Doin' The Devil's Tango Ep. 5 - Ksara won't date you, so stop trying (ft. Ksara)
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  • Talha Hossain
    Talha Hossain

    honest to god i didn't think H cups existed

  • aangita

    So... Bc of how I felt the last time she was on and based on the comments below, it hasn't gotten any better... I'mma skip this one and go to ep 6! ✌🏾

  • Falcon Society
    Falcon Society

    To everyone who commented they are not happy or what not with the podcast you’re not being forced to watch it, it’s their opinions and she/her has a name Ksara thx for reading 😁

  • StarStable MelodyWarrior
    StarStable MelodyWarrior

    Could you maybe do something for the flash,and the show called Ninjago

  • Garrett Evans
    Garrett Evans

    Everyone is saying how judgmental and narrow-minded Ksara is in this episode. I agree she is judgmental, but this is just her dating preference. I mean, who is not judgmental when discussing who they would and would not date. Ex: I would not date a fat woman. Does this not sound judgmental as well?

  • ferd

    y'all need to chill about ksara. I get how a lot of people would be strongly against what she said, and I personally don't relate to most of her points on the list either, but she never claimed to be talking on behalf of all women but just said this is how things are for her specifically, and gave her opinions derived from her own experiences. Since the very beginning of the video we were told that they'd be talking about relationship _preferences_ ,and while she doesn't have the most popular opinions she isn't trying to preach that her views should be the standard nor is she saying that she's "correct" or right in some way (again, because these are just her preferences) but some of these comments sure are acting like she's trying to

  • Nathan Price
    Nathan Price

    Okay weed doesn't not give you Cancer and then you die. The reason weed is out lawed in some states is because of Nixon being racist towards Mexicans and wanted to crack down on minorities. For people who clam to be more worldly you have a lot to learn.

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      @Falcon Society clearly you have brain damage because you are worng. (Whatever stupid emoji you fell like)

    • Falcon Society
      Falcon Society

      It still kills brain cells 😁

  • Jane Cat
    Jane Cat

    I have to say, I'm not liking Ksara all that much. She seems very judgemental.

  • Laynie B
    Laynie B

    I'm gonna be a major outlier in these comments and say that I adore Ksara and love how much she's kinda like your total opposite, broadening the views expressed in the podcast. I understand how people have taken a lot of what she said in the wrong way, but like...she was just talking about herself. Things SHE isn't down with, not speaking for a community. It's fine to disagree with that stuff, but to call her awful for them? When it's just how she's chosen to live her life? Totally unnecessary and plain rude. She seems like a really sweet, no bullshit, open-minded woman, who knows what she wants and what she's comfortable with, and I admire that. She's lived a vastly different life from the majority of the people in these comments, and it shows. I'd be down to hear from her on the podcast again (or to like come across her online one day and follow/support lol). (Also, not to assume but, it sounds like Alex and Ksara have been friends for a while, and if he wasn't comfortable with her viewpoints...he wouldn't have invited her on the podcast in the first place? Like to say that he wanted to constantly rebuke her points and was uncomfortable this whole time is just dumb lmao. I think he has enough emotional intelligence, and knows how to communicate with people well enough, to decide that for himself and take action if something doesn't sit right with him. I def don't think this episode would've gone up if he hated what was said in it. But I do think the title for this episode may need to be changed to something "softer" as that may have skewed the reception a bit.)

