Cobra Kai is pretty great
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  • Silas Hemmer
    Silas Hemmer

    He said something good what

  • The one Patrick Star
    The one Patrick Star

    Me: *Uses my moms credit card to buy vbucks so I can buy the battle pass* Also me: My face at 7:55

  • Wayne Antonson
    Wayne Antonson

    don't do all parent stuff please!!!

  • Wayne Antonson
    Wayne Antonson

    do marvel o and by the way I'm going around and telling you to watch marvel its in disney

  • Matti O
    Matti O


  • Adiam Yonas
    Adiam Yonas

    I can’t breathe.. Hahaha

  • Kellan k
    Kellan k

    I love Cobra Kai the new episodes are great and the old ones

  • Karina Salgado
    Karina Salgado

    "Reeks havoc for awhile by stealing this guys girlfriend and kicking him in the face. Anyway!" Pretty much sums it up. :\

  • Timothy Cook
    Timothy Cook

    I watch Cobra Kai

  • MLJ

    Has no one else noticed how he made a video basically saying the series was bad, but now people really like it he reuploaded the video with a positive title

  • Goulzz

    Cobra Kai is probably my favourite series and The Karate kid sequel of film is my favourite sequel so Karate kid, Karate kid 2 and karate kid 3. I know there are more but I don’t personally like them.

  • Stephanie Purington
    Stephanie Purington

    Hated on my shows I hate you shows

  • Lucas Yaqouna
    Lucas Yaqouna

    2:32 wtw

  • Lucas Yaqouna
    Lucas Yaqouna

    2:31 bum

  • indigo ツ
    indigo ツ

    I go to school with miguels sister

  • Everything YouTube
    Everything YouTube

    When he adds the squeaky sound effect during fights, it's amazing.

  • Lily Aziz
    Lily Aziz

    i very happy w the title of this video

  • Stephanie Ellis
    Stephanie Ellis

    Such a good show. Daniel had a hard time in the Karate Kid movies. So I'm glad that this show was made.

  • Emily K
    Emily K

    The way this is top on my recommendation and I just finished season 2 6 minutes ago

  • ContentDude

    I cannot watch the fight scenes Normally anymore with squeaky noises 😂😂


    1:59 ad ends here

  • Mary Houston
    Mary Houston

    Do django unchanged please 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔 ☺

  • Imogen Kennedy
    Imogen Kennedy

    wHerEs mY hUg

  • Diamond Master
    Diamond Master

    NO MERCY!!!

  • Calciumbones c
    Calciumbones c

    I read the title and was like YOU ARE POGGERS COOL

  • Hadi Ahmad
    Hadi Ahmad

    i find comfort in knowing that somebody else also cringes regularly and stuff they did in middle school

  • The lamb Sauce
    The lamb Sauce

    Fun fact: my best friends uncles the og karate kid

    • The lamb Sauce
      The lamb Sauce

      @tendous Nike eyebrow he was the old karate kid just like the car guy in this

    • tendous Nike eyebrow
      tendous Nike eyebrow

      What do you mean

  • Miles Gwatidzo
    Miles Gwatidzo

    My Dad loves this movie love as well 7/10 movie but, really dude your going to say this great but say Anime has lost its way REALLY BRUH. Okay I'm done being toxic and complaining great video

  • Jill_ 057
    Jill_ 057

    Yay he says something is good

  • Jessica Peters
    Jessica Peters

    That show is way to loud

  • Alex Will
    Alex Will

    You should make a part 2

  • JudeThe_ Boob
    JudeThe_ Boob

    This show mediocre at best, idk how you guys get past that fight choreography it’s absolute cringe

  • charla anderson
    charla anderson

    back in the 80s it was 60s nostalgia. In the 90's it was 70's nostalgia. I think it's whoever is in charge with tv and movies brings back these shows from when they grew up. That and "Hollywood" seems fresh out of ideas so is recycling everything.

