iZombie was a weird show...
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H2O Just Add Water was the weirdest show...
AFTER is the dumbest movie I have ever seen...
Lucifer is a weird show...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
YOU is the creepiest show I've ever seen...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Valerija Galin
      Valerija Galin

      Plis do video abaut LIE TO ME. Plis It is a rely gud shov

    • Nicholas Alfonso
      Nicholas Alfonso

      also the actress who plays liv also plays the yellow rpm ranger from power rangers rpm

    • jaqueline maldonado
      jaqueline maldonado


    • jaqueline maldonado
      jaqueline maldonado


    • Isabela Michaud
      Isabela Michaud

      DO STAR WARS... please...? :D

  • Anastasia Love Wegerle
    Anastasia Love Wegerle

    "If your like me... Ha that sucks" you kill me

  • кобƐ

    No one gonna even care how there are just Zombies, I mean wouldn’t there be a huge crisis where people have to be quarantined or like be safer outside or anything?

  • John Hoyt
    John Hoyt

    Want to know something weirder, this actress was once a power ranger

  • Verbear !
    Verbear !

    "But what is there's rock and roll music and girls with their shoulders exposed hhhhuuuuuhhhhh" best Alex line ever


    The zombie was the yellow ranger in power rangers rpm

  • Aniya Barnes
    Aniya Barnes

    2:48 At first glance that looked... very inappropriate 6:50 And are we gonna ignore it said "Ethel can get it if she's down" . . . . Alex are you ok???

  • Kris 423
    Kris 423

    Just the way this show sounds so dumb this is not how being a zombie works at all

  • Nathaniel Moreno
    Nathaniel Moreno

    And her last name is MOORE so the name of a ZOMBIE IS LIV MOORE

  • Shayla Leski
    Shayla Leski


  • Hiku yabbadaabado
    Hiku yabbadaabado

    I liked this show , liv's acting is awesome

  • Bikey

    nice introduction

  • Wollemand

    Just learned that Rose Mciver is a Kiwi.. Now i regret not seeing her do a HAKA In full rage zombie mode..

  • Wollemand

    Just wondered: What would happen if a zombie ate a vegan brain?

  • Katherine Regencia
    Katherine Regencia

    please do julie and the phantoms, make it pop, power rangers

  • good n' bye
    good n' bye

    AND HER NAME IS *wheeze* LIV AND SHE'S *wheeze* A ZOMBIE!

  • MadsTheRaccoon

    This is what I watch when I don't want to watch movies/shows

  • Agent 7
    Agent 7

    Me: *is watching the **6:10** scene* Random Advertisement: "NoW yOu CaN sAvE 15% oR MoRe wItH GeIcO'S iNsUrAnCe CoMpAnIe tOdAy"

  • Jule ForFriends1000
    Jule ForFriends1000

    Okay, after the first sentences from Ravi I realized that I should have watched this show in English and not the German version. He is even more adorable with that British accent! 🤩

    • Wollemand

      Bad habit of synchronizing stuff In Germany.. Allways made me puke when I heard John Wayne go; “Hande Hoch”

  • King 150
    King 150

    you made my soda 🥤 out my nose

  • genesis 101
    genesis 101

    im happy because my idol was also reading a bible...

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    joe chin is here

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    joe chin is here

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    joe chin is here

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    joe chin is here

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    joe chin is here

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    joe chin is here

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    joe chin is here

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!


  • Bitboi

    Walking dead but with less action

  • CatQueenPlayz

    Do I haven’t watched this yet, but when I looked at the thumbnail, my first thought was.. *GASP* Shigaraki. I don’t think practically anyone gets this reference, but it’s funny to me so.. yeah.

  • Jose Pablo-Santiago
    Jose Pablo-Santiago


  • Spring_Time_Fun gaming
    Spring_Time_Fun gaming

    Were just gona agnore the zombie out break

  • Spring_Time_Fun gaming
    Spring_Time_Fun gaming

    O not icaly

  • I'm awesome Your not
    I'm awesome Your not

    99.9999999999999999 percent of the comments: LIV BECAUSE SHES A ZOMBIE HAAAAA **me laughing at **6:39****

  • Maoz Ohana
    Maoz Ohana

    I hope he know the joke name is live more

  • Sprite


  • Eyona Choi
    Eyona Choi

    'Liv Moore'= LIVE MORE

  • Michael Tidwell
    Michael Tidwell

    Fun fact: the actress who played Liv in iZombie was the Yellow Power Ranger in the season; Power Rangers RPM

  • Blaine Debeers
    Blaine Debeers

    I saw the title and it physically hurt me, man.

  • NuggNugg DoesStuff
    NuggNugg DoesStuff

    Half Vampire Half Telletubie? *wot*

  • CryptoAlanTA

    i'm watching the show rn with my mom, but she fell asleep.

  • Ronald Gladson
    Ronald Gladson

    Wait. I think the brain-eating scene was stolen from Tokyo Ghoul.

  • Jeremy's SQUIP
    Jeremy's SQUIP

    These videos are so funny. Thank you, Alex, for making them.

  • Italian Pasta
    Italian Pasta

    I actually really liked this...when I was 11/12..STILL 😂

  • Eva Grace Fowler
    Eva Grace Fowler


  • Draw Fun Paige
    Draw Fun Paige

    This video got me really into iZombie. Thanks so much! It’s a really creative show.

