why does everyone like On My Block so much?
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
The Society doesn't make any sense...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
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  • frederic emam-zade
    frederic emam-zade

    Why does that one kid have such baggy eyes and he kinda looked like a mature housewife

  • Joseph plays
    Joseph plays

    So relatable

  • Kayla Karamel
    Kayla Karamel

    I only watch it for Jasmine.

  • Brytan William
    Brytan William

    thumbnail: why does everryone like on my block so much “i can see why everyone like this show so much”

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez

    5:38 I literally lost it 💀😭

  • Oscar Nies
    Oscar Nies

    Your animations are straight cringe

  • Vuerixla

    OMB is the best show, The last episode was so hard for everyone who loves it dearly(me) to watch because we never skipped and we felt like we grew up with them and seeing it end was so hard. I cried so hard and i watched it 696567674745744 times again. I love the show cant wait till season 4.

  • alp yoip
    alp yoip

    Cuz its good

  • Just Playing Around
    Just Playing Around

    Let me say I just watched the whole 3 season and I’m depressed

  • Martini.68

    best show ever period

  • SLAYER BossGod
    SLAYER BossGod

    Spread the word of God and Gospel ✝️🙏

  • Raichu753 Siordia
    Raichu753 Siordia

    You should watch daredevil it's great

  • N1ck ッ
    N1ck ッ

    When he said: *Monse, if you were a girl...* Her: *I am a girl- Him: *But if you were a girl like THAT*.... BIG OOF \_(OwO)_/

  • washed

    I really hate how Monse talks, it sounds really scripted and she talks super fast 70% of the time

  • A Random person
    A Random person


  • emma_claire

    “The whole gang just rolls up” Music starts playing: Me: *chokes on laughter*

  • Anđela Zdravković
    Anđela Zdravković

    5:36 No one expected that hehe

  • Joaquina Lee
    Joaquina Lee

    You should do the Percy Jackson movies

  • Geenies stepsis
    Geenies stepsis

    They do nothing cuz they don’t wanna get caught lacking

  • william

    Go pay be u this office on on 2 washing of do of do is do youhave a time to go to the store or something else or something else 😜😜😜😜😜😝😝 though I have a good idea of do you want to go to a good place to go to the store ☺️☺️😜😜☺️☺️☺️☺️ gggghh have a good day today love you too 😘😘 he is so happy to be with us on the road 😊😊😊 to go to the store ☺️☺️ gggghh have hfdggggghhtgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh day today so I have to be with you are you to the store ☺️☺️😉😊😊 he is a good idea to go to the store ☺️

    • william

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    • william

      I can't

    • william


    • william


    • william


  • Sara Singh
    Sara Singh

    Jasmine and Jamal were the most underrated characters. They were ostracized by their friends, constantly treated badly but yet were the first ones willing to help their friends.

  • Sara Singh
    Sara Singh

    "you know who cares about my gpa? NO ONE" BROOO if this aint accurate

  • Isabelle Nagle
    Isabelle Nagle

    I don't know what to say

  • Meltedtiger 927
    Meltedtiger 927

    all american

  • Jordan Forrester
    Jordan Forrester

    I found mozzarella sticks, my true love, way before highschool lol

  • Rikkilover17

    I liked the show but i got really annoyed by how much time was given to the relationship of Cesar and Monse instead of like Jamal and whats going on with him. Like homeboy finds money that was considered a myth and his friends only cared enough to use the money for their own uses then went back to treating him like crap. He got a random gf, and then went into football DESPITE his initial character personality was hating football. That and the super creepy 14 year olds having sex and a 19 year old wanting to get at a 14 year old girl that barely just went through puberty. The only reason its not "creepy" is because you know all these characters are adults but had an actual 14 year old in this role and everyone would have a fit. Dont even get me started on that dead end of a "Selena" storyline

  • tiyana taylor
    tiyana taylor

    3:15 Can we just talk about how uncomfortably high her cross arms are-

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson

    you should do Netflix's eurovision

  • Lyin' Little Abortion
    Lyin' Little Abortion

    Not gonna lie- Ruby and Abuelita are my favourite characters- oh and Jasmine-

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Stephanie Nammuli
    Stephanie Nammuli

    They got a hmmmm and a hmmmmmm and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!