  • Ironwind1972

    I grew up with Karate kid, and was lucky enough to see it in the theaters. The first two movies are on my all time favorite list. But this series is too over the top and feels out of place. The fight scenes are ridiculously cheesy, and most of the actors are soo miscast it's not even funny. You can tell most of them haven't had a day's training in physical fitness, and don't know how to throw a punch. Yet they are all supposed to be these karate heroes. The constant references to Miyagi is overkill and feels forced. As much as I hate to say it, Ralph Macchios performance is very stale and disappointing, borderline cringy. Not to mention he comes off as arrogant and uppity. Unfortunately all the original actors doesn't make this feel like the original first two movies. It feels more like a power ranger interpretation of the Karate Kid. The one good thing I can say is I do like Johnny's storyline. He seems to be the best actor out of everyone. The lady who plays Daniels wife is also a good fit for her character.

  • Blitzo

    It’s Stupid that you said it is pretty’s the BEST

  • Artemis thecatfish
    Artemis thecatfish

    Johnny>>>Daniel sorry I dont make the rules

  • senor teo lol
    senor teo lol


  • Eishal Usman
    Eishal Usman

    This a sign I should watch it

  • Polly Woggy
    Polly Woggy

    Paulo Freire once said that "the oppressed becomes oppressor"

  • Dago Rodriguez Jr.
    Dago Rodriguez Jr.

    Barney Stinson would be proud

  • Caleb Montero
    Caleb Montero

    You know theres a Easter egg with megal. Hes the SAME main kid from coco

  • lemonsandsugar 13
    lemonsandsugar 13

    omg I just saw the part where johnny starts making his dojo, and I ligit thought that it said: strike first strike hard *no merch*

  • Fire

    You should do a video on season 3 wich has just come out.

  • Comerez

    I don’t know why you did this show it’s really really good in my opinion but I’m just saying that I don’t know why you did the show because it’s really good

  • Big bubz
    Big bubz

    Finally gets something right...

  • Dragon Lagann
    Dragon Lagann

    Are you going to review a certain magical index/ a certain scientific railgun/ a certain scientific accelerator. It pretty good when it come to different character POV’s in different events who know u can give it a try it might be confusing at some parts tho

  • HazinFN

    3:24 nothing like beating up teenagers Edit: nevermind he already said it

  • TheBoxheadGamer

    Daniel and Johnny are both villians and heroes. at the same time. Kind of. Actually it is.

  • Pho !
    Pho !

    3:31 So cute omgomgomg

  • phantomist gaming
    phantomist gaming

    why u draw ur dudes naked Just askin

  • twintin_

    does the music that plays in the back when he makes the 'oh no' face when the old enemies meet count as leitmotif? Sideways fans answer.

  • Silver Animations
    Silver Animations


  • SonicSpins Videos
    SonicSpins Videos

    You should do adventures in babysitting 2016 version

  • bruh

    season 3 is out now can you make season 2 video or season 3

  • KGaming


  • Kaykoa

    Wait but Daniel isn’t supposed to be the bad guy

    • Hannah Martel
      Hannah Martel

      If u watch cobra kai he wasn''t bad he did steal johnny gf so watch i u get to know johnnys side of the story

  • Sacred Soul
    Sacred Soul

    How was Daniel the bad guy in the first movie?

  • Taylor LaGrow
    Taylor LaGrow

    Bout time he likes something

  • SnakeBoy8

    0:32 this video is going to be grea- godamn it...

  • RedWhite& Blue
    RedWhite& Blue

    New season is out , I wanna see what you think of it Alex (:

  • Sosene Afeaki
    Sosene Afeaki

    *Knock on the door* Alex Meyers: "Oh, hey who are you?" Random Guy: "Oh don't worry about me, im just here to talk about *R A I D S H A D O W L E G E N D S"*

  • dawealone

    Yah you think it's cool

  • NightFall

    Everyone who says cobra Kai is a movie is dumb

  • Andrew Manansala
    Andrew Manansala

    watch full house or fuller house

  • Obviously bob
    Obviously bob


  • syra

    alex was really a "where's my hug" guy

  • shadowsearcher990

    Huh. Usually he’s saying that certain movies make no sense.

