Riverdale has lost its mind...
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  • sanjana ajeej
    sanjana ajeej

    I think all of us watch it for seeing how horrible it is.. including him

  • viraaj verma
    viraaj verma

    well lucas scott was always a two timer

  • Tay 5
    Tay 5

    I wish it's all jughead writing a novel.......

  • Anya Stefany
    Anya Stefany

    This is like a really bad version of Twin Peaks.

  • Unicorn Sloth
    Unicorn Sloth

    You should review Schitts Creak. I think you would rly like it!

  • little rat
    little rat

    I heard jennie peebody

  • Dionne Davis
    Dionne Davis


  • Lala Mwango
    Lala Mwango

    i think its funny how like Cheryl just walks into the room like nothings been happening at all, and just talks about prom. Like she literally wants to join a killer cult, and she's just like "Guys junior prom, its gonna be so much fun!" and im just watching like: tf

  • Ferdousi Khanam
    Ferdousi Khanam

    And I thought legends of tomorrow was weird

  • Hannah

    'And Jughead with his..... Hat...' hahahaha I died 😂

  • Ansruta Chatterjee
    Ansruta Chatterjee

    Alex: Your show is a mess. Archie: Okay but... *hAvE yOu ExPeRiEnCeD tHe EpIc HiGhS aNd LoWs Of HiGhScHoOl FoOtbAlL?*

  • The scary cat
    The scary cat

    isnt that boy in sabrina? isnt he theo's boyfriend?

  • Natalya Porter
    Natalya Porter

    My personal opinion is that the show would have been much better as a one off with the first season only. Because the main plot of the first season doesn’t give any room for a further plot in later seasons. That’s what I honestly thought they were going to go with and was shocked when they made a second season, that’s when I stopped watching.

  • Charli Jasmine
    Charli Jasmine

    “the devils tango” this sent me to mars

  • marti

    the real question is, since this is all in RIVERDALE, why don’t they just move..

  • Aliya Hyder
    Aliya Hyder

    dipping donut holes into nacho cheese'

  • Alex E.
    Alex E.

    I dont know if in high or does anyone else see a face behind Betty's dad at 3:18 ?

  • AshleyAdam16

    Penny Peabody,Babyteeth,Sweetpea,Tallboy,Gargoyle King,Candy Man...how do the names keep getting worse?

  • Leonie _06
    Leonie _06

    I just lost it when he tried to say "Kurzgesagt". I forgot how hard german pronounciation can be for other people.

  • Strawberries ii
    Strawberries ii

    Season 4 is when i left

  • Amber Howard
    Amber Howard

    I love your Riverdale episodes bc it's my guilty pleasure. Like I fucking hate that I like watching this dumb shit, but I do... Then I watch your videos and they make me laugh and laugh...

  • Sophie Theis
    Sophie Theis

    I only just realised that it was the black hood with the gargoyle king because the lighting was so bad

  • Salamifliegt

    3:50 unless you see the body lmao *laughs in season 4 Jughead faking his death*

  • ada young
    ada young

    i love how greendale from The chilling adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale are supposed to be neighboring towns but the same actor plays Kurts and Charlie

  • Maddie Tannie
    Maddie Tannie

    Idk this might be the inner child in me but I wish they made prom a bigger event. Prom is supposed to be the biggest thing ever in every high school drama lol.

  • Red Sus
    Red Sus

    "No one is dead unless you actually see the body, and even if you do see the body, there's still like a 50 50 chance that it's just gonna end like "Oh he wasn't dead!"" Me laughing in 2020

  • Joseph K
    Joseph K

    I love this series so much you don't even know

  • Elisa Rubio
    Elisa Rubio

    These are my favorite

  • Chloe Kennedy
    Chloe Kennedy

    "No one is really dead in riverdale unless you see there body but even that is a 50 50 chance" Season 4: yep

  • Handsome Sassage
    Handsome Sassage

    “It’s just an 8 year old kid on bath salts filling out Mad Libs” perfectly describes how every CW show is written

  • Sawra Dawood
    Sawra Dawood

    me watching this video after their season 4 yep I guess you were right when you said "no one is really dead even if you see a body"

  • Hatice x
    Hatice x


  • PirateNerd Z
    PirateNerd Z

    There are no dead memes in this house, just unfunny ones

  • 박Pasta

    this is supposed to be a show about humans right?

  • Kay

    "Since its a cult, she might be the daughter and the wife" SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!

