Fifty Shades Freed is the worst movie I've ever seen
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Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
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  • mino kon
    mino kon

    god this entire movie is a red flag and why does she only talk in whispers?

  • Julia w
    Julia w

    4:22 😂😂

  • Momeina Aslam
    Momeina Aslam

    This is a thousand times better than watching the actual movie and I’m here for it

  • rebecca van berkel
    rebecca van berkel

    The “big ol’ red flag” band kills me every time😂

  • Azi Twist
    Azi Twist

    Christian bought the company when he heard she got a job there tho lol

  • A R
    A R

    PLEASE make a red flag compilation that shiz SENDS ME

  • Rachel Friedl
    Rachel Friedl

    the most unrealistic thing in this entire movie is literally this movie exists

  • Jenessa Joseph
    Jenessa Joseph

    When your job is basically watching tv...

  • Jerrylou Tabiera
    Jerrylou Tabiera

    Alex wondering how does Fifty shades of grey,darker,and freed became box office and earned billions of money. My answer: well, because of their "Devil's tango" that every horny loves

  • Lost

    I haven’t even watched the movies but this acting his horrible. It’s very much giving me lifetime movie

  • Raissa Raissa
    Raissa Raissa

    God i tought i was the only one ...

  • Round boi Productions
    Round boi Productions

    Wait there’s a third one?


    I agree this movie is so stupid! I saw it and I was like.. This is so stupid and it makes no scenes to me..

  • CX Nloubriel2 XD
    CX Nloubriel2 XD

    *4:42**-**4:45* Alex X Anastatia The remix 😄😆

  • TJ Covers Originals
    TJ Covers Originals

    Holy shit Jack's voice gives me goosebumps...

  • TJ Covers Originals
    TJ Covers Originals

    4:24 lmao Christian's face just made my whole year

  • Eve Butler
    Eve Butler

    the architect lady looks shockingly like ivanka trump

  • Danielle

    I love how Jamie Dornan (Christian) just gave up trying to do an American accent.

  • Isabel Peterson
    Isabel Peterson

    Jesus is our lord and savior

  • Hey It’s Lily
    Hey It’s Lily

    It. Is. Partly. Your. Fault. She. Is. Preggo. If. You. Don’t. Want. A. Kid. Use. Ducking. Protection!

    • Bob Did
      Bob Did


  • The red tears
    The red tears

    500 years ago

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    Christan and Anna: has sex multiple of times Anna: gets pregnant Christan: gets mad and spends the night with the woman who took advantage of him when he was a minor Logic right here boys

  • Sanjo

    By the way im not all caught up lol ! Still love ur vids Alex ! 👏

  • AleksandraARMY Slytherin
    AleksandraARMY Slytherin

    OMG I GOT IT Anastasia is _color blind_ THAT'S why she can't see all the red flags

  • Cricket Pickett
    Cricket Pickett

    Omg I died laughing at the Walmart veil!!!

  • wind hehe
    wind hehe


  • Ellijah Neely
    Ellijah Neely

    Mr. Grey *Meyers* your videos make me laugh every 20 seconds and I don’t have a weak sense of humor. Job well done 🤪🤪

  • Bitter Caramel
    Bitter Caramel

    7:16 her bodyguard is way hotter than her husband hehehee.

  • Erin Lewis
    Erin Lewis

    That vacation spot looked a bit like Cinque-Terre

  • Ma Kakowsky
    Ma Kakowsky

    *Best movie summary you've ever done!* 👏👏👏

  • PRIM Moore
    PRIM Moore


  • Jerusha Ginter
    Jerusha Ginter

    Alex: Why am I watching 50 Shades Freed??! Me: For my entertainment. So I can laugh at the movie without having to watch it myself😏😂

  • Tami L
    Tami L

    Was this shit made on lifetime?

  • Deriv44

    You notice she never said for richer or poorer in her wedding valses

  • James Swan
    James Swan

    There's less then 7 hours of movies!!! WHY would you have 80 hours of video to edit?! I like your videos. SOME things can be funny. But the bitching, moaning, cry me a fucking river , send me a WAAAAHmbulance at the end of EVERYone. Turns me right off. "Oh its too much." "Oh I animated too much this time" Christ. SKIP!

  • Katherine Jordan
    Katherine Jordan

    Who doesn't have the kids talk until after they're married? Lololololol.

    • Red Glasses Art
      Red Glasses Art

      I know right? 😆

  • Seesaw_korekiyo

    killing stalking 2: rising from the ashes.

