Riverdale season 4 is already a mess...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger

      @Josnoel Gonzalez I've never heard that before, but that is really good advice for a quote so simple.

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger

      I don't even know how to react to all of that. 😂 Welp, I hope that promo code still works despite how late I am.

    • Thegamehead Jmb
      Thegamehead Jmb

      Not yet it’s still one more episode that needs to air

    • Aristo_Art

      •Banana Lover • ugh

    • Your fellow Ravenclaw
      Your fellow Ravenclaw

      Alex Meyers i don’t blame you for not liking Rive dale it’s really stupid the only good thing was about the death the rest just made no sense

  • Omar Tena
    Omar Tena

    7:49 when i saw it i said "at least the director didn't use jingle jangle and put a space rocket"

  • Maria Loiacono Cuzzuol
    Maria Loiacono Cuzzuol

    Alex: Someone who owns that many polo shirts has got to be up to something Me: Oh no dad

  • Mirette Grace
    Mirette Grace

    Ok the plot twist the hotel there all held captive at ( I think there held captive idk its riverdale) but the hotel there all held at is actually THE TIPTON... idk

  • Mirette Grace
    Mirette Grace

    Ok so lukes death was very sad and archives dad being dead in the show makes it worse BUT this really dint help the plot like AT ALL * I mean there really wasn't a plot in the first place but ya know

  • Lizdabest

    Theory ,none of this is real from season 2-4 its just part of Jugheads story

  • Shanni Elgarat
    Shanni Elgarat

    " Dude's dressed up like Evil Knievel building the rocket in a motel" Me: Just another typical day in Riverdale am I right?

  • _Dinner _Winner_
    _Dinner _Winner_

    SPOLIERS Bruh what even is the farm- why do they need SO many organs- dose Evelyn not have any organs...... *the fuck*

  • Jada Rose
    Jada Rose

    Alex: Cause anyone who owns that many polo shirts has to be up to something Me, who goes to a school with a uniform: 👁 👄 👁

  • Ryukos little pogchamp
    Ryukos little pogchamp


  • girlontheedge

    I would point out that Molly ringwald is slumming it in this shows, but she was in secret life of an American teenager soooo

  • Olivia Boyette
    Olivia Boyette

    Okay as soon as I got to the rocket scene I was like No 🤣and came straight to LV-home and searched for this

  • DaTridentLife

    Alex Meyers is the Robin to Cinema Sins's Batman

  • Johnny Trotter
    Johnny Trotter

    I left on episode 1 so I’m completely new here

  • Hayley French
    Hayley French

    The thing with the rocket though is a lot,if not all cult leaders appear charismatic and charming and then once they have all of the love and trust of the members,then reveal their batshit crazy plans. This is actually quite in line with how it goes. ‘We are a loving group who support each other and look after each other!’ ‘Oh ok I’ll join!’ ‘Oh yeah we are gonna take some organs and my wife is gonna drive you off a cliff and if you object we will throw you to the curb and kill your family 🥰🥰🥰🥰’ ‘oh......that’s.....well shit’


    Given how strict Mr. Honey is I’m surprised he didn’t tell Jughead to take off his hat! I would have liked to see that happen just to get Jughead’s reaction especially given that even when he’s in a uniform at Stonewall he never takes it off! My guess is that Jughead would refuse and than Honey would have had words with him about disobeying the rules and depending on how far things went maybe Honey would suspend him until he listened. Though I think if that had happened FP would have a different reaction to this demand than he did when Jughead refused to take off his jacket in Season Two, in fact I think he would side with Jughead and fight for his boy to be able to keep his hat on. This is all theoretical of course but it still would have been interesting to see in my opinion!


    I find how calmly and quietly Edgar talks very unsettling, He doesn’t really get angry or yell, he just talks really slowly and quietly before taking off in his rocket! Dude is weird AF!

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    I love your vids. This was hilarious. Thank you.

  • Daisy Ortiz
    Daisy Ortiz

    You know honestly my brother (who is 5) has been watching riverdale with me, and he has been guessing what will happen he said rocket at the end of season 3, oh dear god, he had better ideas though

  • s t i n k y
    s t i n k y

    what happened to hug head literally dying in the season 3 finale??

  • taegi ships
    taegi ships

    When he mentioned edgars rocket I never realized how dumb that was until now lol

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk


  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    Theory: Whenever the writers don't have a place to have the characters talk they just put them half naked in a bed

  • シHello

    Jughead and betty are step siblings.........