  • Lorraine2103

    So I'm just reading all these comments about Ksara and to be brutally honest Alex, you should not invite her to your show anymore. A lot of things she said were just so controversial andI really think your podcast is about so much more than that. Like for example that she couldn't date anyone "who has never left their own country, because they would lack life experience" or something... like, what does that even have to do with anything?? Of course it's her opinion and of course "she has travelled a lot and has sooo much experience so it has to be like that for her other half aswell" but to me, it just felt like she took it for granted and thought higher of herself because she was able to travel that much (contradicting one of her points btw). Tbh, I also travel a lot and I am so grateful for it. Especially because i know that many people don't have the same luck. However, hearing her talk about how it is "such an important aspect of a person" really kind of upset me! It has very little to do with open-mindedness, especially because one can be open-minded without having to travel a lot (??? How did she even come up with that argument?) and one can also travel alone and make new, daring experiences in their home country aswell. Of course, I understand her arguments, but to put that on her "list", really just showed me that she really has no awareness of her luck whatsoever. Something else that bothered me is that she just seemed to be fixated on herself. Like, when she talks about how "they have to participate in movements" or "they aren't allowed to do this and that", I mean again, it's her opinion and choice (who am I to judge, right?) But to me she sounds so narrow minded and I think she just should come down to earth again and realise that she isn't perfect either and even though she may be "of mixed race (is that politically correct? I am sorry if not), bisexual, autistic and so, so hard to deal with", I just feel like she thinks so high of herself as she is "so special and modern (i guess?)". But really, in my opinion everyone is perfect on their own. Nobody should have these lists where it's like "don't do that or be like that or I just won't date you". Dating should be about loving someone as they are. And sure, some things will bother you, but as long as they can change it or you may just accept them aswell, it shouldn't matter that much. A relationship is all about compromise. Being like Ksara is just about the opposite of that and that is my whole point. If she wants someone open-minded, then she should be too, without having such high standards "or don't even bother talking to me". She is just a paradox on her own. But i guess that's her problem. I wish her luck finding someone she will really love. If Alex really somehow manages to read this, then I really suggest not to invite her anymore, as she just doesn't fit into the purpose of your podcast, especially because her mindset and attitude bugs me, and judging by the comments I am not the only one who feels like that. If anyone really kept reading until now, I just want to make clear that this is my personal opinion based on what I know (about her) until now. If you don't agree I would be glad to agree on disagreeing. Also, I apologise for any grammar mistakes (English is not my first language). Have a pleasant day:)

  • Tyrese Keyter
    Tyrese Keyter

    I mean weed isn't a "hard" drug

  • Emoji Chic
    Emoji Chic

    I think Ksara is confusing weeb with weeaboo and otaku. A weeb is anyone who enjoys anime/manga period, of course, there is a spectrum. An otaku is someone who is *obsessed* with anime, manga, etc. often to an unhealthy degree. A weeaboo is someone who is not only obsessed with anime but Japan in general, and want to be Japanese to an obsessive degree, they would be the type to fetishize Japanese people. I'm saying this because I really hate when people judge and look down on weebs for simply enjoying something the same way "normal" people love sports or something like that. Yes, there are people who are really crazy and creepy, but not everyone who likes anime is like that. Please do not generalize, judge, or treat people differently because they like anime.

  • Emoji Chic
    Emoji Chic

    How did you learn Japanese before you moved to Japan?

  • Kennedi

    All these comments are hating on Ksara and it's kind of annoying. If you didn't like the episode, cool that's your opinion and you have a right to have that opinion. But when you attack someone's character and you have never actually met them it's extremely rude. If you don't like it (pro tip) DON'T WATCH IT! It seems that these videos are just their experiences. They are using the information they have on what has happened to them in the past to state what they think. Just because you disagree with Ksara, it doesn't entitle you to tell Alex that he should never invite her to the podcast again. This is his podcast. Everyone has different opinions and are allowed to have them, but there is no point in being rude about it.

  • Tony

    I feel like this girl with her current husband went: saw muscles and money= marriage. They didn't seem like they hashed out many details before they tied the knot

  • Linda Manuel
    Linda Manuel

    Ksara doesn't need to worry. Trust me, she is going to be single for a very long time 😆Like wow!

  • Biatatinha

    This episode just made me think Ksara is kind of a bitch tho 😳

  • E M
    E M

    Ummm, as someone who is a child of immigrants but have only lived in the US my whole life, and I don't know if it's bc there are a lot of culture mixing in the US and I have lived in heavily diverse cities, I kind of don't see how a person _must_ move/live in another country to be able to learn or appreciate another person's culture. I could understand having a hard line against someone who won't even open themselves up to another culture, but, especially in the days of the internet, I don't see how "unopenness to other cultures" should be equated to "must have lived in another country" anymore. I'm genuinely asking because, as never having lived abroad, I do realize that understanding where Ksara's coming from might have to be something I must experience to understand, so if anyone wants to give their thoughts, please feel free.

  • Alex Griffin
    Alex Griffin

    So Alex won’t associate himself with anyone that smokes weed and Kelsey thinks you’re less of a person if you haven’t travelled outside your home country... Yikes this is a rough video.

