My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series makes no sense... (ft. Cameron Kennedy aka Rory)
My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series Animation
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video! Its not every day I get to work with someone who was in the show I'm talking about haha. If you're a fan of MBV, watch until the end for a little (tiny) interview with Cameron. Oh yeah and subscribe and follow us on twitter and all that

    • Raff Taylor
      Raff Taylor


    • Raff Taylor
      Raff Taylor

      I don't no what this is

    • Francisco Perez
      Francisco Perez

      Hey I don’t want you guys going on the weekend because you guys have to school and then you have a couple minutes you want me just want you know I love bye love bye hey bye love you guys have

    • cute mangle cute mangle
      cute mangle cute mangle

      I did not enjoy the vid my babysitters a vampire is a legend

    • Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer

      Thats super cool you actually got an actor to cameo on your channel extra like from me. Personally I never met any celebs but I did speak to a few voice actors... Online. :/

  • JellyDonuts

    **unless if u want to know how grandma is doing well after grandpa died**

  • Xime Sandoval
    Xime Sandoval

    But like Benny is thinking full on necromancy rituals to impress a girl, and as far as I am concerned I would run for the hills cause that is a pretty dark way to woo someone. What ever happened to a note in the girl's locker?

  • Mackenzie Curtis
    Mackenzie Curtis

    This show was 10/10 hands down the most spectacular and intriguing, the best show out there. Also every character was hot.

  • Magen Evers
    Magen Evers


  • Mari Gutierrez
    Mari Gutierrez

    Okay I’m super late but did anyone have a huge crush on Benny cause 👀 i still do lmaooooo

  • Lindela _
    Lindela _

    Hell if I had powers I would also give myself some self esteem.

  • Amelia Kratzke
    Amelia Kratzke

    I really liked the featuring

  • KoldKeegan

    Benny looks like The Onceilor sorry it is misspelled

  • foxy grim
    foxy grim


  • Thrx Wolf
    Thrx Wolf

    This is my favorite childhood show 😅

  • MattPlays59

    He be rory doe

  • wisdomwalrus

    lol, he actually got the guy!

  • Koala From Tomorrow
    Koala From Tomorrow

    How many people are annoyed this got ended on the cliff hanger now I want to see all the stuff that cut out

  • Owen Bullock
    Owen Bullock

    shrek for president 2020 make america have layers again @

  • Declan Doneski
    Declan Doneski

    I watch all of this

  • J9skating

    Love it

  • Marilyn Luce Robertson
    Marilyn Luce Robertson

    Rory is actually my favorite character

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day

    Wait... what did you cut out?

  • Seth Pidgeon
    Seth Pidgeon

    How the fuck did he get the real acter

  • Julia H
    Julia H

    Please do Chicago pd

  • Josh Jenson
    Josh Jenson

    I hated how it ended on such a cliffhanger

  • Allie D
    Allie D

    Everyone watch the first episode I’m so confused like it’s like the mandala effect I watched it after like 5 years and I remember the first episode and his parents made him get a babysitter and he didn’t know Sarah was a vampire and stuff and then then vampires came and ruined everything and I remember Rory Turing but he was already a vampire

  • samantha maney
    samantha maney

    Rory was a sweetheart and i would, to this day, die for him.

  • samantha maney
    samantha maney

    This show was my childhood so watch it buddy

  • samantha maney
    samantha maney

    Just found out cam is in this and i have to watch it now oh my god

  • Sprite

    how dare you i love that show i watched all threw my childhood

  • u w u
    u w u

    The serie doesn't really needs to make sense- just have fun boi

  • u w u
    u w u

    MBIAV is the best teenage serie and movie of the 2000's, change my mind

  • Sibel Hernandez
    Sibel Hernandez

    El ingles no es mi primer idioma asi que me siento realizada por haber entendido casi todo el video, dicho eso I loved this show, actually a few days ago I watched it again The feelings wey, se siente como tener 12 otra vez

  • Broadway Becca
    Broadway Becca

    Yo puberty was very kind to cameron Kennedy

  • Weird Nugget
    Weird Nugget

    I love it, it was iconic and that's how vanessa morgan was discovered

  • Mea Lee
    Mea Lee


  • woob

    i have a question what movie do you atually like?

  • jennifer. valdes
    jennifer. valdes

    they left us on a cliffhanger 😭

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    For worse for me...

  • Bacon Man
    Bacon Man

    Benny's a simp

  • Bacon Man
    Bacon Man

    Benny's a simp

  • Kameren Carter
    Kameren Carter

    Or he should not have his own solo

  • Paulito Novickis Pichipoothingi
    Paulito Novickis Pichipoothingi

    dislike number: 666 uh oh

  • BlueFirePup123

    Do The Dragon Prince. Please

  • Yearn Sane
    Yearn Sane

    When I was 9 I even thought this was cringe

  • priscila hurtado
    priscila hurtado

    My favorite theme song in the whole entire world

  • Pikachu Kaminari
    Pikachu Kaminari

    I know this is random, but I only just found this LV-home channel (which I already love btw) and the first video I get is about "My babysitter is a Vampire", which I only just finished watching on Netflix...coincidence??🤔

  • Cue Cue
    Cue Cue

    I’m waiting for the season *3* or *4* somethin like dat.

  • XxMidnight FroggyxX
    XxMidnight FroggyxX

    I watched the series when I was seven ;-;

  • Chy Chy
    Chy Chy

    That dog scared the fuck out of me when I was a kid

  • road to 100k
    road to 100k

    Blah blah blah you complain about everything because you are not famous

    • Karmic Atom
      Karmic Atom

      Uhh he has 2 million subscribers dumbass

  • Tangle Lane
    Tangle Lane

    This kid literally thinks every show is weird like I would love for him to do one show that isn’t weird

  • Michelle Jasso
    Michelle Jasso

    WAIT!! WHAT?! You're telling that no one cared about RORY he was awesome cute and FUNNY!! BUT FANS DON'T Recognize him!? WHAT?!

