Anne with an E is pretty great...
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Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable really is the dumbest show...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
Jane the Virgin is pretty great...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...

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  • HoneyBeeKayla

    The lynds were the best couple but I hate Rachel so much

  • HoneyBeeKayla

    That Josephine plot twist tho

  • Gianna Rodriguez
    Gianna Rodriguez


  • Formula E And extreme E
    Formula E And extreme E

    Sponsored by audible: by Amazon Praising Anne with an e: by Netflix

  • Stina Karlsson
    Stina Karlsson

    RIVERDALE IS THE BEST I don't really like this series



  • Simple guitarist
    Simple guitarist

    its reallyu good btw lol

  • FondueKid

    if he likes then its a Gem of a show, so why is it cancelled ?! :(

  • Abby ‘
    Abby ‘

    You should cover The Boys on Amazon!!

  • Laure Vanessa
    Laure Vanessa

    Anne of green gables 😆

  • SofiDrawEverything

    there is a show like anne with an e its called when calls the heart you can find it on netflix.....

  • Helene Jensen
    Helene Jensen

    I love it

  • Milica DIY
    Milica DIY

    In the world where "Riverdale" and other similar shows exist and are completed and popular for no logical reason, THIS is cancelled?!

  • Marielle Balat
    Marielle Balat

    In the book, does her hair really look like carrots? As Gilbert phrased it?

    • annewithaneinfo

      Yep. Well, he actually shouted, "carrots! carrots", then pulled on her braid.

  • myow


  • mincrafet 2341
    mincrafet 2341

    avengers plz plz plz plz plz

  • Evil Ian McDonald
    Evil Ian McDonald

    I wish Matthew is my dad

  • LovelyyDinosaur YT
    LovelyyDinosaur YT

    "what color would you call this?" "well, its red" *snort* from video ad: Pantene micellar buy today, great for hair me: I- okay

  • Mayara Sanches
    Mayara Sanches

    I don't know if everyone knows about it, but there is a petition going on about renewing AWAE for a Season 4!!! Sign, please

  • Ruby DeBlaay
    Ruby DeBlaay

    I have read hair and I'm loving it so..

  • Loony Luka!
    Loony Luka!

    A friend of mine told me that the actor of Gilbert had died so that could be why honestly Idk if it’s true

    • Loony Luka!
      Loony Luka!

      @annewithaneinfo oooh that makes more sense !

    • annewithaneinfo

      no! the actor who played gilbert from the 1985 anne of green gables mini series, he died in 2015. So if you search Gilbert Blythe, death often comes up, but it links you to the actor who played him in the older version. The actor who played Gilbert in Anne with an E is very much alive.

  • Christine006

    "okay so joe used to be my favorite but now I like nick" nahhhh. it's always been kevin for me

  • Belle

    Wait, you DON'T spell Anne with an E?!

    • Belle

      @annewithaneinfo That's crazy

    • annewithaneinfo

      you'd be surprised how many people spell it as Ann!

  • C C
    C C

    You should do a video on the secret society of second born royals

  • giulia santoro
    giulia santoro

    Just to add my opinion: I believe that the line you found silly at the beginning of the first episode is pretty important . When Anne complains about having red hair describing it as her “lifelong sorrow” she’s describing the society where she lives in. The story is set in the late 1800s, at the time having red hair was seen as symbol of bad luck, this belief was so deep-rooted that many people with red hair were killed by their own families. Take as an example “Rosso Malpelo” by Giovanni Verga. So Anne says that phrase just because she, as everyone at the time, thought it was true.

  • Thea-Ioana Dinu
    Thea-Ioana Dinu!?!?!

  • Samaya Hone
    Samaya Hone

    I've not seen this! I like the books though the, book is called anne of green gables I have seen the movie though and it's good

  • Brother Gayhoops
    Brother Gayhoops

    When it's cancelled I was like wtf why?!

  • Vivianne Torres
    Vivianne Torres


  • AleB

    I think HBO took the show

    • annewithaneinfo

      unfortunately it hasn't been picked up by anybody, still not renewed :(

  • Juliette Muñoz
    Juliette Muñoz


  • Rebecca Jyrwa
    Rebecca Jyrwa

    I love anne with an e, devastated it got canceled

  • Aly Chamberlain
    Aly Chamberlain

    I hope people realize there was an original Anne of Green Gables which was honestly much better than Anne with an E, though Anne with an E isn’t that terrible.