  • Kie yeezy
    Kie yeezy

    Ksara needs removed from the show jesus 🙏 pleaz

  • Hebert Souza Gonçalves
    Hebert Souza Gonçalves

    i never go for another country...because i don't have money for do it

  • John Miller
    John Miller

    can you please just go back to your cartoon videos, this is super lame and very unentertaining

  • Selena 88
    Selena 88

    You should do another devils tango video

  • sofia garcia
    sofia garcia

    I literally had no idea women like ksara existed lol. I thought those women were only tv characters but boy was I wrong. Also i feel like i only heard Alex in 5% of this video

  • itiedmystomachinknots

    Some of y'all care WAY too much about other people's dating preferences

  • Draksis Winter kell
    Draksis Winter kell

    You sounded like you were saying can’t relate in your head the whole time

  • Nicki Heiman
    Nicki Heiman

    I try really hard not to judge people but man I am full on in judgement zone right now. I felt like everything she said was super narrow minded, super harmful and pretty gross. I get shes entitled to her own opinions but wow this was difficult.

  • Jordan H
    Jordan H

    Love your shows but the way she talked about smokers of tobacco or weed just was not cool, pretty rude, not the opinion itself just the way it was talked about. Still going to give a like cause you shows are awesome but I’ll wait for the next episode

  • Adrian Bustnes
    Adrian Bustnes

    This episode gave me a migraine if she keeps on coming i wont be watching simple as that

  • Rafael Cervantes
    Rafael Cervantes

    Alex, you used to live in Japan? Does that mean you moved back to the U.S.?

  • Vivian Cardenas
    Vivian Cardenas

    Please don't have Ksara on again. Not a fan.

  • Pearl Kennedy
    Pearl Kennedy

    So after listening to the podcast and reading all these comments, I can see Ksara isn’t that popular. I partially agree/disagree. She did state these are specifically HER preferences and opinions. Now I do think she really needs to work on her wording and tone cuz they often did not some off how she likely intended. Yes some of her preferences were contradictory but that’s again her preferences and what she’s decided for herself 🤷‍♀️ As some have pointed out, the point of this episode was discussing what standards and preferences individuals have for their relationships. Basically she came off as generalizing several times when I don’t think she meant to at all but it did rub a lot of us the wrong way. We just need to understand based on context I don’t think she quite meant them like that.

  • Vash2123

    Another good episode to listen to. Ksara's lists some understandable & should be common sense. But quite a few of them are on the high horse side & a little ridiculous. 😒 Made the episodes a bit sour.

  • angel castillo
    angel castillo

    Hi, apart from all the hate to your guest, I think it will be a good idea for your podcast if you show up in the videos, like you record yourself talking about the topics like they do in radio podcast on youtube.

  • Hannah Anderson
    Hannah Anderson

    I really like my sisters motto/thingy which is basically someone who doesn't get on your nerves and isn't an idiot 😁

  • Trinity Olusola
    Trinity Olusola

    you know, he he, every single you said "if someone want be with me", i kept thing off the spice girls song: "If you wanna be my lover!" ha ha ha... fun time :)

  • LegoBoy

    wut da............


    Just a few minutes in and am over this podcast...Ksara and you don't make a good team

  • Zach Sutton
    Zach Sutton

    Have you ever heard about someone, other than a child, “overdosing” on weed?

  • Zach Sutton
    Zach Sutton

    I have a medical marijuana card because I deal with extreme nausea nearly everyday and marijuana helps with that. I guess Ksara would count that as medicine, so I have a shot with her.

  • Grumpypie x
    Grumpypie x

    Okay so I have read a lot of comments complaining about Ksara. It's okay if you disagree with the statements in this video or with her or Alex's personal views, but can you like not attack her or call her close minded just because she knows what *she* does and does not like in a romantic partner?

  • TY 2
    TY 2

    Could u put these into a playlist??

  • Sailor Candy
    Sailor Candy

    I disagree with Ksara on multiple things, but some one you guys are hating on her preferences, things she can’t control about herself, and maybe unintentionally misunderstanding her words. I do agree with the actual constructive criticism in the comments.

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis

    How about inviting Kelsey to your show instead and talking about your different experiences and how your lives are better now that you’ve found each other?

