My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series makes no sense... (ft. Cameron Kennedy aka Rory)
My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series Animation
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video! Its not every day I get to work with someone who was in the show I'm talking about haha. If you're a fan of MBV, watch until the end for a little (tiny) interview with Cameron. Oh yeah and subscribe and follow us on twitter and all that

    • Xonegamer The1
      Xonegamer The1

      This show is the best

    • Loopy Playz
      Loopy Playz


    • Amanda Boshoff
      Amanda Boshoff

      I love your vids

    • Raff Taylor
      Raff Taylor


    • Raff Taylor
      Raff Taylor

      I don't no what this is

  • Bridget Monckton
    Bridget Monckton

    Rory solo should happen

  • Christian Barthelus
    Christian Barthelus

    Shut up rory

  • Aliyna Sophia Rose
    Aliyna Sophia Rose

    I hate the premise of the beginning of the series poor doggy!! 😞

  • stryker guillemin
    stryker guillemin


  • Ginger Walker
    Ginger Walker

    This show was my CHILDHOOD oml

  • The Little Author
    The Little Author

    Honestly, Rory was cute

  • demitwice

    lol i was never allowed to watch this show lol my dad told me i was too young to watch things about vampires ...

  • Alli Parker
    Alli Parker


  • pickle guy gacha tuber
    pickle guy gacha tuber

    Rory is the best character

  • Alfredo Pasta
    Alfredo Pasta

    I'm sorry but I was CRYING at hardest things to do: figure out what's going on in Riverdale 😂😂😂

  • rin okumura demon child
    rin okumura demon child

    omg rory should get his own solo show lol

  • Natalia Washington
    Natalia Washington

    Love this series

  • Ariana Powell
    Ariana Powell

    i am so mad that this show ended in a cliffhanger ughhhhh

  • Urboydripz

    Can you make an video about stranger things?

  • More than Manatee
    More than Manatee


  • The Abbyz
    The Abbyz

    Keep reading for something gooood Mk so close Keep reading S- Sike

  • Trinity Delilah Smith
    Trinity Delilah Smith

    I loved this show as a kid. Idk why....😂😂

    • Trinity Delilah Smith
      Trinity Delilah Smith

      So true

    • Joshua __dp
      Joshua __dp

      Because for better or worse- and for some reason we will never know. It was amazing 😂 oh childhood. The theme song still slaps as a throwback though right?!?

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    I low-key used to think that Benny was the cutest guy in the show-


    My dads name is Rory

  • Leia

    my mom gives me two meltone everyday

  • E

    I'd recognize Cameron! Also, Rory is an underrated character for sure. The whole show is gold. Underrated gold. I am sad it ended on a cliff note. :(

  • Alfie Kadzevski
    Alfie Kadzevski

    I don't like spin off shows, but this show was the best

  • DaDroidULookn4

    The adventure of rory

  • kipthehybrid 29
    kipthehybrid 29

    I watched a bit but never finished it

  • Lainey Tongret
    Lainey Tongret

    yea whatever- i love that show vv much, ive re watched it like 17 times.

  • LeaveMeAlone

    This was one of those more teenage shows that you can’t get on Disney or Nickelodeon anymore these days, it excited everyone and it was cool. It’s sad it ended just because it was “too mature”.

  • frying pan
    frying pan

    Hold up... is that the band jerk from Radio Rebel? Edit: Oh my lord, the other dude is the kid from Gooby.

  • sumaya Wardere
    sumaya Wardere

    Everything doesn’t make sence to you. Just except your difference!!!

  • Dawan Thomas
    Dawan Thomas

    If I had magic powers I would give you 500 billion dollars

  • Ivan Rodriguez
    Ivan Rodriguez

    Yes I would like a Rory solo show Cameron Kennedy

  • Hayden


  • Phenibeans animated
    Phenibeans animated

    This reminds me of a fevordream of a movie i watched when i was like 8,it had something to do with a vampire dog that doesn't want to be bad? But at some point he eats red jello instead of drinking blood. Can't remember the name tho lol

  • Caden Witt
    Caden Witt

    Wait was that really the actor of RORY?

