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  • The Irish potato 3 And ALBOET
    The Irish potato 3 And ALBOET

    *Ohhhhhhhhhhhh* They’re singing again *MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM* (I can’t anymore, the Oscar goes to Alex Meyers)

  • Noodle

    the SECOND they said " we were so tiny.." i asked my dad to UNBIRTH ME :)

  • boogy BAnana
    boogy BAnana

    Most of the teen shows are trash

  • Zuhala Hussien
    Zuhala Hussien

    Hooooooooiiooioooo their singing again

  • Floofki

    i like how alex’s titles just get progressively worse

  • Master Kara
    Master Kara

    So was anyone else triggered or annoyed by the heaters episode because they did the songs all wrong and stuff???

  • Dionne Davis
    Dionne Davis


  • Lala Mwango
    Lala Mwango

    since alex won't say anything rude about kevin's singing, i will Me: hot garbage, just sayin

  • Liliya Tian
    Liliya Tian

    very bias

  • 171QA

    This show is trying really hard to rip off Glee once a season and failing miserably.

  • marti


  • marti

    they should end it with toni killing everyone

  • colby

    I really hope they don't do another musical episode, it makes my brain cells commit suicide.

  • Abigail Deno
    Abigail Deno

    "we were so tiny, happy and *shiny* " dafuq

  • Abigail Deno
    Abigail Deno

    "we were so tiny, happy and *shiny* " dafuq

  • AshleyAdam16

    Why are Archie and Jughead sitting on the same shitter and Betty is lurking behind them in Alex's animation?

  • Scarlett Skipper
    Scarlett Skipper

    I had to cleanse my ears with the original Heathers soundtrack.

  • Olivia Cichon
    Olivia Cichon

    Riverdale writers: Hm, it seems that the teens wouldn't want to watch this. How about...ARCHIIEEEEE'S ABBBBBBSSSSS!!!!

  • Ivonne loves food
    Ivonne loves food

    "Oh there singing again"

  • ioana Delia Blas
    ioana Delia Blas

    I really wanted Alex to comment on the singing duo Jughead and Betty. Can we be 17

  • Emily Warren
    Emily Warren

    They really needed a better choreographer. Also the amount of times they changed the words really does make me think they're a doorknob tbh.

  • truongvinh nguyendinhvTv
    truongvinh nguyendinhvTv

    jinjer pisces

  • M P
    M P

    guys, the girl that died at last year's musical was dancing next to kevin in this musical thingy

  • Heather Costanza
    Heather Costanza

    Anyone else all late becuase they had to wait for Netflix to realize it 😂

  • Heather Costanza
    Heather Costanza

    I love your videos !

  • •Funi Bunni•
    •Funi Bunni•

    riverdale sucks.

  • Cassidy Taylor
    Cassidy Taylor

    Cheryl calling Edgar a yummy snack Me: um UR LIKE HALF IS AGE LIKE HELLO UR 17 HE IS LIKE 30 Also me: he is hot isn't he

  • Jacky Chen
    Jacky Chen

    I should be doing my homework for dead week, but instead, I binge this series. U did it @Alex_Meyers lol

  • Dansabot

    The our love is god is a sunday school song I learned when I was 3.

  • techattack123

    I thought seventeen in the heathers episode was actually one of the best moments of the season. At least Cole and Lili have real chemistry and they got him to sing

    • Isabella Morales
      Isabella Morales

      But they butchered the musical.

  • Ulysse Samais
    Ulysse Samais

    could this show be even more cringe?

    • Isabella Morales
      Isabella Morales

      I want to say no, but probably

  • Elena Griffith
    Elena Griffith

    Alex: Hey what genre of TV shows do you like? Me: Sex murder and musicals. Alex: Ahhhhhhhh, you should watch Riverdale.

  • Theresa Soraire
    Theresa Soraire

    When you rewatch this video for the first time sense it came out

  • Inbal Berstein
    Inbal Berstein

    how, just HOW did this beanie-boy, less-attractive Brittany Murphy, abs-for-brains and DAdDy's girl who's probably a Trump supporter got approved for a fourth season?!?! while so many struggling shows out there are *absolute masterpieces* lacking funding!!!

    • NJGuy1973

      Veronica campaigned for Gary Johnson in 2016. You know she did.

