Fifty Shades Freed is hilariously dumb
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Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
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  • Dustin Sandler
    Dustin Sandler

    Next up: Fifty shades of very very very very very dark blue

  • Queen

    I started watching the first movie and I was like I CANT DO THIS


    I know this is a weird comment given the style of this video but given that during the attack she got beaten to shit and kicked in the freakin’ abdomen, How the hell was she still pregnant?

  • piedathemokona

    7:59 my acting coach and friend is the doctor in the film

  • Mal J.
    Mal J.

    The red flag bit has got me heaving!!!!

  • Emma A
    Emma A

    that house that they bought is actually really nice and I like it alot

  • Mariam G
    Mariam G

    People paid to watch the Devils Tango, not the story... Perverts... This was basically porn with a dumb script and an even dumber audience who bought big money for this dumb movie.

  • Maria Eduarda Alves
    Maria Eduarda Alves

    12:30 And that’s your biggest mistake (one of ), dear Anastasia

  • Farah

    Wait, where's charlie?

  • Zohah Ahmed
    Zohah Ahmed

    The video titles of this channel are literally “this movie is dumb” rephrased . 😂😂

  • Zohah Ahmed
    Zohah Ahmed

    Devil’s Tango 💀😂

  • Annichiru!

    Sawyer is hotter than Christian Grey no one can change my mind.

  • nora rose
    nora rose

    i'm still thinking about when he said "does every boy watch girls sleep like we got edward, cristain,makomo,and me" me over trying to figer out if i heard that right

  • Highland Bilby
    Highland Bilby

    glossing over the 3rd big red flag of him having a tracking app on her phone xD

  • Aine Coetzee
    Aine Coetzee

    he's got a 'worship me anna' mentality. she means very little past that

  • Fuck you Mig
    Fuck you Mig

    Hey! Alex could you react to roswell the tv show the 1999 version which is on Hulu please you have a decent fan base and I want your opinion and I want more people to watch the original roswell tv show (not the suck ass reboot on Netflix but the original show from the 90s on Hulu.

  • Fuck you Mig
    Fuck you Mig

    Hey! Alex could you react to roswell the tv show the 1999 version which is on Hulu please you have a decent fan base and I want your opinion and I want more people to watch the original roswell tv show (not the suck ass reboot on Netflix but the original show from the 90s on Hulu.

  • Fuck you Mig
    Fuck you Mig

    Hey! Alex could you react to roswell the tv show the 1999 version which is on Hulu please you have a decent fan base and I want your opinion and I want more people to watch the original roswell tv show (not the suck ass reboot on Netflix but the original show from the 90s on Hulu.

  • Fuck you Mig
    Fuck you Mig

    Hey! Alex could you react to roswell the tv show the 1999 version which is on Hulu please you have a decent fan base and I want your opinion and I want more people to watch the original roswell tv show (not the suck ass reboot on Netflix but the original show from the 90s on Hulu.

  • M J
    M J

    What's this silly movie? Straight people are strangers, she almost died so he wanted to have his son with her?🙄🤢🤮 you saved me of wasting my time with this series

  • tami stitt
    tami stitt

    Fifty shades of grey,more like,FIFTY SHADES OF RED FLAGS.

  • Alias Fakename
    Alias Fakename

    *Late reminder that Christian Grey had an affair with Marie Antoinette in another life*

  • eyasmin akhter
    eyasmin akhter

    Why was she all scared in the hospital scene though??

  • Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ
    Gamer 872 was not the imposter ඞ


  • Iqlima Gaury Z
    Iqlima Gaury Z

    okay you say Nothing Nothing Nothinnnn wayyy toooo muchh lmao

  • Snow Winters
    Snow Winters

    12:22 "I wanted your world to begin and end with me" *Strangles her*

    • CherryGirl

      I- XDDD

  • New Comic
    New Comic

    I feel like these people should definitely not have children even if they're both ok with it because this people Christian sounds very much like he would abuse this child and ana would excuse his actions.

  • Karim K
    Karim K

    Remember, folks : money buys love

  • Willowy13

    I am sure she got pregnant "by accident" no matter there are tons of preventive methods against pregnancy. Let's be blunt about it instead of easing your partner on the idea. No! Let's discuss it BEFORE MARRIAGE. Argheese!😱😱🤔🤔🤔

  • KLJF

    the rich pay other people to look after their children .

  • Jennifer Baldini
    Jennifer Baldini

    You know, the total 'nothing happens' premise worked great for 'Seinfeld'..but, uh, not so great here.

  • Astre P
    Astre P

    What's wrong with all these gloomy filters? Just like Twilight, the filters barely let you see anything!! Plus, why do they have to speak so softly all the time?? It's not dramatic nor sexy, it's just stressing

  • sunny giovanni
    sunny giovanni

    it's the walmart grocery bag for me. lmao!! tell me somebody caught that.