  • Avery M
    Avery M

    Has anyone noticed that Edgar is Tristan from Gilmore girls?

  • M P
    M P

    I tried to watch S4 but I couldn't get past it so i'm just gonna watch your videos instead cause I still wanna know what happens lol

  • Alessia

    The old principal's name was Waldo Weatherbee? Me thinking to myself: Where's waldo at?

  • Chocolate Cone
    Chocolate Cone

    Alex is the most closeted person I know

  • Juan Ren
    Juan Ren

    Happy early Halloween!!!🥳

  • QueenBer

    They made Cheryl so crazy in season four I loved her so muchhh

  • J. Bill Rivera
    J. Bill Rivera

    My mans did Robert Stewart dirty lol

  • marshadow is the best
    marshadow is the best

    Plot twist: only the first season happened The other 3 seasons was jughead writing because he was hired by Netflix to do a series

  • Frupi 06
    Frupi 06


  • Valeria Limon
    Valeria Limon

    6:52 im dying 💀💀💀

  • foofoo1k

    I love this show

  • O H S A N G W O O
    O H S A N G W O O

    The writers of Riverdale are just writing a FanFic of their own show


    just to mention........ wut means anger in german

  • Andrew Nugent
    Andrew Nugent

    Was I the only one hoping Jughead and Cheryl would put aside their differences and become friends in Season 3?

  • Jada Emmanuel
    Jada Emmanuel

    i can not believe the actor of fred died

  • 2009

    Archie gon look old af when he hit 27 with all that stress she be going through

  • Isabella DiPaola
    Isabella DiPaola

    Wait there was no song about Archie's abb's

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Boba Tee
    Boba Tee

    Honestly it’s satisfying to watch this show and Remember I’m not the dumbass who wrote it

  • Princess Matthew
    Princess Matthew

    Riverdale is To TV shows What Trisha Paytas is to LV-homes


    Did he just said the red circle 🔴 that was like in season 2

  • Babydrarry

    5:57 also it's title is Moby-dick...so 🤣

  • Glitter Girl
    Glitter Girl

    Alice: Evelyn is going to drive the bus while he... Takes off in his rocket. Me: well ladies and gentlemen, Riverdale has officially jumped the shark

  • Elhison M
    Elhison M

    The memorial episode was the most emotional thing❤❤. Ruined by Archies outbreaks and vigilante stuff!

  • Olethea Mataragnon
    Olethea Mataragnon

    I cried so much in the 1st episode

  • Zain uwu
    Zain uwu

    I cried so much in the first episode 😔😔

  • Deepanshu kr
    Deepanshu kr

    i think RAS is testing that how far can his imagination go and his imagination is going far far away but in the wrong direction with bath salts everywhere

  • Strawberry Royale
    Strawberry Royale

    thx for this vid now i dont have to waste more hours to watch this very long tv show

  • daniyah alzahrani
    daniyah alzahrani

    fred actually died in real life

  • Two Mini Angels
    Two Mini Angels

    Edgar EVERNEVER? Are the writers of this show like 5?!

  • Aneesa Malik
    Aneesa Malik

    mommykins daddykins archiekins veronicakins jugheadkins bettykins cherylkins tonikins

  • Rhozan Arsyalik
    Rhozan Arsyalik

    jughead: faking his death archie: goes to prison veronica: has a casino at her 17 hiram: has a drug empire edgar: haha rocket goes brrrr

  • LorcanPlaysGames

    *When cheryls corpse brother hasn’t rotted even tho it’s been 3 years , yeah riverdale you really outdid yourself there*

  • Who's asking
    Who's asking

    i loved season 4 episode 1. i hated almost every moment of riverdale, but this was different. He dies a normal death, theres no murder, no strings attached. They fact that the guy was covering for his kid was so sad. There was no cringey writing, the characters dealt with it in a normal way

  • marti

    7:59 vanessas face is just like “GET ME OUT OF HERE PLEASEE”

  • marti

    aNd aLl tHaT jAzZ

  • Joel Mathew
    Joel Mathew

    I love the humour!😂😂😂

  • Long hair Don't care
    Long hair Don't care

    Literally no one ever: RiVeRdAlE iS sO rElAtAbLe!

  • Nabeela Fatima
    Nabeela Fatima

    😂😂😂😂idk what I am laughin at anymore...the story or his review 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joanne Markov
    Joanne Markov

    Wait... So back in season 2 when the principal’s corpse was found in the closet, they could have said “WHERE’S WALDO?”

