Lizzie McGuire was even weirder than I remember...
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Lizzie McGuire: Great or Greatest Disney Channel Original Series of all time?
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  • Kylie H
    Kylie H

    Problems If Kate stuffs her bra, she has done a bad job doing so. 2 days of detention for those pranks. And no teacher would allow that loser chant. 1 week of suspension.

  • Polo Playz
    Polo Playz

    “Now as everyone knows nothing really happened in 2001” yeah nothing happened for sure

  • BlacCherrii

    Funny that miranda ended up being on meth

  • #Diamond

    OK me being a pro cheerleader and waching lizzie is just sad

  • Molly Pop
    Molly Pop

    I knew the kid who played Miranda pre-Disney. She was the sweetest girl. I hope she's doing well.

  • Anna Travis
    Anna Travis

    Me gets I'm a hallway fight

  • Owen Bullock
    Owen Bullock

    shrek for president 2020 make america have layers again #shreek

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    alex: "so let me take you back to 2001. now, as everyone knows, nothing real important happened that year" 9/11: "... "

  • Lademi Davies
    Lademi Davies

    What I didn't understand was how Lizzie could be so bad at cheerleading, but so good at rhythmic gymnastics. Like, aren't they basically the same, but with ribbons instead of pom poms?

  • Rayce Randeau
    Rayce Randeau

    Ok that's... Wait LOSER?

  • Random_ Weeb
    Random_ Weeb

    How in the world did the cheerleaders even get away with insulting one girl? How did the cheer team not get suspended or have their heads chopped off...

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Itz_Addie 123
    Itz_Addie 123

    Alex: plus nothing really happened in that year Me: wot about 9/11 Me:I should’ve just stayed silent:,>

  • Matthias Jonen
    Matthias Jonen

    Uhm...did he really just say nothing REAL important happened in 2001😂... I think there was something with Towers and planes

  • Keren Maneiro
    Keren Maneiro

    I don't even get why kids are afraid of other kids. Like when I was in 7th grade, I wasn't even afraid of the teacher.

  • Touya Amina
    Touya Amina

    I like the guy but he made a joke about 9 11 and I cannot let that slide

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    At least he makes the sponsorship fun so I dont skip it and at the end he says NOW BACK TO THE VIDEO 🤣

  • Raabia

    For ur next vid u should do starstruck

  • MissPreoccupied

    Most of the budget went to rubber bands, I'm dying lol

  • OceanPlays

    "Nothing really important happened in 2001" *me remembering about 9/11* ;-;

  • icarterj Studios
    icarterj Studios

    your school sounds terrible

  • Bethali Adams
    Bethali Adams

    Kate is just one of those people you just want to punch over and over again when I first watch Lizzie McGuire I just sat there and cussing under my breath

  • Morgan Katzmark
    Morgan Katzmark

    “So let me take you back to 2001, now, as everyone knows nothing real important happened that year” UM EXCUSE ME, did we forget about 9/11??

  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner


  • HoneyedHylian

    Kate walked with green roots so that Billy Eyelash could run.

  • J A D E
    J A D E

    "Me? Lizzie McGuire? Cheerleader? wHaT uP wItH tHaT?" That last line was like birth control. Because hearing anyone, especially a kid, saying that was e w .

  • giovanni gumalo
    giovanni gumalo

    Bruh what do u mean 2001 afghanistan

  • lexi stibitz
    lexi stibitz

    I remember literally writing down Lizzies outfits and hair styles so I could recreate them

  • Jules Khan
    Jules Khan

    Did you not learn what happened on 9-11-01

  • sa1lormoon

    alex: 2001, nothing really happened that year. my mind: *what about 9/11?*

  • EvanHines8242

    “As everyone knows nothing important happened in 2001” Me “does he remember 9/11”

  • Ono-Ray

    Alex: lemme take you back to 2001 Me, born in 2005: **pops out of existence**

  • Samuel Yoder
    Samuel Yoder

    I wish middle school was this cool

  • Cristina Olar
    Cristina Olar

    In my school chearliders are just gonna spend 5 min more with our couch they are not that popular.

  • Kgirl White
    Kgirl White

    I definitely had that fashion sense in middle school so i'm glad this show represented the bad fashion era for me

  • Designation

    2:04 This Ad Skip button will work for any Alex Meyers video including sponsered content. Crap that sounded too professional.....

  • Melody Mundy
    Melody Mundy

    Finally you get to do this one I hate it so much:)

  • Melancholic

    5:13 how do you know what...chalk tastes like...