  • Maddy Guzman
    Maddy Guzman


  • mms208

    Alex, I love you, but please if you’re capable do it solo or find another guest. I really, really dislike Ksara. She comes off as privileged, judgmental and showy. Just so jarring and grating against your usual vibe. I hope she is better in person and just came off that way in these episodes 🙃

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      Yeah you come off as possessive and arrogant so could you never comment again the comment sections will just be better off that way.

  • Icicubes gaming
    Icicubes gaming

    Ksara's veiws meet my values in the fires of war. Its np tho. I was interested in her opinions. But really she should lead with stating these things as opinions. I'd actually like to see her on again

    • Falcon Society
      Falcon Society

      At the beginning alex said this is all opinions no hate 😊

  • ripper

    No disrespect, but this girl is quite annoying and disrespectful. You can see how Alex is trying so hard to not sound offensive towards her stupid comments about dating. 🙄🙄 He doesn't agree with her, for sure, you can tell but he's already invited her onto this podcast. She's self-centred VERY.

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      yes because you a person that only seen his life through his videos and what he put out there you know him better than his friend. It's outstanding the entitlement that fans have you're not close to them no matter how much you want to be.

  • the cheesy gamer
    the cheesy gamer

    Ok listen. I'm sick and tired of these idiots in the comments hating on Ksara. I see a lot of you saying that "just because a girl wears makeup doesn't mean that she wants to sleep with you," and I've seen lots of people saying that alex or ksara said that "the girl's wearing makeup, so she's already gonna sleep with you. Don't mess it up." That is so far from the truth of what they said that it's funny. Ksara said, and I quote," if I've put on makeup and it's EXPENSIVE, then I already know that im gonna sleep with this guy." She was talking about herself and what other girls may think. She wasn't referring to all girls, just herself and others like her. Riding off that point, she probably means that if a girl is trying hard to look good for you but not for anyone else generally means that she's into you. Her saying that she'll sleep with you was a hyperbole. All the other things about her being classiest and all that other shit, she has a right to her own opinions. She is allowed to disagree with you and you're allowed to disagree with her. Calling her self absorbed and trying to get her off the podcast is destructive. Stop being outraged just because it's fun being outraged and grow the hell up. Thank you for listening to my Ted talk

    • Cloudy_Luna

      the cheesy gamer And the hate comments insulting her are bad and can be hurtful so I don’t approve of them either but some them really are constructive criticism. The goal of the podcast is for Alex to give advice but if he loses all his watchers because of her then the podcast will fall apart without anyone to give advice to. So it is important for him to know his audiences opinions too so he can decide how to handle the situation.

    • Cloudy_Luna

      I agree with you on how people shouldn’t be insulting her as much but I also want to mention the other side. She says at 1:58 “I actually say this for most girls” to then say why she puts on makeup to sleep with people. So women are feeling a bit offended by this because Alex does have a big audience, even at this moment there’s 16k views so her saying this may give people the wrong opinion if they do believe her on why women wear makeup on dates. If she was speaking for herself and about HER opinion then I’d fully agree with you but she spoke for “most girls.” Which isn’t okay and far from the truth, which is what people in the comments were trying to express.

  • Sixty9Cuda

    Even without looking at the comments, the like-dislike ratio should speak volumes about this episode

  • Aashman Bajpai
    Aashman Bajpai

    dont know about ksara, She is Very attractive according to Alex, so she's dated like a lot of guys, so that shit does make you "not so humble" already, but I dont really understand why isnt Alex trying to bring in more people.

  • Shantal

    I didn't feel comfortable with this episode. Just felt very off compared to the other podcasts. :(

  • MrCreed

    I listened to it and made [edit] notes [/edit], Ksara is a goldmine for knowing what red flags to avoid in a woman. I will also avoid the episodes with her in the future. Very interesting & helpful, thanks for that!

  • Radhia Deedou
    Radhia Deedou

    So she wants to date herself

  • Lamia

    I love you Alex but this friend of yours is shallow af

  • Lamia

    This episode was just so unlikeable

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee

    If you couldn’t tell by your comments....but no one, literally no one likes her. 🤷🏻‍♀️ her voice is annoying, her personality that is shown through the podcasts is annoying. She comes off very small minded, and actually very narcissistic! Oh well. Moving on. I love the podcasts when she’s not on them. 😔

  • Hana

    Alex i am a huge fan of your podcast but please next time let's just stick with the first concept. I really don't like the way 'collaboration' makes your podcast off of the concept and vibe.

