Hannah Montana was pretty dumb...
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  • Jan Star
    Jan Star

    Ahhh, why do you never go past the first episode

  • Jan Star
    Jan Star

    This was my favorite show 😵😵😵 Hannah Montana got me into music and singing and maybe even dancing😄

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya Mishra

    HAHAHAHAHA this was funnny

  • brt Mari
    brt Mari

    Do the reboot of charmed

  • fennex

    ahh these were the good old days before miley started twerking

  • Simple guitarist
    Simple guitarist

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat cmon man

  • Fernandezengel Fernandez
    Fernandezengel Fernandez

    This is how miley cyrus has to be a nice girl but now she go's nacked everywhere

  • Em b
    Em b

    Lilly Looks a lil like jojo siwa

  • ebony

    Why does lily always yell like miley will be talking and then BOOM lily all up in thud face yelling

  • The purpleBat
    The purpleBat

    I just never liked Hannah Montana .. Not even as a little girl .. lol .. xD I just hated it!!

  • Sarthak Rathi
    Sarthak Rathi


  • Katherine Marie
    Katherine Marie

    "Money printing robot." Noticed that when I was 11 surrounded by this, just didn't have the words to describe it.

  • Lizz Lamarkh
    Lizz Lamarkh

    Alex is Harry Styles fan

  • Logan Ainsworth
    Logan Ainsworth

    why do you keep attacking my childhood?

  • A G
    A G

    I know someone who is in the show. He my teacher.

  • ABC D Minus
    ABC D Minus

    So apparently Miley is like Perry the platypus.

  • Tenzin Tsomo
    Tenzin Tsomo

    You’re right! Digimon season 2 IS underrated!

  • Becca Shyne
    Becca Shyne

    Tell me why I saw this video coming....

  • Claire

    My favorite part of the pilot is that her brother thinks it’s a good date idea to take a date to a Hanna Montana concert. Isn’t that like a 16 year old today taking a date to a Jojo Siwa concert??

  • chanelle das
    chanelle das


  • ZimboCapetonian

    Have you reacted to Julie and the Phantoms?

  • James Vlogs
    James Vlogs

    Ok yes it was dumb but like um yeah it was dumb

  • Cherlyn Bams
    Cherlyn Bams

    I feel like lily was a manipulative character if she's in this world.🙃

  • Amelia Joan
    Amelia Joan

    Oml Hannah Montana was my life in like 4th grade

  • Masifa Khurram
    Masifa Khurram

    It may be dumb, but it was my childhood : )

  • xXxKayla xXx
    xXxKayla xXx

    Tsk tsk yall forgot rico. MwHaHaHa!

  • KidzCraftGaming

    In Discription Put Rating PLS

  • Student Elizabeth Rowland
    Student Elizabeth Rowland

    Boy I'm 11 I don't sign on to auto books

  • Bellatrissa

    How did the BFF girl not recognize before that Miley's and Hannah's face are the same, though?

  • Blobbert Mcblob
    Blobbert Mcblob

    Aww baby Miley Cyrus before she....well.....let's just say that she had one hell of a rebellious phase lol.

  • Emi rey
    Emi rey

    emily osmit doing the pathetic sad "Oh here i go, out the door, being a sad lump" is the best thing in everything.

  • Sgotach _
    Sgotach _

    Billy ray is so wholesome tho

  • nadia webster
    nadia webster

    You’d think if lily was such a big fan of Hannah Montana and “BeSt FRIenDs” with Miley she would see the autographed picture and be able to to put the pieces together that they have the same voice and face. Soooo Lily’s really fake friend and fan.

  • sherley fils-aime
    sherley fils-aime


  • Karina Beregha
    Karina Beregha

    The fact that he graduated highschool when I was born💀💀🤣🤣


    Do one of rebelde

  • Jasper Dina
    Jasper Dina

    Why does lily talk so loud

  • Maryse Liu
    Maryse Liu

    Lilly acts so much like jo jo siwa wat

  • Leemabari Beage
    Leemabari Beage

    Why does she just have a bunch of hotdogs just chilling there and why didn't Lily eat any

  • Moaambesa Falcon
    Moaambesa Falcon

    any one else notice how there always screeming

  • Ricky Ruch
    Ricky Ruch

    He needs to do Kickin It

    • xXxKayla xXx
      xXxKayla xXx


  • Amber Currie
    Amber Currie

    7:03 & 7:35 another Harry Styles reference lol. I think Alex is a little obsessed, he always finds some way to sneak Harry into almost every video - not that I'm complaining :)

  • Dani Dyer
    Dani Dyer

    Don't it kinda seem like Hannah is like the girl version of justin bevaer.. (i suck at spelling lol dont most?

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks

    "Hanna Montana was pretty dumb" Umm... like no shit.

  • brooklyn logan
    brooklyn logan

    Do Dawson’s creek next!

  • Phrankster163

    Aww, little Miley was adorable! But why does Lily have to scream half her lines? Was her being half deaf a thing on the show?

  • Hitzayanna Terrazas
    Hitzayanna Terrazas

    The day that you posted this video it was my birthday

  • Ylondes

    Thats why i switch to CN back in the day

  • Freya Rickman
    Freya Rickman

    can you do the movie please

  • Annika’sAGWorld

    I’m a Disney fan. In the show she was 14 I thought she was older

  • Why

    tfw you were just a fetus in 2006

  • TheGrandRevo

    6:50 this whole bit made me laugh

  • Lucy Caro
    Lucy Caro

    He totally forgot to mention that everyone in school mistreats her and calls her ugly when she clearly looks just like Hannah Montana! Like ummm, is everyone blind? Did no one see the resemblance?

