Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
High School Musical doesn't make any sense
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  • Hazeema Naz
    Hazeema Naz

    Let’s be honest the only good think about Twighlight is that Robbert Pattinson is in the movie He is Alex if Alex had millions of girls screaming about him walking into a room

  • Alina Scotsman
    Alina Scotsman

    am i the only one who honestly associates robert pattinson more with harry potter than with twilight?

  • Allergies

    my mom was super into twilight for over a month..

  • Kat D
    Kat D

    His hair tho..

  • Shirin Kaul
    Shirin Kaul

    Bruh, why would you go to high school again and again like an idiot. If I were immortal I'd get so many degrees and travel to every corner of the world. Imagine wasting your immortality after a girl who likes to stare and whisper all the time.

  • Rowan Delevingne
    Rowan Delevingne

    I mean, I always my friend told me "ma'am you're hands are freeking cold"

  • Ankita nagwekar
    Ankita nagwekar

    You got incredible voice 😊

  • Rhylan Brooke
    Rhylan Brooke

    Am I the only one who noticed that during the first movie when Bella comes down the stairs in her dress, Edward brings his water cup and when him and Bella leave, he still has it?!?! He stole from Charlie.

  • Kavya Krishnan
    Kavya Krishnan

    Also, I barely got the movie because i could hear nothing. Do they know how to NOT whisper?

  • Kavya Krishnan
    Kavya Krishnan

    Yeah, I actually never found Edward that good looking either. In the book or in the movie.

  • Elijar

    Its funny,but please read a book of this. You see

  • Sophie and Chubby
    Sophie and Chubby

    At 1:40 the “ CuLlEn” though

  • mirkaA0707

    I watched the first movie because of Robert Pattinson and at the end I was just "whuut ..." xD I confess I didn't like Kerstin's acting in these movies but when I watched her in other productions - she's a really nice actress ^^ The most recent one was the new Charlie's Angels and she was, hands down, my favourite from the three!!

  • Hi !
    Hi !

    Omg this edwierdo

  • Gem Harris
    Gem Harris

    I literally just finished watching it and came onto LV-home and found this video

  • Marco Breitenbach
    Marco Breitenbach

    Idk why everyone hates it. I love the series ngl. One of my favorites

    • Marco Breitenbach
      Marco Breitenbach

      Okay I’ll be honest, the first one was maybe a but cringy. But from New Moon on it got a lot better.

  • K

    The story of a dependable girl with lack of self love who prefered to be doomed by eternity because she fell in love with the first man she was with.


    Why are they so pasty, it’s really unsettling.

  • The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
    The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

    NONE of the movies made sense

  • MJ Tassou
    MJ Tassou

    I mean come on guys it's a fictional story how should it make a sense 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Marco Breitenbach
      Marco Breitenbach

      People be saying this doesn’t make sense but watch Avengers

  • Fatema Khanpurwala
    Fatema Khanpurwala

    Can we admit that that guy is just crerpy miso

  • Branson Ritter
    Branson Ritter

    My mom raised me on these movies. And I don't mind one bit.

  • Adriana Cormier
    Adriana Cormier

    Can you do Harry Potter? Sorry I just want to watch that

  • Ula Waszka
    Ula Waszka


  • randomxy c:
    randomxy c:

    why do they breath so loud and heavly a lot? it broke my mic for my airpods- ;c

  • Virgils _Red_Boots
    Virgils _Red_Boots

    I like Kristan Stewart alright, but Bella was awful

  • Brie

    Bella: *looks like shes about to throw up and taking shallow breaths* Edward: *looks confused* Bella: I dOnT rEaLlY LiKe ThE rAiN

  • kae luna
    kae luna

    Actually it's CeDrIc dIgGoRy!

  • J A D E
    J A D E

    How much breath do you want in your movie? Yes.

  • Anne Novak
    Anne Novak

    “I can read all minds...except for yours.” Maybe because she is such a boring b***h no thoughts that aren’t worth hearing.

