does anybody remember Degrassi??
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365 Days is the worst movie I have ever seen
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...
Sharkboy and Lavagirl literally makes no sense
Hannah Montana was pretty dumb
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  • PRat hEre
    PRat hEre

    He's the best friend I didn't deserve but needed.

  • Ghostly Arranger
    Ghostly Arranger

    Ah the show that Drake was on before he was named Drake.

  • Jenny Benners
    Jenny Benners

    I remember my sister watching the older version and learning about eating disorders... the image is burned into my brain.

  • Silver Animations
    Silver Animations

    I think I will just play Animal Crossing. There's nothing better to do these days

  • The Flower Blogger
    The Flower Blogger

    Oh WOW. Wasn't seeing that

  • Garfielf

    This show was fucking Dark. What's worst is that in the US this was aired on Noggin's (Nick Jr.) Nighttime block, The N (Now TeenNick). So you could be a child watching Go Diego Go and will suddenly change to a show where characters get raped and Overdose on Drugs.

  • Ella Gibson
    Ella Gibson

    When he said “don’t date just play animal crossing” Me:..I just watch my friends date ppl then forget about me middle school am I right 🥲

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex

    Are you my favorite LV-homer I know you're my favorite LV-homer ASAP very ears you're trying to scam us trying to scam us trying to get all our money money trying to get all our money trying to be rich a rich kid rich boy which LV-homer you are just a Mia in the world for you to get one trillion dollars

  • Rvince

    Young albertstuff in thumbnail

  • 22jsharpersr

    My name is Jordan

  • E0N Eric
    E0N Eric

    4:36 gottem

  • Star_Cactus UwU
    Star_Cactus UwU

    I watched Degrassi last year and im still watching it til this day.

  • Radical Mary
    Radical Mary

    I was obsessed with that show, it was the first show I watched where the kids were actually kids and it didn't really censor stuff and try to shield you from stuff, it actually tackled real issues that teens in that age dealt with and some of the dangers that they could deal with that they didn't understand like Emma meeting a stranger she met online that turned out to be a pedophile which was the reason why I never gave out my address to anyone online.

  • Ernest Omiloli
    Ernest Omiloli

    Dis is like real life Game of Thrones

  • Ernest Omiloli
    Ernest Omiloli

    D full on gigantic big ol red Flag parade was beautiful! And man dis show was messed up!

  • Froppy Aka Tsuyu Asui
    Froppy Aka Tsuyu Asui

    Ok ok ok but one of the stars from degrassi junior high lives in my neighbourhood :>

  • Catbus

    He should do Degrassi Next Class, it's... something.

  • Angie Holland
    Angie Holland

    I started watching this show late like season 12. When Adam and Cam were still alive, Maya and that one girl I think her name was Bianca hated each other. Before Miles

  • Zakaria Aourzag
    Zakaria Aourzag

    The biggest red flag to date: a full hekin band

  • Isaac Dempster
    Isaac Dempster

    It is weird to think about the kids who grew up on the cast. Must of been so depressing for like the actor who played Emma when the show finally ended

  • Matilda B
    Matilda B

    Whenever I'm feeling down these videos really help me cheer up 😃

  • Matilda B
    Matilda B

    Lol I couldn't stop laughing about the email at the start 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ari G_awesomechick
    Ari G_awesomechick

    Oh jeez I’m a 19 year old female so I guess I’m part of the target audience lol

  • Mirette Grace
    Mirette Grace

    ok so he always talks abt the goofy movies so is he ever gonna make a vid abt them? or has he already made one? anybody know?

  • Caelans Life
    Caelans Life

    Degrassi in my opinion gets worse and worse as the cast members come in

  • Dreamcraft

    I’ll be honest. My mom never let me converse with anyone on the internet, and this episode is exactly why lol.

  • Samantha Arrowsmith
    Samantha Arrowsmith

    The guy that plays the teacher is actually a drama teacher at my school 💀💀 I have him for a different subject this year, but almost had him for drama in freshmen year.....