  • Dazzmin

    Kinda disliked how an hour of this episode was Ksara talking about her list and Alex only talked about his list in the last like 15 minutes.

    • Bethany Hall
      Bethany Hall

      I noticed that!

  • Vits Vicente Torres
    Vits Vicente Torres

    Alex: This is your podcast. If you want to keep bringing Ksara as a guest despite the negative comments about her, go ahead. I'd recommend you to at least consider having other guests from time to time. It can even be via video chat so you don't have to worry about COVID. By the way, I find it very ironic that Ksara says she doesn't like being sexualized, yet in both episodes, she has brought up more than once how big her boobs are, even when it's not relevant to the topic. And she doesn't just mention them; she pretty much compliments herself.

    • Bee Bee
      Bee Bee

      She comes off very narcissistic. Self absorbed if I’m being honest. I don’t know her so that’s how I can only judge by what she is saying, and how it is coming across to me. Personally, I can’t stand to listen to anything she says.

  • Matteo Gerardo
    Matteo Gerardo

    Man, I was listening to this on Spotify and I had mixed to negative feelings about what Ksara said. Now that I see the comments on YT, I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

  • Sy A
    Sy A

    When I see the title of the podcast, I just immediate think of Riverdale 😂

  • Z Z
    Z Z

    It's a good idea for Alex have a conversation with another person, but I would not listen to another episode with Ksara. She's allowed to have her opinions/worldview, but the way she articulates herself really rubs me the wrong way. She doesn't have the same vibe as Alex, who gives his thoughtful opinions with humility and a sense of humor. Also don't appreciate how she dominated the whole podcast.

  • Bethany Hall
    Bethany Hall

    Without sounding like a broken record, I agree with all the comments pointing out the flaws with Ksara's comment about makeup; I wear makeup to dates, and I wouldn't even kiss on the first date. Please don't generalise all women based on what you'd do. Secondly, this isn't meant to be mean but just a criticism: I don't want to hear about how attractive Ksara is, how many men she can get and how big her boobs are every episode. Please. I am begging you.

  • Caleb Tan
    Caleb Tan

    Omg u know I thought I am going crazy cuz I thought I'm the only one thinking that ksara was very edgy (and that's being very kind to say) Alex dude I get it she is your friend and she has an open relationship and that's her life but like ksara is like a 1 in a thousand type of girl. Not every girl is like her, for me I don't agree with an open relationship because it just shows how serious you are taking it (basically close to 0) but again that's her life do whatever u want BUT KSARA PHRASE YOUR WORDS BETTER PLS or at least a disclaimer that u don't speak for all women And u are so fickle minded I just can't understand how are u like this if u said so much about being open minded

  • DepressoExpresso

    hay Alex I didn't subscribe but this vid showed up on my notifications can anyone explain why that is?

  • Ieva

    Where can I find Ksara on social media? Does anybody know?

  • carlosxchavez

    She literally sounds and acts like all of the girls that he makes fun of in his tv show/movie analysis videos.

    • Prachi Dayal
      Prachi Dayal

      @Nathan Price Bruh you good? You've responded to every comment critiquing Ksara. People are allowed to give their opinion, and believe it or not, most people did not like her personality and the stuff she said.

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      @Alex Griffin oh damn I hit the nail on the head with that one. Alittle to close to home for you? That's too funny. Oh and you commented on multiple threads, looks like somebody has a crush.

    • Alex Griffin
      Alex Griffin

      Nathan Price You reply to every negative comment and say dumb stuff... You do know this comment is talking about what Alex does in every video, right? What are you talking about?

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      Let me guess r / incel?

  • Klynnx3

    Can anyone give me a link on who this girl even is? I've googled it, I've searched in LV-home, I can't figure out who she even is.

