Lizzie McGuire was even weirder than I remember...
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Lizzie McGuire: Great or Greatest Disney Channel Original Series of all time?
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  • Charles Sloan
    Charles Sloan

    if i was told a girl had a crush on me,i would go on about my day bc i know i would fk it up really badly

  • Charles Sloan
    Charles Sloan

    the little brother is acually a legit savage

  • I_make_songs songs
    I_make_songs songs

    Man I was never born yet but these shows I loved watching as a kid

  • Toyaa Ikem
    Toyaa Ikem

    Danny Kessler🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • LGYL

    "Nothing really important happened that year" Me, a historian: uhhhhh, 9/11?

  • sonic the plush 1 gameing
    sonic the plush 1 gameing

    You still like things

  • YC ReneGod
    YC ReneGod

    2001: 9/11 Alex: nothing important happened that year

  • Donkey Butt
    Donkey Butt

    Why is that dude's name Gordo? That means fat in Spanish!

  • shortmofo69 *insert last name here*
    shortmofo69 *insert last name here*

    Hey, bullied kids, have u heard of not giving a fuck and just fighting the bully?

  • Kenji Sakamoto
    Kenji Sakamoto

    Sweeties hearts taste amazing despite tasting like what chalk would taste like.... or is that just me who believes this?

  • Joy B
    Joy B

    0:03 omg you didn’t 😅

  • Paul Hesser
    Paul Hesser

    I remember when this was the new video

  • InstaJack

    If someone sang that loser song to me I would prob dance to it and say at the end “I have never been so mad at something I totally agree with”

  • Radial Shaq
    Radial Shaq

    So Weird was one of my favs

  • {Mushie Mushie}
    {Mushie Mushie}

    This is where you go to when you wanna watch a movie/series but too lazy to watch the whole thing. I LOVE IT TOO MUCH😂😂

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte

    No y

  • Tami L
    Tami L

    That dye job looks like shit. Looks like Shrek took a dump on that cheerleaders hair. Not dissing the dye, just... how badly applied it is.

  • Joseph LasCola
    Joseph LasCola

    The father is the guy from revenge of the nerds. He got a cheerleader gf in the movie. So in some weird fanfic the mother here saying she wasn't a cheerleader is a lie. I also had the hots for miranda lol

  • sonjia gordon
    sonjia gordon

    Or the terror attacks of the twin towers 2001

  • Gordon Lewis
    Gordon Lewis

    you know what i hate its when people comment lines that the youtuber has said

  • The Vegan Bohochic
    The Vegan Bohochic

    I think its safe to say that we all had a thing for Miranda! She was the 'insta baddie' of that time. The coolest!

  • Lost Tapez
    Lost Tapez

    Dude Even Steven was the shid!!

  • motherlodeman

    You should do a video on Andi Mack. It's made by the same person as this show and is similar that it's just kids at school but with drama added

  • Are You Laughing Yet
    Are You Laughing Yet

    3:45 When I try to be cool and dance

  • souayeh nadia
    souayeh nadia

    I used to like this show

  • Connor Sklar
    Connor Sklar

    You should do daybreak on netflix

  • Anum B
    Anum B

    stop insulting lizzie mcquire that was one of the best shows in history if u wanna make fun of a show go for icary, big time rush the useless shit shows. this was a quality one, I really wish they would still do the reboot of lizzie.

  • mahe pernot
    mahe pernot

    you should try watching good girls

  • iNeedMoney

    9/11 happened in 2001

  • Lillian Burns
    Lillian Burns

    “As everyone knows, nothing real important happened that year” Me: …9/11?

  • Leah Olson
    Leah Olson

    "nothing real important happened that year" 9/11 and the death of George Harrison: am i a joke to you?

  • Disney Queen
    Disney Queen

    Loved Lizzie McGuire nostalgia

  • Kat A.
    Kat A.

    Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens are the best shows Disney ever made.

  • TheHeroisAlone

    I was love with Miranda aka Lalaine when I was younger...