    • Belexsis

      Veronica is DEFF NOT a trump supporter lmaooo

  • inbal

    0:35 how very teen-drama like... somehow everything random that happens *has* to involve a known character. because everyone knows teens are too dumb to be introduced to new 1-dimensional characters without getting too confused and hyperventilating🙄

  • That deppresed pan person
    That deppresed pan person

    All real heathers fans hate that episode

  • velly the activist
    velly the activist

    I think that riverdale s.1 actually happened, but once Mr. Andrews got shot Archie just went batshit fucking insane and the rest of the seasons are just Archie’s fever dreams

  • L

    3:14 That was my reaction as well. I even fast-forwarded through some of the singing.

  • Nehan Khan
    Nehan Khan

    You sold our house to the...Joneses. Thought they were Jones Betty but ok

  • anagha n
    anagha n

    heathers fans such as myself are shook

    • Lunarsky 282
      Lunarsky 282

      Anagha the Human yes same I started singing along I love the musical

  • Judah Macabee
    Judah Macabee

    It’s pure unadulterated, glorious garbage. And I love it. Thanks Alex

  • Aitana Peralta pastoriza
    Aitana Peralta pastoriza

    Me:I hate when they sing Also me:glee is one of my favourites shows🤦‍♀️😂😂

  • Helena Brandão Fernandes
    Helena Brandão Fernandes


  • Joy Bowerman
    Joy Bowerman

    Ooooooooh They’re singing agaaaaaaiiinnnn

  • astropocalypse

    2:53 I just noticed that the street background is from Mob Psycho 100. Nice.

  • Cereza Lindemann
    Cereza Lindemann


  • Melyssa Revilla
    Melyssa Revilla

    I have been watching your reviews about Riverdale and, every time, it feels like you are reviewing a different show. This thing is too messy.

  • Farbod

    I legit wanna try a musical in the middle of my school just like randomly start singing with my friends without practice to see how people react

  • Amber Howard
    Amber Howard

    When I think it's safe to take a drink of my drink..... and it's totally not! I have to pause you every sip... ahahahaha!!!!

  • Mishel Moriah
    Mishel Moriah

    i cant with the singing

  • Simone Marion
    Simone Marion

    As a Heathers Stan, this angers me. Like, REALLY angers me

  • Aakriti Sinha
    Aakriti Sinha

    I feel like Alex is lowkey into Archie

  • Helena Broderick
    Helena Broderick


  • Larrysfolklore

    I bet lili and Madeleine watch these and cry

  • Mayflowerbreeze

    So... Ru like gae 🤭

  • BabyKagome16

    Anybody else fan girled when they saw Chad Michael murray? That was the twist I appreciated lol he went back to his roots, being in a teen drama show lol

  • Addisøn

    Autotune has entered the chat

  • Satan

    i might be the demo for this show bcs when they started to sing literally anything from heathers i had a fangirl attack (tho i mean i only really watch riverdale for crack)

  • Mizzy05

    If u want a review about the singing head over to Amy Lovatt

  • rrvv jjrr
    rrvv jjrr

    6:54 at the request of NO ONE we get heathers

  • Lana Azeem
    Lana Azeem

    Chad. Michael. Murray. Thank you.

  • Jeffery Beecher
    Jeffery Beecher


  • Kenzie Koehle
    Kenzie Koehle

    3:13 k this reaction has been stuck in my head all morning, this is why I'm here 🤣

  • Wyliza&Ana Stories
    Wyliza&Ana Stories


  • Suçons

    4:37 are they wearing 3-D glasses?

  • Aidan Frei
    Aidan Frei

    Why does he always use the my hero background?


    no one's gonna talk about 3:15 ? I died XD

  • LouMelon Art
    LouMelon Art

    Does anyone have a chainsaw cause...what the? Me: NO YOU DIDN'T JUST CHANGEHED THE QUOTVEEGF

  • Debosmita Pal
    Debosmita Pal

    Chad Micheal Murray still doing teen dramas... Wow...

  • Riverdale_For.Life24

    What's your problem people this is the best show and you can't do half they can!

  • Fee

    Don’t, don’t even get me started on the heathers episode. It took me three days to watch the whole thing because it hurt too much

  • kai

    hold on...cheryl is a lesbian why is she atracted to edgar

  • gatsbyxy

    The more I watch your videos the more i want to watch this show, even trough this videos i learnt a lot.

