Riverdale has lost its mind...
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  • The Sir
    The Sir

    I love how everyone is trying to kill each other and they are all 15-18 years old.

  • Xeoney

    6:57: *Riverdale writers giving us Riverdale* 6:59: *us understanding nothing*

  • Alex Sinclair
    Alex Sinclair

    can you do the lego movie please?

  • haikyuustands Owo
    haikyuustands Owo

    kUrZgEsAgT Der wahrhaftig einzig gute Wissens Kanal in Deutschland

  • GrayFox_ SJJBO
    GrayFox_ SJJBO

    Season 1: *Ok, there's some mistery, it's nice, entertaining, some things are quit strange but nothing that bothers* Next seasons: *Mama, pick me up, I don't wanna play anymo- NO, HE FOUND ME!* Dark Betty: *I GOT THE CEREAL KILLER GENES* Me: *cries intensely in WTF language*

  • Arielle Ramen
    Arielle Ramen

    Cherly: -walks in room sassly talking and sassly walking- Me: DOES THIS SCHOOL HAVE NO DRESS CODE? SHE HALF NAKED!!

  • Mirette Grace
    Mirette Grace

    The only time there in school is when there sitting In the lounge talking abt literally anything Also have u noticed that betty got a letters from the black hood then also gets letters from gargoyle king so I mean who's she gonna talk to in season 4

  • amievenpartofthisuniverse no
    amievenpartofthisuniverse no

    6:38 Did Jughead actually get locked inside of a refrigerator?


    “Jughead and his hat!” Love this cause yeah Jughead’s beanie is like his primary identifying characteristic since he barely ever takes it off for more than five minutes at a time, and nobody finds that weird.

  • Random Meta
    Random Meta

    Riverdale isn't cancelled but chilling adventures of sabrina is.. This is how I know we live in a society

  • Kenma Kozume
    Kenma Kozume

    Remember when we though it was only one killer

  • Charise Walraven
    Charise Walraven

    I died when you couldn't pronounce Kurtzgesagt. 😂 It was hilarious

  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria

    0:47 Hahaha I‘m German and I’m amused

  • Alina Scotsman
    Alina Scotsman

    i’ve never watched riverdale and yet i know everything about it

  • Oreo Nerd
    Oreo Nerd

    still waiting for when vampires and werewolves are introduced to the riverdale universe of nonsensical chaos

  • The Bendy Brothers
    The Bendy Brothers

    all the adults are just complete idiots and all the kids are like international super spies. Ha like my life am I right

  • Binari Samarasinghe
    Binari Samarasinghe

    who even come up with these character names?

  • Priska Dung Dung
    Priska Dung Dung

    Pause at 3:19 . Am I the only one noticing something behind Betty's dad ?

  • Lieselot De Vos
    Lieselot De Vos

    Who names the characters in this show. Seriously Jughead, Jellybean?!??!?

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    A Sheriff, gang women, Serpent king/friend of bad*ss mystery solvers/friend of pretty poisons leaders/LITERALLY BEING GOOD AT COMBAT *can't find jellybean any other way* *Internally screaming*

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    remember when riverdale was about jason blossom? *lol.*

  • Cmoore

    Me liking riverdale

  • Batfreak Joker
    Batfreak Joker

    Anyone saw Riverdale season 4 ? If not don't .

  • Tanya Pate
    Tanya Pate

    Why is your voice so annoying lol

  • james Little
    james Little

    Well you know The Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina is a spinoff of Riverdale...You should watch and review that!!!

  • Sia Briste
    Sia Briste

    I feel like the people who write this show just get bored and choose random plot lines for a hat. Said plot lines will be taped together, then altered to include Archie's abs.

  • Alessia

    Wait his actually name is actualy Edgar Neverever??? I could never say that without laughing who names the villian that? Imagine saying mr.neverever is going to kill all of ot friends and family...it just doesn't work, I wanna see the bloopers now

    • Alessia

      I seriously though Alex was joking about his name being Edgar Neverever....

  • •HoneyLemon•

    i got an add with the actress who plays Veronica.....*i cant escape it*

  • Kornwalia

    I've only ever watched Riverdale though these videos, but I used to watch PLL because I liked it. On a second thought, though, PLL deserves a series just like this as well. The amount of fake deaths, secret plots, unknown siblings and high school students putting FBI investigators to shame matches Riverdale nicely.

