Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb...
Teen Beach Movie Animated Reaction
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  • Josiah Appiah
    Josiah Appiah

    the evil doctor is from sonic

  • Josiah Appiah
    Josiah Appiah

    the movie in teen beach is better then teen beach

  • uj winnie
    uj winnie


  • Poké WishMaker
    Poké WishMaker

    Wow she has the same name as me except I’m a boy

  • Hr. Dansker Rigtig Dansker!!!!
    Hr. Dansker Rigtig Dansker!!!!

    6:39 You telling me that Disney coppied Back to The Future?

  • Pikumon35


  • gaby gaby
    gaby gaby

    This movie literally invented shifting

  • The Scott's
    The Scott's


  • Hop Ban
    Hop Ban


  • N S
    N S

    It’s gonna be awhile until I swim again...

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    I died at this part. 9:18

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    I actually think Mia Mitchell knows how to surf. So that could have been her surfing and not her stunt double.

  • Christian Barthelus
    Christian Barthelus

    People gotta crack up his job

  • philly nerf215
    philly nerf215

    He said at 9:51 A huge badunkadunk and huga bazingas

  • I drink tea Darling
    I drink tea Darling

    Could you react to the half of it It’s on Netflix

  • Jonna Tanner
    Jonna Tanner

    Can you do cloud 9 pls

  • Stevi Bakos
    Stevi Bakos

    Do teen beach movie 2 please

  • Scripsi Abiete
    Scripsi Abiete

    9:13 that should've been in the funny moments >D

  • Brandon Mims
    Brandon Mims

    Teen Beach 2

  • Brandon Mims
    Brandon Mims

    Teen Beach 2

  • Izzybell

    *When you realise the actor of Tanner plays pennywise in the IT musical:* 👀

  • Anthony Pryor
    Anthony Pryor

    Do teen beach movie 2

  • Alayshia Lewis
    Alayshia Lewis

    Like that's the only movie I watch it's kind of great I love the songs

  • Rishima Rai
    Rishima Rai

    8:49 Me: lol this is so funny, they're fighting over.....OMG JUNGKOOK THEY SAID JUNGKOOK AHHHH😲😲😲😲😲

  • Stephanie Purington
    Stephanie Purington

    Why the classic

  • uchiha bomber
    uchiha bomber

    Teen beach movie has so many questions for me

  • KnightStorm Gaming
    KnightStorm Gaming

    Teen Beach isnt kinda dumb it is COMPLETELY DUMB

  • Dev Socius
    Dev Socius

    I swear every movie has that one “I’m not like other girls” in it

  • Lord Cobbingtton & mr bandit
    Lord Cobbingtton & mr bandit

    West side story is a real movie

  • ̇ diabetes
    ̇ diabetes

    disney character: they sing for no reason disney: we sing for no reason



  • 9snipes -_-
    9snipes -_-

    HEY HEY HEY stop trashing on good movies

  • ThouVibol Proseth
    ThouVibol Proseth


  • Ben

    This sounds like a rip-off plot of Back to the Future.

  • Sydney Oelke
    Sydney Oelke

    I wanna be a demon

  • Sydney Oelke
    Sydney Oelke

    I Anna be a demon

  • Sunny bb Playz
    Sunny bb Playz

    I feel offended and I haven’t watched the video yet I love this movie to death

  • Jay Hards
    Jay Hards

    how do they have the same grandpa? this has been on my mind since I was like 8

  • Sparr


  • Luna Knight
    Luna Knight

    Anyone else notice after The Chad dude calls Brady out for calling them dog he calls them cats?

  • Badman Vegeta
    Badman Vegeta

    Disney’s isekai

  • Simplex

    Can’t believe they made a real life isekai movie

  • MC Gaming
    MC Gaming


  • EnTITy

    Alex is slowly but surely suffering from watching all these horrible movies

  • Small Savage
    Small Savage

    Alex: * doesn't mention I Can't Stop Singing * Me: *What's going on? This can't be happening!*

  • Cassie The Cowgirl
    Cassie The Cowgirl

    We need Beverly Hills Chihuahua

  • Deshaunjae Hyman
    Deshaunjae Hyman

    Can you do part 2 :3


    My life is kinda dumb

  • sophiekouhai

    you know the evil villain plot kinda angers me now. throw that off. the movie would've done way better as a antagonist-less movie (ignoring the aunt, but she's irrelevant), parodying cliches.

  • Katie Osmond
    Katie Osmond

    Every movie is dumb to you!

  • Lemon Dealer
    Lemon Dealer

    This movie was so hyped up all my siblings gathered in the living room and we watched it together on Premier night good times when I was 5 lol

  • Lemon Dealer
    Lemon Dealer

    *Far out he thinks were animals*

  • LightSideMoon

    Alex all the time: 0_0

  • Lee Albee
    Lee Albee


  • Olivia Plays
    Olivia Plays

    umm so this is kinda like grease with a twist

  • Selah Geddes
    Selah Geddes

    this is the best!!!!!