  • Beautifully Kayla
    Beautifully Kayla

    It’s nice not seeing an all white cast on Netflix that’s why I love this show

  • Kimiya B
    Kimiya B

    I feel like I would like the show more if jasmine was not a character

  • Julia H
    Julia H

    Chicago Pd

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez

    It’s literally how I grew up lol

  • Street Dancing
    Street Dancing

    How this guy makes high school sound like its not deep he so chilled out

  • Michelle Catoe
    Michelle Catoe

    do the movie divergent PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shamoya Davidson
    Shamoya Davidson

    😂😂😂so nobody gone talk about olivia?

  • dannaification

    Thank you for recognizing that you cannot relate to the main themes of this show and thus not commenting critically on those things. I loved season one but season two disappointed 😩

  • haifa albawi
    haifa albawi

    People like on my block so much because they can som what relate to it. There is also a vary far amount of plot tweets Between the 3 season. Of the show

  • Annabelle Ekeocha
    Annabelle Ekeocha

    5:38 always has me rolling😂😂

  • Ari Aesthetic
    Ari Aesthetic


  • Ace

    **reading through the list at the beginning** WAIT HE HASN'T WATCHED VIOLET EVERGARDEN- I mean, I get that that isn't really his thing, but it's such a good show! If you haven't watched it, you definitely should. ALSO before anybody gets into the age difference between Violet and Gilbert, that was normal back in the time the show it set in. And, by the end of it, Violet does love him I guess (the whole show is basically her finding out what love is and stuff, so) and she's of age so she can love him. ANYWAY JUST WANTED TO SHARE

  • Madeleine A.B
    Madeleine A.B

    0:40 most relatable thing ever lol!

  • Rune stone
    Rune stone



    The actor who plays jasmine played willow in the show liv and maddie I can tell from the voice even though I haven't seen this show

  • Ms.Terrifying Scary Tales
    Ms.Terrifying Scary Tales

    The reason I like it was because it was a show with black and Latina people, and was a good representation of hood life. Plus I just like it.

  • Pandulse123

    High school is, for the most part, is just ordinary, uneventful students. Like going to the movies with my kewl friends was always the highlight. There might be students who get to party sure. However, you can party whenever really. Or don't. Maybe you realize partying isn't your thing anyway.


    5:40 aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's Golden Wind

  • Zoel Ismail
    Zoel Ismail

    Highschool is trash and nothing like highschool musical biggest disappointment of my life

  • Binky Smith
    Binky Smith

    am commenting before watch I swear the best show ever you don't like it I'm done

  • Mia Plays
    Mia Plays

    I only watch this because Jazmine Jamal and Ruby

  • black clover fan
    black clover fan

    Please make a Video about Liv and Maddie

  • Solar Liquid
    Solar Liquid

    me when i saw this video (Whats On My Block?)

  • Knowledge Reyes
    Knowledge Reyes

    This show sucks ass fake ass banger fool using his sisters eyebrow pluckers

  • Sophie Benson
    Sophie Benson

    shorturl.ca/cams12cumsh0txxx එය නියම කර ඇති මුල්ම ආසන්නතම ප්‍රවේශ සීමාවට වඩා ඉදිරියට යාම ප්‍රතික්ෂේප කළේය

  • Hisui Owls
    Hisui Owls

    Hey did you guys hear the Cassies sisters friends brothers friends sisters aunts daughters friend kissed brads uncles sisters students friend over summer???

  • Sara AD
    Sara AD

    You rock!

  • Coco_Butter

    I literally liked everyone on the show except Monse and Ceasar... Monse needs to stop being problematic and Ceasar is just a liability

  • Austin Gaul
    Austin Gaul

    the sellp over

  • vellichxrry

    Jamal: Ceaser said you let him hit it. Alex: **Plays dramatic music** Me: what? **recites what Jamal just said** you... let... him... hit-oooohhhhh

  • 光 l u zG a i a 光
    光 l u zG a i a 光

    No one: Jasmin: I LiKe tHe fReAkY

  • Isabella Cortes
    Isabella Cortes

    Im just mad that the casted a white trump supporter.