  • Aidan Reasons
    Aidan Reasons

    Lizzie McGuire Subtitles Wisdom Choir

  • crazy680195

    Nowadays Hillary duff is like , weed is the best thing ever!!

  • Special Effexxx
    Special Effexxx

    Damn the nostalgic depression. Leave a like if you feel that

  • BlueEyed Scorpio
    BlueEyed Scorpio

    I will get Disney plus just to watch so weird episodes!!!!! Love that show!!! I really wish they would make DVDs of them!!! That show should have been a big hit! 😣

  • unKnown_Goat

    Damn that chant was from this show huuuuuuuuuuh

  • DaTridentLife

    have you ever noticed how there are like NO teachers monitoring the halls in these shows


    2:03 if you don’t want to here the sponsor

  • Rae W.
    Rae W.

    I knew a guy who wore one of those necklaces. He grew up to be a car thief

  • needles1987

    You should review The Proud Family.

  • Burnt Chicken Nuggetz 06
    Burnt Chicken Nuggetz 06


  • Saksham Anand
    Saksham Anand

    2:18 sooo funny 😂😂

  • Shanti the Noob Nerd
    Shanti the Noob Nerd

    In my school the cheerleading captain had to bribe kids to join the team using lollipops....and people still didn’t join.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    You can tell this is a tv show from that boy's lack of interest in Miranda. Also, it's hilarious. Today those cheerleaders would all be in detention for bullying after that performance. Singling someone out at a school assembly? That wouldn't fly with Zero tolerance anti-bullying regulations.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    This is one weird, classic Disney sitcom. I've always thought it was dumb when a character accidentally sends a message to their entire workplace, or their entire school, etc. I know work is a little bit more plausible, but in no situation have I ever seen some sort of chat room, or messaging group, or forum that involved more than a fraction of my classmates/co-workers. So where are these magical chat rooms where you can talk to one person privately, but then somehow accidentally send part of that private conversation to the entire school? It's one of the most implausible plot twists in these high school dramas.

  • Chloe Zarate
    Chloe Zarate

    Watch one of the Barbie movies they suck I wanna see ur reaction

  • Sebastian Stolz
    Sebastian Stolz

    I liked gordo the most

  • Archana Shah
    Archana Shah

    Alex “Nothing really important happened that year” What about 9/11

  • Riley Hostetler
    Riley Hostetler

    Miranda: hi Danny! Danny: uh hi, uh no

    • Dave Roberts Is dumb
      Dave Roberts Is dumb

      Only needed: dO i KnOw yOu?

  • Riley Hostetler
    Riley Hostetler

    Ok I LOVE Lizzie McGuire! It was such a good show! Lizzie was a little dramatic, but it’s like how actual kids in seventh grade think and act, unlike Coop and Cami ask the World or Sydney to the Max , which suck! Middle school.....yayyyyyy😒🙄

  • Riley Hostetler
    Riley Hostetler

    Alex: but before tha- Me: *SKIP*

  • OhNoItsNoe

    I feel old I’m only 14 and I’m a cynical depressed sad loner lol. So you now but younger. And going through teen things

  • Adam Rios
    Adam Rios

    My class is watching this show too and it is weird!

  • STWAberry

    Um dosen't gordo mean fat?

  • Penelope Pegg
    Penelope Pegg

    tbf I really figure that kind of text can easily become more things through rumours when you're so young, and really shape someone's reputation when you're around that age. If that girl is threatening her I think she deserves it, lol? Dickhead or not. When I was a kid there were a lot of things that were blew out of proportion.

  • WomanAsRiot Alana Hayes
    WomanAsRiot Alana Hayes

    Can you do one for That's so raven

  • The Colorfulls
    The Colorfulls

    Hmm lemme fix movie grammer jackson is so werid in a heart beat

  • Halo Man
    Halo Man

    Getting an L from dollar store billie illesh

  • Youssef Atout
    Youssef Atout

    I was not borne back then

  • Hudson


  • jade

    It's the "what up with that?" for me 🤣🤣

  • TheMagnificentOrange

    I watched it a bit but i remember it

  • Ayla Orge
    Ayla Orge

    "So later that night Lizzie is going her homework. LiKe A nErD!!!" *Dead* Ps. I like those candy hearts that "taste like chalk" lmao

  • Dagger _Verse
    Dagger _Verse

    "*gaaaaaaasp* I knew it" Uhhh.. You did?

