wow... Hunger games is my favorite movie and it is the best, you are awful, say what you want but this mover/book series is AMAZING, hate all you want on me but your disrespecting good movies and shows that are actually really good you don't care enough to sit down and watch them while thinking there actually good and pointing out the good parts

  • Shreyas A
    Shreyas A

    He got my like just for bullying KSI

  • Mary Nicholson
    Mary Nicholson

    I know it goes without saying, but the book was better. I get that because of time constraints there are a lot of things that had to be cut out, like the story about what happened to the vox girl (I know it's a side plot that goes nowhere but it gives Katniss a little more depth) but the second movie cut out a part that they *REALLY* shouldn't have: Haymich's story. When you know what he went through, it's no wonder he drinks... To this day I'm still pissed that they cut that out...

  • Game Living
    Game Living

    Read the book and you would get more info

  • Wizi yo
    Wizi yo

    She eats food just like me😂 bruh

  • John Bushong
    John Bushong

    Ok I can agree. The movies weren't the best thing ever. But the book series is hands down my favorite series especially with the new book that came out.

  • Trenton Watson
    Trenton Watson

    WW3 will be sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends


    heres my opinion on the books that no one asked for 1st was pretty good but the ending was crap and a cop out. 2nd was bad, 3rd was a giant love triangle and i wanted everyone to die.

  • Seff Vlamez
    Seff Vlamez

    He didn't put Charlies scene in :(

  • Darrel Arya Satya
    Darrel Arya Satya


  • JZ Playz
    JZ Playz

    the movies are way worse then the book

  • Caylee Charvat
    Caylee Charvat

    Me when I saw the title: What are you going to do to my baby?! Low key, I kinda hate the movies a little and love the books, I just feel like the books express so much more than all 3 movies combined. (yes ik there is mocking jay part 1 and 2 but I count them as one)

  • Jamie Stanway
    Jamie Stanway

    Uhhh do you want mash potato or not.

  • Jamie Stanway
    Jamie Stanway

    It's a good film lol

  • yle Plush
    yle Plush

    It not dumb not even kind dumb

  • Autumn Franz
    Autumn Franz

    The hunger games Was absolutely not Overacted. Say what you want. I dont care. This is the absolutely best movie ever made bro.

  • Autumn Franz
    Autumn Franz

    I loved the hunger games Huh?

  • Evander ඞ
    Evander ඞ

    I forgot i had my play speed at 1.25x and i watched the whole vid like that and i thought he just speaks fast lmao

  • May The Deer :3
    May The Deer :3

    no ur kinda dumb alegs miyars

  • Micah Way
    Micah Way

    is anyone else thinking about how you could win the hunger games with a rock by setting off a land mine before the 60 seconds are up?

  • xXReAPeRxX200 9
    xXReAPeRxX200 9

    Ah yes hunger games and a raid shadow legends sponsor

  • Rue Rutherford
    Rue Rutherford

    Sorry if you do this or have done and it doesn’t work. But have you considered twitch? Like I would 10/10 subscribe to you to watch a film with you even once a month my dude. Maybe it’s not worth it, I don’t know much about how twitch and money work, but if it allowed you a bump in income so you had more time to make your videos, with streams lasting a max of 3 hours that seems like a good idea. Also pateon early access, like fuuuck people will pay for even one day earlier, with a following your size you could make bank even just in $1 tier. Once again sorry if you have done or have stated you don’t want to do this, just wanted to throw it out there.

  • Rue Rutherford
    Rue Rutherford

    Yeah 400% want you to have the time you need.

  • Octane From Apex
    Octane From Apex

    Lol I just realized that Lenny kravitz was in this movie

  • blueberry

    2:36 this is why i love the channel. Would have never come up witht that joek.

  • ಥ‿ಥ

    ya know u should read the books as there r more details that the movie doesnt have

  • Poké WishMaker
    Poké WishMaker

    Bro me and my family on New Year’s Eve of 2018 we watched both of the movies and with the 2nd in that sewer scene I barley got any sleep that night

  • LegendIceCream

    Do Henry danger Nickelodeon

  • Johnny Trotter
    Johnny Trotter

    The only good scene was moistkriticals

  • Mackenzie Olson
    Mackenzie Olson

    Do yourself a favor, read the books.

  • Lovely.Pastel

    the most disturbing death was definitely when catnis shot the bee hive down and they stung the heck out of the blond girl

  • Moiz Canteenwala
    Moiz Canteenwala

    Did anyone else say reaping day fast? No, just me. Ok.

  • Verified YouTuber
    Verified YouTuber

    I just want to say that the books are so good though! I am not a huge reader but the books are amazing and an easy read! If you haven’t read them I highly suggest you do so.

  • Normal Profile
    Normal Profile

    Alex: Heh! Good thing it's all fiction! America: *Or is it?*

  • Roland phillips
    Roland phillips

    Books are better

  • reckless rainbow
    reckless rainbow

    Hunger games is 2020

  • Eee Man
    Eee Man

    Just another hate channel

  • Bush in the comments
    Bush in the comments

    One of the most controversial Alex Meyers vids besides the Harry Potter video

  • Hallie Edwards
    Hallie Edwards

    you= best youtuber ever

  • Nonhle Lembede
    Nonhle Lembede

    Please can you review pride and prejudice and zombies

  • Lunar & Eclipse :D
    Lunar & Eclipse :D

    "Reaping day, which you definitely don't want to say too fast" is it bad that i understand this?