  • Neopoleon

    Wasn't this the show that had a ancient little girl vampire? My young cringy weeb ass was like, "Hey, just like that anime."

  • Sydney Owens
    Sydney Owens

    Oh my frickin gosh. Is that the real Rory with you? btw I love this show and movie and I don't care what you say because of it. :D

  • deep eat
    deep eat

    they need to make a season 3

  • Lorenzo Sibblies
    Lorenzo Sibblies

    My babysitter is a vampire was a really good show and movie and I just love it as a kid I also show three times over and over and over and over again so many times

  • The Malevolent One
    The Malevolent One

    can’t believe this was 10 months ago!

  • Crista Cortez
    Crista Cortez

    the reason why the show ended was because it was hard keeping the ORIGINAL cast together. one of the directors said he would like to make a movie on what happened after the exploration but the cast are already old to be teenagers so igz they’ll use new actor’s.

  • Strxberry_ Lemonade
    Strxberry_ Lemonade

    I love all your videos, even though basically you just roast some movies and shows But I love this show lmao I'm obsessed 🤣

  • Bleach 16
    Bleach 16

    Y'all can't say ish about this show. Low key this show was my childhood

  • lovelive trash
    lovelive trash

    I used to have nightmares about the ep with the red door and possessed children

  • lovelive trash
    lovelive trash


  • KoOKY Time! !!!
    KoOKY Time! !!!


  • molly howell
    molly howell

    Naw dummy it’s so good

  • pay pay
    pay pay

    I'm so happy for Vanessa morgan (Sarah) thou, she's five months pregnant 😭

    • pay pay
      pay pay

      @Matthew Elerick yup lol

    • Matthew Elerick
      Matthew Elerick

      pay pay wait what

  • Nail Or Fail
    Nail Or Fail

    Now I want to see the deleted scenes. That's dude who played ronnny

  • David Cosloff
    David Cosloff

    I actually miss this show. I wished it wasn't canceled.

  • Lily lorain
    Lily lorain

    I love Rory hes a bit dopey but hilarious

  • Rah Rizzle123
    Rah Rizzle123

    This is like the best show ever

  • Brigade Anti Putaclic
    Brigade Anti Putaclic

    Why there is no season 3

  • Micah’s World
    Micah’s World


  • TheBombBeast

    7:37 so that’s why I have weird dreams

  • BelGarath

    Obviously these guys have never seen Pet cemetery

  • Sarah Pang
    Sarah Pang

    This show was literally my everything for 3 years though

  • Bella Eerie mystery’s
    Bella Eerie mystery’s

    My favorite character was Benny and Rory

  • stupid person 2.0
    stupid person 2.0

    Ever time I watch the movie or the show I think of Fred

  • danielle d
    danielle d

    Shut yo mouth

  • The Flick Chick
    The Flick Chick

    “You brought back the body but the souls have moved on!” - had the same energy as- “You moved the headstones but not the bodies!”

  • Lynn Eaton
    Lynn Eaton

    My six year old cousin keep talking about this show

  • Akiva Schild
    Akiva Schild

    I had the same Nintendo game fantasy

  • Jada Ranson
    Jada Ranson

    3:50 if they're the only ones there whose hand is that

  • Chanc3Th3 God_3962
    Chanc3Th3 God_3962

    I’ve watched it over 7 times

  • Ray Gamer
    Ray Gamer

    Don't question my favourite show

  • Karla Thompson
    Karla Thompson

    I’m mad that the show left off on the biggest cliffhanger

  • Grace Fleser
    Grace Fleser

    Benny looks like the onceler from the lorax

  • Semaj Playz
    Semaj Playz

    We all know rory is the best character

  • Rondell Hooker
    Rondell Hooker

    Lol if the real Rory saw this he would scream

  • Vinnie Nichols
    Vinnie Nichols

    Benny and the guy from Lorax same thing

  • Scourge Lover82
    Scourge Lover82

    ‘Just typical boy stuff.’ This is why I only dated girls.

  • XxclouddixX -
    XxclouddixX -

  • Bluemilk92

    "Or whatever" is like, The Sir Myers version of like, what the word "like" is to me. Like, the best way to buy space, and like punctuate a sentence.

  • Beatrice Asejo
    Beatrice Asejo

    Grandma was a QUEEN, and you can’t change my mind.

  • Ana Cardozo
    Ana Cardozo

    Am I the only one who’s favorite character was rory O-O (Also I’d enjoy Rorys own show 👏🏻😂)

  • Charlie Carroll
    Charlie Carroll

    the bad thing is the actor that plays ethan just disappeared?

  • nedyarb

    I find it so fun to watch, good sarcasm and humor imo + great 2010’s vibe

  • Taylor Schupan
    Taylor Schupan

    Please tell im not the only one if you are not sure about a series you go and check out one of his videos on it and it usually makes you want to watch it

  • Ella DiCaprio
    Ella DiCaprio

    Wait- now people are making fun of radio rebel , has anyone else noticed that one of those 2 losers are in radio rebel? Lmao

  • Julia Buonincontro
    Julia Buonincontro

    @alexmyers DO FOOD BOY

  • Xxmidnight_shadow wolfxX
    Xxmidnight_shadow wolfxX

    Is rory The odd1sout???

  • marti

    10 year old me watched that and was borderline in love with sarah.

  • Gherincs Labuca
    Gherincs Labuca

    Benny looks like the Grinche

  • jamison clark
    jamison clark

    Well I think this show is violent but think what you want I mean making a dog into pasta sauce is weird man