why did everyone like One Tree Hill so much
People have been asking me to take a look at One Tree Hill, and since Chad Michael Murray is in Riverdale now, I figured it would be a good time to finally give it a try ;)
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the new Pretty Little Liars is hilariously dumb...
The Perfect Date is kinda dumb...
why did everyone like Gilmore Girls so much
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
Kim Possible is kinda dumb...
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  • مفارق الخلان
    مفارق الخلان

    Your idiot yo don’t love anything

  • Elena Oakes
    Elena Oakes

    Literally watched the entire thing last year, loved it

  • Phillip Maiman
    Phillip Maiman

    The later seasons tho 🤢

  • Delaney Mitchell
    Delaney Mitchell

    my friend stole a school bus, except he got arrested

  • The MadMom
    The MadMom

    I got all the love in the world for you Alex Meyers, I watch all of your videos and value your opinion on shows when I'm thinking of watching one you've reviewed. That said, I'm a lil perturbed by your love of female animal characters, Lola Bunny, Roxanne from Goofy Movie, tell me your thoughts on Zootopia

  • GLaDOS

    the coach looks like king pin

  • Lisa Fauré
    Lisa Fauré

    I was and still is addicted to One Tree Hill. It is a good teenage drama. You can't judge a series by the plot episode. You need to watch at least till the tenth episode. It is really good. My sisters and I have a lot of inside jokes and laught till we had tears watching the series.

  • Mariana Santos
    Mariana Santos

    can we all get into an agreement that Peyton is the worst main character??? besides Dan of course

    • Peyton Parrish
      Peyton Parrish

      yes...and it sucks bc we have the same name😂

  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran

    6:01 The real question is where does she sleep? I mean she can go walk out of her castle and piss into the snow or off the cliff...but sleep? Idk how comfortable a ice bed is and there really isn’t any village nearby to buy blankets (maybe she doesn’t need this bc she’s an ice queen so does she even get cold? prob not), a pillow, a mattress, and a bed frame. There are trees around but what materials will she use to keep it all together and does she even have any wood working skills. Don’t even start on food....

  • Taylor Grace
    Taylor Grace

    The girls from this show really found themselves some Winchesters... How does one Rachel? Actually no, how does one DANNEEL

  • Bethany Sandles
    Bethany Sandles

    1:52! when i tell you i choked on my food and spat out my drink! I was not expecting that but i LOVE IT!

  • Joaquina Lee
    Joaquina Lee

    He should do the Percy Jackson movies

  • Tori Vela
    Tori Vela

    I’m on season 2 and I hate Hayley

    • Peyton Parrish
      Peyton Parrish

      she gets better i promise!!!

  • H 369
    H 369

    I fuckin loved this show 😂😭 up until i watched so much i was like fuxk ot n started skippin hella episodes 😂😂😂

  • DannyD

    Because the show was really good back then 👍👍👌

  • Mercedes C
    Mercedes C

    Every show I've watched from the late 90s early 2000s have a club where they have singers guest star. I miss that.

  • Presuming_ed

    Just finished One Tree Hill in lockdown - what a ride haha

  • Nichole Adesanya
    Nichole Adesanya

    One tree hill was the actual fucking bomb!

  • Wesley Morris
    Wesley Morris

    I’m watching this show now, about to finish season 7. Truly is an excellent show.

  • Monika Ilieva
    Monika Ilieva

    Vampires and Teletubbies :D

  • zeylah L
    zeylah L

    Ew is that Tristen from Gilmore girls 😂

  • Ana Rebeca Melendez
    Ana Rebeca Melendez

    ge graduate from high school in 2006 and I was born in that year haha

  • El Chapo
    El Chapo


  • Jitske Boden
    Jitske Boden

    OMG the farm cult 😂😂😂

  • Jitske Boden
    Jitske Boden

    OMG the farm cult 😂😂

  • RN Q
    RN Q

    The cult part got me😂😂😂

  • Мария Сулим
    Мария Сулим

    Man, your approach sucks. You made an analysis of one episode and what? You think you get the show? Nothing happens in OTH? How could you possibly know that if you haven't seen at least a half of the season? Next time I hear some blogger haven't watched that show back then, I just turn him off, because you have to be a really egocentric to assume that you can tell your opinion after just couple episodes. This is just dumb.

  • Nipuna Weerasekara
    Nipuna Weerasekara

    I loved one tree hill as a kid. i might say it shaped me or something.

  • MsYugiboy

    i loved this show!! it had some hard hitting moments where its just too real!! its so different than these later shows. so sad. its got alot of heart which is missed alot now

  • Alexander Zhivkov
    Alexander Zhivkov

    Half Teletubby :D:D:D:D:D

  • Julieseven

    What bothers me the most is something so petty it's almost embarrassing but .. WHY the HECK do all the babies born in this show have their mother's maiden name as their first name?? Peyton Sawyer marries Lucas and names her daughter Sawyer, Brooke Davis's son is Davis, Haley James's son is James ... UUGH I find that sooo tacky and stupid .. just .. keep your last name if it matters so much to you? also after that school shooting the show just became obsessed with overly dramatic plots imo ..

