Jane the Virgin is pretty great
Jane the Virgin animation
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  • The Safe Spot
    The Safe Spot

    I cannot believe that he hated all other movies but he picked this one as great don't get me wrong I like the show

  • Skfotedar

    LV-home: “did they just say virgin? DEMONETIZED!”

  • PeTrA RoCkS
    PeTrA RoCkS

    I’m probably a rare one but don’t care. This is just another pregnancy story. It shows Janes pregnant and then everyone is getting pregnant just like the show teen mom and 16 and pregnant. Have babies, be in love triangles, can’t make her own decisions it’s a glorified version of jerry springer. Same plot line can’t decide if it’s a horror and romance show or if it’s just romance and the cw probably is trying to figure that out too. All the deaths plus romance together just not a good idea. Pick a story line and don’t throw 20 different stories lines in a show at the same time.

  • Filomena Baker
    Filomena Baker

    Damn, I never noticed how much they tried to write Michael as a “nice guy” in the beginning because wow, he’s not looking too good here.


    i can't with the *DEVILS TANGO* i'm wheezing 💀💀💀😭😭 why didn't i find this channel sooner i'm literally laugh crying

  • Audio Books
    Audio Books

    When someone says they’re a fan of jtv, I just tell them the fact that Ives watched it 11 times:)

    • quin brick
      quin brick

      good for you ??

  • neo nanile
    neo nanile

    Kinda refreshing to see that you like it and saying its pretty great, its the best; unlike the others you didn't say pretty dumb or weird

  • Victoria Charles
    Victoria Charles

    Is this me or is this the first video from Alex Meyers that he acaully likes the show

  • Dotmp4

    This show is just such an unending treat to watch

  • David White
    David White

    Your channel is unique and brings all the things i loved and hated about my childhood. Your doing and have been doing great. Keep up the good work 😉.

  • Lumos Maxima
    Lumos Maxima

    who likes the merrel twins they were in this show


    2:18-2:19-2:20 THIS ARE CHICS AFTER I FINISH BANGING THEM FOR HOURS OR DAYS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Yasmeen K
    Yasmeen K

    THIS WAS THE BEST SHOWWWW i cried so much when it ended :(

  • alex5671 alex5671
    alex5671 alex5671

    best show ever

  • Emperor

    6:30 ummm have you EVER heard of JOOOOOOOJO

  • maria bures
    maria bures

    Are we gonna ignore the fact he calls Rafaels sister Luis not Luisa

  • Jelainny P
    Jelainny P

    I hate Raf

  • Rudaba Subha
    Rudaba Subha


  • Quincy T
    Quincy T

    Do kepo

  • MZ

    I cried when we found out who the narrator was

  • Denise Gabrielle
    Denise Gabrielle

    I'm glad for this video. And the fact that you really liked Jane The Virgin. It's a pretty good show and more people should watch it

  • Abby valdesi
    Abby valdesi

    Do the babysitter both movies next

  • Jenna Christian
    Jenna Christian

    Pretty.......... GREAT???!!!!!

  • Emi Landaverde
    Emi Landaverde

    “It’s a bit over the top” it’s a Telenovela what did you expect 😂

  • Kyara Balcaen
    Kyara Balcaen


  • Mahiba Mansoor
    Mahiba Mansoor

    You still wanna please the people who are tired of teen dramas, make a video on "Jessica Darling's IT List" I used to like it when I was in seventh grade but looking back, it was REALLY weird.

  • heyyourhot

    jane the virgin is probably my favorite show, idk why but i love everything thing about it.

  • N A T A S H A
    N A T A S H A

    it made me so nervous that they don't COMUNICATEEE, like just had the abortion they don't even want tha baby

  • Rosie

    Jane the virgin is the best and I’m sad it’s over

  • Rubys

    Can you do a video about " glee" and "greek" ?

  • Jadyn Burton
    Jadyn Burton

    “Like that’s rough, that like getting diarrhea without going to taco bell first.” IM DEAD IM LAUGHING SO HARD 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • EstellesGamingofGlory

    agreed. =3

  • Aashi Mehra
    Aashi Mehra

    Gotta say,this show is actually pretty good!