  • Princess Alexi
    Princess Alexi

    rory NEEDS his own flute

    • Princess Alexi
      Princess Alexi

      i mean show

  • juke365

    6:52 Idiot

  • B̸R̸E̸A̸D̸ シ
    B̸R̸E̸A̸D̸ シ

    THIS SHOW WAS LEGENDARY but I have a LOT of questions about the ending..

    • Not Steve
      Not Steve

      What happened?

  • Sparkle Notion
    Sparkle Notion

    Benny is a real creep.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    Maybe I would feel differently if I had seen it as a kid, but how could anyone watch this? 😂 It looks terrible.

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger

      @Not Steve Sometimes. That's definitely not a fact though.

    • Not Steve
      Not Steve

      @Roger Dodger are facts suppose to be funny?

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger

      @Not Steve I honestly tried to laugh at that, but it's just not funny.

    • Not Steve
      Not Steve

      @Roger Dodger it’s held in the same museum has the Mona Lisa

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger

      @Not Steve That's just objectively so far from true. I don't care what your attachment to this show/movie is. It's objectively bad. If you like it anyway, that's fine. I don't understand how, but that's still fine. Objectively though, it's real dumb.

  • Brianna C Reacts
    Brianna C Reacts

    I've never watched the show, but it's clear Grams is the best.

  • SCP 049
    SCP 049

    BENNY oh wait no wrong one

  • Chloe Zarate
    Chloe Zarate

    Watch one of the Barbie movies they suck I wanna see ur reaction

    • Not Steve
      Not Steve

      They are held in the same museum has the Mona Lisa they are just that good

  • Caio Vianna
    Caio Vianna

    Was that actually Cameron Kennedy

    • SCP 049
      SCP 049


  • The Ravenclaw Den
    The Ravenclaw Den

    Cameron and I share a birthday, except he was born in 1997, and I was born in 2005, so we are 8 years apart My favorite movie actor and I share a birthday.....

  • simp

    this will forever be one of my favorite shows though

  • Aniya-Elise Hollins
    Aniya-Elise Hollins

    They did us so dirty by canceling this show

  • slade Howard
    slade Howard

    My favorite TV show of all time

  • WarriorCatter

    Can you do Greenhouse academy it is on Netflix

  • Gabriel Benoit LE 2029
    Gabriel Benoit LE 2029

    Who is that you’re talking to

  • Matt Sharp
    Matt Sharp

    Lmao what does this have to do with vampires

  • Amanda Boshoff
    Amanda Boshoff

    I love how funny he is😄

  • Ben's Life
    Ben's Life

    Rory was one of the best characters 🤩

  • andrew sutherland
    andrew sutherland

    Not gonna lie, never actually even knew there was a movie and the show was just kinda one of those things that was so short lived (at least in the us) that you just kinda knew about it knew hardly anyone ever talk about it

  • Briel Sly
    Briel Sly

    This dude... Quit roasting my childhood shows/movies

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K

    You this show makes no sense me. Me your channel makes no sense

  • FishyKillua TheHippy
    FishyKillua TheHippy

    Sooooo ummm.. every single comment has at least 100 likes. Like you can literally say anything and get 3,000 likes so..... Hi

  • Laura Gómez
    Laura Gómez

    Never knew about this show before, but Stephen King could totally sue them. The literally, stole his whole argument for 'Pet Cemetery'.

  • Mary Echo
    Mary Echo

    omg if i ever see him in public, ill be sure to shout "omg, rory!!"