  • Potato Potata
    Potato Potata

    At 3:59 when mr honey says replace ment is it only me that is sounds like he has a lisp

  • Vampire.diaries_originals /Twilight
    Vampire.diaries_originals /Twilight

    I was drinking coffee and had to keep putting it down because I was laughing

  • Doris Roberts
    Doris Roberts

    How aren’t Jughead and Betty freaked out that their dead brother is a FBI agent?

  • Kaitlin

    I'm honestly shocked there were no references to Chad Michael Murray being a teen heartthrob or whatever in the early 2000s in any of these videos

  • Chamomile

    I was watching all of riverdale from the back (have only watched 5 episodes before that) and now im afraid to ruin the fact i love riverdale by watching season 3 and 4 cuz 1 and 2 were great.

  • Zama Ngcobo
    Zama Ngcobo

    What the hell is the writers of Riverdale even trying to do

  • aliyah

    I need Alex to do a face reveal

  • Gabbie Logan
    Gabbie Logan

    I think it's crazy how people actually think like this show is serious about not being serious. Like. It's literally for teenagers. AND ITS A TV SHOW. Nobody even pays attention. Tv is just so you can relax, or try to at least

  • Gabbie Logan
    Gabbie Logan

    My favorite episode of Riverdale in general is s4 ep1. I'm so happy they dedicated an entire episode to how amazing Luke and Fred were. He deserves it. Rip Luke you're missed 💔❤️

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Does someone else Also notice that the teacher in jugheads new school is the Bad guy in súpergirl season 4

  • Lilyana T. Acharya
    Lilyana T. Acharya

    RIP Luke Perry. You were way too good for this show.

  • Kaitlandia

    Did anybody else notice in his more recent videos the animation of the girl I’m assuming his gf is just gone....

  • sandysue228

    I legit have been laughing for 10 minutes over the whole rocket bit. And the comment about they're trying to make Riverdale as insane as possible just to see how many people still watch, probably isn't far off. OMG Where do they even get these ideas?! Not sure if its genius or just completely insane.

  • AdaliaNL

    I’m trying to figure out how Edgar is going to survive a rocket landing without any other equipment.

  • AdaliaNL

    If you read the fan theories it’s like the writers are taking notes. It’s very messy and random. I only watch it for Cheryl and Jughead.

  • Mofelola esther AJAYI
    Mofelola esther AJAYI

    wait so if jughead is dead, who was the autopsy performed on

  • Random2Thingz

    You know they do say everything good ends so I guess we are stuck watching Riverdale

  • Guy who plays games
    Guy who plays games


  • Moe Beauty
    Moe Beauty

    1:50 Immmmm deadddddd

  • iifxtimxhii

    Who watchin season 1 with me? Season 3&4 are...

  • Wangxian gives me lyphe
    Wangxian gives me lyphe


  • B E A N S
    B E A N S

    I was watching this video while falling asleep and I was kinda deluded so I woke up this morning thinking this show won’t be as weird as I thought it was. I was very wrong

  • Kiki Essilfie
    Kiki Essilfie


  • Ace On IceYT
    Ace On IceYT

    1:34 you’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, truck... DOWWW

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich

    Why does everything act like Cheryl is ok? She literally has mental issues.

  • Not So Sleep-E Joe
    Not So Sleep-E Joe

    Luke Perry saved this show dead or alive this man was a legend and still is. May he rest in peace.

  • Ailany Castillo
    Ailany Castillo

    In my opinion.... the rocket kinda ruined it.

  • Denecia December
    Denecia December

    Does Archie remind anyone else of Stefan Salvatore?🤔

  • Denecia December
    Denecia December

    Does Archie remind anyone else of Stefan Salvatore?🤔

  • Kes Art1
    Kes Art1

    Alex’s drawings are on point

  • gabzy


  • virginia claret ayala villalobos
    virginia claret ayala villalobos

    I would be cool if you made another video about vampire diaries since there are like 8 seasons

  • Rujhat Omer
    Rujhat Omer

    I rather have 13 great episodes like season one than have 20+ ass episodes like season 2 3 and 4

  • Katie

    1:50 omg literally thooooo

  • LaVenezolanitaGamer

    Theory: this is all Jughead a novel that has his name on it

  • txrquoiise

    Plot twist: the reason why jughead was narrating since the beginning of season 1 is because none of this actually happened and this was a story jughead was writting