  • 周一

    Beginner: Regular: Noice: Some ad from your country Kinder: An ad with you in it

  • Sweta Satpathy
    Sweta Satpathy

    Anytime I notice any real red flag in anyone I meet....The alex Mayer's red flag band charges in my head.

  • Noone of Consequence
    Noone of Consequence

    You know what a good way to mess up your entire body is? Get pregnant.

  • sev gar
    sev gar

    So this whole franchise boils down to ; Weird flirting> creepy ass situation> Anna not seeing giant red flags> kinky scene> chessy dialogue > sad montage> romantic montage Repeat

  • Miguel Mauro
    Miguel Mauro

    How is no one accusing the writer of those books of promoting misogyny is beyond me...

  • Magical Huex
    Magical Huex

    Christian is no one when SWAYER (Ana's bodyguard) is there 😍

  • Elle a.m.
    Elle a.m.

    But they casted the person with the right voice for the ex-boss. xD

  • Waffles uwu
    Waffles uwu

    69k likes- n i c e

  • Maob08

    I have watched both this video and the movie before and I'm here again and I don't recall anything that goes on in both.

  • Shadow Hunter 3221
    Shadow Hunter 3221

    This man could summarise 2020

  • Jon Moriconi
    Jon Moriconi

    2:22 the shopping bag got me. Love the content bro

    • Jon Moriconi
      Jon Moriconi

      “Which one of us gets the second player mad cats controller” I’m dying

  • Lyra Music
    Lyra Music

    Im just waiting for fifty shades of child, and its about their kid growing up to be a traumatized child with anger problems or something because of his parents and idk but hey, maybe one day it’ll happen :)

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    Alex's whole thing on the pregnancy part is amazinggg. If my husband reacted like that we would be taking a hugeeee break, who the hell reacts like that???!!

  • Rikco Flores
    Rikco Flores

    I commend you for watching all of them I didn't make it but your video series enlighten me lol

  • MegaKnight2012

    Why are they always watching the girl sleep? Why don't they ever sit there looking out at the killer views those windows offer? Definitely need to sort out their priorites

  • I ain't bs
    I ain't bs

    How many times he said NoThInG ? O.o

  • Mymio

    Why am i watching this instead of online school?

  • Alecssa Monique B. SECOSANA, 叶心如
    Alecssa Monique B. SECOSANA, 叶心如

    Where did you watch it

  • DevonnyX

    and to think, I really thought romance novels like these were gold...🤣

  • m r
    m r

    Is horrible how movies show toxic remationships as desirable. Great video!

  • Toyaa Ikem
    Toyaa Ikem


  • Rue Rutherford
    Rue Rutherford

    The ‘I’m in my 30’s and this is my life now’ moment wow yeah

  • Voodoo Sugar Walls
    Voodoo Sugar Walls

    The movie can't decide what genre it wants to be

  • Leslie Gutierrez
    Leslie Gutierrez

    I just watched all three movies in a row with my husband and I swear it was like we were watching comedy movies 😂 we couldn’t stop laughing lol

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    Could someone please tell me what people enjoy about these "Fifty Shades" movies? Christian and Ana have one of the most unhealthy "supposedly romantic movie relationships" I've ever seen put to screen.

  • Juliana Cromey
    Juliana Cromey

    I absolutely adore your vids Alex! Lol! U never ever disappoint in the making me laugh department of my brain. Thank u for making these vids😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 You're awesome!

  • Analise Wright
    Analise Wright

    so they can see what the yuck is going

  • Ashley P
    Ashley P

    If they are both under the impression that she's on birth control and she stops without telling him (IDK how you forget something that important, she's getting a shot every couple of months, it's not the daily pill, which I could understand) then at least some annoyance is to be RIGHTFULLY, expected from him. She had 1 job, make a doctor's appointment to re-up. But yeah, discuss this shit before getting married, shit, before moving in together lol

  • TheCinnamonRoll

    Idk why but this strange movie is like really shades of grey cuzzz this movie is like sad and R rates crap so these movies are like cringie

  • Seekerfortruth

    “Big o’l red flag” is my new motto

  • Anastasia Ermola
    Anastasia Ermola

    Oh God why are these actors sooooooooooooo bad? I`ts like watching a highschool theatre club.

  • aengelush luminal
    aengelush luminal

    How could she tell it was Jack from a grainy camera of a poorly lit hallway while he’s under a hat, casting shade on his face?? Can we talk about Anna’s zoom and enhance super powers?