  • LO

    best moments of Alex Meyers #1 They Guys BEEEENNNNRRRRRRR

  • •Kaiyoku•

    omg it crazy Tanner is gay now..

  • -ugh as if-
    -ugh as if-

    Fun fact tanner the actor he’s gay and when he was making the musical it was quite awkward some times

  • African Joker
    African Joker

    11:37 What the heck is Bertram doing there?

  • Aarnav Shah
    Aarnav Shah


  • Gianni Animates
    Gianni Animates

    I call Mac Macbook

  • Halle Lee Morrison
    Halle Lee Morrison

    the guy didn’t understand the expression what up dog and then right after called them cats?! HAHAHAHAH

  • Lela change the time back
    Lela change the time back

    Funny how one of the characters has my name yet its pronounced different lmao

  • aquietpotato

    don't mind me, just a really excited kpop fan who got excited when I saw Jungkook's name yep, nun to see here folks

    • aquietpotato

      @Lemon Dealer nobody cares about ur opinion

    • Lemon Dealer
      Lemon Dealer

      Nobody cares

  • aquietpotato

    he had me at Jungkook no. . . just me . . . . ok

  • Animatingpotatoe

    1:30 cinema sins change my mind

  • Mahina Crowley
    Mahina Crowley

    8:48 i cant be the only one who wheezed. "harry styles!" "jungkook!" im dead-

  • Izzy And BFFS
    Izzy And BFFS

    CODE RED CODE RED broke me

  • Shrek Oh yeah
    Shrek Oh yeah

    i actually kinda like this movie lmao. like it’s really dumb but like... also self aware? like there’s a part when the villains (arguably the dumbest part of the movie) are introduced, mack goes, “and this thing never won an oscar?” like it’s a little bit funny in some places

  • [CrazyX girl]
    [CrazyX girl]

    Girl I don’t know the name of:are you serious?!?! Tanner:No I’m TaNnEr

  • Georgia McAdam
    Georgia McAdam

    Can you do series of unfortunate events

  • yeonjunbug ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
    yeonjunbug ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    why is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE talking about the fact that theyre COUSINS???? AND THEYRE DATING-

  • Haydenc 4182
    Haydenc 4182

    Watched this with my cousins and sister the night it came out and had an amazing time. Therefore i refuse to ever again watch it and ruin those memories

  • Mack Brown
    Mack Brown

    Make a video on teen beach movie two plz

  • OneTrueKismet

    Alex there’s a 2.....

  • Samuel Colon
    Samuel Colon

    i hate this channel...he literally hates EVERYTHING!!!

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West

    No that is shakespear If music be the fruit of love, play on! duke orsino at the beginning of 12th night

  • Jahaziel Ramirez
    Jahaziel Ramirez

    Do teen beach 2

  • Lonely Little Wolfie
    Lonely Little Wolfie

    I legit thought that Big Mac and Bracelet were siblings

  • Cissie

    The South Side Serpents WISH they were the Rodents

  • Torin Thunder
    Torin Thunder

    “They sing for no reason” T-the IRONY.........

  • Allysia Shafira P.S
    Allysia Shafira P.S

    8:48 I'm already in love with that blonde girl

  • Sosie North
    Sosie North

    in the movie teen beach Brady is kind of being mean but I don't know

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas

    H-E- Double Hockey Sticks Is a must , and The Famous Jett Jackson

  • Isabelle Hinojosa
    Isabelle Hinojosa

    Dr. Fusion???? I think you mean BERTRAM WINKLE

    • Eric Coleman
      Eric Coleman

      Yeah, from Jessie

  • A reliable guy
    A reliable guy

    “are you not happy here?” “it’s my mom’s journal.” speech 100

  • Dum Boi
    Dum Boi

    Ah man good times my fellow gen z

  • Georgia Lawry
    Georgia Lawry

    A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • Atikus Michot
    Atikus Michot

    Alex: "Then they think maybe there is something going on with the lighthouse with lasers coming out of it " Me: "well duh!"

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    I've never seen this movie lol

  • Teddy

    This is the funniest stuff I have ever seen

  • Mr. Shnizls
    Mr. Shnizls

    When compared to this, west side story is the best movie.

  • lad

    I love how they just call it Teen Beach Movie and not just Teen Beach. That's a bruh moment right there

  • Phantom Soul
    Phantom Soul

    11:17 wth

  • Roxy Heart
    Roxy Heart

    they should go to the isle of the everyone wears leather pants

  • Roxy Heart
    Roxy Heart

    DO TEEN BEACH MOVIE 2!!!!!!!

  • Charles Blunt
    Charles Blunt

    You say every thing is stupid or kind of dumb

  • S T
    S T

    your opinion

  • Sean Fries
    Sean Fries

    Please react to AUSTIN & ALLY