the Riverdale season 3 finale was a mess...
riverdale season 3 finale animation
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music by Tobias Wilson
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The Last Summer is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...

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  • rachelmorgan

    that abs song is better than any river dale episode ever

  • DrAgOnfL I
    DrAgOnfL I

    Tbh i think the most sane person in Riverdale is probably Pop Tate like really, all he wants is to make people happy and serve them milkshakes

  • iCatgirl 1
    iCatgirl 1

    Let me get this... a little less confusing- Archie's abs is the only relevant character, Betty needs therapy, Veronica says daddy more than any of us breathe, Jughead is there, and Cheryl is the new Mockingjay. Is any of that right?

  • Dev Sahu
    Dev Sahu

    You sing awesome dude !!😂

  • marshadow is the best
    marshadow is the best

    Ethel: hes beautiful and have abs Jughead: BettY a DeAd TeeNagEr iS tHe KiLLer

  • Vertika Misra
    Vertika Misra

    This music sounds like the Yu you Hakusho opening

  • Rabiat Babani
    Rabiat Babani

    THE S O N G!!!!!!! I was laughinggggggggggg

  • Klip_Springer

    Rip Jughead’s beanie tho

  • Khánh Linh
    Khánh Linh

    5:49 This is my fav song from now on :) How can this song is even better than Riverdale ' s plot

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L

    so is ethal muggs like princes leia now

    • Berliandiva Aulia
      Berliandiva Aulia


  • Hiku yabbadaabado
    Hiku yabbadaabado

    The last 😂😂😂

  • jiya

    oh I agree.

  • Matheus Omena
    Matheus Omena

    Archie beat so many guys who were stronger than Hiram Lodge and just loses the fight against him...

  • David Pearson
    David Pearson

    *is it only me that actually likes the finale episode*

  • salty rainbow
    salty rainbow

    How many songs about archies abs has he written?

  • Alexandra O'Donoghue
    Alexandra O'Donoghue

    Betty: Do I know you? Guy: As a matter of fact, yes. LV-home: TIME FOR AN AD BREAK! Me: Are you freaking kidding?

  • May Jones
    May Jones

    Here's a time stamp of when the AMAZING Archie's abs song starts 5:23 your welcome 😉

  • Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah
    Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah

    Ok the cu-cu pants joke cracked me up

  • T Panter
    T Panter

    if Archie`s abs can save the world then where are they now

  • Mister Karmik
    Mister Karmik

    I'd be 1000x more invested in the show you described with the Archie's Abs song than in Riverdale itself.

  • Toyaa Ikem
    Toyaa Ikem

    I have never understood Riverdale 😄😂🤣🙄

  • Peppapig Queen
    Peppapig Queen

    Who else got a Netflix ad before watching this

  • Blue SilkWing
    Blue SilkWing

    Come on, did anyone really not see that Charles bombshell coming?

  • Livi

    I was soo confused about Betty like she couldn't have escaped the nurses was still there and Betty was under medicine/asleep.oh and if betty's moms working with the FBI why isn't polly??? uh so confusing

  • Sigrid Lae Steinsrud
    Sigrid Lae Steinsrud

    I just how much I love this song.....

  • Olivia

    After all the random stuff that Riverdale’s made up, like fizzle rocks and jingle jangle, the absolute *last* thing I expected was for the “serial killer genes” to be a *real thing*

  • Saturn & Cringe?
    Saturn & Cringe?

    5:24 Archie's abs song sounds familiar

  • Unicorn Sloth
    Unicorn Sloth

    Remember when Archie played the guitar? Yeah me neither...

  • Lib R
    Lib R

    Just listen to that archies abb’s song and you’ll get the whole recap

  • The Avalon Life
    The Avalon Life

    Riverdale can literally add ANYTHING to the story and nobody would think anything of it

  • John McNamara
    John McNamara

    I’m sorry but the relationship between Archie and Hiram disgusts me. Archie acts so weirdly towards literally his girlfriends dad. Ew

  • Matthew Zhao
    Matthew Zhao

    oh no riverdale has grown on you alex, you have been having musical numbers in your riverdale videos...

  • phoenixfriend

    So was there a reason why Betty's mother couldn't have just told Betty she was working undercover? I mean, she would still have been in danger from the goblin king but at least she would have been spared months of worry for her mother's sanity, thinking her mother cared so little about her that she gave away her college funds and nearly getting her brain harvested. Honestly it felt like a lazy way out. Like the writers had ramped her mother's delusional attitude towards the farm up and up and up so much that there was literally no way to resolve it anymore except to backtrack completely.