  • Nielab Lali
    Nielab Lali

    Someone pause at 7:57 and read Alex's letter xD

  • Tyranel

    Hey Alex, well arent the biggest fan of these show you do but dame they are hillarius. You are one of my favorit creator here 😜 and well havent watched these from the first season well what I was going to do whit these comment I think the writter when they were order there cocaine they acedantly got bath salt its the only that makes sence. Keep up the great work 🤘🖖🕉️☮️

  • Vinesh Nair
    Vinesh Nair

    I'll ll

  • Irem Kucuk
    Irem Kucuk

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Betty went to Prom with a GUN ON SCHOOL PROPERTY 😂😂

  • Arin Jäger
    Arin Jäger

    it's like a fan fic written by an A.I.

  • Juules

    0:45 I recently heard in a podcast that Americans can't pronounce Kurzgesagt( philipp didn't even know when they called themselves that.) And now i get it.

  • Zahabia Pancha
    Zahabia Pancha

    Archie is supposed to be the main character in The show And look what they have done of him

  • Zahabia Pancha
    Zahabia Pancha

    Archie is supposed to be the main character in The show And look what they have done of him

  • Rose Arroyo
    Rose Arroyo

    Bro it’s a black bob wig with bangs not the black hood mask or whatever 😂😂😂🤣

  • Sharay Slaughter
    Sharay Slaughter

    I have never watched the show but to hear you talk about it, it sounds like a comedy!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Feistea

    If these people were actually high schoolers, I’m pretty sure they’d be on their phones 24/7. But, plot twist: All the main characters are the parents of the parents. BOOM.

  • Rishell

    7:34 😂

  • Addisøn

    Oh that’s right their in high school

  • MrBlooDude

    I just feel bad for the kids in high school... In high school, fighting a Gargoyl king, murderers, some “farm” thing, houses on fire, like jeez I would be happy if there was an episode where they just live life like normal kids.

  • Lauryn R.
    Lauryn R.

    Me: this show is so stupid It can’t get any more stupid Alex: yup Riverdale has zombies now! Me: flips a table

  • Thats So Kawaii Cosplays
    Thats So Kawaii Cosplays

    My favourite book was Archie And was so exited for a Archie show then BAM A R rated show that i cant watch!!

  • Nela Schindewolf
    Nela Schindewolf

    Alex trying to pronounce "Kurzgesagt": kRzYKrZyy

  • Riley J Fosbre
    Riley J Fosbre

    I’m getting serious deadite vibes.

  • xqpwzx

    all my German speaking fellows out there: 7:22 "with Mädchen Amick" like her name is MÄDCHEN... for all those people who don't understand, this person is named GIRL... but in german

  • Glo Mar
    Glo Mar

    this is his best video ever, i'm dying

  • Pearl !!
    Pearl !!


  • Ruby Black
    Ruby Black

    Jellybean and Jughead???? Wtf

  • Katarina Vujic
    Katarina Vujic

    Who's Jellybean

  • Entertaining Chats
    Entertaining Chats

    Do the writers all do meth and incorporate every single idea they have into a script?

  • Amelia Ottenwalder
    Amelia Ottenwalder

    Idk why, but sometimes Riverdale reminds me of Hannibal. Like they're ripping off stuff from Hannibal, and putting them in their shitty show. Again, dunno why

  • Gabriela Spleen
    Gabriela Spleen

    Wouldn’t it be cool if like jughead was asexual.... I mean it’s cannon in the comics... why must the writers ruin everything...

  • Victoria Martins
    Victoria Martins

    Have u done stranger things before?

  • miranda Rizik
    miranda Rizik

    No body : Riverdale : *makes a gang* Imma call you cupcake sparkles *

  • Reese McCuan
    Reese McCuan

    You should do Avalon high, it’s awful. You’d love it

  • Kunisake

    "Evelyn might be keeping some secrets" Whaaaaat? Someone in Riverdale isn't entirely truthful? No waaaaaayyyy

  • Crazy clown 703
    Crazy clown 703

    Dude this guy is a idoit and a dumbass

  • Anja Glaser
    Anja Glaser

    Riverdale never had a mind lmao

  • Isabel Sierra-salazar
    Isabel Sierra-salazar

    Why does the farm remind me of that movie Midsommar?

  • Vape

    All the Characters go through psychological traumatic events and it doesn't affect them or develop them, very strange but that's Riverdale.