  • Boss DK
    Boss DK

    Toilet makes me feel better than Twilight

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    "Im sure he's a vampire" *YEAH BELLA HE TOLD YOU THAT!*

  • MolBotUk & DanBotUk
    MolBotUk & DanBotUk

    C-c-Cedric?? *WhAt ThE hElL hApPeNeD tO yOu?!*

  • straw berry
    straw berry

    I wish he didnt die in harry potter so he wont be casted in twilight ugh i eanted to see cedric diggory

  • Valeria Escobar
    Valeria Escobar

    What if Bella got a paper cut with her notebook and Edward smelled it

  • LPS liylac
    LPS liylac

    I love twilight , but you do make a good point. 😂

  • Sam Ong'ondi
    Sam Ong'ondi

    boring you suck

  • Olivia F
    Olivia F

    Edward can’t read her mind because Bella is literally as plain as a card board box.


    Alex...if after 2 years you are still confused by edward's creepiness then read "Midnight Sun"

  • ling ling wannabe
    ling ling wannabe

    2:14 All German men. I can guarantee that! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • lola Migos
    lola Migos

    Anyway Edward watches Bella sleep...👀...yup!!!!

  • anna oop
    anna oop

    edward is carrying the show i don’t even know what i’m talking about i haven’t even watched it :3

  • Mia

    Bro I have major respect for all the actors in these movies for being able to keep a straight face while filming this

  • Nerdy Monster
    Nerdy Monster

    Omg 😆 this movie could've been so much better😂

  • Makeup by Desiree C
    Makeup by Desiree C

    The relationship is toxic even in the books! Edward only loves her because he can't read her mind, so there is a sense of peace for him. Plus, her blood smells good and he is addicted to it... Bella has low confidence and on top of that going to a school where she isn't comfortable being the centre of attention so she just leeches on to him until she is use to him. Even when he left her she was going crazy because she can't be by her self. I'm telling you if he wasn't able to read her mind and he wasn't drawing to her blood he won't even blink an eye at her.

  • I do it the tommo way.
    I do it the tommo way.


  • I do it the tommo way.
    I do it the tommo way.


  • Kaeandra Rosales
    Kaeandra Rosales

    Didnt Edward stop to think that he couldnt read bella's mind cuz she doesnt have any-

  • Isabel Turner
    Isabel Turner

    Alex: well shoot sign me up

  • Isabel Turner
    Isabel Turner

    everyone knows Roberts first movie was harry Potter and the goblet of fire

  • Villain Deku
    Villain Deku

    Ok we gonna just ignore the fact that Edward is technically a 100 year old? *pedophilia*

  • Korrin Green
    Korrin Green

    yo shes known this boy for... how long? and shes willing to go throw her whole life away and change herself... does she have any self respect? its like the little mermaid all over again

  • Fake_Gamer _Cat
    Fake_Gamer _Cat

    As much as I don't like it.... The Twilight books got me reading when I used to detest it.

  • Neelam Binyameen
    Neelam Binyameen


  • • Mistymoor •
    • Mistymoor •

    This movie is so visibly dark that I have trouble seeing the movie.

  • ARMYS that ORBITS around CARATS
    ARMYS that ORBITS around CARATS

    The way she was willing to die for a high school boyfriend lmfao that was the most 17-year-old thing she did

  • Fun With LJ
    Fun With LJ

    Dude he is so funny im cracking up laughing and im in school and for some reason i cant wait till the end of class and idisnt know my mic was on but i had head phones on so my teacher couldnt here Alex talking but he can here me laughing and now he wants to se me after school 😩

  • Corona Bibi
    Corona Bibi

    Bella's dad is the only sane character in the movie

  • Braylin

    I’m team no one Bella: crybaby, sucks Edward: creepy stalker, very weird Jacob: He wants to date Bella’s baby, end of story

  • Brittacus Brattacus
    Brittacus Brattacus

    I watched all the movies today I lost all brain sells For the record my friend told me they are amazing and full of love all I saw was red flag after red flag

  • Stack of Keith
    Stack of Keith

    Jesus today is not ur day

  • Kay Gram
    Kay Gram

    I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair and hit my head.. but it was worth it XD

  • Virgo

    Better pitch for twilight Edward thinks bella is special because he can't read her mind *104 year old man dates high school teenager with brain damage

  • Anonymous

    As a 13 year old emo girl I struggled to get through this film and focus, I wonder how anyone got through this

  • paige wescott
    paige wescott

    Funny thing is Kristin came out and said that the whole cast actually had food poisoning when shooting that scene

  • Moonstar79

    *Twilight editors when debating how to tint the screen:* I'm blue ba da dee

  • Mess ♡
    Mess ♡

    WAIT A MINUTE, so you were sponsored by an audio book company and didn't even bother to sit down and listen to the book?

