Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a weird show...
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The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
Gotham is a weird show...
The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
Legends of Tomorrow is a weird show...
Once Upon A Time is kinda dumb...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Max Puma!
      Max Puma!

      Breaking Bad is so dumb show

    • RLucas3000

      Starting in season 2, Buffy got crazy good

    • jeb

      4:33 time stamp: anyone else notice that teenage guy right here? Its the guy from Haven series of Syfy aka Duke. Weird that Alex didn't notice or say anything about him,even though its about review or whatever on Buffy vamp series..

    • Pho KingBeast
      Pho KingBeast

      Swagbucks isn’t a good app/ad, disappointed you support that trash

    • kobra6660

      Still better than twilight

  • Immortal091399

    A friend of mine told me to ask you if you'll do Angel (spinoff of Buffy)

  • Suzanne Dawson-Hopkins
    Suzanne Dawson-Hopkins

    The characters and storylines(especially in seasons 2,3,4,5 and 6) were great and still stand the test of time. It was and still is one of my all-time favorite shows!

  • Cookie Yes, Im a COoKike
    Cookie Yes, Im a COoKike

    The librarian is legit THE BEST CHARACTER EVER XD Also, Angel is basically edward from Twighlight. Like, how does Darla stay alive the ENTIRE series?

  • Cookie Yes, Im a COoKike
    Cookie Yes, Im a COoKike

    Buffy The Vampire Show is my favorite ooold show cuz my dad thought it was so hilariously dumb. But also cuz I just love it for no reason. I was SO HAPPY when I found out you did a video on it, so YAY

  • phanfinger

    I only saw the first four seasons before Netflix took it off but I hated Xander the entire time. He was so annoying perpetually and I don't understand why Buffy kept him around.

  • Willowy13

    At least to me, Buffy started the trend of falling for vampires, but she had a heart and her story with Angel was the last truly tragic love story to grace the screens (my second favorite show ever). How someone can like empty Bella? Edit: I know there were books such as Vampire Diaries and Vampire Academy, but I knew about them because of Buffy.

  • Willowy13

    Buffy is my all time favorite show mostly because my personality is split all over these characters. The actors and actresses chemistry on it is one of the best to this day. Nowadays, teenage based shows are so empty. Sarah Michelle imprinted so much personality on Buffy: she laughed, cried, had temper tantrums, got pissed off, was sad, fell in love, fell out of love, got deeply depressed. Buffy was no Bella.

  • Ashley CS
    Ashley CS

    3:56 that guy be lookin like Shane from buzzfeed unsolved- "hey there demons its me, ya boyyyyyy"

  • The FBI Has got u now
    The FBI Has got u now

    Ok you can call it cheesy but can we all admit that Willow and Oz were the best characters

  • A.O Chika
    A.O Chika

    Hi Alex, please do a review for Ally Mcbeal.

  • Marydancer33

    I miss the 90’s.... 😭

  • aime ahanin
    aime ahanin

    Alyson Hannigan is awesome ngl

  • Lim Costa
    Lim Costa

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best show EVER

  • kayla mardas
    kayla mardas

    I agree some scenes are weird but its the 90s like overall this was the best show!

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase

    It's funny, cause in the beginning Alex makes it seem like Xander and Buffy end up together. They do NOT. Also, seeing the highschool's library is a throwback.

  • Munchkain Logo histories and vlogs
    Munchkain Logo histories and vlogs

    We want angel please alex

  • Blue Son of Man
    Blue Son of Man

    The Doom Slayer!

  • Hillary Crow
    Hillary Crow


  • Jaystyz

    Skateboarding isjust fun especially fir a midwestern kid

  • Shallan Kholin
    Shallan Kholin

    Buffy is the best do firefly or angle or serenity

  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker

    Buffy gets a lot better than what season 1 has to offer. One of the best shows ever made.

  • noobinator

    Buffy was an awesome show for its time.

