Riverdale season 3 is an incomprehensible mess...
Riverdale season 3 animation
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watch parts 1 2 and 3 here:
Riverdale season 3 is a mess...
Riverdale season 3 is a mess (part 2)
Riverdale season 3 is a mess (part 3)
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  • marshadow is the best
    marshadow is the best


  • Martu Cuidet
    Martu Cuidet

    Watching this is as adictive as plotholes to the writers of Riverdale

  • Owen Thompson
    Owen Thompson

    1:52 Ha ha ha

  • KursaTime

    Hiram Lodge falling from his gunshot reminds me of an old Indian television shows, an Italian novela and a soap opera. That's impressive.

  • Alice Cowden
    Alice Cowden

    2:35 Obligatory. Inception. Bwaaaaaaaaas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hiku yabbadaabado
    Hiku yabbadaabado

    I am pretty sure at the end it will be a dream on fizzle rocks


    I love that Archie has to play Gryphons and Gargoyles to go back to Riverdale,but my question is why would he even want to go back to Riverdale in the first place?

  • Zeno Shinha
    Zeno Shinha

    Everyone has to deal with real problems And there's Archie 🤣🤣

  • Cici Fox
    Cici Fox

    And at Pop’s Diner he asked for PUTIN. What has Canada done to you Archie?

  • Peppapig Queen
    Peppapig Queen

    7:11 if you wanna live in peace just leave. If there’s some crazy crap going on like floating babies, murderers,and gargoyle kings i wouldn’t stick around and neither would anyone on the planet

  • rachel atkinson
    rachel atkinson

    The sound board mishap. 🤣 Great videos Alex!

  • Dansabot

    No grizzles only attack when someone threates them. So i think he'll survive.

  • Life with Moll!e and Caleb
    Life with Moll!e and Caleb

    I don’t show Reronica or Veggie Whatever you call it

  • Katie Bullock
    Katie Bullock

    I love the dog animation! Looks exactly like one of my doggos!

  • Unicorn Sloth
    Unicorn Sloth

    Veronica: I want you to find out who shot my father. Jughead: What if you don’t like what I find? Veronica: I’m A bIg GiRl. I can handle it. Me: You sure about that Veronica?

  • Unicorn Sloth
    Unicorn Sloth

    You should review Schitts Creak. I think you would like it!

  • Alice Smith
    Alice Smith

    The only part of riverdale I saw was like 3 episodes of season one but I still watched your vids on it. I was following until now but I am SO lost 😂😂

  • smpike01

    Riverscape is like that game where everyone says one word to make a story

  • Aneesa Malik
    Aneesa Malik

    The only 2 reason I watch this show is bc of the cringe and bughead

  • PictureMeThis 77
    PictureMeThis 77

    3:38 Gaydar: *beeps violently*

  • Sarah Bowen
    Sarah Bowen

    Why are the kids acting so big

  • Rohin Kartik-Narayan
    Rohin Kartik-Narayan

    other fact about grizzly bears: there's like a 90% chance that the area of Canada Archie was in doesn't have grizzly bears, unless he was in British Colombia, Yukon Territory, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, or the far Western edge of Alberta. Or far western Montana or Yellowstone but those aren't in Canada

  • VividWinter

    I really want to watch a video of the Riverdale cast reacting to Alex’s videos, I think it’d be hilarious

  • KLaRowe

    Ik I’m very late to this LV-home series but is no one gonna talk about how when Archie runs away his dad gives him a DOG? Like how is he gonna be able to take care of pet when he’s legit 15 and homeless? 🤔

  • Long hair Don't care
    Long hair Don't care

    Me: don’t worry about the test My bff: and what if you get a C? Me: DoN’t WoRrY i’M a BiG gIrL, I cAn TaKe It!

  • sindhuja dessai
    sindhuja dessai

    Riverdale is trying so hard to be DARK

  • Dynasty The Gemini
    Dynasty The Gemini

    Riverdale is a bunch of nonsensical, dramatic scenes with dramatic music and a whole lot of cringe.

  • Scarlett Skipper
    Scarlett Skipper

    1:58 And when did Riverdale turn into a cheap version of Yu-Gi-Oh?

  • Anasyub

    Srsly i have only seen alex’s videos and thats my only exposure to the show ... and jesus christ my brain hurts... i was binging alex’s riverdale videos and i have no idea at all what this show is about

  • Marla’s Animations
    Marla’s Animations

    Epidemic and quarantine hit different in 2020

  • Isabella Spataro
    Isabella Spataro

    "if archie was attacked by a grizzly there wouldn't be any archie left" does... does that mean... riverdale would be over?? *cough* guyscanwemaybeinvitethegrizzlybackforanotherandhopefullylastepisode *cough*

  • Dorka Sulyi
    Dorka Sulyi

    And what happened to the girl who died in the end of season 2?!

