Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
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Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.

    • No Icon
      No Icon

      U make crackhead drawings love it

    • No Icon
      No Icon

      U make crackhead drawings love it

    • Wedge Antilles
      Wedge Antilles

      @nadia Alemadi He did that in the video about descedant 2

    • Phoenix Snilloc
      Phoenix Snilloc


    • FriendlyNeighbourhoodWeeb


  • Kelly games
    Kelly games

    Do u like your life?

  • Grand Zeno
    Grand Zeno

    "alright here are your lines ardri." "Lemme see them-" HA HA HA HA HA "WTF is this!" HA HA HA HA HA

  • apexdino anand
    apexdino anand

    8:57 to 9:00

  • Chloe Ruscher
    Chloe Ruscher

    Can we please address the fact that Ben and Mal are like 17 YEARS OLD. *crickets chirp* But sure that's ok no big deal

  • BennyJJ

    you should review mandolorian show. I do kinda like it but every episode in the second season is basically the same and its kinda cringe

  • Agent FueMars
    Agent FueMars

    Alright Mal, thats enough, leave Jesus alone ok 😂😂😂😂

  • jay. Dare
    jay. Dare

    Leave some room for Jesus 😂😂😂 stap, yuh killing me 😆

  • jay. Dare
    jay. Dare

    the drawing for Uma tho 😂😂😂 I am dying!

  • Kaninon

    And finally after three movies everyone learns that people arent born good or bad and that Gulag is bad OMG this Movie is so educative!!!

  • Dexter Bush
    Dexter Bush

    I remember when this came out and I and all my friends were like: Wait, Hades Mal's dad!?!?!? That was a good time

  • Blue X Roblox & Aaron Craft
    Blue X Roblox & Aaron Craft

    Descendants 4: the lizard becomes a grown adult magic lizard and now only the kids from the first island who have magic are left and the ember thing is now gone and so is the fairy god mother's thing and so the kids have to find the heart of the sea and then they sing alot for no reason and then during the final fight they're fighting the lizard while singing and its just a whole mess of random bullcrap. Disney Channel Movies! THEY DON'T ALWAYS MAKE SENSE!

  • lil_beans charm lindsey
    lil_beans charm lindsey

    rest in peace cameron boyce 🥺❤️

  • Jamie Stanway
    Jamie Stanway


  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    dude mal and ben there like 16 and THERE MARRIED LMAO!!

  • Lisa Leon
    Lisa Leon

    why did you sound like gaara from naruto when the armour was dancing like lol

  • Susan Splett
    Susan Splett

    Vk is Short for Villain kids

  • Aedan Siddo
    Aedan Siddo

    i am a huge fan

  • OnlyGlass

    this is like cinemasins meets odd ones out

  • bread by bread
    bread by bread

    *"As the finale to a successful trilogy, it's just so MEH."* (Return of the Jedi running away in the distance)

  • 10th letter
    10th letter

    I almost disliked this on reflex for how bad this movie is

  • It’s me #Maahi
    It’s me #Maahi

    We all love you Cameron Boyce

  • Dayana Norma
    Dayana Norma

    And the trailer did not make sense like I was hoping that the girl from the princess and the frog I thought she was evil


    So celia throws the ember to the water but then mal have it what? 👁👄👁

  • fireshredar

    Just to say the water isnt a spell so it does not count

  • Intergalactic Pineapple
    Intergalactic Pineapple


  • James Beaver
    James Beaver

    Rest in peace carlos

  • Diesel La Torraca
    Diesel La Torraca

    Go to 11:39 and mal said : you never know where DA bad is gonna come from

  • Jade Wilson
    Jade Wilson

    Is it just me or does every song have to be about being true to yourself and there's always that one person that has no part in the movie like the movie would be the same without them and every Disney movie is the same it's either singing or Magic order the movies are literally the same?