  • peter

    5:42 "And people who ride motorcycles as loud as possible at 2 oclock in the morning?" Over her dead body!

  • Alicia Dawn
    Alicia Dawn

    Hands down best TV show of all time.

  • Mia Inspiration
    Mia Inspiration

    I love buffy the vampire slayer

  • Willow Beam
    Willow Beam

    So my name is willow and I AM NOT NAMED AFTER WILLOW FROM THIS SHOW and everybody assumes I’m named after her I’ve never seen the show but sometimes it’s irritating

  • Ivy W
    Ivy W

    My mom likes this show, and I still can’t figure out why.

  • Jordi Vanderwaal
    Jordi Vanderwaal

    Alex: Is this the end for Buffy? I'm sure she's fine. Buffy at the end of that season: *dies* I'd love to watch another Buffy "reaction" from Alex though. Because the show gets so good after season one, and much darker (and dramatic sometimes). It'd be fun to see what he thinks of it.

  • nathanielsmoref

    You should do Veronica Mars!

  • nathanielsmoref

    It's a really great show and honestly it get's way better!

  • Syntax Error
    Syntax Error

    UH Buffy is amazing

  • Joe Hamel
    Joe Hamel

    Ok stop criticizing thia show, it is the best show in history! Juat watch the whole thing,

  • Leo

    Buffy still is my favorite tv show of all time. Your video sucks

  • Intensive Purposes
    Intensive Purposes

    The first season sucks. Eventually it got amazing.

  • Brighton plaz ?
    Brighton plaz ?

    Pls plsssssssssssss do sixteenths candles

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez

    I don’t care what anyone says but i think Angel was the better show.

  • Fantasticfloor

    It's just funny the 90's was like let's slay vampires and 10 years later shows are now let's sleep with vampires.

    • Katelyn Taylor
      Katelyn Taylor

      Buffy did both

  • Chocolatelove08

    lemme say that people still use skateboards

  • Savinthi

    Wait a min is that Uther Pendragon as a librarian in the 90s?

  • Amanda Stanger
    Amanda Stanger

    Love buffy and Angel as a couple. Just wish it wasn't a vampire show. Lol.

  • Fritha Jennings
    Fritha Jennings


  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming

    I like how you title every show with mostly negativity its uwu energy like, you can try and have a better opinion and a better verse in making a title..

  • valley aaa
    valley aaa

    people who ride motorcycles as loud as possible at two in the frickin morning (looks at hellions) ...youre not wrong

  • Miranda Thurin
    Miranda Thurin

    This is my favorit show, and mothers my mom named my sister Cordelia after a characther i the show

  • Elissa Gregory
    Elissa Gregory

    In all of these shows, the popular girls are all b*tches, but in real life, they are like literally the nicest people in the school

    • winky pear
      winky pear

      Ik right? Like the show's ok. But like my best friend goes to a different school then me and she's considered the popular girl, she's like one of nicest ppl to me. So yeah, ik you didn't ask, but uh here it is. I like your pfp btw.

  • Esteban Mata Vargas
    Esteban Mata Vargas

    If someone is actually sponsoring this channel, despite the poor quality of the reviews and the poor attempts on being funny, maybe I should try and become rich with something just a little better.

    • Victoria Letiuha
      Victoria Letiuha

      First try and succeed, then return and talk shit about someone else's work.

  • טס קו
    טס קו

    can you make a video about never Boise

  • flowerchild

    i thought the popular girl was a teacher lol

  • We the People
    We the People

    Buffy - lv-home.info/the/npmxiaTPfWmlx5Q/video.html

  • Dannie P
    Dannie P

    "Hey, What's your name?!"😃 "dAaAaRrLaAaAa"🥴🥴🥴

  • Queen Cersei Lannister
    Queen Cersei Lannister

    My fave show ever!