  • *-* Gacha_Elle *-*
    *-* Gacha_Elle *-*

    What riverdale actually is:Archie’s abs 😂😂😂😂

  • Audrey Julianna
    Audrey Julianna

    a yUMMYsnAck

  • Oathkewpwr

    This feels like Sponegbob: The YT Channel And I love it

  • Arianah Prince-White
    Arianah Prince-White

    It makes sense for Kevin to be the best musical theater singer. Casey's older brother was on broadway so it must run in the family.

  • gennix

    Yo your just straight taking riverdale logos and shit and sellin em? Ain’t that like extremely illegal

  • Why Me!
    Why Me!

    They are doing another musical episode. They already butchered my 2 favorite musicals. They will not take dear Evan hansen, mean girls, or any musical that takes place in any high school

  • Why Me!
    Why Me!

    They butchered heathers. It’s my favorite musical, it didn’t ask for it but Kevin singing made me feel like a stage mom. No need to sound creepy. Our love is god is when jd kills Kurt and ram not a cultish love song. Wtf riverdale!

  • Yumi NG
    Yumi NG

    Is nobody gonna talk about how Alex trash talks Riverdale but like...PROMOTES ALL THE MERCHANDISE!!!

  • mary's world
    mary's world

    heather on riverdale? what?!

  • mary's world
    mary's world

    why is not veronica singing beautiful?!

  • The Bronx Boglehead
    The Bronx Boglehead

    Wow that snuggling with your SO and they just ask you a random question is SO relatable! Those questions hurt my brain sometimes. She’ll be like “would we have dated in high school?” “Would you sacrifice me if you were in a cult that required it?..” I don’t know!!!!

  • ItBeEm

    Uhg they had to go and ruin another perfectly good musical didnt they?

  • 582time

    So eventually they going to do Hamilton the musical right

  • Dia B
    Dia B

    Thought this up in me head JUGHEAD: WHO ATE MY FRIES 🍟 BEETY : I did? JUGHEAD: IM GOING TO FUNKING KI- *Betty looking at JUGHEAD like what JUGHEAD : kiss you and buy you some more! Great save JUGHEAD! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ajla pasagic
    ajla pasagic

    Watch midnight sun pleasee

  • Mary Cleary
    Mary Cleary

    I feel like in season 5 Archie finds out he is the dad of like Betty or something. Because that’s what this show can do.

  • Viktorie Kafková
    Viktorie Kafková

    what happens in musical theatre should stay in musical theatre

  • kiki_pride 493
    kiki_pride 493

    I've seen videos of a lot of the cast singing, you know, WITHOUT all of the *insane* AUTOTUNE, and some of them are really good.

  • Naruto Sasuke
    Naruto Sasuke

    I want to ses an interview with the actors and they are asked a question: 'explain the plot'.

  • MegaKaitouKID1412

    Did Cheryl and TT break up or something before the red thing? Because like, yeah Cheryl "Invented Red" but TT is her /girlfriend/. You'd think she'd be like, "I invented red and it just warms my cold dead heart that we can walk through the halls of this school and be the red couple who are both wearing red' or some fucking shit.

  • Just Some Loser Geek or Whatever
    Just Some Loser Geek or Whatever

    4:12 well frick me gently with a chainsaw

  • puffsleeveskindagirl

    I like to watch your videos but not at all RIVERDALE

  • aishat

    no one: nobody at all: not a soul: cheryl: _Y U M M Y S N A C K_

  • NoirRose 21
    NoirRose 21

    Remember in S1 when Jughead tells Betty he didn’t 2ant to fit in like everyone else or be fired with Veronica, and you’re all watching S4 and he’s going to social events and being friendly with them. I feel like he just decided “nope being my own self is boring and lame, I’m gonna be like all these other people who wear sweaters despite it being sunny, even though I can be who I want to be!” It feels like he jumped from “I’m happy being a social outcast” to “come see me at the local social where my friends sing while dancing seductively despite being 16!”

  • Matthew Denicola
    Matthew Denicola

    hey remember when riverdale was relevant???

  • Jared Wilkins
    Jared Wilkins

    Nobody: Two dudes on Riverdale: OuR LoVe iS gOd

  • XxGalaxy_SiennaxX

    I followed you on Amino! I'm XxAutumnFoxGalaxyGurlxX.