  • Liz 05
    Liz 05

    On my block is amazing I don’t know what u talking about. Ig Someone didn’t get laid 💀

  • Tristan Montengro
    Tristan Montengro

    6:50 wish you said, oh they really did the this and that. The devils tango with you awesome voice. OK that was weird reading it again

  • Lucy Falcone
    Lucy Falcone

    Omg Alex should have ten million subs

  • Chey Lin
    Chey Lin

    I didn’t like Caesar 😔

  • Bianca Isabel
    Bianca Isabel

    Why can I relate to Alex on such a deep level

  • eliza mackey
    eliza mackey

    who wants him to do stranger things

  • Elainel Morel
    Elainel Morel

    You HAVE to watch and do a review on shows on Hooked Tv

  • Over The Rainbow Edits
    Over The Rainbow Edits

    jasmine is the whole show

  • Jaraad Hudson
    Jaraad Hudson

    I just finished on my block and its good

  • Still Here
    Still Here

    5:37 somebody frickin kill me

  • logan gacha queen
    logan gacha queen

    At the end of the show jasmine changed so much it wasn't her

  • Lala Mwango
    Lala Mwango

    Jasmine: soon monsie ur gonna look like this Alex: Is that a threat Lmao!!!!

  • Ge0rge

    Because it’s a good show

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog

    do love victor ive never watched it but my friend has she says its good but do love victor

  • Sakura Tree
    Sakura Tree

    Can you do stranger things

  • Wonkyun _
    Wonkyun _

    Ngl, most of your videos are super funny but this one was definitely a "I have no idea what to say so I'm just ranting over anything to get those 10 minutes". Kinda sad since I wanted to listen to real thoughts even if you couldn't relate to it 100%

  • JiminAlphaMaleTOP

    Monse makes always strange faces... like it's kinda unconfortable to watch, expecially when she cries lol. No offence tho

  • Samantha Mundel
    Samantha Mundel

    My favorite part: The gnomeys

  • welcome to my world
    welcome to my world


  • rach Najdi
    rach Najdi

    Is it just me or was Ruby the most annoying person during season three? He annoyed me so much more than usual and I liked how Monse finally got away from all the Drama the boys caused her.

  • Avidicci

    6:55 had me

  • Dude Why
    Dude Why

    I mean parties are lame. I like being with people, but I can take or leave them. I’m a senior in college and I couldn’t care less about whether a bunch of people are getting totally hammered when I can drink with my roommates in my pajamas at home and watch LV-home. The “best years of my life” are still happening without this stuff. I get it’s a teen show and teens really care about this stuff, but, like you said, later in life no one cares or will even ask lol.

  • BroThisGameTrash YT
    BroThisGameTrash YT

    They got way too old actors are we supposed to believe that they’re going to high school they look like they’re like 17

  • Meg Kooi
    Meg Kooi

    on my block was good at first. but then.. uh it got TERRIBLE

  • A Normal Weeb
    A Normal Weeb

    I feel like ruby, Jamal and abuelita could carry the show lol

  • Osazi Al Khaliq
    Osazi Al Khaliq

    Acting was so bad. I really tried. I just couldn't.

  • Cherry Senpai
    Cherry Senpai

    You are socially aware and considerate and I appreciate that a lot.

  • Averie Miller
    Averie Miller

    It's the representation and humour

  • Yadhu Zzz
    Yadhu Zzz

    FUN FACT This video has more views than on my block trailer😐

  • non ya
    non ya

    I was doubting that show was pretty good had me lmao most of the time drmama comedy shit really cheesy at times?

  • Amanda Does
    Amanda Does

    he should do day break sorry if i spelled that wrong

  • BingoPlus

    I just love the relationship roller coaster that Monse and Ceaser have!

  • Patricia Carrillo
    Patricia Carrillo

    0:58 why he said Monse like that? 😐

  • Fanimations

    I can relate to Ruby and his abuelita

  • LmexSicanD

    lammmeeee show

  • KLaRowe

    Y’all are we not gonna talk about how Cesar has ONE facial expression...

    • Sara Singh
      Sara Singh

      finally someone said it lmaooo

  • Cody Moore
    Cody Moore

    Pls do summer land I know it’s old but still pls do it