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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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  • Alina Scotsman
    Alina Scotsman

    at least give this movie credit for being the twilight movie with the least weird color saturation

  • Ali K
    Ali K

    You deserve a medal for how hard I laughed at this

  • Michéle Pupke
    Michéle Pupke

    "Just give me one reason...." Well, does your own life mean nothing to you?! =D

  • Maya Gough
    Maya Gough

    Listening to him talking about I printing and then knowing that he did that to bella's 2 day old daughter is a weird feeling.

  • Branson Ritter
    Branson Ritter

    What you must realize is that Bella smells more delicious than you can comprehend.

  • divya pilla
    divya pilla

    I must say Alex meyers.You are really one talented guy!

  • Shenayah Stanfield
    Shenayah Stanfield

    Ugh, Bella's ring is so freaking ugly. In the book it was described as this beautiful antique but the movie version looks straight out of a quarter machine.

  • kae luna
    kae luna

    "Find something you don't completely suck at, and, just, do that.." *cough* *cough* drawing ac weeb sketches

  • willywillwill

    movie plot marry me... no marry me... no i love you bella i love you bella marry me... sure i love you bella

  • Lim Costa
    Lim Costa

    Bella is my favorite character.

  • Sri Alekhya Nanduri
    Sri Alekhya Nanduri

    7:58 🤣

  • Anjounet Leavell
    Anjounet Leavell

    You’re so right! I am learning Ukulele right now : )! But I suck at everything else jkjk lol 😝 I was homeless more than once and all I can do I try to make money and be live happily

  • Cass

    The "Jake... stay" line always gets me because my friend has a dog named Jake XD

  • John Richter
    John Richter

    Is anyone gonna notice that Jacob is literally Sharkboy from "Sharkboy and Lavagirl?"

  • EM X
    EM X

    Renesmee: I'm that bitch, been that bitch, still that bitch, will forever be that bitch

  • Cyclone Sister
    Cyclone Sister

    Damn, those red eyes. Lol 09:09

  • elisha

    5:43 wise words, everybody, wise words.

  • Scotti Brown
    Scotti Brown

    Slightly disappointed that the Big Red Flag Parade didn’t fly by when Edward admitted that he damaged her truck

  • Eoxanne Price
    Eoxanne Price

    You would do anime

  • vino pream
    vino pream

    I'm pretty sure that the intro of the movie was one of Robert Frost's poem, Fire and Ice.

  • Katherine Kinnan
    Katherine Kinnan

    I live in Seattle and people are not like that!! Yes a lot of people are pale but not all of us are like that!!

  • Samantha Rojas
    Samantha Rojas

    New to this channel did he actually sell the ring?

  • Gavin and Coco shipper forever
    Gavin and Coco shipper forever

    Dude you should be a entertainment🎭😎 for my family while I finished🏁 all the pancakes🥞 and also a lot of junk food🍦🍰🍟🍗🍦🍰🍟🍗🍦🍰🍟🍗🍦🍰🍟🍗🍦🍰🍟🍗 i am so sick of quarantine📺🍿🛋️📺🍿🛋️📺🍿🛋️ also I have a common cold🥶😷🥶😷😷🥶 so please be a entertainment😎🎭 for my family and me myself

  • Elysia Clarke
    Elysia Clarke

    Can we talk about how Jacob emotionally manipulated Bella? Or how he sexually harassed her? Or how he constantly tried to take Edward out of Bella's life when he knew how crushed she'd be if that were to happen? I mean say what you will about Edward ( I could write a 10 page essay hating him ) but at least he didn't force himself onto Bella or threaten to kill himself in order for Bella to kiss him. Just sayin' -_-

  • TinyMocha

    I think that the only good acting in this movie was Jacobs emotional outbursts. Anyone agree?

  • Adriana Reyes
    Adriana Reyes

    And yet I’m still #TeamJacob ✨

  • Ellie Darbyshire
    Ellie Darbyshire

    Ahhh ROSEBUD

  • Kendall Grace
    Kendall Grace

    Dang Sharkboy had a glow up

  • Keva Alpine
    Keva Alpine

    I don't like the way she talks

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Is it just me or does Bella's dad look like Howard Stark?

  • Phyre Ella
    Phyre Ella

    :))) the movie is'nt funny for me (i actually love the movie)but you you make it so funny ur really talentated.

  • jeff pesos
    jeff pesos

    Vampire suck!!

  • archana dubey
    archana dubey

    No one: Not even a single soul: Edward when Bella doesn't accept their breakup: Aight then let's just put a ring on it.

