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High School Musical doesn't make any sense
High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
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The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
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  • Lafayette

    And yes, sunday school musical is a real movie, and was released before high school musical

  • ItsJustLogan

    Oh my fricken God it came out five days before I was born

  • Daughter of the 1 Tru King
    Daughter of the 1 Tru King

    This movie was where I discovered my love for Joe Jonas 😍

  • Olivia Hammond
    Olivia Hammond

    Can we just address the fact that even at the end of the movies Shane is still an idiot. Ok, so look, toward the end of the movie when they all find out that Michie's mom is actually a cook (which really isn't a horrible profession at all) and Shane's character develpment is supposed to be over for the most part. Shane's first thought is that she must've lied to be with him. Even though before they had even been in the same room together word had already been going around that Michie's mom was the president of HotTunes China. It comes of as really arrogant and entitled to me for him to just assume that half of Michie's identity at this camp revolves around him.

  • Hannah Weisinger
    Hannah Weisinger

    So its brunette good and blood bad?

  • VortX

    I thought this was gonna be a camp about a rock

  • robin elliott :D
    robin elliott :D

    7:33 i was like ShEs ReAlLY bAd instead of SheS reAllY GoOd

  • robin elliott :D
    robin elliott :D

    Mom: she didn't eat Yo FoOd Nobody: Not a soul: Not even a alien: Moms caps lock has been turned on:

  • Swift Fortnite
    Swift Fortnite

    Please do fred the movie

  • Jackob Abiy
    Jackob Abiy

    I learned something today from binging alex's channel. "Teen rom com" isnt a genre, its a story whose characters and locations vary from romcom to rom com

  • Saira kamran
    Saira kamran

    I was born on 2008 I was 2 months old when camp rock was released but watched it in 2018

  • ILoveCookie

    I don't understand the whole chef thing. That means you have great food like... what's the big deal?

  • Quentin Walter
    Quentin Walter

    should actually try making a fake preview for Sunday School Musical

  • Mini chocoTaco
    Mini chocoTaco

    The song thing in Bollywood it happen every movie they add song inappropriately for no reason in all movies...

  • Messy Mudkip
    Messy Mudkip

    Shane: *plays music* Person: *breathes* Shane: CANT A GUY GET SOME PEACE!?!

  • Sameera Vohra
    Sameera Vohra

    You should do magic camp that would be hilarious

  • Niño Jose Sabuero
    Niño Jose Sabuero

    alex what do i know ma you know noting

  • yikeskenzie

    Cant relate poor people thinz

  • Dammoh

    Sharpay was actually talented unlike Tessa

  • Origami

    I'm surprised that apparently nobody noticed that but WTF with Shane's *riff* hair ???

  • Harry Asbury
    Harry Asbury

    it's always the girl that's bad in the movie

  • Nvanungi Janet
    Nvanungi Janet

    I feel like I missed high school.

  • Declan Doneski
    Declan Doneski

    Your popcorn is green

  • Josephine Gordon
    Josephine Gordon

    A handsome, mean celebrity with a darkside and thick eyebrows?!? OPPURTUNITY

  • Darkspark

    if i gave a guess on the budget i would say there budget was like 1 buck

  • Aaron Ramos
    Aaron Ramos

    for crying out loud . camp rock is so awesome I WANT CAMP ROCK 3!

  • Lemon Bread
    Lemon Bread

    Watch princess protection program it’s uhhh

  • x R o x i e x
    x R o x i e x

    I used to love this movie as a kid

  • Logan Browning
    Logan Browning

    I all ready hated camp rock

  • Jacob Ansems
    Jacob Ansems

    for some reason i keep thinking "why arn't they social distancing?"

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo

    4:33 what's up with her mouth

  • Yuri Estaniel
    Yuri Estaniel

    hip hop dance like wat the heck out in someone in there thats better than shane becuase hes kinda dumb

  • Truman Widing's Main Account
    Truman Widing's Main Account

    7:41 i am assuming you mean the oregon one, right?

