Twilight New Moon doesn't make any sense...
Twilight New Moon doesn't make any sense
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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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  • Addie Soignier
    Addie Soignier

    “We learn the dark secret they’ve all been keeping” That’s right folks, they’re furries

  • Toyaa Ikem
    Toyaa Ikem

    Freeee Stuff😂🤣

  • willywillwill

    the papercut seen makes absolute no sense at all like she took it like a champ with blood coming out i'd get the smallest paper cut and act like i just tried to fist fight freddy kruger

  • Priyanka Banerjee
    Priyanka Banerjee

    He’s right about the books and the movie I feel. I having read the books and watched the movies I agree. I’m not a twilight fan. But I watched the movie and then got the book. And the books feel better than the movie to me. And of course I wouldn’t say of the books are so good and all it’s ok, not great but definitely better than the movie.

  • Kap 54
    Kap 54

    I get the problem about Bella’s and Edward’s age difference. But would’t it be a lot weirder if he was dating a grandma or something?

  • Sassy Assassin
    Sassy Assassin

    Your videos are comedy gold!! I haven’t even seen this movie and my face hurts from laughing

  • Curie Thota
    Curie Thota

    Bro. When the whole breaking up thing happened I got a popup ad for family and divorce lawyers.

  • willywillwill

    edward sees blood trys to stop the other vampire from the blood *throws bella into a flower pot to make glass shards go everywhere that could very well cut her*

  • Lim Costa
    Lim Costa

    Bella is a queen.

  • Sugar Blossom
    Sugar Blossom

    Am I the only animal lover here that would *WANT* to hug any fluffy animal because it is soft even if it kills me?

  • Gacha Cookie Dough
    Gacha Cookie Dough

    in snow white, Snow White is 14 and the prince is 32!!! so 13 and 18 doesn't seem so bad now does it? still not good but it is what it is

  • Deadly Snake YT
    Deadly Snake YT

    i love ur twilight videos😂😂 ur hilarious, love that abs licking scene very funny and ur voice is very funny loved it

  • ParkChimChimstolemyheart

    The main plot hole of New Moon was Alice being unable to see Bella getting that dumb papercut and her boyfriend going feral 🙄

  • Queen B
    Queen B

    New moon is my favourite movie from the whole twilight series ❤️

  • Yash

    that whole ripped up pieces of jeans and shirts, i've been asking that question for 10 years

  • The Manbrey
    The Manbrey

    Wait you’re not going to point the 10 LAMPS in her room????

  • Stack of Keith
    Stack of Keith

    Alex: "how much worse can it get?" You've got a big storm coming

  • Traci Dougherty
    Traci Dougherty

    So how does Jasper not just kill random girls at the high school? 1/4 of the population would be on their period every week.

  • Jaida Leshe
    Jaida Leshe

    Can we talk about what happens when jasper walks around any human? Bella was across the room and lose a drop of blood. Not to mention jasper goes out in public

  • Gavin and Coco shipper forever
    Gavin and Coco shipper forever

    Yo what about this movie that annoyed😖😫😡 me

  • Buttercup The Tortoise
    Buttercup The Tortoise

    "doesn't he have a shirt" - Edward Cullen

  • Iris Willey
    Iris Willey

    After watching the first video of this, I got an ad about sexual harassment. I feel like youtube might be trying to tell me something.

  • Cosette Menard
    Cosette Menard

    Edward looks like he just drinks caprisun all day. Prove me wrong.

  • Avari Stanley
    Avari Stanley

    he sounds like he's beetle juice certain times when his voice gets rough

  • {buggie} B
    {buggie} B

    So you "fall in love" with a dude that you've only known for maybe 2 weeks (who you actually really don't know at all apparently) he tells you HE'S A BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE, YEETS YOU ACROSS THE ROOM BECAUSE HIS OTHER VAMPIRE FRIENDS AND FAMILY ALMOST ATE YOU ALIVE LIKE WILD DOGS ON CATTLE, AND YOU JUMP OFF A CLIFF BECAUSE HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU! really😤

    • Venooos Geming
      Venooos Geming

      If that happens to me and a girl is a Vampire (like that's ever gonna happen) and she wants my blood f that I'm dating a new girl than being with a girl that wants your blood

  • Duvera

    Binge watching your videos and your commentary has me hollering 😂😭

  • Aubrie Aga
    Aubrie Aga

    He should do dangerous lies. I know that he mostly does teen rom coms or obviously stuff like this but I don't know I really liked the movie..... so like if you agree

  • Darcy

    in first video i though tthe vampire was. a were wolf i guess its now were wolf story

  • Verbear !
    Verbear !