  • Karsen Wills
    Karsen Wills

    Can you please do Hamilton

  • Isabella Perez
    Isabella Perez

    those friend zone hearts that taste like chalk and rejection 😅................😢😢 so relatable

  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle

    this was posted on my birthday lmfao i-

  • Luke Nick Archie
    Luke Nick Archie

    This show was edited so weirdly with the sound effects and stuff 🤣

  • justcogitating

    He's right that all Disney channel shows since are kind of copies of Lizzie McGuire... but they all do it so much worse.

  • Kylie H
    Kylie H

    Problems If Kate stuffs her bra, she has done a bad job doing so. 2 days of detention for those pranks. And no teacher would allow that loser chant. 1 week of suspension.

  • Polo Playz
    Polo Playz

    “Now as everyone knows nothing really happened in 2001” yeah nothing happened for sure

  • BlacCherrii

    Funny that miranda ended up being on meth

  • Kawwi Gueen
    Kawwi Gueen

    OK me being a pro cheerleader and waching lizzie is just sad

  • Molly Pop
    Molly Pop

    I knew the kid who played Miranda pre-Disney. She was the sweetest girl. I hope she's doing well.

  • Anna Travis
    Anna Travis

    Me gets I'm a hallway fight

  • Owen Bullock
    Owen Bullock

    shrek for president 2020 make america have layers again #shreek

  • Lademi Davies
    Lademi Davies

    What I didn't understand was how Lizzie could be so bad at cheerleading, but so good at rhythmic gymnastics. Like, aren't they basically the same, but with ribbons instead of pom poms?

  • Rayce Randeau
    Rayce Randeau

    Ok that's... Wait LOSER?

  • Random_ Weeb
    Random_ Weeb

    How in the world did the cheerleaders even get away with insulting one girl? How did the cheer team not get suspended or have their heads chopped off...

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Itz_Addie 123
    Itz_Addie 123

    Alex: plus nothing really happened in that year Me: wot about 9/11 Me:I should’ve just stayed silent:,>

  • Matthias Jonen
    Matthias Jonen

    Uhm...did he really just say nothing REAL important happened in 2001😂... I think there was something with Towers and planes

  • Keren Maneiro
    Keren Maneiro

    I don't even get why kids are afraid of other kids. Like when I was in 7th grade, I wasn't even afraid of the teacher.

  • Max Hartmann
    Max Hartmann

    I like the guy but he made a joke about 9 11 and I cannot let that slide

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    At least he makes the sponsorship fun so I dont skip it and at the end he says NOW BACK TO THE VIDEO 🤣

  • Raabia

    For ur next vid u should do starstruck

  • MissPreoccupied

    Most of the budget went to rubber bands, I'm dying lol

  • OceanPlays

    "Nothing really important happened in 2001" *me remembering about 9/11* ;-;

  • icarterj Studios
    icarterj Studios

    your school sounds terrible

  • Sakura Black
    Sakura Black

    Kate is just one of those people you just want to punch over and over again when I first watch Lizzie McGuire I just sat there and cussing under my breath

  • Morgan Katzmark
    Morgan Katzmark

    “So let me take you back to 2001, now, as everyone knows nothing real important happened that year” UM EXCUSE ME, did we forget about 9/11??

  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner


  • HoneyedHylian

    Kate walked with green roots so that Billy Eyelash could run.

  • jade

    "Me? Lizzie McGuire? Cheerleader? wHaT uP wItH tHaT?" That last line was like birth control. Because hearing anyone, especially a kid, saying that was e w .

  • giovanni gumalo
    giovanni gumalo

    Bruh what do u mean 2001 afghanistan

  • lexi stibitz
    lexi stibitz

    I remember literally writing down Lizzies outfits and hair styles so I could recreate them

  • Jules Khan
    Jules Khan

    Did you not learn what happened on 9-11-01