  • Lindsey Kokkinias
    Lindsey Kokkinias


  • - xdeditx -
    - xdeditx -

    because it’s my entire childhood and it basically taught me the best life lessons that my mom never talked to me about

  • Alexa D
    Alexa D


  • jerimiah johnston
    jerimiah johnston

    sophia fucking bush .......

  • Jeremy's SQUIP
    Jeremy's SQUIP


  • NathanFisherNF7

    That ending though 😂😂

  • Rayden Hands
    Rayden Hands

    Me and my mom just finished watching this show my first time seeing it her second and it’s one of my favourites ever

  • Brendan Mahoney
    Brendan Mahoney

    Well the answer to your frozen question is, obviously Elsa freezes her dumpsickles and smashes them against floor stink free

  • NewlyBrokenRoad

    I don't blame you for not watching all nine seasons of the show before making this video but... the show itself is hardly about what you see in the pilot XD If you ask someone who's seen the show before, they won't tell you it's about two half brothers who play basketball because it's not. lmao

  • Dolphin

    Any video. And I mean ANY VIDEO where someone is dressed like a Victorian age woman EVEN FOR A SECOND I will watch no matter waht

  • Angie A
    Angie A

    OTH is the best show ever!

  • Erik Van Rent
    Erik Van Rent

    - Good soundtrack - Attractive people There. That is why.

  • Mascha Sinha Verma
    Mascha Sinha Verma

    I was 13 when I watched this and I hated it so much

  • Julia H
    Julia H

    Do Chicago pd

  • Karl-Rick Bizoza
    Karl-Rick Bizoza

    These shows are about nothing. Guess who came up with that. George Constanza.

  • Lara

    Chad Michael Murray

  • KingEmi006

    i’m only on season 4 after haley gets hit by the car and he went “lucas who goes on to start a cult but that’s a whole different story” and i went 👁👄👁

  • Skylar Adams
    Skylar Adams

    Why did we have the same highschool experience

  • Molly Winterstein
    Molly Winterstein

    I was in HS 04-08, so this literally was life, or what I wish my HS life was like! I just finished rewatching the full series and the final episode today 😭😭

  • Walter Raleigh
    Walter Raleigh

    It was vampire diaries without vampires

  • Triborn

    I think it’s even more popular now, I’ve seen it since it aired every episodes, born 86

  • Spanky

    I live in Wilmington where it was filmed. I went to the basketball court where Lucas went all the time. They got rid of the court there.

  • Youmna Wehesh
    Youmna Wehesh

    I never liked it .

  • T Hays
    T Hays

    I want to watch the most profane show with Alex dubbing every swear word. You're such a "bagel"

  • Gianna M
    Gianna M

    The best show ever tbh. Every single character got an amazing character development and changed so much! Ugh what an amazing show🥺❤️

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    ok, I'd be up for the teletubby and vampire plot........... legit

  • Audrey Clément
    Audrey Clément

    I honestly hate today’s shows... i like how simple it was back then🤷‍♀️ today’s shows are just trying way too much

  • BrandonTyler Carter
    BrandonTyler Carter

    Do degrassi next (like a video for each of the different installments of the show; Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, Degrassi: Next Gen., Degrassi: Next Class)

  • SnowChef Mini
    SnowChef Mini

    I'm just gonna come out and say that you should at least try to continue this show because it has a lot of good storylines and character arc's and season one is mainly Peyton Brooding and hating everyone, Lucas Obsessing over Peyton, Nathan being a basketball player and Hayley being Hayley and gosh you haven't even met brook yet. but it still has really good storylines also id love to see you react to some of the characters' choices.

  • Honey Bunny
    Honey Bunny

    You wanna be a bagel 🥯 🤣 I'm going to use that

  • Doug Waiters
    Doug Waiters

    You clearly didn’t go to high school in a small town and it shows. Coach says “chance of a lifetime” because majority of small town kids typically don’t do much with their lives after high school. Sports are all that they really look forward to. Some get to play college level and most don’t go at all. Watch Friday Night Lights, that’s a true representation of small town life.

  • Dani Bozukov
    Dani Bozukov

    Not watching this channel again, full of shit 😂🤣

  • Chaitra Ramesh
    Chaitra Ramesh

    I stopped watching it by season 3....... I just couldn't do it.

  • The MadMom
    The MadMom

    I still live in the town I was born in, my kids are the 4th generation in my fam born here, deep roots. I'd LOVE to move but it's not so easy, I'm working on it though. I plan on coming back here to die, I just want to experience what it's like to live in the continental U.S. for a while in between. Alex is SO right about having to live in the same town that remembers every bad or embarrassing thing you did SUCKS; that's the biggest reason I want to move away.