  • Spookie Ghostie
    Spookie Ghostie

    bless you for censoring the gross makeout scenes. they quite literally make me cringe.

  • subhan tanveer
    subhan tanveer

    Ite imma head out

  • Gabbie Logan
    Gabbie Logan

    Y'all, the Riverdale merch is still on sale. And it's been like. Two years, so I'mma say ur good if u need to save up money😂

  • Gabbie Logan
    Gabbie Logan

    Lmao. Jug got back in Riverdale cuz it's outta quarintine, unlike us😂

  • aliyah

    How come so many good shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine get canceled (even tho NBC brought it back after everyone tweeted about it) but a terrible show like Riverdale continues

  • _tiannanana_

    Season 1: murder mystery Season 2: idk how bout a really drawn out murder mystery+singing Season 3: zsnksiicebshcskbGkzvinzih usgixnak bsi Season 4: lenchwoxhoahoxamlxmapjcoshcknlcmwoxbiwbixnwoxbowchowjxpnwoxhuahxomwpxnixvuabxomwonxia niagxjxoapxmoanxigiajxpalpxmakbcuwbxinapxmiabxiwwkxnwknksnodbwhxoowfqjojxwixh8

  • jen meow
    jen meow


  • Kristen K
    Kristen K

    Season 4?

  • Sidra Abbas
    Sidra Abbas

    3:36 we all know what this looks like the start of hahahaha

  • Reese Lindsey
    Reese Lindsey

    For some reason my grandma watches Riverdale

  • Dante's Disco Inferno
    Dante's Disco Inferno

    Bro, carrot cake is very persuasive...

  • Elaine Davis
    Elaine Davis

    I used to love this show

  • Netflix Is my life
    Netflix Is my life

    This show has fallen down soo much haha Veronica asking her “boyfriend“ did you shoot my dad is just so stupid haha

  • ariel

    Should I actually watch this show?

  • Nicholas Winkler
    Nicholas Winkler

    This LV-home channel is better than the show as a whole.

  • Inexperienced Roblox Dev
    Inexperienced Roblox Dev

    at least scoobydoo tried to explained

  • Sound Wave
    Sound Wave

    POUTINE is delicious. I'm Canadian myself. Don't even try to think about criticizing poutine.

  • MavenCree

    K..... Archie is in a a log cabin in Canada......... I'm in Canada. Thanks for the stereotype Riverdale.

  • jadyn denys
    jadyn denys

    "im a big girl. i can take it"

  • Purple 42
    Purple 42

    As a Canadian rewatching all of your Riverdale videos, I got to say, Flannel shirts are VERY comfortable when they are made out of good material. And not all Canadians wear flannel, soooooo, Riverdale messed up there with the Canadian stereotype. Edit: Also they forgot the Maple syrup and moose. Like WTF Riverdale!? Why didn't he just get attacked by a moose? Those things are just as terrifying as bears. Like you can hit a moose with your car and you have to take your car to the shop and go to the hospital, while the moose just looks pissed and walks off.

  • L

    3:46 My bunny has given me scratches as bad as that....bear smart .

  • L

    What if Archie was on fizzle rocks and thought he got attacked by a bear?

  • Suçons

    This show WASTED rob raco

  • Raf :D
    Raf :D

    veronica be looking like a floating head in all that blackness

  • Luma

    They've been 15/16 years old for 500 years

  • Love 5386
    Love 5386

    I so happy I never watch this show 🙏🏾

  • califragmentlemon

    Who else is watching this because they gave up after season 2...

  • Ava Dillhyon
    Ava Dillhyon

    Teen Drama in 5 simple steps: 1. All main characters are hot 2. All main characters date each other 3. Shirtless dudes 4. Everyone dies...(plot twist, nobody dies) 5. All adults have the IQ of a stoned turtle

  • drfreshey

    The most bizarre thing about the Bumble product placement in this show is that most of the adults are single; if the show wanted to shoehorn in the product placement, they could use the adults. The showrunners made a conscious decision to exclusively portray the app being used by characters who are too young to use it.

  • Casfarl


  • Princess Shug
    Princess Shug

    I love the slay part

  • Gabriela Spleen
    Gabriela Spleen

    I can’t understand how people can actually enjoy this show

  • sarahholb

    Lol I can just imagine wattpad fanfics of river dale: so turns out Jason blossom is the gargoyle king and he faked his death and was never really Cheryl’s brother, rather was secretly dating Kevin this whole time and then Betty dies.... yep

  • JusticeForWilmien

    "K2K1 to K2K12" anyone else recognized that is from The Shining? I scanned the comments but it seems no The Shining fans?