  • Corrine Draws
    Corrine Draws

    To summarize the movie: Sharkboy and Cedric Diggory fight over Mary Sue got it

  • Oddly Crystal
    Oddly Crystal

    Okay Okay let's just ignore all the creepy controlling stalker stuff edward has done and think on the fact that the only way edward got her to marry him after she refused so many times was by promising her sex, wtf I can't even deal with the idiocy. Ehh I personally hate love triangles but this one was half assed at best and I do not get the appeal of being stuck between two super controlling guys who fight over you like you are shiny toy. Can we also mention how freaking weird it is that every guy in forks has a hard on for bella and I am just over here like O_o

  • Unwana Udosen
    Unwana Udosen

    Who tells someone you don't like to kiss you and you actually stay because you kissed her?🤣🤣

  • snxw _
    snxw _


  • Lyric

    Ok Bella’s freezing right? They’re in a cold climate, makes sense. Edward, being a vampire, is like “I’m already cold so like, pfft! Doesn’t bother me”. So WHY is Jacob SHIRTLESS?!?! He may be a werewolf but it’s not like he’s one in that moment! He’d still be cold!! Da fuck?!

  • vellichxrry

    Are you kidding me bella. you said no to marrying CEDRIC DIGGORY!!! Guys. There is something seriously wrong with this girl.

  • Sam. A.K
    Sam. A.K

    imprinting is smtng that the wolves have no control over so what if one of them ends up imprinting on that one person they hate with all their reminds me of those oft fighting corgies XD...

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul

    I've watched every movie (hated it) and i didnt remember anything of what you said happened in them🤣

  • GachaStudios

    I’ve just noticed how Edward has perfect skin throughout all these movies. Like dude do vampires have skin care routines are something?


    I hate this movie

  • Jenni Perkins
    Jenni Perkins

    Town population of 25 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jenni Perkins
    Jenni Perkins

    Your animations are hilarious 😂

  • Venu Joshi
    Venu Joshi

    Random fact : and ice is a Robert Frost poem.... Which bella narrates in her dead voice.... In the beginning..... Just saying🐨

  • Buttercup The Tortoise
    Buttercup The Tortoise

    Who else likes Jacob over Edward

  • rehmdog

    ThE dEvIlS tAnGo

  • tibbyizmypuppy342

    You should check out Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix

  • dinah d
    dinah d

    Bitting her lip into hearts across the world 😂😂😂

  • yerxijam

    Twilight: Edwards hot shes lucky Twilight moon: Ummm Twilight Eclipse: No Jacobs hotter Twilight Breaking dawn: Still like Jacob better Twilight Breaking dawn 2: Idfc anymoew

  • Aqua

    Review greenhouse academy

  • tami stitt
    tami stitt

    When in doubt,go for the sexy vampire doctor.

  • Itz Amani Gacha
    Itz Amani Gacha

    Edward is a stalker Bella:😍 Audience:🚩

  • Rachelll Roberts
    Rachelll Roberts

    Charlie was really annoying

  • KimSarang tv
    KimSarang tv

    They all have toxic love😂😁 I like video

  • Imane Zayani
    Imane Zayani

    Why does Jacob look like shark boy

    • Saane Taufalele
      Saane Taufalele


    • romario henry
      romario henry

      He is

  • Jonathan Schmidt
    Jonathan Schmidt

    I believe if you look up the word "pretentious", it just redirects to a clip of the opening monologue of this movie

  • Cat Devereux
    Cat Devereux

    In the 90's every YA romance had a bitchy popular girl who is independent. Now we have wet socks walking around moping about their brooding boyfriends.

  • Miroslav Vujnović
    Miroslav Vujnović

    Bella's dad is the best character. He is trying to protect his daughter from a clearly toxic relationship.

    • BabyCakes123

      Him and Bella’s high school friends are the only sound characters in the saga lol

  • murphy more
    murphy more

    i just watched the first movie biggest mistake of my life

  • SJD Good
    SJD Good

    Hey Twilight talks abt the usage of Adrenochrome of Hollywood....

  • J.J.

    "She may need her toes someday." . . Just maybe.

  • dylan Foucha
    dylan Foucha

    Am I the only one sorry for the girl vampire that got killed at the end of the fight

    • Ches Beta
      Ches Beta

      No, you're not the only one. But the Volturi don't give second chances...and, now that I think about it, seem to do damage control or something like it. Not excusing them; that's how they operate. They're merciless when it comes to enforcing the rules on keeping vampires a secret to the rest of humanity. :(

  • Olivia Kjeldsen
    Olivia Kjeldsen

    why did no one from the school be like: why the hell is you`re eyes glowing yellow and you`re hole family`s eyes glowing too

  • Nabeeha Alam
    Nabeeha Alam

    Bella was cold in a tent wearing winter clothes and with a blanket, but when she was outside in the snow without a jacket for like 30min, she was fine?