  • Paula Sturza
    Paula Sturza

    reading the comments while watching the serial trying so hard to not get spoilers🙌🙈

  • R.S.R

    I love how he can sidebar in the middle of a video and yet it feels very natural.

  • Inj amber
    Inj amber

    This is based on a Venezuelan novel

  • Andrea S
    Andrea S

    this show was amazing... until the last season where they ruined it and it was complete trash. so lets pretend that doesn't exist

  • Fabiola Viera
    Fabiola Viera

    I just finished watching for the second time. LORD😭😭

  • Laura Beth
    Laura Beth

    I would love to see you do videos of series finales. I would love to hear your opinion on how some of these shows end.

  • Frannie Travels
    Frannie Travels

    Alex: diarrhea without going to taco bell Me: lmao must have had the Mcdonald coffee

  • Zion Brooks
    Zion Brooks

    wait i didn't know he made video's about ones he liked-

  • leena playz
    leena playz

    my favorite channel and LV-homer rn lol

  • The purpleBat
    The purpleBat

    Literally one of the best shows! I always watch it with my mom & it's amazing xD

  • Jyhan Fabian
    Jyhan Fabian

    Now that I think about it that ALLISION ( Luisa’s ex) was the whole reason for this show! She made it come to be

  • Jamie the gay
    Jamie the gay

    Ok who here is in love with Petra???

  • Aeric Abison
    Aeric Abison

    I hope Alex does “George of The Jungle”. It was one of my favourite movies to watch growing up.

  • maddy h
    maddy h

    when she chose rafeal over Micheal "jason" I got so mad

  • Raisa

    God I miss the old Michael


    I don't know what it is, but I trust this man a lot.

  • Simone Molenaar
    Simone Molenaar

    I love Jane the virgin!! The only thing that bugged me was how much they played out the love triangle like at some point it just got annoying.

  • Blue thumbs up!!!!
    Blue thumbs up!!!!

    Can you watch god friended me plz??...

  • mysweetpepper

    you wouldnt be getting a pap smear if you have never had sex.

  • Matthew Turner
    Matthew Turner

    when will you be doing 2 broke girls?

  • Déja Lee Jack
    Déja Lee Jack

    The part when he said chocolate Colon Cancer got me in the hospital dying of laughter 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ebere Uche Eme
    Ebere Uche Eme

    Have you noticed how how Micheal looks like Jane's a father🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • CaraMarie13

    Why she would have a baby from an accidental procedure is still beyond me. Like mija, I don't understand why people who grew up struggling with a single mother working dead end jobs think having a kid when you are in no better position than your mother when she had you is a good idea. Like I get the cultural and religious aspects but seriously. Why put yourself and that kid in that tight spot hoping things will just work out for the best? Ugh

    • Jamie the gay
      Jamie the gay

      Religious reasons arnt why she kept it she decided she wanted the baby

  • Shuaib Nur
    Shuaib Nur


  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • alex carlito
    alex carlito

    At first i was soo team Mane. (Jane x Micheal) But at the end, i was feeling so close to team Rane. (Raf x Jane) And i absolutely ADORED Jane & Petra's friendship i mean i CANNOT be alone here.

    • Jamie the gay
      Jamie the gay


  • Khushi Tiwari mishra
    Khushi Tiwari mishra

    His tone changed instantly with better help😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Candid_Vegan

    thank you! 💚😍🤩

  • Chloe W
    Chloe W

    Janes song is so prettty 🥺🥺

  • Madeline Medica
    Madeline Medica

    HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT THE GRANDMOTHER WAS IN TEEN WOLF?! Just made that connection like years later

  • Celia C.
    Celia C.

