My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
My Babysitter's a Vampire Animated
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
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  • 7abibi

    This tv show completed my CHILDHOOD, also did y’all know that Sarah ( Vanessa Morgan ) the girl who plays in riverdale is pregnant now 😭 with a baby boy 💙💙

  • Just passing through
    Just passing through

    "Mother of the year"..🤣🤣

  • Just passing through
    Just passing through

    It's my job to say that.. Get your own LV-home channel..🤣🤣

  • natalia rodrigues
    natalia rodrigues

    looks like manny santos achieved her acting dreams

  • AlexeiObv

    Is it embarrassing that I’ve watched this growing up, and I still watch the show? 💀😳

  • Neb Vibez
    Neb Vibez

    8:00 that whole minute had me dying

  • Dooglass Dorénal
    Dooglass Dorénal

    How DARE you !?

  • gamera tv
    gamera tv


  • Eddworld fan aka krysworld
    Eddworld fan aka krysworld

    Hahahhahahaha lol

  • Eddworld fan aka krysworld
    Eddworld fan aka krysworld

    What" gets launch "

  • Eddworld fan aka krysworld
    Eddworld fan aka krysworld

    Hmm i was in there i will really confuse , umm hmm

  • Caroline Elenora
    Caroline Elenora

    The tv show was bomb

  • Mythical

    Ngl the movie and the tv show that followed were both awesome

  • Silver Roses
    Silver Roses

    Havent started the video yet but I lowkey thought that this show was just a fever dream or something i made up when i was younger. because i could never find it anywhere and i was like 7 years old or younger when i watched it, but apparently it was real.... oh boy this is going to be fun..... The main character is the same actor as the main character from Gooby.... Havent watched gooby myself but i have watched a Kurtis conner video aabout the movie and its a masterpiece lmao

  • Hannah Paxton
    Hannah Paxton

    The kid Ethan and the red head kid are in Gooby! Thanks Drew Gooden

  • emily rae
    emily rae

    ur critisms are not stronger than my nostalgia to affect my love for this movie

  • Paidjupiter


  • farris albassam
    farris albassam

    All I know is... RIVERDALE

  • Aoi Hoshiko
    Aoi Hoshiko

    Alex: then something spooky happens **Ad Starts** Ad: Amy Schumer sticking a tampon into a donut Me: wow that really is spooky

  • Moki Spills Tea
    Moki Spills Tea

    Some of the souls are made of K-Pop... That's... Not entirely wrong...

  • Angry Pikachu
    Angry Pikachu

    This guy is a monster!! 9:15 😠

  • fish bloop
    fish bloop

    I had a huge vampire phase and watched this like a drug addiction. I also hid it like a drug addiction. I was a weird kid

  • nege poo
    nege poo

    Everybody's gangsta until Sarah gets thrown 5 stories high and we get gnomed by Alex 3:42

  • Reese Monroe
    Reese Monroe


  • Epic_Man Epic_gamer
    Epic_Man Epic_gamer

    It's like... What? This man ruins my childhood while making me less dumb

  • Dina Moore
    Dina Moore

    I recommend that you watch the movie Boy Who Cried Werewolf

  • Ellie LovesDogs
    Ellie LovesDogs

    Me: YO PPL Vampier: hi hey can i have bold Meh now: uh no?

    • Ellie LovesDogs
      Ellie LovesDogs


    • Ellie LovesDogs
      Ellie LovesDogs

      Hi :l

  • the dylan army
    the dylan army

    3:37 Ben drowned mode actibated

  • NateandNevaehsAdventures

    You know what doesn’t actually make sense YOU DON’T why don’t you understand any thing omg

  • Em b
    Em b


  • the darth side king kylo ren
    the darth side king kylo ren

    Disrespectful My Babysitter's a Vampire the best

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Bridge Troll
    Friendly Neighbourhood Bridge Troll

    Please do the series

  • Malachi Holsinger
    Malachi Holsinger

    Famous last words “ this girl that Ethan spilled on is Sarah “

  • Scarlet Breitman
    Scarlet Breitman

    are we going to just sleep on that erica was wearing a twilight shirt?

  • Princess Judah
    Princess Judah

    That's super dumb and super evil

  • Kevin Sekti
    Kevin Sekti

    i really love the way that you put Hopes and Dreams for the MOM OF THE YEAR

    • Arwin Orso
      Arwin Orso

      I also noticed that a lot of the background music for his videos is from UNDERTALE.

  • Mr. Twilight
    Mr. Twilight

    What are u talking about that show makes sense alot and the movie

  • JellyDonuts

    **I W E A R G L A S S E S**

  • Emiily SHeils
    Emiily SHeils


  • Emiily SHeils
    Emiily SHeils

    ...I really need to practise my dances for west end kids cause I've got two weeks before our show.... but I wanna watch this now 😭

  • Parvika Singh
    Parvika Singh

    I didn’t get an ad at “something spooky happens” and I suddenly feel like the chosen one.

  • кобƐ

    And then something spooky happens: *Green Party ad begins to play* What are you trying to say?