  • Mess ♡
    Mess ♡

    OKAY, I just know by watching this video and reading most of the comments that you DID NOT read the book. Maybe care to read it to understand? Lmao, Stephenie Meyer didn't write over 500 pages on a book just so someone can spend 16:00 trashtalking something that was never meant to be close to the reality anyways, have you ever watch a movie that was EXACTLY like the book? Lol guess not. Because if the movie was a 100% accurate to the book, the movie would probably last 5 hours and your confusion would be gone. And if I tried to explain all the specific things you pointed out I'm sure I'd have to at least make am hour long video, AT LEAST LMAO.

    • Carol Linear
      Carol Linear

      No, he did not read the book. He's actually revewing the MOVIE, and I can't say I don't agree with him. The movies are bad enough for people to point out valid points for disliking them. Yes I know the books are better compared to the movies (but still it's normal for people to despise them). Because as you know, every book is categorised according to which target audience it's intended for. Twilight is a teenage fantasy novel, so obviously it'll be more popular with 'dreamy' teenage girls than with matured adults. As for me, the writing style is average, and even though the I cannot call these books literally a 'masterpiece', they were entertaining nonetheless. Sorry for the long comment but it should therefore be cleared that everyone has their own point of views for figuring things whether positively or negatively. So it's perfectly fine for people not liking some particular type of books which some others really does. Have a nice day!:)

  • Quincy T
    Quincy T

    Do kepo

  • Geilyssa Simmon
    Geilyssa Simmon


  • Julia Speranskaya
    Julia Speranskaya

    "It's just a bunch of weirdos coming back from Burning Man" .... ahahahahah )))

  • The Queen Of Cringe
    The Queen Of Cringe

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are the best actors in the entire saga. Kristen plays the part of Bella perfectly, since Bella is a massive dumbass who doesn’t know how to be human. Robert fully grasps what a weirdo Edward is, and he gives us all of it. Like in that one scene where Bella walks into the biology class and he catches a good sniff. It’s absolutely unhinged in the realm of YA love interests. You just need to read the newest Twilight book, Midnight Sun, and you’ll get what I mean. It’s just Twilight from Edward’s point of view, and holy fuck Edward is one brooding bitch.

  • Kayla Watson
    Kayla Watson

  • E.T Lekhesi
    E.T Lekhesi

    Caroline : Hey, how come you don't sparkle? Damon : Because I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun. Caroline : Yeah, but you go in the sun. Damon : I have a ring, it protects me. It's complicated.

  • Unbeliebubble Bangtan
    Unbeliebubble Bangtan

    You know twilight isn't that bad, try reading the books, much makes sense

    • Unbeliebubble Bangtan
      Unbeliebubble Bangtan

      @romario henry the difference of a comic and a novel is that comics have illustrations, novels have the protagonist's POV, novels has its plots that the movies doesn't have much explanations, let's say Harry Potter, those who only watched the movie thought that Harry is a pure blood, when the truth is he's a half blood, cuz the movie didn't explain much that unlike the movies

    • romario henry
      romario henry

      @Unbeliebubble Bangtan isn't that like saying I have to read a comic to enjoy a marvel movie

    • Unbeliebubble Bangtan
      Unbeliebubble Bangtan

      @Jamal202 Z yeah but twilight is a novel, so in order for the movie to make sense, you should read the books first

    • Jamal202 Z
      Jamal202 Z

      No When I go to the cinema I don’t need to have read the book in order for things to make sense or to change my opinion on things the movie should be judged on what is shown in the movie

    • Mess ♡
      Mess ♡

      FR ♡

  • Samantha Wood GM 2015
    Samantha Wood GM 2015

    “I feel like you and I have different definitions of that word,” Is exactly how I used to feel every time somebody told me that they thought that Edward Cullen was cute lol

  • Maheen Plays
    Maheen Plays

    hun be ignoring all the red flags.

