Emily In Paris doesn't make any sense...
Emily In Paris Animated Commentary Reaction
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Work It is pretty dumb...
The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb
Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...
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  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran

    6:55 this made me cringe like no other......whoever wrote that script deserves a special place in hell

  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran

    Give a review for Queens Gambit next!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gabriela Bravo
    Gabriela Bravo

    It’s my guilty pleasure show though haha I love it so much! It’s funny and cringe but I love it 🥰 😂

    • Helena

      Same! It's not my favorite show in the world, but I think it's still enjoyable enough. Camille is by far my favorite character! The stereotyping of French people was something I actually expected this show to do, considering the fact that it's made by Americans and that they tend to glorify themselves as being better than the rest of the world. Then again, I'm from Europe and more exposed to French people and culture, so my viewpoint on them wasn't screwed by this show.

  • Cora #1
    Cora #1

    In the American Girl Movie "Grace Stirs up Success", Grace travels to Paris with her mother and gets to spend time in her Uncle's professional french bakery (a dream come true for her). While there, she imposes her strong will and opinions on baking, trying to place herself into the kitchen when she is not needed. After a time, she learns to understand and respect how the bakery is run and even how her uncle and cousin's home is run. I haven't seen Emily in Paris, so do we see any of that in this show?

  • your daily coffee-chan
    your daily coffee-chan

    "depressed but creative" I feel targetted-

  • dio brando
    dio brando

    Does no one notice the person in his mouth in 3:31

  • Bethany

    Hey loves! If anyone out there needs to hear it right now I just want to let you know that *Jesus is loving* He died out of love and He can still forgive you, so even if you've run from Him, go back and allow Him to accept you with open arms because He created you and He's coming back soon and I dont want it to be too late. Love y'all have a wonderful day ❤❤

  • {Little galaxy Idiøt}
    {Little galaxy Idiøt}

    You right this ain’t make sense

  • ded meme
    ded meme

    I really like this show... It is a perfect example of how tonedeaf the entire world see Americans...

  • Nai.

    5:34 yall are really underestimating the “why are shouting” like for some reason that had me laughing for like 5 minutes

  • Totally the best Youtuber
    Totally the best Youtuber

    Racism Against French People: The Show

  • klarakeuroeaton

    Americans love to glorify themselves lmao

  • Theo Todoran
    Theo Todoran

    " this demon tumor thing growing inside if her" Im dying 😂😂😂

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Only watch the first episode 2

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix

    Lilly Collins is a great actress. To The Bone tackles issues that alot of young people might be going through themselves.

  • Thyr Lindberg
    Thyr Lindberg

    Except we mostly have free healthcare so we can eat butter on a stick without facing problems like those in the states of america

  • Rachelle Robbertse
    Rachelle Robbertse

    It's the "you should fry some butter on a stick and then eat it while you pretend you have healthcare" that did it for me 😂

  • Carlo Diaz
    Carlo Diaz

    Cobra kai isnt netflix its you tube lol

  • Skeleton fear
    Skeleton fear

    OMG ! I’ve lived in France ALL of my life and this show pissed me off so much and it was just the first two episodes ! I am not watching the rest, props to you for watching it.

  • Kenni Cumberbatch
    Kenni Cumberbatch

    3:02 I want to punch her in the face, wow.

  • The Real Trivia Livia
    The Real Trivia Livia

    I think that my New Year's Resolution is to start my own religion of hating Emily in Paris.

  • N.H

    I think she encompasses an American view of other countries very well actually

  • sonas p
    sonas p

    I forwarded most of it.

  • Persian fighter
    Persian fighter

    First of all Emily is one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen. I like this actress but this character is just horrible and every time she smiles, I wanna punch her in the face. All she does is being ignorant about everything and stupidly smile. I honestly just was excited about the show because I was hoping I could work on my French. I thought maybe this show could make it easier. I was wrong because everyone was so mad about her not knowing french, then everyone speaks perfect English even when she's not around. The only interesting thing about this show is Gabriel and his girlfriend who is in every way so glamorous and loveable, that I can't hope for Emily to get with Gabriel as you should because she is the main character. But they're trying to downplay the whole cheating thing. Both Emily and Gabriel are both so horrible for cheating on this amazing girl. Very lovely character. Except of course when she brings her home to meet her brother. That whole episode was sooo stupid. The whole Anton/his wife/ Silvie thing is so horrible too. Imagine having so much money and great actors yet not bothering to get better writers to make better content. Such a pity.