    Does he know the actor of Carlos died-

  • Rem


  • emrald animations
    emrald animations

    I mean, the songs kinda slap at least

  • Aquaspace Gaming
    Aquaspace Gaming

    I swear he turned into gaara when talking about them dancing

  • Linda Abbassy
    Linda Abbassy

    mal didnt kill her she was sleeping she is daughter of sleeping beauty

  • Al Die
    Al Die

    the only things good in this movie are hades and harry

  • alexzander pro bg
    alexzander pro bg

    Fk u are so stupid

  • Tammy R
    Tammy R

    The sarcasm level is out the ROOF like his level is UP HERE and I am WWWAAAYYYY DDOOWWNN here ok take it down a level man

  • Nelly 2004
    Nelly 2004

    FYI bens new look was the best, and his look was even better than Descendants 1&2 😂😂 just saying Alex Bens new look did it for me

  • Frenties

    yea turns out that was just a big oll: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Nitro

    I love how you draw Ben!!!!

  • EverSoWillow UwU
    EverSoWillow UwU

    Him: “it’s just soooo” (Ad pops up) “Pampers” Excuse me what?

  • Isaiah Moreno.-.
    Isaiah Moreno.-.

    That wasn’t a spell that reversed bens spell.It was the enchanted lake water

  • N S
    N S

    The security is worst on the movie than the security of the government

  • Infinity Gamer
    Infinity Gamer


  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    "I know youre running low on canned corn" Me, an Unus Annus veteran: *.____. no this is some good content right here*


    You think every movie doesn’t make sense

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    I love that the dog is holding the green heart for patience while Alex just looses his mind over a dog

  • Jared Lajud
    Jared Lajud

    Why do all rings in this franchise look sooooo faaaakeee?

  • Fernanda Ceccato
    Fernanda Ceccato

    K why does your editing of uma look like egsegutor the Pokémon

  • Ella Hanlon
    Ella Hanlon

    How can this be topped lmao :D

  • grace for no reason
    grace for no reason

    daenerys targaryen is the original dragon

  • Neville longbottoms wife gabby longbottom
    Neville longbottoms wife gabby longbottom

    I love music like...never mind I’m still kid

  • angry lolbit
    angry lolbit

    I love how this series just randomly gives villians and heroes kids even tho half of them are single and died before they could get married

  • wonk the weirdo
    wonk the weirdo

    I feel like there is a pattern.. The 1st movie: Kinda garbage (no offense qwq) The 2nd movie: Average, better than the 1st one The 3rd movie: Makes absolutely no sense And in my opinion, this is the same thing with High School Musical too (Also I just wanna point out your art style is awesome)

  • Silver Animations
    Silver Animations


  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown

    Being a fan of Greek mythology the "Hades" part just physically hurt

  • KnightStorm Gaming
    KnightStorm Gaming

    i thought descendants wasnt a thing anymore /:/

  • Tihomir Nedelchev
    Tihomir Nedelchev

    Maul's dad went to get milk

  • Rron Haziri
    Rron Haziri

    This movie sucks

  • Sonic Hedgehog dude
    Sonic Hedgehog dude

    Mal: What is this I like this.... Ben: yeah girl...touch my... Heaven: Jesus squad go! Ben: wait, I was gonna say beard!

  • Sonic Hedgehog dude
    Sonic Hedgehog dude

    Sooo is jams tentacle not wet, or like, what.

  • Sonic Hedgehog dude
    Sonic Hedgehog dude

    2020: You think Ben will like you now!!! Everyone else: well I mean at least we can still make cookies....



  • Thepink pineapple
    Thepink pineapple

    Since (i think) fairy Godmother's a good person her wand works inside the isle, But hade's ember doesn't work so its not important for them....

  • Thepink pineapple
    Thepink pineapple

    So they are marrying when they are just 16-18 years old??? Isn't that under age and maybe illegal????