  • ilikethecokev2


  • Paige Bender
    Paige Bender

    me watching this and trying not to laugh

  • MChezy

    Words engraved in my brain: Before that really quick...

  • sanjana ajeej
    sanjana ajeej

    I think all of us watch it for seeing how horrible it is.. including him

  • viraaj verma
    viraaj verma

    well lucas scott was always a two timer

  • nimsss d
    nimsss d

    I wish it's all jughead writing a novel.......

  • Mochi

    You should review Schitts Creak. I think you would rly like it!

  • little rat
    little rat

    I heard jennie peebody

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob


  • Lala Mwango
    Lala Mwango

    i think its funny how like Cheryl just walks into the room like nothings been happening at all, and just talks about prom. Like she literally wants to join a killer cult, and she's just like "Guys junior prom, its gonna be so much fun!" and im just watching like: tf

  • Ferdousi Khanam
    Ferdousi Khanam

    And I thought legends of tomorrow was weird

  • Hannah

    'And Jughead with his..... Hat...' hahahaha I died 😂

  • Scar

    Alex: Your show is a mess. Archie: Okay but... *hAvE yOu ExPeRiEnCeD tHe EpIc HiGhS aNd LoWs Of HiGhScHoOl FoOtbAlL?*

  • The scary cat
    The scary cat

    isnt that boy in sabrina? isnt he theo's boyfriend?

  • Natalya Porter
    Natalya Porter

    My personal opinion is that the show would have been much better as a one off with the first season only. Because the main plot of the first season doesn’t give any room for a further plot in later seasons. That’s what I honestly thought they were going to go with and was shocked when they made a second season, that’s when I stopped watching.

  • charli jasmine
    charli jasmine

    “the devils tango” this sent me to mars

  • marti

    the real question is, since this is all in RIVERDALE, why don’t they just move..

  • Aliya Hyder
    Aliya Hyder

    dipping donut holes into nacho cheese'

  • Alex E.
    Alex E.

    I dont know if in high or does anyone else see a face behind Betty's dad at 3:18 ?

  • AshleyAdam16

    Penny Peabody,Babyteeth,Sweetpea,Tallboy,Gargoyle King,Candy Man...how do the names keep getting worse?

  • Leonie _06
    Leonie _06

    I just lost it when he tried to say "Kurzgesagt". I forgot how hard german pronounciation can be for other people.

  • Strawberries ii
    Strawberries ii

    Season 4 is when i left

  • Amber Howard
    Amber Howard

    I love your Riverdale episodes bc it's my guilty pleasure. Like I fucking hate that I like watching this dumb shit, but I do... Then I watch your videos and they make me laugh and laugh...

  • Sophie Theis
    Sophie Theis

    I only just realised that it was the black hood with the gargoyle king because the lighting was so bad

  • Salamifliegt

    3:50 unless you see the body lmao *laughs in season 4 Jughead faking his death*

  • ada young
    ada young

    i love how greendale from The chilling adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale are supposed to be neighboring towns but the same actor plays Kurts and Charlie

  • Maddie Tannie
    Maddie Tannie

    Idk this might be the inner child in me but I wish they made prom a bigger event. Prom is supposed to be the biggest thing ever in every high school drama lol.

  • Rosie Tocknell
    Rosie Tocknell

    "No one is dead unless you actually see the body, and even if you do see the body, there's still like a 50 50 chance that it's just gonna end like "Oh he wasn't dead!"" Me laughing in 2020

  • Joseph Tempus
    Joseph Tempus

    I love this series so much you don't even know

  • Elisa Rubio
    Elisa Rubio

    These are my favorite

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    "No one is really dead in riverdale unless you see there body but even that is a 50 50 chance" Season 4: yep

  • Handsome Sassage
    Handsome Sassage

    “It’s just an 8 year old kid on bath salts filling out Mad Libs” perfectly describes how every CW show is written

  • Sawra Dawood
    Sawra Dawood

    me watching this video after their season 4 yep I guess you were right when you said "no one is really dead even if you see a body"

  • x


  • PirateNerd Z
    PirateNerd Z

    There are no dead memes in this house, just unfunny ones

  • 박Pasta

    this is supposed to be a show about humans right?

  • Kay

    "Since its a cult, she might be the daughter and the wife" SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!