  • Hazel W
    Hazel W

    there is a "my babysitter's a vampire" movie but this one that you are talking about is a tv show season 1 episode 1

  • Lois Ijejeme
    Lois Ijejeme

    "oohhh he said the name of the movie in the movie????!!!!" *glad im not the only one who hates that stuff sometimes*

  • Anabel Garcia
    Anabel Garcia

    this movie and tv show was god tier and always will be

  • aurora grace
    aurora grace


  • Easter Elma Donesa
    Easter Elma Donesa

    You shouldn't have done that.. *AUGHHHH-*

  • Naomi mandiussen
    Naomi mandiussen

    why don't you make you own man

  • AyoRxbert -
    AyoRxbert -

    I used to and still love this😭

  • ME :D
    ME :D

    Alex:This guy is getting more Canadian by the second Me: *Canadian*

  • Fancydoodlz

    Im just so happy that when the mother of the year part happened he used hopes and dreams from undertale :>

  • Bengamer925 !
    Bengamer925 !

    I liked this when i was a kid

  • Duncan Campbell
    Duncan Campbell


  • Joanna JoJo
    Joanna JoJo

    While she’s leaving, Ethans hand accidentally touches her hand, and then something spooky happens” Everyone else: *gets ironic ad* Me: *gets an actually horror movie ad*

  • N1ck ッ
    N1ck ッ

    8:23 when your leg falls asleep

  • Kawaii_Marshmellow

    do Sailor moon

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards

    4:37 w. t. f (what the freak)

  • Jeffrey Wernecke
    Jeffrey Wernecke

    Waaaaa zuuuuuup

  • Silvija Maslarevic
    Silvija Maslarevic

    Alex is like Simon Cowell for basically any movie or tv show lol

  • ZeBRUH

    I don't give two tics about how dumb the movie is. The scene where Blondie with glasses fed on the other guy, the "whaaaazaaaa" and the scene where the boyfriend chucks her 150 feet in the air is everything to me.

  • PP falls
    PP falls

    can you react to twitches PLEASE

  • Megan Miller
    Megan Miller

    Can you Do you spy in the Disguise

  • Delaney Herrera
    Delaney Herrera

    The show was betterrrrr

  • Ella Garvens
    Ella Garvens

    You should do girl v. monster

  • king DEZ
    king DEZ

    @alex meyers please dothe thundermans or green house academy

  • Target_edge


  • Cool Person
    Cool Person

    I am binge watching his channel because I can’t stop it’s so funny LOL!

  • Quentin Walter
    Quentin Walter

    how the hek dose the gf not die after flying

  • Persondy - T
    Persondy - T

    One year anniversary of this video!

  • Jason Milla
    Jason Milla

    Did anyone get this in reccomended in October 8 2020 and it was made in October 8 2019

  • Chloe Wade
    Chloe Wade

    this came out exactly a year ago from the time I'm posting this

  • Ilay

    Woah... I’m here on the one year anniversary of this video

  • Fantasia

    NO THIS WAS mEh ChIlD HoOd

  • JyNe

    Exactly one year anniversary for this video!

  • blitz playz
    blitz playz

    wow seeing this exalty a year ago

  • Tiffany plyz
    Tiffany plyz

    and you are todoronis sectect love

  • Awheeler 15
    Awheeler 15

    Wait.....How can Ethan drive, isn't he just starting highschool😂

  • killinfire 5
    killinfire 5

    He should have said "make like a guy and beat it."

  • SleepyToast

    Whos here in October 2020🙃

  • Hussen Sabirin
    Hussen Sabirin

    can you make one of my hero acedemia its anime by the way

  • wisdomwalrus

    Theres literally like one scene that is realated to the title.

    • killinfire 5
      killinfire 5

      Wow your still here congratulations

  • Banana split
    Banana split

    A what wrong with Canadian mate

  • Siimple julie •
    Siimple julie •

    My babysitter is a vampire ...just saying respect the drip Karen:>

  • Lexi Guthrie-Thiel
    Lexi Guthrie-Thiel

    "And then something spokey happens..." a barbie ad come on, me "AHHH!"

  • Alice Turick
    Alice Turick

    the part where sarah was eating the rat- vampires aren't supposed to show up on film-?

  • Maicena L
    Maicena L

    I'm here because of EMBI Channel. Thanks EMBI Channel.

  • FireCloud

    You should do the movie The babysiter

  • Roblox king 101 Aziz
    Roblox king 101 Aziz

    I wear glasses to

  • Isabelle Nagle
    Isabelle Nagle

    Can you do an episode about The Giver?

  • Gavin E
    Gavin E

    11:17 Wait how can he drive? He's like 14.

  • shutup noob
    shutup noob

    Wtf this is worse than I even thought

  • Anna Kat
    Anna Kat

    He should do girl vs monster I used to be OBSESSED with that movie!

  • Randall Reese
    Randall Reese

    i grew up on this and only now its funny

  • Rayce Randeau
    Rayce Randeau

    (-: ok nice vid

  • Gacha Lychee
    Gacha Lychee

    Dude I watched this in my grandmas dogs room... I.... I honestly was/am probably one of the weirdest kids I ever met...

    • Lady Lavender
      Lady Lavender

      *you met yourself*

  • Blobbert Mcblob
    Blobbert Mcblob

    4:16 This is also my response when a random attractive waman wanders into my house

  • Strawberry Lemonade
    Strawberry Lemonade

    I used to watch this TV show and now thinking of it IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!

  • Pedro Ghattas
    Pedro Ghattas

    That "my soul is gone" really got me

  • Pedro Ghattas
    Pedro Ghattas

    I really liked this show lol

  • Tns Rankings
    Tns Rankings

    pleaseeeee do girl vs monster and twitches