  • Major Chris
    Major Chris

    I honestly like this series. XD Was it stupid? Heck yeah. And cheesy. But I still enjoy it. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. And I also enjoy the songs. I know, I'm weird.

  • Mia Holland
    Mia Holland

    Disneys best show is wowp

  • Vimbainashe Machando
    Vimbainashe Machando

    Everybody singing kumbayah🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Reiming

    Oliver? more like young Messi

  • Susan Ackermann
    Susan Ackermann

    throwback when teenagers looked like teenagers, not bodybuilders

  • Mariam Almarar
    Mariam Almarar

    React to feel the beat

  • Quick Shadow
    Quick Shadow

    Just don't do a video essay with the title 'Phineas and Ferb was kinda dumb/makes no sense/is a weird show,etc' i will be genuinely disappointed.

  • JMB

    Money printing robot! Lol! So good!

  • hihi blue
    hihi blue

    Watch asian drama kid ;)

  • Aliye Marquez
    Aliye Marquez

    at 4:14 omg so me!!🤣

  • EMMA Aly
    EMMA Aly

    Can you do it about Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • McKayla P
    McKayla P

    Do a Gravity Falls video please!

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown

    god the worst thing about the oldish shows is they’re fetus voices

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown

    is it just me or is his backpack comically big?

  • a z a l e a
    a z a l e a

    I havent even watched Hannah Montana yet i have loads of school supplies of Hannah Montana

  • Jana al jandan
    Jana al jandan

    I never realized how loud lily is until now

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee

    3:56 Me: cHaD iS ThAt YoU

  • Leah


    • Quick Shadow
      Quick Shadow


  • Isolation Animations
    Isolation Animations

    Hello, I was wondering how you make your videos and what software you use

  • hujshdbh hjshdhdiu
    hujshdbh hjshdhdiu

    So ,if he graduated from highschool in 2006 he is like 32 now? Dude I thought you were a teenager.

  • Serenity Cole
    Serenity Cole

    1:57 this is where the ad ends your welcome (not to be rude to him I just know some of you guys don't like ads)

  • Tanya Earley
    Tanya Earley

    Shut up

  • Khadra Abeeb
    Khadra Abeeb

    Omg I love Phil of future so much

  • TuT _
    TuT _

    I still have my Hannah Montana from when I was 4or5

  • yup

    That end part was kinda creepy lmao

  • AMV Bungle
    AMV Bungle

    Dare you criticize Hannah Montana 😠😠😠

    • AMV Bungle
      AMV Bungle

      @Quick Shadow Yep! That's right don't ya think

    • Quick Shadow
      Quick Shadow

      well our opinion is we like Hannah Montana, and he should respect THAT

    • Amaan Hassan Aziz
      Amaan Hassan Aziz

      Thats his opinion respect it

  • Primeire

    Alex: i was a Disney channel kid growing up. Also alex: *what is camp rock*

  • No You
    No You

    No one under 20 has heard of Phil of the future lol

  • Music Nerd
    Music Nerd

    Um I completely disagree with the title of this video

  • Alison Joseph
    Alison Joseph

    I don't agree with this video I enjoyed Hannah Montana alot

  • Camille Thomas
    Camille Thomas

    You are very good in the fact you are about 32! You do not seem 32 you seem like your like 24

  • Designation

    1:56 Here’s your skip ad button folks.

  • Ashesh Dubey
    Ashesh Dubey

    I'm sorry but I legit never recognized Miley with a wig on... Until in the later seasons when she changed her hairstyle and then the whole point looked super dumb to me.

  • Jenny Martin
    Jenny Martin

    The kids just shout everything

  • Sugawara's wife
    Sugawara's wife

    I used to watch HM because English is not the first language in my homeland, so I would watch it and try to learn English. As an elementary/high school kid, I could not understand most of the conversations because of the pace lol.

  • maximumrisk2004

    Lol, noticing that Alex grew up in the kind of akward agerange as me makes me feel good. That he was 2 Years younger not so much. :D Edit: "Digimon Season 2 is actually like really underrated" Okay, feeling awesome again. :D

  • Dr. Ankita Pandya
    Dr. Ankita Pandya

    I rediscovered this show during the lockdown recently and I still find something to love about it! :)

  • alex

    Emily Osment is an iconn

  • Selma H
    Selma H

    You kinda look like my friend,talk like my friend,have same face features as my best friend, sam accent as my best friend,but you are blonde so you're not her! Yes your kids will grow up dumb

  • anne dla
    anne dla

    Baby Miley & Baby Emily were sooo cute 😂😍💓 I miss HM sooo much 💓💓💓

  • Samantha Etchison
    Samantha Etchison

    How old were they when they made this?

  • Shelly Hooks
    Shelly Hooks

    You need to do Total Drama Island!!!!

  • Abhi

    'Hanna Montana is a goddess, I worship at her feet.' simp. SIMP. SIMP.

  • Novoks

    hey mark ich freute mich über dein neues mitglied alex meyers hat einen schönen tag, david nice day

    • Novoks

      Lost my paper be right back

  • Tip Of The Iceberg
    Tip Of The Iceberg

    4:47 I lost my mind 😂

  • Tip Of The Iceberg
    Tip Of The Iceberg

    Look up the cast of this show. None of those people look happy now they look mentally broken

  • Tip Of The Iceberg
    Tip Of The Iceberg

    Miley Cyrus is basically Sarah Lynn.... Kinda like my ex girlfriend too only no money and even LESS self esteem