    I'm throwing up in my mouth with the first scenes Wait Jacob has long hair what the frick

  • Taylin Jordan
    Taylin Jordan

    Jacob :🚨 FRIEND ZONED 🚨

  • P Aparnna
    P Aparnna

    5:50 Him: Friendzoned Me: Laughing soo bad my mobile goes flying from my hand🤣🤣🤣

  • Freya

    I rewatched the whole series and i skipped like 50% of it cause I CANT STAND THE STARRING AND HEAVY BREATHING AND SLOW TALKING like does it take you 5 minutes of mumbling to say something

  • Kevin Sekti
    Kevin Sekti

    Bella's thumb is clearly touching his abs like... WHY

  • Willowy13

    My main problem with this romance is that WHY DOES EDWARD LOVE BELLA? She has no personality at all. Take Buffy and Angel. He was a drunken human that has never known love, became a vampire, won his soul back and had been "living" off the grid for a while. Every woman he has ever met are air heads. Then he knows the slayer. Yeah it was creepy considering she was 15, but let's not forget Angel is not up to social norms of the 20 century. Back in 1700, a 14-15 years old "woman" was supposed to be married or at last promised to someone. Buffy has a personality. She was smart and feisty, embraced her call despite her desire for normalcy, didn't take crap well and called out his ass a lot. She had a personality to fall in love with. Tell me one thing that defines Bella beyond "I love Edward". Who is Bella?

  • Aoi Hoshiko
    Aoi Hoshiko

    when kakashi can show more emotions with one eye than bella can with her whole face

  • Oddly Crystal
    Oddly Crystal

    Bella gets a papercut soooo Edward throws her into a table with glass vases on it and her arm gets cut up even worse -_- okay yeah edward you totally protected her by making her bleed more in a house full of vamps. That whole scene in the movie and book just annoyed the hell out of me, I mean he basically took a small problem and made it a million times worse. Also I get the whole being depressed about a break up thing but acting like a zombie for months like that is not how mentally healthy people work and she should have been sent off for some professional help.

  • Callista Paige
    Callista Paige

    BELLA'S 18 AND EDWARDS 109 *slowly hides my fae books where the age gap is 500+ years*

  • ————————————

    Bella being scared of getting older gave me such messed up thoughts when I was twelve/ thirteen. So much about this series is fucked up 😂

  • parul singh
    parul singh

    Bella sure has a type😅😅🤣🤣

  • Kelly Dgedge
    Kelly Dgedge

    Bruhh the way he trowed her brruhhh💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Dheekshitha Srinivasan
    Dheekshitha Srinivasan

    Bella is suicidal.period.

  • Dheekshitha Srinivasan
    Dheekshitha Srinivasan

    I cringed throughout the series lol. The number of awkward pauses in the movie is huhhhh yuckkk

  • John Lemuel Santiago
    John Lemuel Santiago

    Bella is much older then edward in sence because he stop aging when she is 18

  • Kingston Clark
    Kingston Clark

    Wait a minute I thought vampires couldn’t go on the sun

  • Garima Limaye
    Garima Limaye

    He too realised that he hurt her . Don't make fun of the series. Do you have brain to understand the concept

  • Summer Love
    Summer Love

    I am sorry but I am a huuuuuuuge fan of twilight and there are some things in this movie that you said don't make any cense but if you acctualy pay attention to what is going on in the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-

  • ABC D Minus
    ABC D Minus

    Edward looks like Cedric from Harry Potter. Huh, weird.

    • Cliff edge
      Cliff edge

      @ABC D Minus It's because both roles are played by Robert Pattinson. Replied since you didn't seem to know.

  • Jenni Perkins
    Jenni Perkins

    Torn jeans everywhere 😂😂😂😂😂

  • rehmdog

    OMFG 7:27. loOk At It AgAiN

  • starzzzy

    Looking back on this book/movie, Bella needed a damn therapist (Edward too honestly).

  • Priya Choudhary
    Priya Choudhary

    If this place has all kinds of mythical creatures, dating a unicorn would be the best choice. Sweet healthy relationship for sure 👍

  • moonchild

    i used to like it i mean damn i was so fy**ing stupid and creepy

  • Scotti Brown
    Scotti Brown

    To be fair, Jacob and the other guys don’t wear shirts because they have to change into their Wolf form, so yeah...

  • Bad Bitch
    Bad Bitch

    Okay one question : do they run a marathon every time before filming?

  • That_One_Thing_That_Drawz

    Bro you'd think by now she'd have learned to shut her window and lock it

  • Kk rose
    Kk rose

    “ where’s my hug”😂😂

  • Princess Diana
    Princess Diana

    Bella- what do you do in free time? Edward- thinking about you aww. Bella- what scares you most Edward- hurting you (push her into glass) umm..... Bella-what's your hobby? Edward- you is geting...weird Bella- are you alive Edward- yes you're breathing No no ed.youre dead🙄🙄

  • Aqua

    Review greenhouse academy

  • Aqua

    The only twilight we support is twilight sparkles Periot.