  • sourlemon1 -Instagram
    sourlemon1 -Instagram

    "She can start her own religion" 😂

  • daisy is best girl
    daisy is best girl

    So this is why everybody doesn't like America

  • S.b.s Chandel
    S.b.s Chandel

    Lite version of the devil wears prada😑

  • groooah

    6:50 I still feel like he was mocking her. In a passiv aggressiv way.

  • marianadr07

    My mom watched this show and i saw some of it all I remember from it was that eveeyone had s3x with eachother

  • Fudge Cake
    Fudge Cake

    And once again, typical Americans making stereotypical shows about other cultures, and I am not even French. Can we not give this a good backlash? This is AS pathetic as blackfishing. France is so beautiful, if I made a show about that, this is NOT how Id make it.

    • Charles

      Thank you :D

  • rolo polo
    rolo polo


  • Daphne_488

    1. That actress keeps flopping. I'm amazed she still gets roles. 2. Why are they always cheating involved in rom-com?! What happened to "do no harm"?

  • issa Flowers
    issa Flowers

    Can you do Bridgerton

  • Louise Herrou
    Louise Herrou

    1:05 As a French person, I have to say... This awfully accurate x)

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe

    Why would you not bother to learn anything about France, especially the language? You don't have to be perfect, but speaking from experience, most French people will appreciate it if you at least greet them with a "bonjour" and attempt to speak French because it means you tried to fit in. I've had waitresses teach me how to ask for my meal in French just for the fun of it. It's polite, and at least you don't look like some arrogant tourist who thinks everyone should automatically speak English because it's "the right way."

  • bluecherry456

    From someone who lived in Paris for a time: where is the rain!!!!

  • samer clash
    samer clash

    The only good thing in the show the hot guy France the neighbour

  • Maria Andrade
    Maria Andrade

    It's painful watch this show. Emily is one of cringiest self entitled characters that i've ever been presented to. Also Lily Collins poor acting skills doesn't make it any better (worse actually, she makes Emily even more detestable with her Disney Channel-ish kind of acting).

  • kateri beason
    kateri beason

    literally all you do is call shows dumb or weird, i now that's your opinion and you have a right to that but its the same titles over and over and over again. could you maybe do something more original pls. im sorry if this hurt your feelings, merry Christmas and happy new year

    • Yasmeen Miloua
      Yasmeen Miloua

      Well I mean its kind of his thing I guess. He has made videos with more positive titles like his Jane the Virgin video. But I think in the end its all kind of a joke. But to be fair a lot of the shows and movies he reviews are pretty dumb

  • --

    I’m French and omg this show is so « cliché », French people aren’t like that at all... It’s full of stereotypes, the main character is so annoying, she’s like « haha American are way better than French » she doesn’t respect French culture at all...

  • Loughlin Pagnucci
    Loughlin Pagnucci

    0:50 I get the message, but an engineering degree will lead to good jobs.

  • Smart Stuf
    Smart Stuf

    You’d think nowadays that Americans would realize that the rest of the world is not like them and thats ok right?

  • Amber Grey
    Amber Grey

    Took me forever to watch this show mostly cause of the trailer that is so cringey! The writers romanticized cheating in this show! Btw I finished watching the show uyesterfsay and I wish I never did! Emily is so disrespectful and she won’t even try to adapt and learn French! My favorite character is Slyvie because she’s more mature and not very idealistic! Emily sees Paris as Romantic, which most popular cities are romanticized (eg NYC) Emily said that Paris looks like “Ratatouille” ya know the fake animated movie!?! I didn’t like it at all!

  • Sheradyn Whitehead
    Sheradyn Whitehead

    Yeah this movie does not make any sense

  • Vera Asia
    Vera Asia

    You should do "how i met your mother"

  • c_triathlon

    I actually liked it

  • B A
    B A

    1:00 thats not a joke thats true

  • ____

    It's funny how the hot main guys all have an american accent

  • LB DJ
    LB DJ

    1:00 Dead 😂😂😂

  • Kolby Sholly
    Kolby Sholly

    since when is that a thing that “the french are masters of social media”

  • Lizzy jka
    Lizzy jka

    I found it frustrating that all the characters speak english to accommodate for her but we never see her do the same for them and how one minute she doesn't want to do anything with Gabriel but then the next still does it and were supposed to be understanding of her and Gabriel going behind Camille back instead of handling it like adults (Just my opinion and sorry if I got their names wrong)

  • Hinoiri

    how do someone who's career is to work in social media management only has 40 followers? I had more than that just adding people from school? On the bright side it makes me feel better about my aspirations for social media management lol