  • Time Teen Productions
    Time Teen Productions

    5:09 onwards best part of the film

  • Ammaarah

    As an awkward introvert I do feel offended that Anna went from being all nervous and insecure to being CONFRONTATIONAL AND CONFIDENT 😂😂😂 great job on Character development tho

  • Vineetha

    One word - Narcissist.

  • Nazakat Aslam
    Nazakat Aslam


  • Jamar紫

    I never got why ppl like this till now, this is basically every relationship i see ppl in lately, one controlling, cheating adult baby and the other person saying they want better but never choose better cuz they think they can change ppl for their benefit

  • Ashiqah Alias
    Ashiqah Alias

    the amount of nothing he said hahahahaha

  • Lucy Charnick
    Lucy Charnick

    The characters in twilight are more appealing

  • shazia Khan
    shazia Khan

    Am I the only one who thinks Dakota has the most expression less face

  • Vidhi Srivastava
    Vidhi Srivastava

    "🤣Aaa🤣hahah🤣ahhaha🤣hahh🤣ahahhah🤣aaaaaa🤣aaaha🤣hahha🤣hahaha🤣hah🤣" That's all I did watching your videos 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angry Man
    Angry Man

    Have you heard of AFK Arena

  • Rhianna Delacour
    Rhianna Delacour

    The castle Christian and Anna went for their honeymoon is in a town called Roquebrune Cap Martin where I live. When I saw the movie I was like whaaaaattt. They're on the Roquebrune village castle ??!!!

  • the imagination galaxy
    the imagination galaxy

    Plot twist: they dont do paper snowflakes

  • Emerald Block Boat
    Emerald Block Boat

    Does the actor for the main girl remind anyone else of the girl from a series of unfortunate events

  • Maddie Tannie
    Maddie Tannie

    I love that Alex points out the effects of birth control. Like do what you want but don’t do birth control if you don’t wanna.

  • Tamlyn Manning
    Tamlyn Manning

    Alex, your videos are so entertaining. I have to elaborate on the books because the movies do not give the substance to the story that the books provided. Christian isn’t just some billionaire who is a complete sadist, he suffered immense emotional trauma as a child and those themes of psychology, abuse, IQ and EQ etc. But EL James was set on the movie playing out like the book and was adamant when they made the movies. She wouldn’t give the writers and directors free rein on creativity to highlight the different facets of the characters for example Ana narrates the story and she talks about her inner goddess and her sub conscious and if the filmmakers were able to capitalize on these things the trilogy would be a lot more entertaining and S&M wouldn’t be the hook. Plus casting wasn’t great.

  • Bittu Ruyal
    Bittu Ruyal

    New title for this movie- a romanticised toxic relationship with a fucking narcissist

  • Joshua Phalanx
    Joshua Phalanx

    3:52-3:56 *insert my impression of Alex Meyers' DUH*

  • Minx 72
    Minx 72

    Anybody seeing what I'm seeing?The actress playing Gia, the architect lady is Arielle Kebbel the same actress who played Lexi Branson in the vampire diaries. My eyes are leaking

  • Cyrus Chong
    Cyrus Chong

    lol all weapons are bannanas

  • PhantomSkitty

    I love that the Big Ol' Red Flag band was marching to the Rufus Welcoming Ceremony music.

  • Summer

    Am I the only one that think SHE IS SO BORING! !!!!

  • Lyle Ceniza
    Lyle Ceniza

    Yep 😅..........ikr.

  • Diana Grace
    Diana Grace

    they had time to agree on the contract before getting married but not on whether he wants kids?? lmaooo😂😂😂

  • Valeria Maldonado Hernández
    Valeria Maldonado Hernández

    In my opinion the movies were very poorly written, I don't understand why people hate the actors who played these roles so much, Dakota Johnson for example has other good movies apart from that one, I invite you to see them, as I was saying, I mean imagine to get paid 1 million for each movie, well, it is a great offer and for money personally I would, in my opinion the only thing that the movie taught me was: for love, people can change, obviously these cases do not happen frequently but then it is an example that there are people like christian and Ana, but well in the end is my opinion, pls dont hate

  • Sophie Schroer
    Sophie Schroer

    I wonder what would've happened if Anna just hung up on Jack while he was talking to her

  • webrokethepa

    Why is Christian being drunk the only remotely interesting part of the movie lmao

    • Veronica Bakk
      Veronica Bakk

      Omg haha that’s what I was thinking

  • Martha E. Chalé M.
    Martha E. Chalé M.

    Squidward is in their living room! (The one Alex draw) and that’s better production and scenery than the real thing

  • saturn orchids
    saturn orchids

    He should do Avatar the Last Airbender

  • B.O.B clan
    B.O.B clan

    This seems like the second page of google when you type abuse

  • farook habeba
    farook habeba

    Is it possible the driver from 7:24 is hotter than Christian

  • Jacqueline Villasenor
    Jacqueline Villasenor

    When they bodyguard is honestly better looking then the main character

  • Raissa Caba
    Raissa Caba

    He watched the worst “romance” movies in history for us: After Twilight 365 days 50 shades of grey

  • Arigat - O
    Arigat - O

    I think LV-home has an addiction to double ads.