  • diana

    Okay so Alice said that the baby aka Charles is from FP right?? So he is also Jughead's brother??? And.. and... and... his half-brother and half-sister are dating??? Okay this is some quality indian drama right here

  • Deepanshu kr
    Deepanshu kr

    literally Archie's abs can do anything

  • McKenna Smith
    McKenna Smith

    I didn't realize how weird this show is until I watched this video. when you watch the series it all seems normal.

  • Tyler Parsons
    Tyler Parsons

    I love the ab somgs

  • Rafael Agustin
    Rafael Agustin

    5:29 anyone think of prozd No one? Oh well just me I guess

  • Rafael Agustin
    Rafael Agustin

    When a musical about abs is better than all your shows musical episodes combined

  • ToxicMangoYT

    Main characters in riverdale basically the gang of kids archie archies abs veronica betty toni cheryl kevin and uhh what was that guy that has the car named bella i forgot his name just randomly and uhh bella the car

  • Mills Music 101
    Mills Music 101

    1:29 I'm actually dying 😂

  • Sophie Toghill
    Sophie Toghill

    Did a child write this show?


    4:45 The grizzly bear was so cute!!!!

  • Şimal

    I didn't understand a thing

  • Azjay Animations
    Azjay Animations

    This show insults the greatest comic series of all time I grew up reading it

  • Eric Buschmann
    Eric Buschmann

    11:55 “Be regular high school kids. Remember those days. Haha Neither do I.” Yup neither will I. Freshman year 2020✌️...😭🙃

  • Dionna Carter
    Dionna Carter

    “But for now let’s move on to Veronica and Archie.” Me: WHO FUCKING CARES??!

  • Subhalakshmi sengupta
    Subhalakshmi sengupta

    Ok but as a person who has watched this after watching season 4, the Jughead death plot line was just so disappointing. They could’ve been super creative with it, but it was just disappointing to watch.

  • Josefine Edvardsson
    Josefine Edvardsson

    Love that song about Archie's abs🤣

  • Jalyn Baker
    Jalyn Baker


  • beetle juice
    beetle juice

    i only watch a bit with my mom, and we have an inside joke that goes, " i kinda obsorbed* it" as in, " I obsorbed my brother in the whoom." Lmao.

  • Isabel Stubbs
    Isabel Stubbs

    ArChIeS aBs Is A MaStErPeIcE!!!!

  • Quinn_ Gabriell
    Quinn_ Gabriell

    that lodge where penelope invited betty and her friends we're at season 1 when cheryl kissed archie, still I wondered why didn't they moved there instead when thornhill burned down since it's way bigger than thistlehouse :/

  • ThatOtherChristian

    I liked Riverdale it’s was not my favorite series but it was okay

  • Aiman Sayed
    Aiman Sayed

    i had stopped watching after season 1 and am pretty sure binging your entire riverdale bashing playlist is more fun than actually watching this nonsensical waste of time 🙌🏻

  • Itz Zariona
    Itz Zariona

    Loved the song

  • marti

    the normal/nice parts of riverdale toni move in w cheryl and they have a ✨spicy✨ hookup that..that’s it

  • Melissa Bunnyhat
    Melissa Bunnyhat


  • Melissa Bunnyhat
    Melissa Bunnyhat

    Man don’t you l o v e when there’s a musical mid episode!?

  • marti

    mans really skipped over the ENTIRE choni hookup in 3x15

  • marti

    vanessa and mads don’t get paid enough for their 4 minutes of screen time

  • Monique Chidziva
    Monique Chidziva

    "Archie's abs" should be a proper song lmao

  • Z Anime
    Z Anime

    Alex's singing is a solid 10/10

  • Grace Best
    Grace Best

    Who else thought his singing was pretty good

  • Maestro Mouse
    Maestro Mouse

    Dammit, now I have to watch Riverdale for the awkward stares Betty and Jughead will get from Charles. TELL ME THERE ARE AWKWARD STARES!!! Because at this point I'm absolutely not sure but they would so worth it...

  • Ilikeyourstyle


  • anthonyanimations

    what would archis abs do?

  • Brianna Contreras
    Brianna Contreras

    He is keeping the organs for his daughter or you know wife.