  • ghostbeast_

    Omg 2:00 had me dying😭😭😭

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    Id never meet someone online, ESPECIALLY since he never only shows one pic off his face or sends a video.

  • wonholywife-woongi

    As someone who watched all of degrassi and binged it few times after og airing, theres just always this raw realistic aspect to the issues they tackle. You really feel like this kinda stuff could happen to you and if it did, what would you do, how would you feel? And the process these kids go through is definitely how that thought process would legitimately me in real life too. Like when they covered teen pregnancy multiple times, they did it differently each time. First it was leading to keeping and raising the baby as a teen mom and dropping out of school raising alone in the 90s version. Then this version shown here they covered abortion and your friends that feel differemt ways about it, arranging adoption before birth, trying to raise the baby while balancing life and school but ultimately ending in adoption, miscarriages, getting pregnant post cancer but young while being told you may never get pregnant again. And those are just the pregnancy lines. There's drug addictions, alcoholic parents, self harm, suicides, fires, anorexia, murder, student teacher relationships, high school parties, rape, being gay in the closet, coming out, abuse in both student to gf and father to child, depression, failing out/dropping out of college, etc etc etc. Theres soooo many things we as kids all deal with and degrassi really does cover it all in such a real relatable way that i truly do think that every teen going into middle and high school should watch this bc them and their friends will ultimately face some of these things.

  • Oklahoma Breakdown
    Oklahoma Breakdown

    Hi or whatever

  • Cxrmell Snaxx
    Cxrmell Snaxx

    2:05, did anyone notice the undertale music?

  • shockinglysublym

    love the big ol' red flag animation, made me spit water on my keyboard at work lol.

  • Desiree DiFabio
    Desiree DiFabio

    What shows do you actually like?

  • Justin Marbury
    Justin Marbury

    Degrassi was propaganda that was responsible for the increase in promiscuity and thereby fatherless children at 14-16

  • Donny Watkinson
    Donny Watkinson

    I loved this show and I am from toronto and enjoyed the fuck out of this show its was a amazing show

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    Isn't this the show simplynailogical was supposed to be in but her parents didn't want to move?

  • Aurora Burnell
    Aurora Burnell

    I was getting Megan is missing vibes the ENTIRE time ⚪️👄⚪️

  • Lonely Weeb
    Lonely Weeb

    6:51 was that a camera or what was that

  • frenchfry monkey
    frenchfry monkey

    love the entire series of degrassi, i rewatch them from time to time. Would love for you to go over the seasons or something for more degrassi! Love your commentary!

  • Zahra Naimi
    Zahra Naimi

    Wait was she.............ON THIS SHOW

  • Hunter Roth
    Hunter Roth

    I avidly watched the first 5-7 seasons of this show. I was so into it and one day I just woke up and I was like "What the heck is happening to these poor Canadian teenagers??" and got out

  • Nicole Learner
    Nicole Learner

    betweeen my mom and degrassi...i came out pretty okay

  • iPancake3


  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    I sent way too much time watching "Degrassi: The Next Generation"

  • Jumana Yadikar
    Jumana Yadikar

    More like "does anybody KNOW degrassi?"

  • Anana Tikanni
    Anana Tikanni

    Degrassi was always so good for dealing with issues in a way thats not like today where everybody's doing everyone and the dramatic factor. Its much more authentic and real.

  • Anana Tikanni
    Anana Tikanni

    Should have watched Degrassi Jr high/degrass high because they were so og. The 80/90s version was so good honestly better then the shows today.

  • LifeOfNigh

    Emma was actually the daughter of the first pregnant teen on Degrassi Junior High in the 80s. She was 13. Degrassi was never a family show. It's always been a teen show that addressed things teens go through. It was more realistic in the first three shows (Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High). Teen issues were never romanticized in Degrassi. It's Canadian. It's honest!