  • Nabeeha Alam
    Nabeeha Alam

    The backstories for the vampires were more compelling than Bella and Edward’s story

  • Nabeeha Alam
    Nabeeha Alam

    Bella: Jake, stay! Jake: Fine Bella: That’s a good boy, now roll over

  • among us memes N jokes
    among us memes N jokes

    Enward 99% of lines: stare Enward 1% of lines: WHAT

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter

    “Jacob just totally forgot that shirts exit literally”

  • N G
    N G

    This is the best twilight movie honestly 🤷‍♀️

  • Isabella DiPaola
    Isabella DiPaola

    Is it wrong that I just clicked on this video to complain about Edward's ridiculously bushy eyebrows

  • TheAngryDanishViking

    Here's a clear opinion everyone really should agree with - Books are better than the movies...... doesn't make them close to being GOOD books tho :p Oh god, also that JACOB!? yell that they repeat for use later when Jacob's gotten his ribs broken.

  • Prince 13
    Prince 13

    9:19-9:28 🤣💀 spot on

  • Magz

    I'd marry Bella's dad right now and be the bitchiest stepmom in the universe to keep Bella from starting a supernatural psycho civil war

  • Riana Jordan
    Riana Jordan

    The biggest question I have is for Renne. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU EVER LEAVE A GEM OF A MAN LIKE CHARLIE?

  • Kimmie Roségold
    Kimmie Roségold

    Unpopular opinion: -I like eating taco bell two days in a row...

    • winky pear
      winky pear

      Same, same 😆

  • God o' moths
    God o' moths

    Seriousely, wha dafuq would you want a pale, creepy, literally cold boyfriend that looks like he hasnt sleeped in four weeks amd probay wants to kill you for ypur blood when you can have a big, buff, well tanned, w a r m werewolf boyfriend that probably wont kill you?

  • • m i l k T e a •
    • m i l k T e a •

    OH CEDRICCC what are you doing here??? Who is this girl! Where Cho Chang :O No WAY Inspired my a girl in the first twilight vid :>

  • Andy M
    Andy M

    I couldnt breathe during this whole video 😂😂😂

  • Alexandra R.
    Alexandra R.

    I loved the third one but true

  • Xeoney

    All the Twilight movies are just really bad Wattpad fanfiction, lets face it. Every single plot, every single character, its all just really bad fanfiction.

  • SausageGranger15

    11:03 oooh squidward~

  • Weird Thoughts
    Weird Thoughts

    You think this is weird.....the whole wolf pack have telepathy power and can listen to any thoughts they without their permission, so.........yeah!

  • Jamie Town
    Jamie Town

    Yo the beginning scene is a Robert Frost Poem. It's called "Fire and Ice". -.-

  • polesmoker

    sorry bro but really? ge threatens to kill himself if she doesnt love her and so she says 'kiss me' so he wont jump and you say "she brought this on herself." yeah bellas an idiot and should've been more clear with him but that situation was someone being extremely emotionally manipulative, like all of the characters.

  • admin access
    admin access

    “I believe the technical term for this is ‘big red flag’” fucking yessssss.

  • noelle g
    noelle g

    I feel like the dad is by far the most relatable character. Like, he actually acts pretty normal compared to the other characters

  • Corinne Murphy
    Corinne Murphy

    anyone else notice that hardcore nose flare when Jacob was confessing?

  • AdFlame

    Can we talk about how Jacob is just a horrible rip off of Sirius Black? Black, Motorcycle, and Dog Nahhh, Jacob be dumb, Sirius is AMAZING!

    • winky pear
      winky pear

      Omg yes!! Sirius is amazing and Jacob is uh.....he's Jacob

  • Hunt School
    Hunt School

    This was posted on my ninth birthday!!! I'm ten now and I've read and seen twilight a GAZILLION times

  • Raissa D’Souza
    Raissa D’Souza

    For me Bella’s face always says the words : wtf !

  • Holly Miles
    Holly Miles


  • Anupam Verma
    Anupam Verma

    Imprinting is when you see "her" Homophobic much? That's just a joke cause like you know how everyone keeps getting offended by frickin everything in 2020

  • Frazier

    omg when you were talking about Seattle it made me laugh so much cause its so accurate!

  • Amilia Deiley
    Amilia Deiley

    wut.... is Jacob shark boy🤯

  • Chey McFarlane
    Chey McFarlane

    Unpopular opinion: Edward deserves a medal for being stuck with Bella

  • MJ

    I think Alex is team Jacob

  • SnowChef Mini
    SnowChef Mini

    I don't really like twilight considering Bella and Edward are like the worst movie characters in history but eclipse was actually pretty good it has a good storyline and actually has something to do with the other characters like Jasper.

  • Maria Handoy
    Maria Handoy

    Lets take the time to notice... How bad Edwards sideburns are...