  • Harsha Sewlani
    Harsha Sewlani

    I just watched 5 mins of the movie for Arielle Kebbel

  • Cloverheisyl

    "you forgot your shot?" well you forgot to wrap it up How dare you blame her like you have no control over it whatsoever

  • Red Fox
    Red Fox

    Holy shit, only watching these clips makes me uncomfortable from the inside. Can't imagine how sitting through the whole movie feels like.

  • Elizabeth Elms
    Elizabeth Elms

    Fifty shades of wut

  • Villain Deku
    Villain Deku

    I really don’t want a child growing up with Christian as their dad

  • Estranged_Herzeleid

    Why would you write a stalker/crime plotline in a 50 shades book?

  • 30. Ratih Paramita
    30. Ratih Paramita

    Any TVD fans watch this movie just for Lexi or is it just me??? 😀

  • Madison Kohn
    Madison Kohn

    They both need help

  • abigail nicole
    abigail nicole


  • Luneland

    This stupid movies and books are going to age with the years soooooo bad that the actual author will come out to say it was the fault of her publishers and the public for liking that crap she wrote. Just wait a few years 😂

  • Darius Farrel
    Darius Farrel

    You think Fifty shades series is dumb, go watch 365 days, but don’t do that actually, for your own sanity, Don’t watch it, not even the trailer or the clips, it is basically 50 shades but worse

  • Linda Park
    Linda Park

    The movie is cringy as heeeeeelllllllllll

  • Laura Kirwan
    Laura Kirwan

    50 shades literally makes me want to puke....

  • •Mystery May •
    •Mystery May •

    Hey Alex! I love your videos and I watch them every day and they always make my day much much much better! I love your reactions and your animation! I have some suggestions I don’t think you’ve done yet! 1.Jessie (2011-2015) 2. Bunk’d (Jessie Spin off, 2015-still running) 3. Unaccompanied Minors (2006) 4. Ducktales (2017-??) 5.Dragon Quest Your Story (2019) I hope you see this comment and take at least 2 of my suggestions! I’m your biggest fan and it would mean A lot to me! -Beatriz :D

  • Nihal Göktepe
    Nihal Göktepe

    Kinda sorta grows up a little bit 😂

  • Cam

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact he only asks for u to subscribe st the absolute end of the video

  • Nicole Kriel
    Nicole Kriel

    Before the "Big Ol' red flag" came in I was literally it comes😂😂😂

  • Lauryn Elise Feir
    Lauryn Elise Feir

    Can you do react to kdramas maybe cloy or strong woman do bong soon hehe love ur vids tho

  • Baiba Zvirgzdina
    Baiba Zvirgzdina

    The Movies are Much Much dumber and skips very much important info, the books are detailed out and much more info is shown.

  • Courtney Rent
    Courtney Rent

    Is that Lexi from TVD?

  • Lidya Solomon
    Lidya Solomon

    This acting is not ittttt

  • Lidya Solomon
    Lidya Solomon

    Wthhh this ain’t it

  • agyeiwaa

    not me now realizing that "Gia" is actually Lexi Branson from The Vampire Diaries

  • Kamogelo Moleele Padi
    Kamogelo Moleele Padi

    For the first 1:39 Alex was like: Alex: Taaaa Me: wut Alex: honey taaa Nah I'm just joking

  • Terri Frysh
    Terri Frysh

    My sister watches this show called miraculous and she wanted you to react to it

  • Dr. ShadowHallows
    Dr. ShadowHallows

    I think it's damn hilarious that the conversation that Ana has with Christian about trust is like basically the exact same as the one shown in the After We Collided commentary which I literally just watched before this. It truly is just a fanfic of a fanfic

  • Dustirlmp

    Alex: this video was sponsored by ho- me: I'm watching the wrong thing alright... (¬_¬ )

  • Cliff edge
    Cliff edge

    I have always thought Fifty Shades series is quite messed up and I'm definetly hate that too much lovey dovey things in the movies as well as books *yuck* It's like after few minutes of that, Anna is good about everything and never blames him? WTF

  • HeSsA A
    HeSsA A

    Why they whisper .. can't they talk normal?

  • Ivs Pav
    Ivs Pav

    Christian Gray is a class A example of a narcissist. Anyone who knows anything of narcissistic personality disorder knows they don't love anyone. I just don't understand the pomp around this film?!!

  • Rex George Rodriguez
    Rex George Rodriguez

    Imagine having a 365 days and Fifty Shades crossover film and I wonder how this channel reviews it