  • bxkvgou’s other account
    bxkvgou’s other account

    when alex is dissing my childhood: me: ima go imposter

  • Issa BlueNEW
    Issa BlueNEW

    Im waiting for hubie Halloween makes no sense

  • Nicholas Sugay
    Nicholas Sugay

    3:02 sounds like what a 3 year old would say when they were all black in broad daylight

  • JonEscano

    Okay okay okay. First, I had a hand soap ad when the 2 people accidentally touched hands in the movie, then I get an ad about a dog surgery toy after he pours the potion over the dog’s grave to make it come back to life? What’s up with my ads lately?

  • Basically Steven Universe
    Basically Steven Universe

    Praise the sun king

  • Armaun Salamanca
    Armaun Salamanca


  • fishY •
    fishY •

    I remember rewatching the show It wasn’t that good, but it gave me a hell of a nostalgia trip and I think the concept is cool

  • David Amador
    David Amador

    did you really have the real guy from the show

  • Connor Popchoke
    Connor Popchoke

    Wait so it’s basically bootleg Pet cemetery

  • Moonstar79

    This is why you cremate your pets folks

  • Cezlock

    honestly, the cheesy teen humor is pretty charming and sort of realistic for the characters' ages

  • The TV Lover
    The TV Lover

    Dang you got RORY!!????!?!

  • Teodora Maria
    Teodora Maria

    Looking back idk why I loved this so much when I was little

  • Devdog Devdog
    Devdog Devdog

    Please do Jessie


    I have this distinct memory of watching the episode where they ressurect Della's dog from the dead and I remember it scaring me so bad.

  • Dina Moore
    Dina Moore

    I recommend you watch the movie Boy Who Cried Werewolf

  • space cats
    space cats

    Do sound of music

  • deathslayer 15
    deathslayer 15

    now i cant subscribe lol

  • deathslayer 15
    deathslayer 15

    i know this doesn't seem truthful button my subscribe button for you is changing between subscribed and not its weird and i cant stop it

  • Eggy Stax
    Eggy Stax

    That show was one of my faves but i saw the movie after lmao

  • Jeffrey Wernecke
    Jeffrey Wernecke

    Omg he said yea that your dog

  • Talia Godfrey
    Talia Godfrey

    I love how the writers literally just killed everyone. Including the non-vampires which still makes no sense to me.

  • I Am Kani
    I Am Kani

    Bro, that show was *LIT.* Looking back on it now tho... it was weird. Better than the stuff they have today

  • JellyDonuts

    **unless if u want to know how grandma is doing well after grandpa died**

  • Xime Sandoval
    Xime Sandoval

    But like Benny is thinking full on necromancy rituals to impress a girl, and as far as I am concerned I would run for the hills cause that is a pretty dark way to woo someone. What ever happened to a note in the girl's locker?

  • Mackenzie Curtis
    Mackenzie Curtis

    This show was 10/10 hands down the most spectacular and intriguing, the best show out there. Also every character was hot.

  • Magen Evers
    Magen Evers


  • Mari Gutierrez
    Mari Gutierrez

    Okay I’m super late but did anyone have a huge crush on Benny cause 👀 i still do lmaooooo

  • Lindela _
    Lindela _

    Hell if I had powers I would also give myself some self esteem.

  • Amelia Kratzke
    Amelia Kratzke

    I really liked the featuring

  • zootxTrii

    Benny looks like The Onceilor sorry it is misspelled

  • foxy grim
    foxy grim


  • Thrx Wolf
    Thrx Wolf

    This is my favorite childhood show 😅

  • Rosie McCallister
    Rosie McCallister

    He be rory doe

  • wisdomwalrus

    lol, he actually got the guy!

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From Tomorrow

    How many people are annoyed this got ended on the cliff hanger now I want to see all the stuff that cut out

  • Owen Bullock
    Owen Bullock

    shrek for president 2020 make america have layers again @

  • Declan Doneski
    Declan Doneski

    I watch all of this

  • J9skating

    Love it

  • Marilyn Luce Robertson
    Marilyn Luce Robertson

    Rory is actually my favorite character

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day

    Wait... what did you cut out?

  • Seth Pidgeon
    Seth Pidgeon

    How the fuck did he get the real acter