  • Bhavya Saxena
    Bhavya Saxena

    I feel so proud that he liked this show

  • ラーメンが好き

    8:54 an ad cut in right as a *squeak* happened and I died laughing

  • ラーメンが好き

    My nose bled at 2:50

  • Lily S
    Lily S

    “ A skirt is not a invitation” - Anne with a “e”

  • Rima Paul
    Rima Paul

    Pretty great? It's fucking brilliant!!

  • Krenar Mehmeti
    Krenar Mehmeti

    it made me sad that they didnt make a 4th season what about the natives? i was so curious about it they left a plot in there

  • K M
    K M

    Anne is one of the best stories ever written! Books of course, this Netflix show was nice...

  • kate cabrera
    kate cabrera

    Can you do Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton

    • It's NaTanya
      It's NaTanya

      Great idea!

  • M T
    M T

    The books are awesome as well!

  • Jade Dudley
    Jade Dudley

    This is how manny times Alex put wut... In his thumbnail!

  • Sophie Martin
    Sophie Martin

    this is set in prince edward island, near where i live!!

  • Hey, It'sMaddiMurray
    Hey, It'sMaddiMurray

    But did I ask?

  • Bearly Alive
    Bearly Alive

    Me: Wow this show is pretty great Alex: Wow this show is pretty great Me: Did I do good?

  • Aahana Sen
    Aahana Sen

    I can't believe you actually liked a show

  • Adele Aslan
    Adele Aslan

    Something I really like about this show is how the cast LOOKS THE AGE THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE. It’s especially important because of that little side plot with Prissy dating their teacher because when the teacher and student aren’t player by people around the same age, it really makes you realize how creepy it is, and they’re still incredible actors

    • annewithaneinfo

      They not only look, THEY ARE THE AGE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE. Almost all of the young cast in Anne with an E is the exact same age as their character. Some of them are 1-2 years older/younger max. It's one of the very few Netflix shows to do this. Most teen shows from Netflix have 18 year olds playing fifteen year olds, so by the time the show comes to an end they're well over 20 playing a teen still. Anne with an E ended with Anne 16 and her actress Amybeth 17.

  • JI IV
    JI IV

    I’ve been watching Anne with Anne for a special reason my moms mom (or my grandma) died very young my mom was 18 when her mom died and my grandma really liked Anne with An e and my mom wanted to watch it because it was close to her and her mom She invited me I didn’t have high hope guess wat it’s a good show I like it

  • Aria Kyobashi
    Aria Kyobashi

    I love this show, Its on tv in japan now :3

  • Lina El Sabagh
    Lina El Sabagh

    When I saw that Alex actually liked something, I definitely had to check it out

  • Nerms

    Fact: the OG movies are superior.

  • Anverka

    It's kinda unbelievable that it was my favourite book when I was like 10 or something and now according to it is whole serial and it's so popular.


    petition link for ANNE WITH AN E

  • 1993Southparkfan

    Never watched this show, but is it just me, or was Anne shaking that old guy's hand for far too long? Lol.

    • Hailey A
      Hailey A

      1993Southparkfan she’s a bit socially awkward 😂

  • Qhama Bikwana
    Qhama Bikwana

    Ginny Weasley?! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Eduard Voicu
    Eduard Voicu

    So you guys really hated Americans and black people. Pretty much like nazis did. I'm sorry, native Americans. My bad. You're Americans now.

  • Ayun nikmatus
    Ayun nikmatus

    I watched anne with an e 3 season 2 day in a row, and I'm looking for the season 4 news, and what the... I'm going into a hole. I'm in love with this show but why

  • Cassie Brooke
    Cassie Brooke

    Anne: “No one will ever marry me” Gilbert: *bet*

  • OOscar paez morales
    OOscar paez morales

    Next nacho librea i spelled it wrong

  • Maxx Panter
    Maxx Panter

    As i was watching this netflix gave me a notifacation saying I should watch Anne with a E..... My FBI agent: Crap she's on to me.......