  • Helen Muir
    Helen Muir

    This whole video is just reminding me how much everyone’s character developed during the show, especially Willow and Cordelia

  • nathan powell
    nathan powell

    Yeah the pilot was absoloute shit XD

  • Redhaired

    The best part of Buffy is the evolution of EVERY character throughout ALL SEASONS. They grow up, you grow up w/ them. And... It was one of the first shows in the 90s, showing women power, women sexuality and homosexuality, and depression

  • Phil Weight
    Phil Weight

    A video that adds precisely nothing to the understanding and appreciation of what was a ground-breaking piece of TV that has heavily influenced what followed.

  • Introverted Gamer
    Introverted Gamer

    I love buffy!

  • idkhowlps

    The thing is, you gotta get past the first maybe 2 seasons. ITS GREAT

    • idkhowlps

      Виктория Мартыненко same! Buy I’ve heard that people struggle to get into the show

    • Victoria Letiuha
      Victoria Letiuha

      Really? I always thought that first 3 seasons were the best)

  • Irene Adler
    Irene Adler

    Young James Spader was hottnes defined.

  • Laura Powell
    Laura Powell

    Wait, why are 16 year olds at a club? 🤔

  • Vigdis

    buffy is flawless....

  • Lala Mwango
    Lala Mwango

    Xander:"Can i hav u, can i help u?" Buffy:"Oh, thx" Me: tf

  • Luce With Love
    Luce With Love

    I just started rewatching Buffy after about 10 years since I last saw an episode. Best decision I ever made, I love how weird it is!!

  • Molly Nolin
    Molly Nolin

    I implore you to watch Passion of the Nerd’s videos on why you should watch Buffy and why it’s his favorite show. It can be very metaphorical and deeply haunting.

  • Molly Nolin
    Molly Nolin

    Buffy is one of the most iconic shows of the 90’s/early 00’s. Xander didn’t even skate after the first episode and it’s not cliche in the way this one episode made it seem. It’s an incredible show that broke ground in terms of femininity and gender roles, sexuality, death, toxic relationships and so much more. It also manages to be both dramatic and hilarious. I suggest watching the show before judging it, this is Joss Whedon’s masterpiece.

  • Annie B
    Annie B

    I am named after the Cordelia in that show.

  • Jay Hornets
    Jay Hornets

    My nan and my aunt watched this together when it first came out, and they still do, and I watched it when I was a kid, I think Willow made me bisexual. And Tara. And Cordelia. I love this show XD it's so dorky and good XD

  • Gil Correa
    Gil Correa

    They still hold one of the best dialogs, sense of humor up to date. They way they go from humor do scary, real life issues still amazes me. I was a teenager when Buffy was airing and I remember how into it I was. Now I’m rewatching everything. One of the best shows I’ve watched.

  • Sam

    Buffy was amazing

  • karen hall
    karen hall

    I never got my textbooks from the library. The teacher always had a supply passed out the first day with a couple of extras for the new kids. Going to the library for them is a little weird, but for story purposes they had to get her there.

  • aengelush luminal
    aengelush luminal

    Buffy the vampire bully. Vampires have feelings too,you know

  • casper the dumbass ghost
    casper the dumbass ghost

    i disliked this video bc it was at 999 ooop great video anyways tho 💓

  • Susan Strangward
    Susan Strangward

    I’m 12 and I finished Buffy and Angle in the same year and I’m rewatching it niw

  • mattwho81

    If they made Buffy today the internet would explode with cries of “white male bashing” and “toxic femnity”. While it’s true 6 of the 7 big bad we’re white men, and the other was a white women it doesn’t make Buffy toxic. For 3 reasons. 1 Buffy was allowed moments of weakness, she had flaws, she screwed up big time on many occasions. Sometimes she even needed saving by her friends. She wasn’t invincible, it was okay for her to be flawed and needing help with problems she couldn’t beat. 2 Never did the show belittle or diminish men to make Buffy look good. The supporting cast were just as well developed as she was. Their personalities and conflicts leapt of the screen. Each of them got their hero moments and tragedies. It WASNT a one-woman show. 3 the villains were fleshed out and developed. Okay season 1 was a bit 2dimensional but the rest were brilliantly developed. So yes Buffy was a feminist show, but it was so good the message didn’t drown out the story, Buffy is a template for how a pro-feminist show SHOULD be done.

