Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 literally makes no sense
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program Hey sorry guys I had to reupload the video because the background music that plays in the beginning of the movie got claimed and they put a bunch of ads on the video. I didn't want to have you sit through so many ads on a video that also has a sponsorship, so I changed the music as best I could. It's not perfect, I know, but this is what we have to do on LV-home so yippee. For reference Edward says: "You're a lot stronger than me right now"

    • MacchuPicchuUSA

      Raid Shadow Legends claims another soul...

    • Warren Boutilier
      Warren Boutilier

      Who's holding the gun to your head

    • Akil Kuqi
      Akil Kuqi

      Wut the fuk tha i no Bela and Edwad and Jaco cas i like Jaco blak evrebode lovs Edwad🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    • MAD RangerCorp
      MAD RangerCorp

      "The very end of it now" Now theres going to be a new book and you know what that means, rumors of new movie.

    • Tysheeba Massey
      Tysheeba Massey

      Happy birthday to my daughter kk

  • Anime 0716
    Anime 0716

    "X-Men anemic Edition" 🤣

  • Desto Larde
    Desto Larde

    Has anyone watched this with subs on?

  • Bella G
    Bella G

    I'm named after Bella in the movie

  • Trendy Golbin247
    Trendy Golbin247

    The animatronic child looks like a grown little person

  • Trendy Golbin247
    Trendy Golbin247

    The way he says RENESMEE

  • Ama Chandrasiri
    Ama Chandrasiri

    LMAO X-Men: Anemic edition🤣

  • Abigail Emelly Theseira
    Abigail Emelly Theseira

    The book make sense tho.. Lol

  • Nagito Komaeda • 10 years ago
    Nagito Komaeda • 10 years ago

    5:04: BL lovers and yaoi readers are quacking-

  • john lemuel santiago
    john lemuel santiago

    Jacod imprinted the unborn daugther

  • john lemuel santiago
    john lemuel santiago

    They are vampires and warewolves so the plots are nonsence

  • Dheekshitha Srinivasan
    Dheekshitha Srinivasan

    Why does his voice sound like ATLA's Sokka, or am I the only one -_-

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo

    Why are immortal children are dangerous vampires are immortal too how come they aren’t a Denver to the world o wait they drink human blood And is Alex really is gonna skip the face at 6:47

  • Anna Hurd
    Anna Hurd

    at this point there isnt anything that makes since to you....

  • nia mach
    nia mach

    Twilight itself makes no sense

  • Zarra Saphire
    Zarra Saphire

    Twilight are quite boring cause most of the Netflix have use their genre always the same God damn same things

  • Lizz Lamarkh
    Lizz Lamarkh

    The cringe level in this movie's insane😬

  • Noam Zinger
    Noam Zinger


  • Kaleo Khumalo
    Kaleo Khumalo

    The baby looks cgi

  • Kanika Rawat
    Kanika Rawat

    This movie was a part of my teen years and i was so obsessed with it and even tho what you said made sense, it will still be my favorite??

  • Kings Man
    Kings Man

    Their baby is so creepy

  • Ryū’s Sin
    Ryū’s Sin

    Stephenie Meyer: releases “midnight sun” and makes a movie out of it with poor old Robert Alex: “Time TaH bRIng mE Mah MoNEH” (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 👌

  • AsteroidAnt64 minecraft
    AsteroidAnt64 minecraft

    oh my god raid shadow legends got this guy too

  • Akhil Teja
    Akhil Teja

    X-Men anemic edition 😂😂

  • Willowy13

    The end of this series is disturbing... and I am using disturbing so I ain't using the P word. These ain't Brazilian Amazon vampires. I know. I am Brazilian.

  • Brainflayer

    The fucking baby animatronic, Jesus, is this Twilight or Rosemary's Baby all of a sudden?

  • David White
    David White

    You know the grandpooba vampire guy is a great actor. Underworld...... But in this he reminds me of vampires suck parody.