  • mars margaret
    mars margaret

    christ it’s been awhile since i had 2 listen to people take their common and universally understood boundary- “i don’t want to date a smoker / a drug user” and then just use that preference as an excuse to just complain about, mock and insult addicts in literally the exact same way as everyone else whose conception of how addiction works is delusional. People think they’re unique in how they dehumanize addicts. That their reason for hating addicts and/or the way they do it is special. It’s ssssso boring Like find some synonyms or Change SOMETHING- if you’re going to be uncompassionate on purpose at LEAST get creative I’m not even ~offended~ it’s just like. I like your content Dude i don’t want 2 know ur this shallow and self centered to view addiction like this!!!!!! I’d like to believe you have a brain not brain rot. Ur an adult why haven’t you read Like one research paper on addiction. This isn’t a hard thing to not be stupid about. addiction is a pretty universal part of curriculums for preteens, This kind of empathy is LITERALLY TAUGHT so early On Christ it ain’t hard to Just read a little about other people. I absolutely love ur channel bro, i’ve seen all ur vids 1 or many times.... But i do unfortunately think this series Has Been a bad look. U give bad romantic advice And that wouldn’t matter BUT making an “adult” series on a channel with a primarily young audience (correct me if i’m wrong But i remember u mentioning this a few times) Doesn’t mean you’ll actually get that audience separation. Anyway you don’t have to be sad about it though. I hate to be this guy but honestly straight people don’t seem to have the ability to quite understand (let alone repeat) the factors of healthy, mutually beneficial romantic relationships until way later in life (if at all). It’s something with how straight people approach love in an i I’m bored of this comment now bye

  • Julio Gomez
    Julio Gomez

    Reading the comments for once I realize by how much people are misreading the whole point of this, may this be taken as it will. "THIS ARE THEIR PREFERENCES IN REGARDS TO DATING PARTNERS". Seriously it would be obvious the she (Ksara) would have a different mindset has the rest of us and of course she can contradict herself when saying what she likes and she doesn't, who cares how she lives her life? The crux of the episode is *"What are YOUR preference, Do you have any? Or Do you just wing it and face whatever comes head on?"*. I believe the heart of the matter gets lost since Alex never actually posted the question, which I would add could actually open a more broad discussion within the community and help the concept of the postcast a bit more, but hey who knows where this his headed.

    • Is this the ninth circle of hell?
      Is this the ninth circle of hell?

      @Julio Gomez I see what you mean for sure. Bashing her is not productive, people can voice their opinion without insults, because by not doing so we lose the scope of the conversation. I see what you mean.

    • Julio Gomez
      Julio Gomez

      @Is this the ninth circle of hell? I understand your opinion as I as well strongly disagree with her statements . Still the point I'm trying to make is: The topic is more important that the opinion of the hosts. Sure her comments are unsettling and down right surprising (as in, is she saying all that for real? Kind of way). But the treatment towards her coming from the comments and the overall response of the community is also in falling in the same category. As I had assumed we were adults I had hope that people would look beyond her words and into the topic.

    • Is this the ninth circle of hell?
      Is this the ninth circle of hell?

      of course she can live her life and do as she pleases, but she is not simply stating her preferences, she is belittling what she does not prefer. I too prefer a partner who has lived abroad like I have, and I'm fortunate enough to have found that, but I'm not about to say people who never left their home country are limited in their understanding of life. Sorry my 30 year old brain tells me that ain't cool.

  • Nessa Lee
    Nessa Lee

    Honestly, I was excited when I saw there was a new episode. But, when I heard the girl, I was iffy and at the end of this episode... Not really impressed. I agree with most of the comments and Alex, it'd be nice if you didn't bring her back onto the show.

  • nylr

    Alex, I love your videos and podcasts, but I was disappointed with this one :(

  • KAiARI

    "i dont mean to single out weebs but you nasty" PREACH KSARA PREACH ITS SO TRUE

  • T171

    I see divorce proceedings in this lady’s future.

  • pedro6720

    Oh GOD!!! The comments. You’re criticizing someone for being narrowed-minded but with you’re comments you’re exhibiting the same behavior. BE CAREFUL. I’m at 44 minutes in and YES, she’s very specific with HER presences. Let live showed her that being that specific is not gonna take her anywhere but to be single. If she comfortable with that, well she’s achieving it, if no... Girl better listen to the comments. But again, you criticizing her preferences doesn’t make you more open minded

    • pedro6720

      Ok, so then I heard she has a husband... guess she’s not dating and all her presences were fulfilled already, so it worked for her.

  • Bella Jones
    Bella Jones

    Ngl I loved ksara here. I grew up bilingual across 2 different countries and i COMPLETELY understand where she's coming from in the sense that that cross-cultural identity is such a big part of you, it becomes your partner to be able to understand. Most people who don't experience it really don't understand even if they think they do...