  • juniper

    "depressed. but creative sometimes" thats me right there

  • The scary cat
    The scary cat

    man, emily in Paris is so bad, it really do looks like a show in 1960s, IT LOOKS LIKE A ANTI FRENCH/EUROPEAN PRO AMERICAN PROPAGANDA, LIKE THE SCENE OF THE "OH YOU SWITH DATES" AND THEN THE GUY JUST "NO U" IS THE ONLY BEST THING OF THE SHOW, I love lily collins, I think she is an amazing actress, I just really cant believe she took this role that is cringe and disgusting

  • Phoebe Gordon
    Phoebe Gordon

    PLEASE make a playlist of all your videos that feature "Big Ol' Red Flags"

  • Queen of Nevers
    Queen of Nevers

    Is it just me or anyone else is also disturbed by her acting? It always feels like she's on the edge of a mental break.

  • Charlotte Sherlock
    Charlotte Sherlock

    I think it's okay because (to me) it doesn't glorify her behaviour, it shows she's wrong and a lot of the time she is intruding, whilst other times it shows she is actually good at her job. Later in the series there are more stuff with Gabriel the insanely attractive neighbor and yeah it's pretty cheesy-romcomesque but overall I think it's not as shit as it looks

  • Silly Rabbit
    Silly Rabbit

    The show itself.... should never be watched, however this channel...... is worth watching i have never laughed so hard since Honest Trailer.

  • Jonathan Cln
    Jonathan Cln

    I'm french and I actually love this show

  • Lozzatron

    Can I just- the perfume- you don't spritz a whole bunch, you spritz once and gently press it onto your other wrist

  • Anna Rubin
    Anna Rubin

    OMG after listening to some critique about this show I thought to watch an episode...I had to turn it off after 20 minutes...I can't. The line 'American Eyes and Ears..." how arrogant can you get. Like only Americans can safe the day...It is just so embarrassing.

  • Amaan Mohamed
    Amaan Mohamed

    Americans really think they are the best...

  • Mahika Rao
    Mahika Rao

    Sorry but like Emily is so unlikeable. I found her so annoying throughout the whole show 🤣

  • Eddie A
    Eddie A

    "totally average guy batting way out of his league" at this point we're approaching a cultural consensus where 90% of guys aren't good enough to date the 'top' 30% of women luls

  • Samaira Sood
    Samaira Sood

    Bruh why are u hating on every show and film... You try making a show/film huh? Let's see you try and make the cut. Dumbass like who asked? Opinions matter but it's different from criticizing everything. It's a light show made for entertainment purposes. Periodt.👅

    • Its Jessie
      Its Jessie

      Pathetic shit

    • Its Jessie
      Its Jessie

      Don’t watch it then

    • tendous Nike eyebrow
      tendous Nike eyebrow

      Nobody loves you

    • tendous Nike eyebrow
      tendous Nike eyebrow

      It bloody joke

  • wish upon a dream
    wish upon a dream

    The cast is excellent, the fashion is lovely and it’s in Paris. The series itself is utter shit. I do not believe there was no one else at her company who could speak French and go in her boss’ stead - if an American had to go tell a French company how to run their social media in the first place. It’s a disappointment because I love Lily and looked forward to this series.

  • Lecintel

    Lily Collins, her name is, right? I think she is liked a lot for her role in Snowhite, but her choice of roles is pretty questionable, always pretty pictures without substance, but I guess she has pretty eyebrows and that popular now modern look and still that role as Snowhite going for her. I mean she I guess read the scenario of this stupid tv show, but well.

  • Mateo Elhard
    Mateo Elhard

    that bit about being the gifted child was like a hammer bashing through the fucking coffin. almost made me cry. goddammit.

  • lygia isabelle
    lygia isabelle


  • Blue Echo
    Blue Echo

    THE stupidest show I've ever heard about😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ruoshui Liu
    Ruoshui Liu

    That's like saying: I work at an electrical company, and since Edison was American, it means I'm better and more qualified than foreign engineers! just *no*

  • Ruoshui Liu
    Ruoshui Liu

    Emily in Paris is some weird American Propaganda show that for some reason hates all other races

  • Youbabe YouYou
    Youbabe YouYou

    Love your comments 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious

  • A Lee
    A Lee

    "Americans invented social media so I know more than you" said Emily on her first day to a group of experienced professionals.

    • That person
      That person

      Who invented it has usually nothing to do with competences, the person that invented the first principles of maths isn't better than any average adult nowadays.