  • Elmo !
    Elmo !

    Guys getting mad over his girl getting pregnant is the worst attitude ever. You're equally or more responsible for this, “sir”

  • Elmo !
    Elmo !


  • Angel Shine
    Angel Shine

    I was today years old when I realized that. . . *Thats a WalMart bag. . .*

  • Hannah19

    wow!! the acting is just so so bad.

  • Kyra Denise Alston
    Kyra Denise Alston

    Did anyone notice his name was JACK HYDE?! Or is it just me being stupid! 😅

  • Dahlia Legacy
    Dahlia Legacy

    That moment you realize "watching" your girl sleep is more hearing them snore and wondering how they make those noises... XD Pretty sure life is more like that. lol

  • Blossom Sky
    Blossom Sky

    I just feel bad for the actor who played Christian grey cause he was like married at that time with kids and imagine what his wife would have felt while seeing her husband make out with another girl even if it's acting 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😔😔😔.

  • Jordzyi1

    I hate these types of movies, they are so phucking dumb.

  • G Ger
    G Ger

    Anna looked like she was dying in that ending scene.

  • Cat Devereux
    Cat Devereux

    Psychopaths watch their victims sleep all the time. it's a weird coinkydink that they are known for. Imagine waking at 3am to see a face pressed up against yours :/


    I’m sorry but.......I kinda don’t like HATE her VOICE !!!😭😭😭

  • Rosario Cuenca
    Rosario Cuenca

    can you do mean girls 2 ?

  • Lady Blake
    Lady Blake

    Your summary is just perfect

  • Andi Saputro
    Andi Saputro

    That bodyguard is SO HOT

  • Jen Santspree
    Jen Santspree

    Ana's vows sound a lot like EVERYTHING CHRISTAN NEVER CARRIED ENOUGH TO DO. Protect you or something: Bruh, he whipped you. Something about times of needs: HE HAS ANGERISSUES AND GETS HEATED FOR LITERALLY NO REASON!

  • Akshita Mohite
    Akshita Mohite

    Ana's character makes Bella look smart and that says something.

  • Ag Jr
    Ag Jr

    Ana: I'm pregnant. Christian: HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY PLANS!!!!! *Goes to see the woman who mentally and sexually took advantage of him as a teen.* Women that exist somewhere on Earth: Why can't I have a man like Christian?

  • eihwaz359

    5:13 Is ThAt LiNdSeY fRoM gIlMoRe GiRlS?! I know Dean broke your heart, but you gotta leave husbands aloo,nnnnee. What am i saying? Im only here for Alex lmao

  • uma

    5:11 omg it's lexi from tvd

  • Lily Hart
    Lily Hart

    I prefer watching the reviews by Alex instead of the movies... also the girl mc needs to get a life if the Christian guy is her life. ✨?true love?✨

  • Finn of the Septic-Eye
    Finn of the Septic-Eye

    Wait? He still has his sanity?

  • Ebere Uche Eme
    Ebere Uche Eme

    I feel bad for Alex and all the suffering from watching all these crappy movies😢😥😥😢😥 but thanks anyway now we don't have to watch the movie to see how bad it is

  • Camille B
    Camille B

    Please do the 100

  • shib0ni

    Alex: Edward Me: yes Alex: Christian Me: definitely Alex: Massimo Me: that guy Alex: Me Me: WHAAAAA-

    • Sarah Nurse
      Sarah Nurse


  • shib0ni

    I did my waiting, all 12 years of it and NOW IT'S TIME TO APPRECIATE THIS BEAUTY

  • Jana Nabawy
    Jana Nabawy

    What does devils tango mean?

  • Katie Ross
    Katie Ross

    I love this channel so much 😂

  • anushka977

    Honestly this is an insult to fanfics because there are some pretty decent ones out written out there

  • RUPA Putul
    RUPA Putul

    Can you do Call Me By Your Name

  • Anna Lehnert Martinez
    Anna Lehnert Martinez

    This video is sooo good😂👍awesome job!

  • October L
    October L

    DAMN the bodyguard is hot so soooo hot 🥵🥵

  • It’s Jay Page
    It’s Jay Page

    10:17 bro be quiet that’s the predator

  • Darson Park
    Darson Park

    Why did he change the title?

  • gaaaabr

    Hey Alex, a fan here. Fan of yours obviously. I'm ashamed this crap is popular. I swear to God. It's so sad and disturbing that women, grown women, think this crap is acceptable. But then again we've been suffering macho misogyny since the dark ages, both cases. Love your videos! Everytime you laugh I laugh too! Thank you, man!