  • itsMylagace0613 G
    itsMylagace0613 G

    Mal: Audrey is out for revenge

  • itsMylagace0613 G
    itsMylagace0613 G

    How does Mal become Ben mom’s daughter that doesn’t even make sense

  • DTGamingWord

    i watched this movie and said this, alot of basic problems now, are so over exaterated, some boi choose someone else, and a kiss.........BRAH

  • Leo Gapen
    Leo Gapen

    so really mal shud prob be at camp half-blood right her dad is hades

  • j4j hs
    j4j hs

    Nobody talking about how mal hit us with the 👌

  • Kahl Gage
    Kahl Gage

    Hxhdkdhxhdusjdhxjdkdihchcidjdjdhcgdhdhdhdhdhdhdhfhdhfhfjxjjxjsiaoshxhxojxpjxhxidppppncjxjxhxudosjdhxhxbxidjsjdhxbxjxix.jsjsisjshxhxhdud8sushdhxhdhdhxjxixhshwkdhxjxnbchdjdihdhidddhhdhxhhjxbhhxuxhhxhxjxjjdjxujxhhgsjdhxuxjdjhdhdhddidoduhxhxuxuhxhxhxhxjujjssjshhxbdjj jdbdjjsjdhdjuxhdmxkossnshsjdjwosbxbejdjxhdbosjdjxjdbdkxkdjdbbdjdndjxxjdjdjdjdjdjjcjdnjdjdbdhfjdhdhfkdjdbfjfbdbcjdnbfjfjnffudjdhjddjjdhfhfhxhhjdhhdhhdhdhdj b fjdnbhdjdhhfjdjhdjdjdhhjdhfjd uhh jfhjfjjfhjfbbc knob nfjdj fjfbkfjdjekeofbd....hdjdkjddjdidjjdjekcjdjjdnxkjdbsbkxkx oh xhxhfjc jdjdusdjsuds9sssdududhhdhdhdiiiiijhdbdhjdjxhxdjhdjdkdhdjdndjdjjfjfjffj hi f hi fjdjdj bobbin fnfjf kook kook jfjfjdjfjjduudjdhjfkfpfbfififjbhdudhejdueu37gdjdhdhdududheiehd8jrh3irjdidjdhdiejdehueueuehehdhududheididjdiwuhdhebeududhheueujdududud

  • El lewis
    El lewis

    So Mal turns into Trogdor the Burninator

  • V.G. CARO
    V.G. CARO

    Alex :all of the powerful stuff me: why is the dog there 2:32

  • Wendy Heil
    Wendy Heil

    The sound effects just mha

  • April Playz Roblox
    April Playz Roblox

    6:18 Starbucks logo

  • jaybone8096

    Ummmmmm did you not notice the anamation Audrey still has BROWN HAIR SHE NOW HAS PINK AND BLUE but I love your vids ❤️💜💚🧡🖤🤎💙🤍💛💖❣️💕💞💓💗💝💘

  • Christian Roll
    Christian Roll

    Do you think Jerry is still asleep

  • Destr Plays
    Destr Plays

    Pay respect to cam boyce

  • Guff ッ
    Guff ッ

    I'm waiting for the Spinoff "Married at 16"

  • Sorcerer Beroll
    Sorcerer Beroll

    I class Peter Pan as a douche for not saving smee he doesn’t deserve to be on magical Alcatraz

  • kevina warner
    kevina warner

    I laughed so hard when he said and so they have a dance to break the spell of the guards 😂😂 Sorta remind me of guardians of the galaxy where starlord use dance off by himself to distract purple dude and thats how he save the planet

  • Todoroki Wolf Girl
    Todoroki Wolf Girl

    The third movie was my favorite of the all I watched it over and over it’s a movie so we really can’t focus on Reality it’s movie with magic on the Disney Channel what do you expect it to be?