  • soul sessions tv Bdhrh
    soul sessions tv Bdhrh

    It was a great slice of lyfe for us Young gals!(teens)

  • Nathalie Sproete
    Nathalie Sproete

    Loved Nathan, Brooke because of their outstanding character arcs. Liked Karen, Whitey and also Bad Dad Dan. Peyton grew on me in the last years, because of her snappy comments but I always disliked Lukas. He is a mean, stubborn, self-righteous person in the beginning and does not have character development at all. The storylines and topics were great. The drama increased throughout the seasons and became kind of forced. BUT: The music is so freakin' awesome. Including bands and gigs was the cherry on top. All in all it is still one of my favourite teen-drama-series.

  • Sadia Bintay Zaman
    Sadia Bintay Zaman

    One reason to love One Tree Hill : Brooke Davis 💫 Absolute Queen ♛

  • Steven Irizarry
    Steven Irizarry

    Lucas and Peyton that's why.

  • Kelis Below
    Kelis Below

    Everything is dump or makes no sense to you like 🙄😡

  • Haven Elliott
    Haven Elliott

    I love how Alex pick on us ladies for being head over heels for these fictional love interests. Hehehe

  • Cams

    Aside from the good looking cast (obviously), I loved this shows OST. Honestly, shows from the early 00’s has some of the best OSTs! And while they add drama and complications (of course), this show was so relatable.

  • Marie Nonnast
    Marie Nonnast

    One Tree Hill Love 💓

  • SoelPockychan

    I been watching this video and I kept wondering where’s Misha Barton? When is she coming out? Oh wait that’a different show😂😂😂

  • Ashley Cary
    Ashley Cary

    Do U still need a date and do u still love in iowa or are u married or what

  • truediva18

    Nathan and Brooke definitely made strides as the show went along.

  • claire raff
    claire raff

    Obviously Nathan Scott! Duh

  • harper sutherland
    harper sutherland

    this lowkey made me mad lol. I watched the whole series through about five or six years ago and I just finished rewatching it for the second time. this show is my favorite because you see characters develop and grow, for example, brooke and nathan. they grew so much over the span of the whole series. the show also just has a lot of great messages and there aren't shows like it anymore. the whole dan scott having two sons adds such a good twist on the show. and coach whitey is not grumpy. he actually played an important role in a couple seasons. he helped nathan and lucas grow as people and athletes. this video honestly sounded like the narrator read a summary of the show and didn't watch every episode

  • emma elson
    emma elson

    Two words for you Brooke Davis

  • Lily Wilson
    Lily Wilson

    Don’t you dare hate on king whitey 😠

  • alberto fernandez
    alberto fernandez

    havent watched the video yet but the answer is brooke davis

  • LucaMusic

    3 words to answer your question: Chad Micheal Murray

  • mika s
    mika s

    its actually good and I just watched it cause its quarantine HAHAHAH but wasnt even born yet at 2003 HAHAHAH

  • Aiswarya Ravi
    Aiswarya Ravi


  • Shaye Anstey
    Shaye Anstey

    Nathan and Brookes character development is monumental

  • Piper Timbs
    Piper Timbs

    Okay but like Peytons plot was the weirdest one of them all

  • Emily131004 Perez
    Emily131004 Perez

    hope I wasn’t the only one who hated brooke she was so desperate and childish , always victimizing herself in situations she put HERSELF in lol she reminded me of serena from gossip girl , she played victim and always got away with everything just because she was rich and pretty

  • Julia Buonincontro
    Julia Buonincontro

    Because the cold never bothered her anyway

  • 🧚‍♀️ pixi 🧚‍♀️
    🧚‍♀️ pixi 🧚‍♀️

    Why is no one in the comments talking about how accurate the line "The same thing everyone wants- a Gargoyles remake" was?

    • EveRosell

      I wanna continuation (I think they actually have it planned?).

  • Palak Pandey
    Palak Pandey

    Oh my god no !! Whitey is a cutie or maybe I have daddy issues idk anymore XD

  • Haylee Seus
    Haylee Seus

    I still watch it it’s my favorite show

  • Keon

    you shoulda called it "I sum up OTH season 1"

  • Phoenix frvr
    Phoenix frvr

    Maybe because I was in middle school and actually believed in love

  • DangerMenAtWorkMashups

    to answer your question, three words: Chad Michael Murray

  • Venise B.
    Venise B.

    "Oh good heavens, can you believe they put this on television ?!" lmfao I can't x'D

  • Deepa Kandpal
    Deepa Kandpal

    Cause he's a bad boy😂

  • Chloe Larson
    Chloe Larson

    You should review pureflix because I got an ad on this video for pureflix and the movie seems good but the ad seems like it was made in iMovie and they weren’t really trying to make it good, they were just trying to fill out the template

  • Cotton Swirl
    Cotton Swirl

    Wait what... Thats a show?! It sounds like a movie. 😂

  • OK Then
    OK Then

    "Yer ful o' crap!" *Oh good heavens, can you believe they put this on television* (Me when my younger sisters use words like "stupid" and "shut up" like swear words)

  • Peyton Rosteck
    Peyton Rosteck

    Me being named after Peyton sawyer