  • tis me, your boi
    tis me, your boi

    at this point I swear the writers wrote this show by pressing the middle word prediction on an ipad.

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    I still don´t get why that babies were flying...

  • Delena& Klaroline
    Delena& Klaroline

    3:08 what does this reminds me of?

  • Emerald_In_The_Attic

    *That's the power of Archie's Abs.*

  • amorfati khb
    amorfati khb

    i haven’t watched the actual show since a few episodes into season 2, but this writing is just... fan fiction lol the ideas and concepts are good but they also don’t know what else to do with the canon, so they fulfill the aus instead. it’s amusing to watch, but only if you don’t look into it much 😅

  • sapphiredark

    Id love to see a reaction to the end of season 3. Like when mrsblossom kidnaps the kids in the woods and has them hundred down, betty kills her father, the pretty poisons and serpants come to the rescue etc. Crazy ass episode

  • Lucy Ajirobaju
    Lucy Ajirobaju

    25 flannel shirts r my fantasy :)

  • Samuel Rodrigues
    Samuel Rodrigues

    7:35 ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!🤣🤣

  • Layla Batclaw
    Layla Batclaw

    7:50 ohhh danm it actually was chic and you found out! Congratulations you get cooko bananas! 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Valen Sprouse 27
    Valen Sprouse 27

    Chic is the real gargoyle king

  • Amber Nunya
    Amber Nunya

    What is with the exhaustingly long dramatic pauses? There's so many!

  • Kelsey Chandler
    Kelsey Chandler

    I'm so hooked on riverdale I don't even care that it's so muddled up

  • Thelving the Wing
    Thelving the Wing

    This whole show is like a severe malfunction in a Star Trek holodeck...

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez


  • Amanda Warren
    Amanda Warren

    Imagine it’s just Jughead writing a fanfic about kids in his school but Betty, Archie, and Veronica aren’t even his friends

  • NJGuy1973

    Gryphons & Gargoyles. Fizzle Rocks. You don't supposed the show is a satire of moral panics like the D&D controversy, or the rumor that Pop Rocks and Coke can kill when combined? Maybe there'll be an storyline about some video game or rap group getting everyone lathered up? Like "Super Car Larceny" or "Brothers With Anger"?

  • Mr Tiddles
    Mr Tiddles

    2:46 why does your mum sound like Micky Mouse

  • Daniele Scamperle
    Daniele Scamperle

    I binge watched till episode 11 of season 3... and watch every recap you made to mke a good laugh x'D I can't believe how bad this show is become.... Nothing makes sense anymore. I think you should watch Falling Skies... good luck with that x'D

  • Strange Scripts
    Strange Scripts

    Your conspiracy board just gave my migraine migraines 😣 Congrats, Alex, you’re explaining Riverdale perfectly because it still makes no sense. 😂

  • Alina Wang
    Alina Wang

    you've probably said that the creators and everyone doesn't know where this show is going for the 1000 time

  • Cecilia Ellis
    Cecilia Ellis

    Seriously? He goes to Canada for like a week and they're really going to have him get attacked by a bear? Bears don't just roam around the trail where all the people are, they would be deeper in the woods. I'm pretty sure if Archie just walked a few more meters he'd see a Denny's in the distance.

  • emo soap
    emo soap

    he literally predicted the season finale

  • gabriella schmitt
    gabriella schmitt

    Heyyy, do, since I’m incredibly vulnerable and in the hospital, truce?

  • Kingg YT
    Kingg YT

    Riverdale should sue this guy 😂😂😂

  • Lee Roby
    Lee Roby

    Are we not going to talk about Archie's *Dark Eyebrows*

    • Bumblebee !
      Bumblebee !

      Lee Roby they kept it like that when he had to dye his hair so nobody would recognize him

  • Meeta Bhardwaj
    Meeta Bhardwaj

    “Ooh youuu”!!! Im dying!!!

  • jayda huntley
    jayda huntley

    This show is awful I love the cast but the show doesn’t make any sense

  • Taylor Skye
    Taylor Skye

    you should do The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

  • Amanda d'Adesky
    Amanda d'Adesky


  • noyonica chatterjee
    noyonica chatterjee

    WeEkLy QuoTa oF AbS

  • Follower Of Duck
    Follower Of Duck

    Arent these kids supposed to be like 16

  • Lotta X
    Lotta X

    Binge watching riverdale playlist. Never seen Riverdale.

  • Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash
    Her Loyal Highness, Princess Rainbow Dash

    𝗜 𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗽 #𝗩𝗲𝗴𝗴𝗶𝗲, 𝗸? #𝗗𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗝𝘂𝗱𝗴𝗲𝗠𝗲 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Adee Shwartz
    Adee Shwartz

    The most hilarious thing is that Alex predicted that chick was going to be the gargoyle king

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