  • Nielab Lali
    Nielab Lali

    Someone pause at 7:57 and read Alex's letter xD

  • Tyranel

    Hey Alex, well arent the biggest fan of these show you do but dame they are hillarius. You are one of my favorit creator here 😜 and well havent watched these from the first season well what I was going to do whit these comment I think the writter when they were order there cocaine they acedantly got bath salt its the only that makes sence. Keep up the great work 🤘🖖🕉️☮️

  • Vinesh Nair
    Vinesh Nair

    I'll ll

  • Irem Kucuk
    Irem Kucuk

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Betty went to Prom with a GUN ON SCHOOL PROPERTY 😂😂

  • Arin Jäger
    Arin Jäger

    it's like a fan fic written by an A.I.

  • Juules

    0:45 I recently heard in a podcast that Americans can't pronounce Kurzgesagt( philipp didn't even know when they called themselves that.) And now i get it.

  • Zahabia Pancha
    Zahabia Pancha

    Archie is supposed to be the main character in The show And look what they have done of him

  • Zahabia Pancha
    Zahabia Pancha

    Archie is supposed to be the main character in The show And look what they have done of him

  • Rose Arroyo
    Rose Arroyo

    Bro it’s a black bob wig with bangs not the black hood mask or whatever 😂😂😂🤣

  • Sharay Slaughter
    Sharay Slaughter

    I have never watched the show but to hear you talk about it, it sounds like a comedy!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Feistea

    If these people were actually high schoolers, I’m pretty sure they’d be on their phones 24/7. But, plot twist: All the main characters are the parents of the parents. BOOM.

  • Rishell

    7:34 😂

  • Addisøn

    Oh that’s right their in high school

  • MrBlooDude

    I just feel bad for the kids in high school... In high school, fighting a Gargoyl king, murderers, some “farm” thing, houses on fire, like jeez I would be happy if there was an episode where they just live life like normal kids.

  • Lauryn R.
    Lauryn R.

    Me: this show is so stupid It can’t get any more stupid Alex: yup Riverdale has zombies now! Me: flips a table

  • Thats So Kawaii Cosplays
    Thats So Kawaii Cosplays

    My favourite book was Archie And was so exited for a Archie show then BAM A R rated show that i cant watch!!

  • Nela Schindewolf
    Nela Schindewolf

    Alex trying to pronounce "Kurzgesagt": kRzYKrZyy

  • Riley J Fosbre
    Riley J Fosbre

    I’m getting serious deadite vibes.

  • xqpwzx

    all my German speaking fellows out there: 7:22 "with Mädchen Amick" like her name is MÄDCHEN... for all those people who don't understand, this person is named GIRL... but in german

  • Glo Mar
    Glo Mar

    this is his best video ever, i'm dying

  • froggy goggy
    froggy goggy


  • Ruby Black
    Ruby Black

    Jellybean and Jughead???? Wtf

  • Katarina Vujic
    Katarina Vujic

    Who's Jellybean

  • Entertaining Chats
    Entertaining Chats

    Do the writers all do meth and incorporate every single idea they have into a script?

  • Amelia Ottenwalder
    Amelia Ottenwalder

    Idk why, but sometimes Riverdale reminds me of Hannibal. Like they're ripping off stuff from Hannibal, and putting them in their shitty show. Again, dunno why

  • Gabriela Spleen
    Gabriela Spleen

    Wouldn’t it be cool if like jughead was asexual.... I mean it’s cannon in the comics... why must the writers ruin everything...

  • Victoria Martins
    Victoria Martins

    Have u done stranger things before?

  • Diana Rose
    Diana Rose

    No body : Riverdale : *makes a gang* Imma call you cupcake sparkles *

  • Reese McCuan
    Reese McCuan

    You should do Avalon high, it’s awful. You’d love it

  • Kunisake

    "Evelyn might be keeping some secrets" Whaaaaat? Someone in Riverdale isn't entirely truthful? No waaaaaayyyy

  • Crazy clown 703
    Crazy clown 703

    Dude this guy is a idoit and a dumbass

  • Anja Glaser
    Anja Glaser

    Riverdale never had a mind lmao

  • Isabel Sierra-salazar
    Isabel Sierra-salazar

    Why does the farm remind me of that movie Midsommar?

  • Vape

    All the Characters go through psychological traumatic events and it doesn't affect them or develop them, very strange but that's Riverdale.