  • Mel 21
    Mel 21

    Degrassi is one of the best shows I grew up watching it. They went into real raw issues and never was afraid to talk about any topic. You should check out the older degrassi i got around to it last yr it’s so good! And you understand more of the older characters.

  • Meyers CQ
    Meyers CQ

    Degrassi was a problematic show in which had the worst outcomes happening to people and it also had so much drama including a girls boyfriend killing himself which makes her go into and early mid life crisis

  • Cam

    ....I swear this is the worst mom I’ve ever seen

  • TheGalsenn

    the little boy tells her it can be dangerous and the woman tells her to go for it????😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Matthewood !
    Matthewood !

    Is it bad that I really like the “big ol red flag” music that plays?

  • May Watson
    May Watson

    *Alex refers to it as a family show* Me thinking about all the different types of viewers who watch his reviews: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no no no no NO

  • Shannon Low
    Shannon Low

    I'm from Toronto and we watched this episode of Degrassi in middle school in computer tech class to teach us about the dangers of the internet and to tell us not to trust people we meet online lmao

  • beth Clark
    beth Clark

    In the late 80"s version first episode on Erica's problem on how she dealt with it.

  • Brie

    I cannot with the big red flag parade lol

  • Greer Harrison
    Greer Harrison

    Are u ok like mentally?

  • Rose Godfrey
    Rose Godfrey

    Her storyline was pretty crazy. But then again, the whole series was pretty crazy. School shooting, drugs, murder, suicide, cancer, etc. It was like an after school special almost every episode. The acting could've been been better, but they mostly improved through the years.

  • Another Commenter
    Another Commenter

    You know it's getting REAL BAD when he pulls out the double big ol' red flag, complete with giant a marching mob instead of a marching band.

  • Jiyanna

    Rewatched this show a while back, it's still great. Teaches kids a lot I think, even though watching it as an adult makes you question them even more hehe

  • Proton

    So you're telling me no one noticed that the hater, author of this amazing mail you got was Kelsey? :')

  • GuardianOfMoon

    Degrassi is what numbed me for Game of Thrones. Loved the show, but not a single character made it through high school without some traumatic scar or two.

  • Laura Hildebrand
    Laura Hildebrand

    Anyone else just lives for Alex's Big Ole Red Flags montages?

  • Curie Thota
    Curie Thota

    Just some info for Degrassi newcomers: There are 4 main shows. Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class Degrassi Junior High and and Degrassi High follow Snake and Spike and all those fellows while they're in high school. During this show, Spike gets pregnant with Emma, who is the protagonist of Degrassi: The Next Generation, as well as various other things. Degrassi: The Next generation is the one being reviewed and it goes through a fair few seasons of cast, including Drake. Degrassi: Next Class, picks of directly from the end of TNG with the seniors in TNG in the first year of college. They connect with no time gap in between, seamlessly. Also all the actors reprise their roles (Grown up Snake was the same person who played snake in Junior High and High, etc.)

  • David Potato
    David Potato

    I never thought there could be multiple big ol’ red flags in one video

  • FireHorse36

    RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE! Can you please do the first episode of all Degrassi seasons? I love this one 😊

  • Wyatt P
    Wyatt P

    Who didnt tell alex degrassi is fucking ROUGH?! Theres a joke about degrassi that someone always gets fucking shot or tries to shoot up the school. Also obviously we cant forget about cancer and like, the many disowned or bullied and traumatised gay characters of degrassi. And all the teen pregnancy or just abortions that followed it... I mean this could be a controversial show. Degrassi walked so 13RW could run... then trip and fall on its face and slide along the asphalt.

  • Lion Head
    Lion Head

    He should do the good place

  • Ollyoxenfree

    Why is it so hard for Emma to open a door?

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya Mishra

    What did I just watch.

  • OSide

    When Drake got shot tho🤦🏽‍♂️😭

  • NANI??!! !
    NANI??!! !