  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min

    Twilight was my first adult movie and i watched it in elementary school maybe younger

  • saher babar
    saher babar

    But what could happen if jacob and bella got married than who would be the renessme soulmate

  • Jalimar Febo
    Jalimar Febo

    Xmen anemic edition 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anamika Pathak
    Anamika Pathak

    X_men, anemic edition 😂😂

  • Hima Maneesh
    Hima Maneesh

    Omg..!! This probably one of the best video I've ever watched.... It really make sense and of course LOL..!!!!

  • ZeBRUH

    This reminds me of Blood Bound. Except Blood Bound makes a lot more sense.

  • Angel Constantino
    Angel Constantino

    I mean there would be flaws. Nothing is perfect, guys give a break😂

  • Noah Fields
    Noah Fields

    Bella: what a shield Me: ?? How do you not know what a shield is

  • Trishia Mahilum
    Trishia Mahilum

    Laughs in anemic lmaoooo

  • Charlotte Hound
    Charlotte Hound

    ah yes, reminds me how emotionless her acting is

  • Brigham Bullock
    Brigham Bullock

    The books are better

  • Ant Honey
    Ant Honey

    Then talk

  • Ant Honey
    Ant Honey

    Read the books

  • Taliyah Kingdom-Lowe
    Taliyah Kingdom-Lowe

    Or ya know Jacob havin a thing for babies Jacob: I hAvE a CrUsH oN tHiS bAbIe😍😍

  • Lady Alteria
    Lady Alteria

    "X-men: Anemic edition" made me spit LMAO

  • Cailyn Allen
    Cailyn Allen

    this video absolutely made my day!! THANK YOU

  • Sana Hazan
    Sana Hazan

    I don’t care what he is talking about I still love this movie all parts of the movie 💓

  • Rhady Isengwe
    Rhady Isengwe

    The weirdness is ten times weirder in the book

  • Wolfie Mare
    Wolfie Mare

    I feel like Jacobs character was ruined. The directors or author couldn't think of the reason for Bella to choice Edward and then just thought of that and said SURE.

  • Michelle

    Basically this whole movie was all a dream. Why didn’t they just use a real baby? & the whole marking thing is soo disturbing. This was the worst movie of the series.

  • melanie ramadi
    melanie ramadi

    Lol 😂 i love this guy's sense of humor 03:08 - 03:16 05:55 - 06:00 06:16 - 06:26

  • Doireann Lynch
    Doireann Lynch

    Cedric why did you do this

  • Geri

    Twilight is Mormon propaganda that pushes the pedo agenda

  • Kshitija Choudhari
    Kshitija Choudhari

    Whoever added the subtitles, did a gReAt job

  • Stevy Prsj
    Stevy Prsj

    This movie should stop at twilight,, for all human's sake

  • N D Singh
    N D Singh

    I'm confused can someone explain 😂

  • Pansy Flower
    Pansy Flower

    LOL @ baby bottle pop.

  • Buttercup The Tortoise
    Buttercup The Tortoise

    hope they make a movie out of Midnight Sun

  • Paul Hesser
    Paul Hesser

    Bella hugging Edward is like me patting my nephew on the pack

  • A Blamires
    A Blamires

    Totally not trying to pick apart your very funny video about why Twilight doesn't make sense, but when Jacob explains those feelings of needing to be close to Bella and Bella wanting him around and blames it on Renesme, that's actually just talking about from the time Bella was pregnant (not before, when he had a crush on Bella). And the reason that Alice left was because she was the reason that the Volturi were coming in the first place. Arro needed an excuse to get rid of the Cullens, so that he could get Alice to join the Volturi and use her power for him. So Alice showing him the vision of his own death and then bringing the other vampire/human hybrid on the scene was giving Arro a way out without getting himself killed. You aren't wrong about the whole thing though, there are plenty of things that don't make sense. Why would Alice want Bella to give up hope of getting out alive and try to make her prepare to send Renesme away with Jacob if she thought they could win? Why was that creepy baby the only choice? Cute real baby would have been just fine. Why were all the guys after Bella when Jessica was clearly the hot girl in town. Why couldn't Bella get it together when Edward left? He wasn't that awesome. Why did Bella feel bad about almost killing Seth when Seth tried to stop her from killing Jacob? I mean, dude jumped in the way knowing she was going to kick Jacob's wolfie backside, so he asked for that pain. I could obviously go on and on.