  • Ross Bob
    Ross Bob

    Wait a minute this sounds like what is happening right now

  • Dood Luck
    Dood Luck

    March 2020 😳

  • Corry Miklos
    Corry Miklos


  • EverSoWillow UwU
    EverSoWillow UwU

    I remember seeing the hunger game as a child I lived it so much it was so thrilling for me

  • I'mNotSadJustDull

    Excuse you

  • Shrek Wizowskee
    Shrek Wizowskee

    Is... is he not gonna mention that it was a books series first?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Archie The Monkey
    Archie The Monkey

    hunger games is not dumb

  • Naysa Victor
    Naysa Victor

    hurumph hurumph

  • Panlover

    I didnt really like the movie and the book, I had to read it because of school and...I don't know, it just seemed so isn't there a revolution? They take your kids and make you watch them die! This punishment only gives more motivation for a revolution...I don't know, maybe I am just dumb and cant understand this "masterpiece"...but I just don't like it.

  • Elliot Clarke
    Elliot Clarke

    You missed out the bit when all of the dead guys get turned into dogs

  • Elliot Clarke
    Elliot Clarke

    Effing trinket🤣

  • Topities

    9:59 had my dying after like ten minutes

  • Curly Genius
    Curly Genius

    3:30 is so relatable

  • Keshawn Bevel
    Keshawn Bevel

    Petter is that kid from that one movie with the game that literally turned their house into a deadly spaceship thing

  • Plane Sleet
    Plane Sleet

    The book was way better

  • チェルシー

    Lmao haymitch looks like sanji from one piece 😂

  • caitlin

    is no one gonna talk about how funny that cut off scream from katniss is at 4:29? that part had me rolling lmao 😹😹

  • Alison

    oh my god yikes I've never seen the movies but I've read all the books and can I just say the books are way better 😭

  • Pringle

    I live for these videos. THEY ARE SO FUNNY!

  • jose curbelo
    jose curbelo

    haha i am new love you i give like

  • Cooper Armstrong
    Cooper Armstrong

    Hey I love the movie but that’s a funny video u got there

  • adil champion gaming music! btw
    adil champion gaming music! btw

    The boy that got picked is that Tom holland that played as spider man

  • Tabitha Myers
    Tabitha Myers

    Alex it’s pronounced Ma-Lark :P

  • Tabitha Myers
    Tabitha Myers

    “May the odds be ever in your favor” -Effie Trinket (lady Gaga)

  • Tabitha Myers
    Tabitha Myers

    IK you didn’t just come for my favorite book/movie >:(((

    • Game_Milo!


  • Lionel UK
    Lionel UK

    It IS my fav mivuey

    • Lionel UK
      Lionel UK


  • Gacha Lizzy
    Gacha Lizzy

    Okay I don’t know why nobody talks about this but in the move Katniss gives prim the pin and says it has good luck but when prim gets chosen and Katniss volunteers prim give her the pin and says that she need the good luck but I how much good luck does it really have because you just got chosen to compete in the hunger games your first year you were in the reaping

  • Aqueous_Fireball

    saying "effing trinket" sounds like your swearing at kid's toys

  • Celestial Concept
    Celestial Concept

    Do one just on the part u skipped lol

  • Michael Duran
    Michael Duran

    “Haha it’s only fiction”

  • kiwi loves playing games 〈3
    kiwi loves playing games 〈3

    Getting called on in class taken to a whole new level

  • Anastasia Siegmund
    Anastasia Siegmund

    7:16 I love how she laughs when she says "You'll Have plenty of time for that in the arena." amazing.

  • Fear Your Demons
    Fear Your Demons

    Alex: Let's Review The Hunger Games! Also Alex: Covers The Whole Movie But The Hunger Games

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment

    just gotta say the comment about the editing is so true

  • x safwaf x
    x safwaf x

    I can't watch hunger games cuz I am way to sensitive to see little kids fighting and dieing lol

  • Sonic Hedgehog dude
    Sonic Hedgehog dude

    This is gonna be the Zelda movie in a few years

  • Sonic Hedgehog dude
    Sonic Hedgehog dude

    Bro no kidding I thought this movie was a middle aged thing where kids are allowed to legally murder

  • ThInk: Thoughtful Art Projects
    ThInk: Thoughtful Art Projects

    The hunger games is the best movie ever!!! You are so wrong!

  • Valt Aoi T Divina
    Valt Aoi T Divina

    Its not kinda dumb

  • Charlie St. Cloud
    Charlie St. Cloud

    Lmao 🤣 6:59 "weapon training"

  • Aaron Kufeld
    Aaron Kufeld

    Raping day ;)

  • Gideon Dippong
    Gideon Dippong

    Hol' up it's sci-fi?

  • Lukas V
    Lukas V

    NOT RAID!?!?!?!!

  • Cormac Butler
    Cormac Butler

    I hate how the movie forgets so many things that are extremely important to the plot, like how Peeta and Katniss know each other

  • staunchthrone88

    Say one more damn stupid ass stuff related to movies I love and see what happens when you piss off the guy who has no mercy to those who piss him off

  • Catalina Cardenas
    Catalina Cardenas


  • L 4
    L 4

    where is the home alone 3 2020 christmas special ? DISAPPOINTED