  • Freya Rickman
    Freya Rickman

    I don't like how she counted hope many times that he mentioned his girlfriend... this is a relationship podcast, of course he's going to talk about his girlfriend... also, he appreciates her and we need to normalize men appreciating their girlfriends

  • Zach Sutton
    Zach Sutton

    Wow. You guys are extremely inconsiderate and judgemental towards recreational drug users of any kind. Alex, you expressed that you would barely be okay associating with someone, simply for smoking weed. You made yourself come across as a worse person than an actual addict. I feel like you basically insulted me, one of your fans.

  • B Duff
    B Duff

    Geez. I put make up on to not offend others with my igor of a face.

  • LeoniejtePietje

    "Bold of you to assume that we want to live, Alex" You're hilarious, Ksara

  • Pixi

    Maybe some of us struggle with Ksara because she's on such a different page than Alex? We are obviously here because we like his thoughts and way to go about things and she clearly has a completely different perspective and approach on the whole theme. I appreciate Alex bringing another view in, but I don't think they mash well... Yet. Idk, maybe Ksara has to work a bit on her wording, sometimes things that go for her sound like what she thinks about everyone (like the makeup thing, if she's in an open relationship maybe applys to her - obviously not to all ladies.... Or the travel thing, if you are from Europe traveling to another country is not too hard - if you are in the USA, it's much harder, much more expensive...) clearly Alex with his LV-home experience knows how easy it is to offend people and is careful about his wording. She is new in the game, I think we are harsher to her than we have to be...

  • Wolf Bang
    Wolf Bang

    She must be the absolute worst girlfriend, who doesn’t like a racist joke from time to time🤷🏾 I kno I’m not the only one

  • loveGG3

    Yea I gotta say the "have to have been to another country, preferably lived there" is very narrow-minded but it comes from the fact that she's from England. Living in England is like never having traveled outside your state in the US. We actually have alot of different people and culture within our country (not to mention alot more land in general). In the US you can go from living in one state and it's like a completely different world living in another state. Definitely doesn't really apply to people from the US. Edit: OK, I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt when I wrote this first part but man she genuinely just seems like an awful person. I'm only half way through and really aren't interested in listening to anymore. She's completely steamrolling over Alex and he's the reason I'm here. Probably going to be skipping any future episodes with Ksara.

  • FatesUtopia2

    Kelsey must be an angel 😇 everyone deserves to be in love the way Alex is.

  • Is this the ninth circle of hell?
    Is this the ninth circle of hell?

    This was a big bag of yikes. If hosting this podcast with this particular guest truly gives you the jollies Alex, then go forth, but make sure it's worth the decreased viewership.

  • Oblitus Unum
    Oblitus Unum

    Im sorry but you (the girl) think that people are below you because they haven't veen an l e to afford to travel the world. That in itself is just as bad if not worse than being mean to wait staff.

    • Oblitus Unum
      Oblitus Unum

      Wow. Your friend is such a classist bigot! Shall I bow before her if I ever see her?

  • Laura Topliffe
    Laura Topliffe

    I am 6 mins into this podcast. The girl has got to go.

  • Yusttin P
    Yusttin P

    She’s so narrow minded it’s annoying

  • comical98

    just as a real quick thing, i havent even watched the episode but i feel like alex was just kind of nodding as an agreement yano? like when you just agree with someone so you can talk or so you dont get into anything like weird

  • Noedig Pmek
    Noedig Pmek

    I'm 45 seconds in reading the comments saying "ksara sucked" but I'll give her a chance since I didn't mind her point of view last time. I'll post a edit below this paragraph.

    • Noedig Pmek
      Noedig Pmek

      alright I'm halfway in and her standards are definitely for the rich slash upper class holy shit. I'm definitely gonna half to re listen to this episode

    • Noedig Pmek
      Noedig Pmek

      @Maija Shea I still gotta finish it

    • Maija Shea
      Maija Shea

      What did you think now that it’s been a lil while?

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    Like some of the other people here, I can't tolerate listening to this anymore. I'm extremely disappointed in you, Alex. This is the first video of yours that I won't be finishing.