  • cleverfez

    Please watch this with the subtitles. You get 50% more jokes. (like at 11:00)

  • Cyrus Signan
    Cyrus Signan

    Oh my god the captions at 3:43 have me dead

  • The Burger You ate Yesterday
    The Burger You ate Yesterday

    I actually want Twilight 6 I liked the movie

  • Don't Enter This Channel
    Don't Enter This Channel

    You skipped on the best part of the whole saga man. "YOU NICKNAMED MY DAUGHTER AFTER THE LOCKNESS MONSTER?!?!" I imagine them having so many takes cuz of Pattinson bursting out laughing every time.

  • Chakrika Malla
    Chakrika Malla

    I finally understood this movie.

  • Rithika Eagala
    Rithika Eagala jacobs a pedo?

  • LizElda _07
    LizElda _07

    I'm new. Hi. Gonna watch the other videos cuz this was just hilarious!

  • Olivia Maendel
    Olivia Maendel

    I mean Avatar who?

  • socialdecline20 20
    socialdecline20 20

    This is better than the whole movie omg😂😂😂😂😂fuck I laughed to hard almost and inhaled a little weenie send help💀

  • Atreyee mitra
    Atreyee mitra

    X men (anemic edition). 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gwen San
    Gwen San

    I haven't watched the breaking dawn 2 for so many reasons. But definitely this reaction cracked me up so much that I have to see the BD 2. LOL

  • Amy W
    Amy W

    Read the book. The film is very weird.

  • neonkscksc

    When you want to teach your kids about the consequences of unprotected sex, just show them this baby... It'll work like a charm.

  • anybody 97
    anybody 97

    Bella sus

  • Yvanz Dy
    Yvanz Dy

    "X-Men anemic edition" ... Nice one

  • Chance Mazer
    Chance Mazer

    The movie isn’t just trying to get money they were making movies based off the books

  • Yl

    Review greenhouse academy

  • andromeda

    twilight is a cringe fest, but I understood the Jacob-Bella-Nessie traingle differently. Obviously, Jacob was attracted to Bella, not her unborn child, and Bella was confused for a while, but finally chose Ed (in the 3rd book) when months later all of a sudden, she felt really close to Jacob and wanted him close to her. So Jacob was just explaining, why the change in Bella, it was the pregnancy and the bond he has with the child. Once Nessie was born, Bella had, once again no feelings for Jacob. Out of all the other plot holes, this ain't one

  • Clara Tackla
    Clara Tackla

    I "love" how the brazilian vampires use leather... our natives use "normal" modern clothing, like denim and ts... or don't use anything at all...

  • ioana popoiu
    ioana popoiu

    Prepare for yourself because next year will be another Twillight :)))

    • S S
      S S


  • kharmela de guzman
    kharmela de guzman

    I remember watching this film and being so fucking scared of the baby when I first saw it HAHAHSHSHSHSH IT WAS SO WEIRD 💀💀💀💀

  • Nabeeha Alam
    Nabeeha Alam

    *I still don’t understand why Renesme had to be cgi!?!* Not only the baby, but the toddler AND the adult version looked cg too. Like seriously why?

  • TheAngryDanishViking

    Um, I think the whole imprinting thing is meant to be portraye differently than it's explained. It's not Grooming of a child. It's a change on the shapeshifter's mentality on how he sees the girl. A protector initially, later if needed he'd be her best friend, if the girl would end up falling in love with said wolf, he'd be her lover. HE WILL change to fit what SHE needs. However that's not really portrayed or explained well enough in neither to books nor the movie. :p Also why does every single vampire look so..... faked-young They look so old by with all the make up in the world on them. How about getting younger ACTORS!? I mean Carlisle is meant to almost look as young as Edward does, give or take maybe 5-10 years at the most in terms of a more MATURED mindset and posture.