  • MeyowSeFroot The Great
    MeyowSeFroot The Great

    The cheerleaders: exist *aAaaAhHHhHhh HeATheR hEAtHEr AnD HeAthERRRRRRRR*

  • M E
    M E

    Cheerleading is the the only thing in movies that actually is true in reality as well as in films ... EVERY CHEERLEADER IS A BICH

  • ToxicMangoYT

    I kinda had a thing for lizzie ur not alone alex

  • Kadie E
    Kadie E

    “Nothing happened in 2001” I- New York City is highly concerned with your whereabouts of that year

  • mojdeh samadian
    mojdeh samadian

    That song was actually pretty good 😂☺️

  • Normalusername I guess
    Normalusername I guess

    i knew a zachary anderson in middle school

  • Artixell Animations
    Artixell Animations

    I had the biggest crush on all three of them 💀💀💀

  • Muriel Bing
    Muriel Bing

    "Back when I was young enough to still like things" Right in the feels, Alex.

  • Soubhagya Nayak
    Soubhagya Nayak

    I am glad he didn't sh*t on this show. It was my favorite during my teenage years. Does anyone find it weird that before this my favorite show was freaking Justice League?

  • Abigail Clifford
    Abigail Clifford

    Nothing real importent happened *9/11* Am I a joke to you!

  • Ad Lockhorst
    Ad Lockhorst

    The most famous American cheerleader ever was ... ... George W Bush. Funny isn't it; Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger were US governors, Clint Eastwood and Sonny Bono were mayors ... and a cheerleader was a president.

  • aestheticlover

    No one: Alex: wHo iS tHiS fAiLeD HuMaN eXPeRiMeNT

  • Emilia Grace
    Emilia Grace

    kATe sTuFfs hEr bRa

  • Konrad Zielinski
    Konrad Zielinski

    I just remember that show for the Anti Dungeons and Dragons episode: Gordo and the Dwarves.

  • April Vandervest
    April Vandervest

    My middle school in 2000 everyone was wearing black, red, blue or white basically. Hoodies and Dickies were everywhere even when it was hot.

  • Qazie Lynn
    Qazie Lynn

    2001! Did everone even have a computer that time?????????? Internet?????? Because as for my family and majority of people I know bought computers at 2005 plus. When it was relatively more affordable

  • Jana Elkholy
    Jana Elkholy

    This show is wierd

  • Rage Face
    Rage Face

    at 2:54 when the cheerleaders walked through the door, I heard "My form is justice, my form is the world, revere me, praise me, this noble beautiful, immortal and most powerful god..." Apparently I had zamasu talking in another tab.

  • Julia Buonincontro
    Julia Buonincontro

    Make a video about Food Boy!!

  • Yanni Hugo
    Yanni Hugo

    *lizze tries for cheerleading * Me:😞😦

  • JRKING2011

    This for was sick as bro keep up the good work!!

  • Mimsy

    “So let me take you back to 2001. Now, as everyone knows, nothing real important happened that year...” Kids born in 2001: 👁👄👁

  • Different Dimensions
    Different Dimensions

    0:26 wait, but the gay-huh? 👀

  • LaniChop

    Dollar store version of Ray Romono I spat my lunch out HAHAHA

  • chrysanthemum 金凌
    chrysanthemum 金凌

    That green looks good on her.

  • Gabriel Rodrigues de Araujo
    Gabriel Rodrigues de Araujo

    OMG that Megaman level intro was honestly the best part of the video, now I have to play the game again, thank you!

  • mondaymxndii

    *my name is miranda, so i couldn’t tell if he meant he had a thing for me or the character for a few seconds*

  • The lion Plays
    The lion Plays

    cartoon looks like rugrats

  • •Midnight•

    To the 656 people who disliked this video: U G L Y *u* ain't *got* no AH-LEE-BI u *uGlY* Uh huh uh huh u *uGlY*

  • jiselle mathurin
    jiselle mathurin

    Video starts 0:00

  • Lotte Rijss
    Lotte Rijss

    "So let me take you back to 2001. Now as everyone knows nothing real important happened that year" I guess it was pretty important that I was born but yk

  • Gilby Rodriguez
    Gilby Rodriguez

    For the people who are saying who has everyone’s phone number?! Well they are on the school website chat area. The message got mass sent to everyone