    • Anthony Rossiter-Walkes
      Anthony Rossiter-Walkes

      Yo I don't think you can tell him off like you're his mum 😂

  • Allison West
    Allison West

    Honestly I think you should stick to reading and reviewing and responding to r/relationship posts and emails BY YOUR SELF. Your advice you give is at least sensible

  • Allison West
    Allison West

    Please don't ever do another episode with her. She seems very egotistical and close minded

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      Snap judgments are fun like from your comment you seem controlling whiny an arrogant.

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    Sorry not all of us are rich enough to be able to afford a fucking plane ticket to travel abroad.

  • Luke Glaziner
    Luke Glaziner

    As an autistic person myself, I don't like Ksara. I get not wanting people to disrespect workers, but not traveling doesn't make you not informed about other people. Not liking weebs because of them liking hentai. Weebs and people who watch anime are the same thing if you lived in Japan you would have known that, because people in Japan don't like weebs as well. Honestly, I agree with this comment section, Ksara is very closed minded but says she's not.

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      Okay you clearly only heard what you wanted to hear. It's kinda sad

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    I thought this podcast was about reading emails and giving relationship advice, not making uneducated, snap judgments with an arrogant, classist woman? 😒

    • Your friendly german Potato Alfrëd
      Your friendly german Potato Alfrëd

      Nathan Price bro are you like in love with ksara or something because I’ve seen you comment on almost every negative comment there is about her. To me it seems like your one of those little bitchy frat boy-to be 12 year olds . I mean come on leave well enough alone and keep your toxic comments to yourself, and also nobody is saying they are perfect we are all just saying that ksara is arrogant and classist I mean some people can’t afford to leave thier home country and also just because a girl puts on makeup and shaves her legs does not mean that they have already decided to sleep with you/any other person in the same situation

    • Alex Griffin
      Alex Griffin

      I honestly think this video is a good reason why they should not be giving any advice let alone relationship advice.

    • Nathan Price
      Nathan Price

      Yeah not a single drop of arrogance in this comment you're perfect she's the one that needs to change.

  • Kesh

    you can overdose caffeine and die, technically. but coffe doesnt have enough of it to kill you, even if you fill your entire stomach

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    Weed isn't really a "drug" so much as an herbal remedy when you get down to it. And science has proven that it is really helpful for a lot of people with mental health disorders, cancer, and chronic health issues. You can't OD on it, though some people are allergic to it, as with any plant, and it does NOT cause cancer. Perhaps the two of you should educate yourselves on a subject before speaking about it, especially in such a judgmental way? I usually like you, Alex, but this podcast need to fix some shit.

    • Rebecca Lauren
      Rebecca Lauren

      @Josette Fret Its like as if people forget that you can INGEST weed, you can use it topically, etc. You don't have to smoke it, if cancer is really a concern... I think their opinions come from a place of ignorance. They have no knowledge of marijuana because they live in Japan, where using drugs like weed or even having tattoos is taboo (tattooing just recently became LEGAL... like wtf?) and yeah.. so of course, they don't really actually know how its used etc because they live in a culture that thrives on their ignorance, so they say these things from a perspective of ignorance. Which is pretty lame, to make a whole video talking about this without even educating yourself beforehand... really not a good idea. I use to have an eating disorder, I was 90 lbs and dying and often hospitalized. You know what saved me from the brink of death? Weed. Someone like ksara would think paxil/zanax is totally ok - even though you can become addicted to it and absolutely ruin your body and life. But weed, weed is wrong, you will get cancer, OD and die. I use to be a huge fan of Alex but this completely changes my mind.

    • Josette Fret
      Josette Fret

      Cigarettes do, in fact, cause a fuck ton of health problems, but cigarettes are NOT the same as weed. And a lot of people vape now. And caffeine is NOT the opposite of melatonin. Like seriously, what are you even on about? I thought you were an intelligent human being. Caffeine is actually very addictive and destructive and high enough doses are dangerous. Pick. Up. A. Book. Do. A. Basic. Google. Search. What the actual fuck is wrong with you!?

  • Pixi

    I feel like there's a lot negative discussion and disliking in the comments... I just want to say this : I love Alex content and really enjoy how he talks about dating etc in general - open minded, not thinking too highly of himself and always making clear it's just his opinion. ... I don't need anyone else in the podcast with him! (but that's just me)