  • Peytons Edits
    Peytons Edits

    Ginny weasly is a BAD BLEEP

  • Liz

    The original Anne of green gables was much better in my opinion

  • Musical Meme
    Musical Meme

    So basically Riverdale gets 6 seasons and a new disgusting movie called “Cuties” is on Netflix while an amazing series like Anne with an E doesn’t get continued? Man I’m done

  • humayun kabir
    humayun kabir


  • Im bored.
    Im bored.

    I love anne with an E. :)

  • k mansfield
    k mansfield

    not popular with 50 year olds, my mum is 50 and she loved the hell out of that show

  • Declan Doneski
    Declan Doneski

    It is amazing i watch all of it

  • •EllieeElven•

    Wait! He actually didnt put "Wut" in his title

  • S :3
    S :3

    My mother loves “Anne with an E” when we first watched it I thought it was a movie I never saw all the episodes Xp

  • Jered Jefferson
    Jered Jefferson

    Dude my parents watched that show for hours. I was always in my room

  • xXxAsh _YTxXx
    xXxAsh _YTxXx


  • fat rat period.
    fat rat period.

    when I heard Anne say "It's my life long sorrow...." a Barbie doll add came up with a girl yelling So MaNy sUrpRISes!



  • Meno Priezvisko
    Meno Priezvisko

    I read it and I remember clearly that one of AnnE's monologues took two pages.

  • Sximply Peachy
    Sximply Peachy

    This series is really Great to watch its about how to love your slef and GILBERT IS SOOO HANDSOME🥵

  • BrokenCrayonz

    Well, red hair is a genetic mutation... and the dark dark history of red hair is kind of crazy. So, yeah. Ppl didn't like it back then.

  • E L I cz
    E L I cz

    I LOVE this series 😍

  • Amare Dabashe
    Amare Dabashe


  • Amare Dabashe
    Amare Dabashe


  • Amare Dabashe
    Amare Dabashe


  • Amare Dabashe
    Amare Dabashe


  • Amare Dabashe
    Amare Dabashe


  • Amare Dabashe
    Amare Dabashe


  • Amare Dabashe
    Amare Dabashe

    Why, it’s really really good even my brother that doesn’t like anything like that

  • Izaya Oreo
    Izaya Oreo

    The original show was way better i think, called anne of green gables.

    • Izaya Oreo
      Izaya Oreo

      Even the house was so beautiful.

  • Muffin

    Im joking. Anne with an E is really good and i really surprised that you like it.

  • Don’tworryaboutITgh

    A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Nesliany Romero
    Nesliany Romero

    When I saw the cover thingy of the video I said hold up wtf Anne with an e is really fucking good I got all pissed and stuff but when I clicked on it I saw what u dead and I was like ohhhh ok *likes then leaves*

  • Sarah Y
    Sarah Y

    I am in my 30's and like the show

  • Frazer Cairns
    Frazer Cairns

    I love your videos

  • 在梦里见过你

    Anne from GG used to be my favourite book as a kid, I was genuinely surprised to find out Netflix made an adaptation?? I just finished the first season in the first day, it's so good!

  • Jade Peridot
    Jade Peridot

    Amd Riverdale is kinda dumb...

  • Jade Peridot
    Jade Peridot Help us!!!!!! I CAN'T LOSE ANNE ALREADY?!?!??!?!!?!?

  • itz Siggy
    itz Siggy

    Seriously! The authour of all the books gets nooo credit! The show is AMAZING but its the exact same thing as the books

    • annewithaneinfo

      LM is given credit. The books are so old that they actually passed to be eligible for public domain of sorts. This means that all of the books online are available for free to read. Along with producers getting rights to adapt it and make a new versions for film and television. There are a lot of adaptations to Anne of Green Gables, Anne with an E is just the most recent one. And if you look in the comments, many folks know that its based on a book, but theres also many people being introduced to the books because of Anne with an E, so it's a blessing either way.

  • itz Siggy
    itz Siggy

    you know its originally a book series from the 1900s, right?

  • RandomGinger

    Finally something I’ve seen

  • _Yuki-chan_

    The show is good but it's not even similar to the original, it passed to comedy to depressed girl

  • Maxerdo

    Wait ... is this finally a good review

  • Jay Y Jose twins
    Jay Y Jose twins

    All the bad movies are good movies and all good movies and shows are horrible how petty