  • Khalid Mohammad
    Khalid Mohammad

    LMAO THE KIDS FACE AT THE END 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Cloudy Boi
    Cloudy Boi

    This is the best cobra Kai si good

  • Xtr3me

    Finally something that he doesn’t criticize

  • auroria

    alex i have to say i'm deeply disappointed in you. i never thought i would have to address you for this issue seeing as i expected so much more from you. i can't believe you were a "wHeRe'S mY hUg" kind of guy 😔

  • Last Hope
    Last Hope

    Why is Danielle drawn like a brown dude

  • Emmanuel Brown
    Emmanuel Brown

    It’s hard to believe he is actually speaking positively about a series or movie

  • Emmanuel Brown
    Emmanuel Brown

    For once this guy isn’t hating on a movie

  • Salma Elewa
    Salma Elewa

    7:47 was the best freaking part of this whole video

  • Chey Amelia
    Chey Amelia

    The best thing about this series is that there aren't really clear-cut heroes and villains. Both Johnny and Daniel have their flaws, which makes each episode all the better and more poetic as both of them are forced to face their fears/admit their flaws at one point or another in the series.

  • Caleb Austin
    Caleb Austin

    This mans laugh😂😂

  • Shaiane O Hara
    Shaiane O Hara

    Have you watch cobra Kai because it’s hilarious.

  • Vin Ortega Gaming
    Vin Ortega Gaming

    Alex: “Cobra Kai’s pretty good” Me: “I know huh”

  • Ali Smith
    Ali Smith

    The kid is like wt?

  • Yes I watch MLB, why?
    Yes I watch MLB, why?

    Every fan of Alex and Cobra Kai: * happy noises *

  • The Cool show
    The Cool show

    No stop ur not allowed to talk positive

  • Ryan Lewand
    Ryan Lewand

    If there weren't 2-4 ads plus your own ad per video. I would consider subscribing.

  • Nats

    I loved it! Finished it in a weekend

  • Haziq Fahmi Gaming Pro
    Haziq Fahmi Gaming Pro

    Your art style is bad

  • Vivien Ceccacci
    Vivien Ceccacci

    Alex:meet Daniel Larrusso the hero/villain of the karate kid movies DANIEL IS NOT A VILLAIN ESPECIALLY NOT IN THOSE MOVIES

  • Vivien Ceccacci
    Vivien Ceccacci

    Alex:actually says a movie is good Me: visible confusion

  • Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers
    Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers

    So When u doing a Stranger Things review alex

  • Irina Cikic
    Irina Cikic

    Why is nobody talking about his laugh?😭😭

  • Angel Guerrero
    Angel Guerrero

    The funny thing is that I have actually had sidewalk pizza and it is sad

  • Kawa no koishi
    Kawa no koishi

    my mom: tryna make me watch this show me: *hates it* me: *finds a video on it by Alex Meyers*, oh good, I found somebody to be on my side the title: Cobra Kai is pretty great me: oh.... well frick

  • TheBrandonRobertDeux

    Cobra Kai is like a live-action anime and it's fucking awesome.

  • ECLgaming

    I didn’t know Johnny Lawrence’s step-dad was Carl from Up

  • ENC.

    Never really thought of Daniel as the bad guy I always thought that Johnny was considered the bad guy. Idk


    I binged the show in like two days I love this show

  • Cret Jeng
    Cret Jeng

    Finally something we agree on

  • Ella Nejat
    Ella Nejat

    Do the bad hair day( big fan)

  • Dumma

  • Sabrina

    im very confused doesnt he hate everything lmao

  • DJ Cool
    DJ Cool

    Me: laughs in Season 3

    • RAG3 Xbox
      RAG3 Xbox

      season 3 was goated

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