  • Superheros4life

    have u ever noticed that every CW has just 1 good or okay season and usually thats the 1st season

  • Abigail Deno
    Abigail Deno

    dafuq is that show...

  • BatmanFan 76 Channel 2
    BatmanFan 76 Channel 2

    0:06 What? What? What? What? *WUT*

  • AshleyAdam16

    So Cheryl and Toni are Riverdale's version of Emiko Queen aka Red Arrow now? Huh???

  • AshleyAdam16

    I am not even a man but I want Archie's abs. Imagine what I could unlock in life.

    • John McNamara
      John McNamara

      You would be sexc Segsy Seggc Sexy

  • Sippin' Tea
    Sippin' Tea

    I didnt get his soft joke untill now😅😅😂😂

  • C Valentino
    C Valentino

    5:23 - abs of Archibald... lollll

  • Allia20006 T
    Allia20006 T

    polly is kind of a b*tch

    • John McNamara
      John McNamara

      P r e a c h

  • Kari Vas
    Kari Vas

    That song ...GOALS🤞🙌💜💛🤣😂🌺🤩

  • Lily Camper
    Lily Camper


  • Metasebia Mekasha
    Metasebia Mekasha

    The song about archie’s abs is just great

  • Rich XN Trick
    Rich XN Trick

    The abs of Archibald song is just next level hilarious!

  • nibroc gaming
    nibroc gaming

    I love that the Archie's abs song is to the tune of Brian boitano song from South park.

  • bLoB

    hhhhh, I'm so dissapointed in myself, I 'm only on season 2 and now I know who the black hood is, tho I'm not rly surprised

  • M P
    M P

    don't even lie NO ONE SAW the reveal coming dont tell me that the gargoyle king was exactly what you expected

  • Pool Cat
    Pool Cat

    Tbh I forgot the black hood even existed...

  • Navya Dubey
    Navya Dubey

    OMG I love your song sooo much🤣🤣

  • mylife199212

    I have been watching all of these epsiodes now, it is day two. I am out of food and water. Apperently WW3 started. The sun exploded and everyone lost their shits. The apocolypse has started. Zombies have infested the world. I have been trying to survive, along the way I lost a lot of people. But gained new ones to sacrifice so I can continue watching this. I learned a lot. Wanna know what I learned? well, THIS SHOW HAS NO FUCKING IDENTITY, LIKE... AT ALL.

  • Esther AJAYI
    Esther AJAYI

    exactlyyyy, kevin explained nothing

  • Esther AJAYI
    Esther AJAYI

    akex is a joker tf

  • Moomuksha Shrimali
    Moomuksha Shrimali

    ohhh you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • ParadoxdelaPaladino

    I'm annoyed that you missed the opportunity: "Betty we had you tested . . . turns out you're 100% that bitch."

  • Sofia Beaufrand '22
    Sofia Beaufrand '22

    Would love to see a spinoff show of Riverdale where it's just like the gang's normal classmates who do school and stuff while Archie and friends have insane melodrama in the background

  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria

    7:36 Can we just focus on how awkwardly FP is walking into the room...

  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria

    I‘m at this point where I’m only still watching the show, because of Chad Michael Murray...I mean LOOK AT HIM 😳

  • Wangxian gives me lyphe
    Wangxian gives me lyphe

    The biggest sin of this a bunch of teens going through grown up trials, I don't know why movies always do this, can't they at least put them in college? I mean come on!

  • Automatic Rosie
    Automatic Rosie

    I just got this idea from another comment so jugheads name isn’t actually jughead it’s Cody exact comes to visit him and he find out the facts for kids really is Cody Ps. I didn’t watch the life of Zack and Cody so I don’t know which one he is

  • eilis byrne
    eilis byrne

    "What would Brian Boitano do if he where here right now, he'd probably kick and ass or two, that what Brian Boitano do" 😂😂🎶🎶 loved this haha

  • Minimonalist

    So like they were 14-15 year olds in the first season?!!

  • Anjali Bakhru
    Anjali Bakhru

    all this time i'm binging your riverdale videos laughing at the stupidity of it the whole time. but then they steal a line from star wars and im like 😡don't ruin that too

  • Tetsurō Kuroo
    Tetsurō Kuroo

    0:32 moonrise kingdom anyone?

  • Chloe's Videos
    Chloe's Videos

    Wha... Why... Whaty... Say wHaT... HuH......just what....