  • OI Fulla
    OI Fulla

    Toy Story Toy Story 2 Toy story 3 Toy Story 4

  • OI Fulla
    OI Fulla

    1995 1999 2010 2019

  • OI Fulla
    OI Fulla

    I was born in 1995

  • Kid Chiko
    Kid Chiko


  • Gabrielle Duplessis
    Gabrielle Duplessis

    Himestly, with the “night falls” song, it could have been amazing with the right choreography. Forget the dancing knights. If audrey fought with her own team, it could involve swords and shields. Picture the “love is a battlefield” scene in glee but fits in woth the story. This movie was a great concept, but it was executed poorly. I wanted to see development with hades because he was the bad guy with a heart of gold trope. Also the other two films could gradually set up Audrey being the villain and have more scenes with her grandmother putting this pressure on her. Although i like the songs in descendants 3, they could have taken out a few. While i love musicals, the more i think about it it, i agree with everyone. Less songs, more plot and character development.

  • Jenny Sydenstricker
    Jenny Sydenstricker

    I wish that Mal lost the battle

  • pastelstars :P
    pastelstars :P

    It's kinda sad this was boyce camerons last move

  • hellothere

    I was so excited for the movie and when it came out made zero sense. Like the sceptre 's magic can only be broken by hades amber and yet the lake water can break audrey's spell but in the first movie they needed the wand because it was the most powerful thing and magic doesn't work on isle which mean that maleficent would be in her real form when mal brought her to the isle in d2. Also I dont get how audrey just broke in the museum and the guard fell asleep and her transformation didn't happen when she touched the magical sceptre but when she put the crown on which wasn't and also they protected a powerless crown but zero protection for the sceptre. Mal wants to close the barrier for ever but at the end declares in a dramatic way without discussing it with Ben that she can't be their queen unless she is also the queen of the isle which she didnt care at all in the beginning and jumped into conclusion that one of the people in the isle stole the sceptre and willing to punish an entire community for something one person did. Mal and Ben saying they own an apology to audrey but never actually doing it. Mal n uma breaking audrey's spell multiple times. And what even was audrey's big plan?! Turn everyone into stone or asleep and hide in a cottage?! Her whole motivation was that she wanted to be queen. For some reason she didnt turn mal into stone when she had the chance knowing that she is powerful. The amber not working but suddenly without an explanation it does. Mal turning into a dragon but not doing anything useful. And the most important Mal suddenly opens the barrier forever granting the villains access to magic and a poorly guarded museum with the most powerful objects in there. Like what do you think is going to happen?! This movie does not make sense at all. (This comment is basicly me ranting about everything that's wrong in the movie. Sorry to anyone who reads this but I had to let it out even though about 2 years have passed)

  • Evan Kleuser
    Evan Kleuser

    "This is the spot I met you NOT TO LONG AGO. Will you marry me?"

  • Pastel girl Kitty
    Pastel girl Kitty

    Dove Cameron the voice of mal is my idol

    • Pastel girl Kitty
      Pastel girl Kitty

      Uma we are stronger together mal me yeah you attacked her in the second movie

  • Pastel girl Kitty
    Pastel girl Kitty

    I am a big fan

  • Erica Thomas
    Erica Thomas

    I just laughed through this whole vid eating bacon and drinking soda

  • Gabriel Thomas
    Gabriel Thomas

    OMG a blue man with glasses is the devil eh I sear Disney logic eh

  • The Adventurous JUAN
    The Adventurous JUAN

    Descendants finale Reason of ending: Cameron AKA Carlos died LIKE FOR PRAYERS TO CAMERON

  • Shadow Craft
    Shadow Craft

    When someone proposes to someone do u cringe

  • Diane Darcy
    Diane Darcy


  • Diane Darcy
    Diane Darcy

    THIS IS 💩

  • Vanessa Munns
    Vanessa Munns

    3:55 Look at Mals hair, now 9:57 WTF it went from purple to blue

  • Melon Lord tv
    Melon Lord tv

    Don’t get me wrong I love these movies but in each movie the isle is different