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez

    me an all star and college cheerleader like for 4-5 years lizzy: cheerleading is like this plot to make girls feel bad about themselves me: yeah... pretty accurate

  • Luna_123

    I would like to get Audible so I can listen to my favorite books, Fish in a Tree by Lynda M. Hunt and What Light by Jay Asher, and One for the Murphys by Lynda M. Hunt. I'm thirteen so I like this stuff... If anyone here is interested in these books check them out please cause they are super good... (In my opinion)

  • Shreeya The cringe master
    Shreeya The cringe master

    In my school district, we have uniforms elementary,middle, and high school

  • Semaj Playz
    Semaj Playz

    All the kinda sad things in 2001 -Lizzie McGuire was made -Morgz was born -Kidzbop came out

  • PsYOniC yT
    PsYOniC yT

    “But first, real quick...” Seven years later “That’s code AlexMeyers0.01 for 0.01% off...”

  • Melon_Mxochi_Miri

    When your name is miranda ;~; O K T H E N

  • Lethu Mthiyane
    Lethu Mthiyane

    Lowkey why I’m glad the schools I’ve been to required uniforms

  • Luca Leone
    Luca Leone

    Lol one tree hill just about basketball? Sometimes of forgot they even played it with how much crazy shit happens to those "teenagers"

  • Ana Rebeca Melendez
    Ana Rebeca Melendez

    when do you watch all that stuff

  • Terisa Nicole
    Terisa Nicole

    "back when i was still young enough to like things" i felt that 😂

  • The Man from the pattern land
    The Man from the pattern land

    I only liked like one cheerleader in high school lmao

  • Paapa Kwesi Quansah
    Paapa Kwesi Quansah

    when I was still young enough to like things 😂😂😂

  • Kennygaming 3202
    Kennygaming 3202

    Something more early 2000’s going to a hot topic and looking at all of the gir (from invader zim) merchandise.

  • Kokichi, Your supreme leader .
    Kokichi, Your supreme leader .

    6:17 Id just walk away and be like “Nah Sorry, I’m not dealing with this. Let’s go Lizzie, let’s not stoop to her entitled mean girl level.” But then again it might eliminate some of the drama.

  • Fay-Ann Jackson
    Fay-Ann Jackson

    What happened to Miranda in the movie? I always wondered 🤔

  • Sheena Ford
    Sheena Ford

    2:17 Me: woah... Is that a pic from middle school or high school-?

  • Ezra_theanimator 58
    Ezra_theanimator 58

    gordo means fat?

  • sani kumar
    sani kumar

    Lizzie was way better than Hanna Montana...more meaningful approach

  • Emmanuel Felix
    Emmanuel Felix

    First👏🏽of👏🏽all👏🏽! Lizzie walked soo all these shows could walk briskly, and that's on punctuation 👏🏽😂 The 2 girls, 1 boy dynamic. High school, and them being a singer💁🏽‍♂️She sang in the Lizzie movie which Hilary made a whole career out of😎🤙🏽

  • SailorVickymoon

    daammm.. I'm old

  • Alicia Moon
    Alicia Moon

    Idk how to explain it but miranda and lizzy look like they have the same face but opposite

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins

    The guy who played Lizzy's dad, is one of the famous Caradine Brothers. Yeah, no joke

  • MrBlooDude

    Alex: _NoThInG rEaL ImPorTaNt HaPpEnEd In 2001_ Americans: *You have forfeited your life privileges*

  • Sara Barlowe
    Sara Barlowe

    You should do the lizzie migure movie. It's so unrealistic and it would make a great video just saying. :)

  • Bebe Enderson
    Bebe Enderson

    I grew up as a middle schooler in the mid to late 2000s and being a cheerleader did get you more attention because short skirts and flexible (duh) but they weren’t like these super mean girls or anything, they were pretty nice (for the most part) and interested in other things too. The girls who were bitches were bitches before they were cheerleaders.I almost thought I was jealous of one of them but turns out I just had a crush on her 🤷🏽‍♀️ whoopsie

  • Michael D
    Michael D

    You should do The Proud Family

  • sreevidya

    Lizzie : because Kate stuffs her bra Me : oh damn the tea has been spilled

  • William Meyer
    William Meyer

    I had a huge crush on Lizzie.

  • Chloe Kaufman
    Chloe Kaufman

    Don't @ me for not even knowing that this show existed I wasn't born yet and I'm frankly very ashamed

  • SuperWolfman9

    Ngl I totally shipped Lizzie with that Italian version of herself in the movie.