  • Viola Bianchi
    Viola Bianchi

    I love Emily in Paris but I love you more so I am gonna watch this video ✌️

  • Laura Kindle
    Laura Kindle

    Who goes to Europe and doesn't do a basic search for "10 things you should know before going to Europe?" The plug in issue would be on there. Also who goes to France, doesn't know the language, and doesn't even bother to buy (at the least) a phrase book.

  • Sabrina Raisya
    Sabrina Raisya

    Stop Judging Movies. U Can’t Even Make Movies as Good as These :)

  • Steve Zissou
    Steve Zissou

    Where's Bruh Man 5th floor?

  • hello

    5:36 "Why are you shouting?" No, really. Why is she shouting?

  • Molly Morningstar
    Molly Morningstar

    She must be fairly messed up in the head to be taking pictures of other people's kids in the park and posting them on social media. Aren't there some rules of decency or laws against that?

  • V victory
    V victory

    That dude reminds me of Donald Trump 3:42

  • My life is boring :D
    My life is boring :D

    After finished watching this show, I hate that my impression towards French is only having bad attitude with the cheating, insulting (which is not entirely true) and Emily seems so entitled. I don't know. This show makes me feel uncomfortable 😂

  • Khanh Huynh
    Khanh Huynh

    Emily is so poorly behaved I know my 12 year old pubescent cousin can behave better

  • Jovana

    I despise Emily with every cell in my body.

  • For Hax
    For Hax

    *"All she needs to do is take a picture of her face and foot and she can basically start her own religion"* xD

  • PrincessKLS

    They should do a show from a European perspective. Like a European goes to America and tries to implement their culture into the American culture.

  • Imane Zayani
    Imane Zayani

    I speak French sooooooo That’s weird

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    7:04 Hittin too close to home. lol 😅 I wanna ask if you're ok, but now I'm also asking myself if I'm okay. Personally I think the boyfriend was more attractive than her. Also, I'm confused by the power outage because I don't think I've ever seen one of those "massagers" that wasn't battery powered. 7:21 Holy shit, I forgot Ugly Betty existed. Maybe you should do that show?

  • Cameron Abba
    Cameron Abba

    Americans really believe they the superior country 😂😂😂 America isn’t even a country 😂😂😂

    • Cameron Abba
      Cameron Abba

      @Curie Thota USA is a country “UNITED STATES of America” americas a continent

    • Curie Thota
      Curie Thota

      It is a country..

  • Melissa Tan
    Melissa Tan

    I see so many mean comments and I am so shocked. I also moved to Paris when I was 19 and I can agree that Parisian people are the most rude people I have ever met. There is nothing that validates the way they bully the people that doesn't know everything about their culture. What Emily shows is how it is to be a human being with flaws. In fact she is HERSELF and she is owning it.

    • Charles

      Are you gonna post the same comment on every Emily in Paris related videos? I was born and raised in Paris suburbs and we're in no way different than your average Jo. If you were involved with shitty individuals during your stay and stuck with them, it's on you. Paris is a 11 million hab area, not some Disney movie set. Plenty of expats are enjoying their stay.

  • Jungwook Park
    Jungwook Park

    I only watched this for Lily Collins and for the memories from traveling to Paris last year. If it was Emily in Seoul, she would be a BTS ARMY hanging out with kpop idols and everyone dressing and styling like BTS. Oh and also French people never speak English to each other. Obvious this was done so Americans won’t need subtitles. French are like Korean, we only speak Korean to each other. Even if someone in our group doesn’t understand Korean, we don’t care and we will never speak English to each other.

  • Linola

    Yeah so about the president ;;; French here. He was 16 when he met her, and it was clearly illegal, but nobody seems to care ?

  • Smita Bhattacharjee
    Smita Bhattacharjee

    They renewed this show but canceled Anne with an E sigh!

  • Adxm

    The storyline may be ridiculous but this show captures the typical american behaviour quite accurately.

  • Alex

    wow i actually hate emily in paris... the worst part is seeing acquaintances unironically talk about how much they love it and how emily remind them of themselves... ummm

  • baheeeees

    I thought this show was satire??

  • A sia
    A sia

    I think you're the funniest person alive on earth, subscribed👍

  • yuval noa
    yuval noa

    What app do you use to make the character and edit everything?

  • AceDaHedgehog

    4:26 The face I make when my French teacher asks me a question out of the blue

  • Rida Iqbal
    Rida Iqbal

    I saw this show on netflix and was gonna watch it....after watching this vid maybe I have something better to do with my life...