    Dose anyone else realize that he has 666K views right now

  • Rania Assal Del Valle
    Rania Assal Del Valle

    Bro....the part when the dude is like, "He's waiting for you in the hotel room" just........bro, that unnerved me so bad. I just skipped from when they entered into the hotel room until when the kids are tracking Emma down. This stuff makes me feel so uncomfortable.

  • Maria Kilson
    Maria Kilson

    I love the red flag animations

  • Ninjaman1994

    Not going to lie, I'd love to see him talk about the original series Degrassi Junior High and see the adult characters as kids.

  • Katherine Marie
    Katherine Marie

    Just realized why I was never into simple tween Disney and Nick sitcoms like Hannah Montana or Zoey 101. I started watching Degrassi Next Gen and Forensic Files at age 8 and it absolutely corrupted my tween soul before it ever had a chance 🤣

  • AgirlcalledMolly

    watch more degrassi please

  • Marija Perkovic
    Marija Perkovic

    Omgg I remeber this show....🧐

  • Caiden Parisien
    Caiden Parisien

    what is this title😂😪 of course people remember

    • Caiden Parisien
      Caiden Parisien

      i mean this is coming from a canadian

  • blue bird films
    blue bird films

    The fact that they showed degrassi on abc me

  • Squidhat Scribbles
    Squidhat Scribbles

    “Does anybody remember Degrassi?” Me a Canadian: Wait was that a question?

  • Hannah C.
    Hannah C.

    degrassi did so much! it really went there, crossed every line. I learned so much from it.

  • ExoticPizza

    0 to 100 awww I see what you did there because Drake was in the show and he made the song that had 0 to 100 I think... idk

  • Ima Jean
    Ima Jean

    Thirteen reasons why does not romanticize anything, my parents can barely watch it because it is so real.

  • Kingston Clark
    Kingston Clark

    I was just thinking is that drake

  • Breanna Ledbetter
    Breanna Ledbetter

    i used to wanna watch this all the time but i wasnt allowed so i just never did...

  • Kylee Henry
    Kylee Henry

    I don't know what I was expecting, but it was definitely not this XD. Alex Meyers, you're really great. I love your videos and would rewatch some of these shows all the way through just for your comments.

  • Ashley Downey
    Ashley Downey

    I never watched Degrassi. Although watching this video for the second time, I decided to watch it. I just started watching it on Amazon Prime yesterday. I can see what Alex meant about the first episode being hard to sit through. I got super uncomfortable during the hotel room scenes.

  • Vanessa Ferreira
    Vanessa Ferreira

    Just finished all 15 seasons

  • Serpent 580
    Serpent 580

    Am I the only one who likes the red flag band.😄😄🤣🤣🤣

  • tf till
    tf till

    It was baD

  • Angelina Yeznikyan
    Angelina Yeznikyan

    Can you please do euphoria

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    Wait this isn’t the old degrassi high the new one sucks

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager


  • Alyssa Waker-Gurnell
    Alyssa Waker-Gurnell

    they were the first show i watched as a bisexual kid not knowing what i was feeling, actually pinpoint what it was and feeel okay. they even had a trans kid on a season that was a main character named adam. I fucking loved that show and when drake did his music video for whatever song that was recently(i dont remember the song) and he did the degrassi tribute/reunion with almost everybody and had the theme song over the credits, I literally cried. That show helped me and did so much for I cant even begin to describe.

  • Alyssa Waker-Gurnell
    Alyssa Waker-Gurnell


  • Romerryll

    Remember? Doesn’t it still come on in Canada? #degrassiforever

  • Charis MW
    Charis MW

    I watched this show in middle school (and i pick up accents like a weirdo!) so now i STILL pronounce things like “house” and “about” weird 😂😂 in 22 and i started taking weird when i was 13. People always ask me where I’m from when they meet me. I’m like...’Merica