    R.I.P. Zaz 😂

  • Inês is a cupcake
    Inês is a cupcake

    Fun fact:Her step sisters from the second and third seasons are youtubers and they are my favorite youtubers💜💙! They are the merreltwins and ppl say they're really nice.I mean,you can see how nice,genuine,fun and passionate they are on their videos😏. I'm thinking of starting to watch this show bc ppl say it is rly interesting and amusing,but I think it is going to be kinda cringe bc there are my favourite youtubers and it's not the typical show someone my age would watch...(๑•﹏•)

  • emma_claire


  • Erminia Manso
    Erminia Manso

    Do o You sew like só much

  • hehe hehe
    hehe hehe

    When I was ten my passion was ✨wattpad✨

  • Loyal lopez
    Loyal lopez

    Finally a show you do think is great!!!!!

  • Fiyinfoluwa jesutimi
    Fiyinfoluwa jesutimi

    Cool show

  • Aharren Kugan
    Aharren Kugan

    The show is amazing no joke

  • Olivia

    i dont like the fact that youtube reccomended this when i started watching this show i didnt even like look anything up abt this show like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i dunnoo maaannn

    • Sophie Mcgarry
      Sophie Mcgarry

      Dude yt knows I swear its creepy

  • Sara Ahmed
    Sara Ahmed

    If this gets more than 100 likes In a week I won’t spoil the ending of the 5th season 😂

  • Meghan Lam
    Meghan Lam

    U shd watch "Someone Great", another movie of Gina Rodriguez which is also OVER THE TOP and HITS HARD

  • Orlando world
    Orlando world

    It lawesa

  • Marie Chambe
    Marie Chambe

    This video has revived my DEEP hatred for Michael

  • Evelyn Van Dusen
    Evelyn Van Dusen

    More Jane the virgin

  • Isabella Beltran
    Isabella Beltran

    i love this shOWWW

  • Pierce Whiteside
    Pierce Whiteside

    People freaking SLEEP on Jane the Virgin

  • Moana Sea
    Moana Sea

    Me when I think I think of Jane the Virgin: YOur TaLKiNg tO ROgeLiO dE LA vEGa!!!!!!

  • Sanchari Chaudhuri
    Sanchari Chaudhuri

    The copter shots 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Comedy gold

  • Thalia Angels
    Thalia Angels


  • Febo Girl
    Febo Girl

    jane the virgin is THE BEST show ever!!!

  • Popcorn

    it’s my favorite show

  • Tasmina Rahman
    Tasmina Rahman

    criminal minds is the best show ever you should binge it but its like 15 seasons...

  • Da Malec
    Da Malec

    Okay Im two years late and stuff, but anyways. When i saw the title i was like So wait what, suddenly, he actually *likes* a movie?????

  • Krybaby Games
    Krybaby Games

    I cried at the ending and prob cried some other times.

  • Gema Waitkus
    Gema Waitkus

    Can u do fuller house

  • Isha Shah
    Isha Shah

    Here’s the thing. Riverdale is a soap opera/porn. However, the genre is Realistic Fiction. Jane the Virgin is a soap opera and the narraration is good. Since it fits the genre it is a good show. Riverdale does not fit its genre.

  • ale -
    ale -

    he should do the rest!!

  • Itsicey!! Upinhere
    Itsicey!! Upinhere

    idk y but I feel like u should just be quiet and watch the dam show bc its ✨g r e a t✨

  • Iara Almi
    Iara Almi

    everyone wants a rafael or a michael, i want a ROGELIO DE LA VEGA (dramatic guitar plays on)

  • Reliable Rants
    Reliable Rants

    its another beautiful day to be Rogelio

  • Carrot

    His animation style is pretty different.

  • Orange Blue52
    Orange Blue52


  • Annah

    Something that ain't dumb and weird

  • Floofki

    i thought you were gonna say “kinda sucks” or something and i was boutta go off lmao

  • JaredLuvsYou

    its honestly trash. the characters are pro abortion and they're supposed to be catholic it pushes the stupid narrative aside from staying a virgin until you're married.

  • • c h e r r y • • s a n •
    • c h e r r y • • s a n •

    Ok... im try to traduce every word you say 'cause im latinian :>

  • schoolopedia

    Your hilarious dude!!!!