  • Uniekar Bacchus
    Uniekar Bacchus


  • Ashley Reyland
    Ashley Reyland

    Ngl, watching the scene in the kitchen I was too focused on the place mats being on the same side to really pay attention to what anyone else was saying

  • amorfati khb
    amorfati khb

    disney marathon would be bomb yes

  • Namrata Varma
    Namrata Varma

    The only reason I'm watching Riverdale is to watch and enjoy Alex's review.

  • ohMango

    jughead and drughead rhyme

  • Lyam Levi
    Lyam Levi

    *So Evelyn isn't Edgar's daughter but his wife, but also they're in a cult, so maybe she's both, who knows... 😂😂😂I died

  • Princess Edits
    Princess Edits

    Riverdale fans ⬇️⬇️

  • Owen Jolley 3
    Owen Jolley 3

    H O T S H I R T L E S S M U S C U L A R B R U I S E R S

  • vanilla _muffin
    vanilla _muffin

    6:59 and this was the moment that i realized i watch too much bnha because i thought of Todoroki instantly

  • Gordon Gehrman
    Gordon Gehrman

    I'm all about Muppet Treasure island! Do that one next plz!

  • Priya Stark
    Priya Stark

    I am binge watching Alex and it's worth it!!!

  • innawuro Damakka
    innawuro Damakka

    first jingle jangle then fizzzle rocks then mom ninja battles with ralph weapons from tmnt then betty knows forensic science then prom ??? the fuck the the guys already have phd's

  • Iris Vehar
    Iris Vehar

    believe it or not you make me love riverdale even more.

  • Jacquelyn S
    Jacquelyn S

    I was going to put a “cash me outside” meme here, but recently I used the spongebob talking back meme and someone told me it was a “dead meme.” So now I live in fear of committing the unforgivable sin of using dead memes, and therefore being “uncool” on the internet. Instead, I will tell you that dipping donut holes into nacho cheese tastes WAAAAY better than it should. 7:58

  • commder cat 10
    commder cat 10

    Everyone at my school says this is the best show in the world any I don't know way

  • ᴍḁᴍḁɴᴇ

    U know I think the only reason why they put the prom thing in there is to remind us that they're still in High School I honestly forgot*

  • random Swiftie
    random Swiftie

    Wait.... Jellybean is a real name of an actual person? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Juan David Chavarro
    Juan David Chavarro

    "Top 10 times Jimmy Fallon has slapped his desk while pretending to laugh"... I can't with the comments you write in your videos. I actually stop them just so I don't miss any detail. 😂😂😂

  • Emma Pierskalla
    Emma Pierskalla

    this show makes no sense, but I still watch it the second it comes out!

  • Eden Star
    Eden Star


  • KingTray

    Lmaooooooo whattttr Has this show become?

  • Ya Boi Celery
    Ya Boi Celery

    Why are literally all of the CW shows the same?

  • kaydence lol
    kaydence lol

    i don’t even watch the show but i’ve seen so many” why riverdale is a mess vids” i know everything i don’t even need to watch it

  • Red9

    I think Riverdale is unreal because the comics are like that. I mean, it says that in the comics they're become astronauts, marines, superheroes and other stuffs. Maybe the TV show is doing the same with the unreal stuff.

    • Bumblebee !
      Bumblebee !

      Friki 22 well they are technically just remaking archies weird mysteries the cartoon which was even worse

  • Thenever1

    DO daybreak! pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Phoenix On Fire
    Phoenix On Fire

    3;:03-3:10 is so hilarious.

  • Madhura Kamat
    Madhura Kamat

    Why are teen shows so dark and horrible these days? Other teen dramas are too cheesy or yuck I am tired of all this rubbish. Why doesn't anyone show how REALLY TEENAGERS ARE?! WE HAVE NO TIME TO DO ALL THIS RUBBISH EITHER IN HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE 🤦‍♀️ This should be adult drama not teen drama

    • Bumblebee !
      Bumblebee !

      Madhura Kamat this show is legit a comic plus cartoon sooooo there’s your answer

  • Cool Drawz
    Cool Drawz

    Pls make a whole video about Cheryl and Toni XD

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown

    Zombies and Cult leaders with rocket ships. W-H-A-T ?!?!?!?!?

  • EM DM
    EM DM

    Another day goes by where I don't have to worry about being in a cult I don't own

  • Praveen Sukabrahmam
    Praveen Sukabrahmam

    Ok so we r not talking about that time when an Archie boxing match was intercut with Cheryl and Toni's cringy sex scene?