  • Fayne Tomb
    Fayne Tomb

    You need to do Angel which is the sequal tv show to Buffy where you get to see what he does when he is not with Buffy.

  • Kris Solari
    Kris Solari

    omg is that Robert California

  • Julia Buonincontro
    Julia Buonincontro

    But why would an immortal want to live forever in high school?? Shouldn’t they want to be an age where they can support themselves? And after decades of classes they better have perfect grades

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson

    1:29 Just because you brought up skating...you are correct it blew up in the late 90s and early 00's, but it is even bigger now. Also, how did you not watch buffy growing up!!!???

  • Maribel Rodriguez
    Maribel Rodriguez

    Honestly the popular kids at school are fairly nice. They’re just weird.

    • Josie C
      Josie C

      For me, thier "nice" bit they're really shallow and some of them are manipulative.

  • Lizzy D
    Lizzy D

    I haven’t watched this show in years, I forgot how good it was

  • gina

    buffy is at its best when it has witty dialogue and is self aware not when its super dark and serious tbh like thats the whole charm of it, sometimes i felt like the romantic shit was just overdone and i could do without it for example. but still i mean this is one of the only shows (or maybe like the only one period) i can actually say i was obsessed with as a tiny 2nd grader and still love after rewatching it in my 20s lol

  • TeylaDex

    HOW have i NOT watched this yet ^^

  • Erin Cahoon
    Erin Cahoon

    Once Spike is introduced, the show gets infinitely better

  • Moni

    yeah i stopped on " i haven't actually seen this show " 🤦‍♀️ So I haven't actually watched this video but I think it sucks. Talking about things you haven't seen 🤣🤦‍♀️

  • S c
    S c

    Watch the buffy episode guide by 'passion of the nerd', and thank me later..

  • Raechel B
    Raechel B

    I just binge watched the entire series. Sooooo goooooood!!!!!

  • Aleksandra Abrahamowicz
    Aleksandra Abrahamowicz

    Buffy the vampire slayer is amazing

  • Liya Lena
    Liya Lena

    do dynasty plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ren Amamiya
    Ren Amamiya

    0:55 video starts

  • Castor Alpha
    Castor Alpha

    Buffy is one of the best shows ever made. No question. Iconic and paved the way for countless other shows to come. There's literally entire books and a field of study dedicated to it.

  • CrazzyCat Girl
    CrazzyCat Girl

    I'm British and I feel like I should be offended by the British joke but I cant stop laughing about it xD

  • loveGG3

    Just watched Zoey 101 video and the way Zoey and Chase meet is exactly the same as what happens with Xander. Lol.

  • Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis

    I’ve recently watched the show and ugh 😑 what was I thinking. The storylines are awful and not well thought out whatsoever. It’s honestly awful and gets worse the longer it was on. Sorry not sorry.

  • Samantha Boyer
    Samantha Boyer

    Yea. My bf looves this show he's obsessed with it soo much he qoutes it lol. He's also gotten me into watching it.. were on season 6 now..

  • izzy 25
    izzy 25

    The special effects gets much better as the seasons go on

  • beep beep
    beep beep

    honestly this show was terrible and so dumb

  • beep beep
    beep beep

    why does the popular girl look like a teacher😂😂

  • Saturn iix
    Saturn iix

    Season 2 spoilers! When Jenny was found dead in Gilles's house my brother was laughing so hard. It makes me laugh every time I see it too. Its horrible lmao

  • Angel Man
    Angel Man


  • shayne stewart
    shayne stewart

    Buffy still holds up well today. What I like most about this is the well balance of the teen high school and supernatural elements.