  • Dominic Menchaca
    Dominic Menchaca

    Do Hannah Montana movie

  • Dominic Menchaca
    Dominic Menchaca

    Do you Hannah Montana the movie

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random

    TV and movie breakfast: Gourmet omelet, sausage, pancakes, and freshly squeezed orange juice, sitting at the table as a family My breakfast: a cold poptart from the fridge left over from 3 days ago while my mom yells at me to hurry up or I'll miss the bus

  • Random Games
    Random Games

    lets just pretend that her mom is gordenramsy and she's calling the mean girl an idiot sandwich

  • PieGuy Studios
    PieGuy Studios

    Your moms a cook Yeah so i can poison your food

  • PieGuy Studios
    PieGuy Studios

    The moral of the story If your moms poor You cant have friends

  • Spring_Time_Fun gaming
    Spring_Time_Fun gaming

    2:31 u dident want to talk about that backflip

  • CatQueenPlayz

    Disney casting: *random girl with blonde hair and pink clothes walks in* Disney: THATS THE ONE!! THATS THE ONE!! She shall be the ViLLaN in this movie.

  • THE _ VOID
    THE _ VOID

    The movie Came out after i was born

  • Sophie

    Omg, I completely forgot about the whole 'whatever major loser' thing. I remember so many girls doing that back (hell I did it a few times), so cringe

  • N G
    N G

    Michi wasn’t allowed to be in the competition, that’s why she didn’t win. They just let her sing there.

  • Maxerdo

    4:25 that’s the worst lip inking I’ve ever seen

    • Maxerdo

      It’s starts out ok but later on ...

  • Isabel Sandqvist
    Isabel Sandqvist

    ''and here is were they have a moment ;)''

  • Morgaine Faulhaber
    Morgaine Faulhaber

    Omg that thing about Portland was just so amazing and as a citizen of Portland I can confirm that that is exactly what Portland is like

  • Charmantha Adji
    Charmantha Adji

    Producer: So disney.. what kind of movie do you wanna ma- Mickey mouse:MUSICALS WITH DIFFRENT SONGS BUT THE SAME AS HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Producer:Well thats kinda not "ORIGINA-" Mickey:I DON'T CARE AND I WANT IT NOW! Producer:ok then... Mickey: Also Get someone blond to play the bully

  • sofia


    • GirlDuo Gacha
      GirlDuo Gacha

      Omg yessss!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Hardiman
    Sarah Hardiman

    your rilly good at singing

  • RøbløxianAndreia

    If I was in Michi's position I'd say I had 2 mums, and get away with it UwU

  • magicmawz

    Still waiting for chocolate pudding ASMR.

  • Nickusboi80 -
    Nickusboi80 -

    Who actually say alex singing at the end

  • samantha sherman
    samantha sherman

    The biggest problem with Camp Rock is that Maria Canals-Barrera says “honey” instead of “mija”

  • CoolkidO7

    I am from the future. Nebraska is intense.

  • Julia

    6:10 can we just appreciate that guys pant pockets. I mean those drum sticks are longer than his pants? The frick?

  • Angelina Natalie sharon
    Angelina Natalie sharon

    That "yeahh"


    Do magic camp

  • Rune stone
    Rune stone


  • LegionX

    "But my mom's... the president..." Lol wut? "... of hot tunes TV..." Still, wut?

  • Josef Santos
    Josef Santos

    The mom looks like timmy’s mom irl

  • Unnati Parth
    Unnati Parth

    Why do all girls start to sing ? They should know whether they sang at all , or whether they sing good ? Plus mostly relatable at 8:12 seconds .

  • Unnati Parth
    Unnati Parth

    " I do not know you " , I have to disagree . I mean Disney originals , the 1st one's had many good blondes like Aurore , Cinderella etc... and bad brunette's and ravenette's like evil queen , maleficent and lady Tremain etc...

  • Anthi katsarou
    Anthi katsarou

    I love you're humor the way you talk and you're videos, will you ever show as you're face and how years old are you ?

  • It's Marie
    It's Marie

    I remember every "it girls" in my school doing the WEML sign after watching this. Annoyed the hell outta me

  • gail lawrence
    gail lawrence

    Don't feel bad i never heard from camp rock or the jonas until someone told me " hey u look like joe jonas i had no idea who he was then i saw the movie and i was like wow yess i do look like him but if i has never heard that i probably never knew who he was til this 2020

  • gail lawrence
    gail lawrence

    Wow i just realized how much i look like joe jonas back then and i had no idea who he was

  • Somebody Who Exists
    Somebody Who Exists

    Shane: than my usual stupid cookie cutter pop star stuff?? Mitchie: it was good for stupid cookie cutter pop star stuff! he just said it WASNT COOKIE CUTTER POP STAR STUFF!!! ARE YOU DEAF?!??