  • A Palestinian Potato
    A Palestinian Potato

    I understand there's some stupid shit in it but I don't understand that hate bandwagon around it and around the people who like it, it's whatever and I've heard that the books are way better like the story is good and full of fantasies but the movies aren't the best or as good as the books.. let's leave it at that and let people enjoy what they enjoy.

  • Ches Beta
    Ches Beta

    I still have mixed feelings about the 'it was all a dream' bit in the movie. On one hand, seeing Carlisle die broke me in a bad way. I like that character, though I'm used to see characters I like die in a movie or series. :'( On the's just disappointing, story-wise. You have this epic battle between 2 groups, some giving up their lives for it. And, then...POOF! It's all a vision. Everyone's fine. B R U H . 😐

  • katie marie
    katie marie

    I only watch twilight as a 'guilty pleasure' kinda thing. Like, it's cringey and bella has the personality of a wet tissue, but I watch it for the side characters. Literally every other cullen besides Edward(he's okay I guess) I love, jasper is my favorite and then Rosalie, Alice, etc... I love their back stories. The side characters are great, the main characters are eh.

  • Pamella Tofu
    Pamella Tofu

    Imprinting on an ovary... That's what happened because nothing else makes sense.

  • Megha

    Imagine Jacob talking to his and Renesmee's daughter: Jacob: Ya know I fell in love with your grandma and fought with your grandpa over her.

  • Adrija Mitra
    Adrija Mitra

    Dude!😂the way u laughed (6:20) made me laugh...! U r awesome 👍 🔥

  • Mariam M A J
    Mariam M A J


  • Boy gaming
    Boy gaming

    Emo kid who wears body glitter , lmao , boy u slayed it with that , lol lol lol

  • Kitty Mischief14
    Kitty Mischief14

    Yo, edward legit kinda has an ugly face

  • Charlotte Siddall
    Charlotte Siddall


  • Elmo !
    Elmo !


  • Fariha Sanober
    Fariha Sanober

    The whole of twilight saga is shit i regret watching them 🤦 they just dragged the story somehow.

  • Lia 02
    Lia 02

    Read the books🤷‍♀️

  • Bunnycat Corleone
    Bunnycat Corleone

    the whole point in the book was that Alice couldn't see the future of the Wolfes and the baby ... admitted this storyline wasn't much better bur made more sense than this whole fight in the end that never actually took place and Alice couldn't have seen

  • Mariah Hiwatari
    Mariah Hiwatari

    bruh.. you gained yourself a subscriber. THIS WAS AWESOME!!!

  • Ayaan Gwalani
    Ayaan Gwalani

    And he was obviously never in love with the baby , it didn't exist in the first three movies , he liked bella and now he imprinted on renesmee

  • Saanvi Svh
    Saanvi Svh

    You must try make video of TVD...

  • Ayaan Gwalani
    Ayaan Gwalani

    I am deleting raid cause of this video , I love twilight

  • Elizabeth Petty
    Elizabeth Petty

    That’s the thing it makes a lot more sense if you are actually interested in the movies and books like the reason renesmee looks like that is because the once someone is turned into a vampire they basically just freeze and they don’t get any older like Edward for example he was changed in 1918 but he still looks the exact same so when a vampire and a human had a child it wouldn’t be considered immortal because said child will grow and the only way a child can be immortal is if it’s bitten not born but renesmee was born so she may look the same forever but she still grows because she’s also human so she’ll look the same for the rest of her life but in the first 7 years she’ll grow but after wards she’ll look the same for thousands and thousands of years and the only way for her to die is if a vampire kills her the wolfs can’t kill her because Jacob imprinted on her and there number one law is a wolf can’t hurt who another wolf has imprinted on.

  • xs_ fox
    xs_ fox

    Watched this in the office and i nearly cracked trying not to laugh out XD