  • Malia Widman
    Malia Widman


  • Francis Edlemon
    Francis Edlemon

    you are marrid


    Bella: I know what you are Edward: say it Bella: GAY scenerio 2:

  • Waasae Ayyaz
    Waasae Ayyaz

    Since the craze of the series has long since died down, time to accept how unhealthy and creepy they both were. 😂💀 Bella: Mentally unstable, obsessive, and dependent on Edward. Edward: Creepy, possessive, and dependent on Bella. Jacob: A pedophile.

    • K

      Finally someone said it 👏.

  • Aseony

    Is anyone gonna mention the weird green kinda glow the movie has? Like I guess they wanted it for a “dark” mood, but it looks really weird and tacky to me

  • JEB - Brawl Stars
    JEB - Brawl Stars

    Eric is so annoying lol

  • Gabby Da Yabby
    Gabby Da Yabby

    Why do the cullens wear no colour?

  • Izaiya Soria
    Izaiya Soria

    how DARE you say that about Twilight?????????????!!!!!!!!

    • Izaiya Soria
      Izaiya Soria

      @Habibullah Habibullah u too! :)

    • Habibullah Habibullah
      Habibullah Habibullah

      Well, jokes on you. He didn't dare this himself his subscribers dared him to make this video for a long time as he mentioned in the beginning lol😂. And can you please chill out?? There are a lot of better things to do in life than wasting time ranting for a wierd, dumb and cringy movie, duh! Edit: ABSOLUTELY NO HATE. So please don't get on me I have other things to do as well. Have a nice day.😊😇

  • The TV Lover
    The TV Lover

    EdWaRd CuLleN gEt'S sLaYeD hE's BaCk

    • Mess ♡
      Mess ♡

      Harry, Harry, it's getting scary

  • Nogy

    Thank you so much for all videos you made. You are one of my absolutely best youtubers ever. :) Jsi borec. Mám moc rád tvoji tvorbu.

  • Big Sad Hoe
    Big Sad Hoe

    Bella’s dad is the only likeable character throughout the series, you can’t change my mind

  • Amara Harvell
    Amara Harvell

    I would have loved it if when she said “vampire” in the woods he would have been like “hahah uhhhhh what dude no I’m just a bit odd...pfft vampire..”

  • Elisse Lowell
    Elisse Lowell

    "But you? Nothing" Yeah Edward maybe thats cause there's nothing up there?

  • jeff pesos
    jeff pesos

    🎶Poopoo peepee check OOOOOoooooo🎶

  • Samanta Vidal
    Samanta Vidal

    omg i can’t believe that so much talent wasted in this f script 🤧

  • Hannah Anderson
    Hannah Anderson

    I kind of liked the books but the movie was just a bit much... There's some things which are okay on paper but are waaaay creepier when you see it on screen 😳 (I also couldn't stand the Kristen Stewart/Bella stutter)


    “I’m sorry that I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself,but I was busy thinking about how much you smelled like a tasty cake!”

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia

    Tbh Edward looks like a alive doll lol

  • Ozair Kazi
    Ozair Kazi


  • Oddly Crystal
    Oddly Crystal

    I am still kind of amazed at how many people love this movie, I mean yeah I liked the books as a teen but than again I had very questionable taste at that age and was super angsty but even I hated that movie and it is even by a director I like so that just made it a million times worse. Needless to say the books are pretty awful but the movies are a new level of bad and cringe that I was not prepared for. What I try to take into account about people who like twilight just stems from the fact that teenagers like weird creepy shit like this until they get older and are like wait wtf how did I ever like this. I have no answer as to why any adults may like it since I thankfully grew out of that part of my life when I hit my 20's. The fact is twilight is basically bad fanfiction, Meyer even stated that the book was based off of a dream she had one night which I have so many questions about why a grown woman is dreaming about teen vamp boys who sparkle but whatever the point is it is trash but the kinda trash that appeals to teen girls.

  • Lily Gold
    Lily Gold

    Why does Bella say “You’re hand is so cold” in the most monotonous tone ever

  • daniels rose
    daniels rose

    I love it when people Trash Talk Twilight because it really was garbage but I just can't finish watching this video or any of the other ones. It's not just you. I couldn't watch honest trailers or Screen Rant either. I just discovered your channel and I promise I'll watch all your other videos just nothing with Twilight 🤮