  • Alice Cowden
    Alice Cowden

    Dude, your work is like Honest Trailers and Ending Explained had the perfect kid. Brilliantly funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and I love the animations, so cute

  • Rellom Haraz
    Rellom Haraz

    And she starts making this face for ages Me: wait wasn’t she making the face throughout the whole series?

  • Ches Beta
    Ches Beta

    I'm sorry. But the animation of Bella proceeding to flick Jacob's abs with her snake tongue broke me. 😂😂😂

  • ɪᴍsᴏᴍɴɪᴀᴄ

    I use to love the twilight books and I never realized how gross it was that he’s so old

  • pisceandiva

    Wait is that sharkboyyyyyyy??????????????

    • Ches Beta
      Ches Beta

      Yep. That's him.

  • Ema Syee
    Ema Syee

    I'm sorry, but my brain just can't stop thinking.. is it necrophila? or not? sorry

  • neonkscksc

    11:21 How little did you know...

  • neonkscksc

    7:19 She's for the streets LMAO

  • Sylvia Parraz
    Sylvia Parraz

    " yay movie night with Bella"

  • Sylvia Parraz
    Sylvia Parraz

    Just once I'd like to play these vids without pausing a 1000 times to read all the hilarious comments

  • DreMotives


  • iiSunsetskyxs_ii

    Okay so I love your videos Alex but this movie has cheesy stuff because it’s a romance movie and I get that you do these videos as a comedic approach but on Netflix it does say romance on the description soooooooo- (I know I’m overreacting a bit but like- cmon!)

  • Sophie Schroer
    Sophie Schroer

    Why does every story based off Romeo and Juliet forget the fact that both of them die at the end? I get why they wouldn't want to do that in this movie but I don't know does anyone else find that weird?

  • Noor

    This movie is way too damn creepy with all the staring

  • Miroslav Vujnović
    Miroslav Vujnović

    You know, I listen to the magnus archives and research slavic myth, and let me tell you, vampires are NOT attractive. At all.

  • Jacapo21 _
    Jacapo21 _

    Kid falls of building. Vampires 🥵

  • Katelyn McNeely
    Katelyn McNeely

    Id become a vamp when im 22 bc obivosly.

  • SmartArt


  • Mugdha PATASKAR
    Mugdha PATASKAR

    This is so did people not realise that!!

  • J.J.


  • Brennan Hammond
    Brennan Hammond

    Twilight is hot trash

  • S

    Why edward seems like never had a girlfriend before bella

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    I'm probably the only person here who thinks jacob is sharkboy

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz

      @Ches Beta ohhh ok

    • Ches Beta
      Ches Beta

      Nah. That's him.

  • Rose Gore
    Rose Gore

    Does he know he never not once mentioned Victoria

  • Isabella DiPaola
    Isabella DiPaola

    Aaaaahh Edwards eyebrows are so bushy their almost alive!!!!!!!!

  • TheAngryDanishViking

    Who else thinks 'oh casper the friendly ghost' when they see Alex Meyers' cartoony face.

  • Magz

    to give Bella credit where it isn't due, my 1st teen breakup was ridiculous levels of drama without even having the vampire element in there

  • Lalitha Subramanian
    Lalitha Subramanian

    Why does no one study in high school movies/TV series???

  • madi emery
    madi emery

    Bella, could you, for like one second, try not to be a walking 🍅B L O O D B A G🍅

  • kimbérly

    It's like my little sister dating my 101 y/o grandpa

  • kimbérly

    Jacob is like a dog shit in the snow for this movie

  • smriti sharma
    smriti sharma

    0:15 😂

  • Aniya Barnes
    Aniya Barnes

    Thanks, Alex. I am now going to search up SpongeBob in lingerie.

  • Bxbxb 1_
    Bxbxb 1_

    "You're the only reason why I stay alive" Babes, youre DeAd

  • Haley Kantor
    Haley Kantor

    Yall ever just try and laugh quietly and it ends up as a ugly cackle


    Yall really need to unblock yall heart chakras, so sad, a page full of haters. smh

  • Lemon Tea
    Lemon Tea

    then he said like Bella is the most annoying woman ever i was just like YOU ARE SO RIGHT

  • Jaslynne Gonzalez
    Jaslynne Gonzalez

    Jasper: *goes bonkers because Bella starts bleeding* Edward: *tosses Bella into some flower pots which makes Bella bleed even more* Me: Yep, that seems reasonable.

  • RATT

    Man this movie is bad beyond belief.

  • Alexandra R.
    Alexandra R.

    Lmaoo 🤣

  • Daveys Odyssey
    Daveys Odyssey

    I can’t believe that I was obsessed with this movie when I was in high school 😂😂😂