  • Mahina Asim
    Mahina Asim

    Mitche: LV-homes caption : bitchy

  • Am Lily
    Am Lily

    ShE's ReAlLy GoOd

  • Gp Brownie
    Gp Brownie

    Turn on captions at 7:11 🤣

  • EthanYT_ _
    EthanYT_ _

    Tess looks like young lily rader

  • uniquehoneii

    noone: disney:blonde,rich,mean,villain,but at the end becomes bff with main character

  • Mia Brackett
    Mia Brackett

    YAY! that was funny

  • delta 4684
    delta 4684

    ah good, more reasons to hate prep kids and love metal music.......everything behind dancing like a bitch with a D cup bra and a large sexy set of buttcheeks is talking about drama or romance with a kid who is sexually in the closet or is a rich asshole who will eventually take on cocaine

  • TheWonderfulWorldOfDerek

    Camp rock years History Hollywood homes house yesrs review Tcm Disney demi loveato fan

  • Carolina Luna
    Carolina Luna

    Shane wants to find Mitchie's voice as in the Cinderella story

  • Cool Tips
    Cool Tips

    So camp rock is technically Cinderella but with a voice... I mean WHAT!

  • Cool Tips
    Cool Tips

    But seriously why is the rival always a blondie I mean come on

  • Ella Sidder
    Ella Sidder

    when he says "and kids are just randomly dancing in ~every~ scene, I fully said out loud...that's nothing compared to the performing arts hallway at my school. and I wasn't kidding

  • Eva Oanta
    Eva Oanta

    Shane Yäw

  • Tik tok edits
    Tik tok edits

    How is it cofunsing

  • Dansabot

    I meant Tess

  • Dansabot

    Lol don't make fun of the person that helps cook your food. She should poison test. Lol

  • Tropix

    Ok but let's be real if this was real life the bully would be like "ew your mommy cooks food" and everyone else would be like MITCHIE MITCHIE CAN YOU TELL HER TO MAKE COOKIES *everyone starts begging*

  • Noah Whitted
    Noah Whitted

    they thot that her singing was good?

  • Ali Perez
    Ali Perez

    But high school musical is so annoying??? Camp rock had a bit more depth. It's still annoying in a sense but to me it's like this is how we actually acted sometimes and high school musical was just too happy and smiles every where idk ....I am I the only one?

  • Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari
    Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari

    Bro his not lying this makes no sense

  • Berta Dellasala
    Berta Dellasala

    me: *hasnt seen this movie* first: *shook by how young all the actors were* second: *laughing at basically everything alex says* third: *has wizards of waverly place lapses* TERESA!? yes, i know im random

  • Goldie

    Most of the movie is about a girl who is afraid of others cause her mom is a chef.

  • megalenzby xx
    megalenzby xx

    I know it’s cringe like many Disney movies but you gotta remember it’s a kids show... of course we wouldn’t think it’s any good

  • *Twisted Panda*
    *Twisted Panda*

    I dunno about y’all but i would be pretty happy if my mom was a cook.

  • Trojan

    It’s called camp rock. But there is no rock music

  • Khal Drogo23
    Khal Drogo23

    I always find it funny how the antagonist always tries and shames the protagonist in disney flicks in the most non sensical un realistic fashion ever. Wow your the cooks daughter......wooow shammmme....SHAMMMMMMEEE LOL who wrote this shit

  • Danny


  • ChosenToKill x3
    ChosenToKill x3

    i understand her getting up, prob lost her appetite cuz she was upset

  • Manuelita Guido
    Manuelita Guido

    I never understood the beginning of these type of films because 1) my mum would murder me if I didn’t eat my breakfast 2) parents take you to school (either they hop with you on public transportation or walk with you or drive you to it).

  • U suk Life sux
    U suk Life sux

    Wow she’s really good

  • Lidya Solomon
    Lidya Solomon

    You need Jesus

  • Phi xo
    Phi xo

    did anyone else notice mitchie’s mom just disappears from the background at 9:10 LMAO