  • Laura Eto
    Laura Eto


  • Thuan

    Season 3 - 5 it's really interesting because I Zombie have a story I don't can English 😅

  • Thuan

    I like I Zombie but from season 3 it only interesting

  • David Wright
    David Wright

    its irobot but worse

  • Aykrai

    actualy its a good show and its like weird and its boring after like the first season

    • Aykrai

      @Draw Fun Paige nice, i only made it until almost the end of season 1

    • Draw Fun Paige
      Draw Fun Paige

      It is boring and repetitive during the 2-4 season. But season 5 is really interesting and there’s a lot of build up

  • JustMeYT

    2:12 is my 1 brain cell whenever I finally get the joke.

  • Hannah Paxton
    Hannah Paxton

    Do Christmas prince

  • Z0idzW0rld


  • Clip Crew
    Clip Crew

    I am, already dead

  • Lauren Hart
    Lauren Hart

    Benny! He's out of Purgatory.

  • Meow

    I watched the whole show and i wish it never ended i loved every character in the show

  • s s
    s s

    She said any girl would want that guy but I would rather liv

  • s s
    s s

    lv-home.info/local/Bb8PV_fQhwCTsCevabLAXw.html www.soaparch.com/soap-arch-naturals

  • Chi

    One of the most underrated CW shows that is genuinely good

  • The voice Guy
    The voice Guy

    Tbh. I think it's p good

  • maddy_claire

    I zombie is my favorite show but I literally had to watch this it kind of made me mad but I don’t really care

  • Sheep Last Name
    Sheep Last Name

    1:03 Homestarrunner.com nice 👌

  • monica solis
    monica solis

    I'm in love with the show

  • vellichxrry

    6:32, I was in Savannah, Georgia, staying a few houses away from where the lady and the tramp was filmed. I remember standing in the street with my mom and watching them film


    Yo you make my day i mean everyday

  • Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari
    Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari

    I mean it was better than IM expected

  • lavyonn᪥

    Liv be getting them Raven vibes

  • Kelly Meacham
    Kelly Meacham

    Do stranger things if you want I like stranger things but it makes no sence

  • Deadakus

    The i zombie from PVZ is the only true i zombie

  • ALEXANDER_ Hamilton
    ALEXANDER_ Hamilton

    PERFECT CHIN AND JAWLINE MAN dont know him wish I did because I have about 3 chins.

  • raydoll20 2
    raydoll20 2

    I loved this show

  • • Kawaii_Zahra •
    • Kawaii_Zahra •

    Liv acted in the movie the christmas prince....

  • Vegeta Rules
    Vegeta Rules

    Yo, She was eating that brain like it was some noodles.🤣

  • Lily the splatoon artist
    Lily the splatoon artist

    Did anyone else think that when Liv was on the car making those noises she kindof sounded like coraline? Cause I did.

  • Still Here
    Still Here

    Random guy : Tell me something that can never happen Me : Trump becomes good Random guy : That can never happen Me : The earth explodes Random guy : NEVER Me : the CW makes a good TV show Random guy : PERFECTION

  • Officially Cloudy
    Officially Cloudy

    Please the good doctor

  • suapanpina



    Guyz do you realize that the zombie liv is actually a power ranger just googled her and found out


    oh my something happen its a bit like pixel

  • F i S h Y
    F i S h Y

    Spam 2:21

  • Hayley Gutman
    Hayley Gutman

    i kinda love it

  • Jelena Radojevic
    Jelena Radojevic

    how people don't understand that vampire and zombie isn't the same? i mean u can get bit by a vampire and become one, but zombie is literally a walking body, ypu have to die to become one

  • Lucio Alejo Gomez Basarab
    Lucio Alejo Gomez Basarab

    Every Movie that i watch : Ok.Nice.Ok. Alex Meyers : WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrironhide 24515
    Mrironhide 24515

    2:20 I think u mean her names liv and she's ded

  • Valentino

    Alex, how do you make those amazing noises?

  • Bella sanchez
    Bella sanchez

    I already watched the hole thing with my aunt

  • jimyoin

    havent watch it yet... the world seem peaceful from that sudden zombie outbreak...

  • theraputic69

    Outer banks is better

  • fast ford freestyle Biden 2020
    fast ford freestyle Biden 2020

    I loveeee izomie 👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾

  • harley quinn
    harley quinn

    I think that they should have given more explanations about the zombie outbreak and how people handled it. They seem pretty ok with Liv but what about other infected people? It's weird that the zombies aren't the main theme in this show. The show is great but there aren't enough explanations about how zombies have come and how they are being handled.

  • Nipuna Weerasekara
    Nipuna Weerasekara

    I fucking loved this show. still tho

  • Beerbottles123

    iZombie was a weird comic (and yes, the comic was cancelled and it's ending was rushed because the creator of the comic/show was fired from DC for making that 'ethics' comment during Before Watchmen interview.... Which was how the show got started in first place). It was more like a CW version of Lovecraft meet Scooby Doo rather than undead Veronica Mars.

  • Beesghiishyys _foui0
    Beesghiishyys _foui0

    But like- Liv moore

  • Kristalgic

    Wait wait wait iZombie is just the comic Chew??? I had no idea.

  • alexPie105

    3:05 I just broke off my engagement so that was a kick in the dick

  • Leo Marrin
    Leo Marrin

    I love your videos Alex Myers keep on doing the good work 😎

  • Edgy Weeb
    Edgy Weeb

    I wanna see art of someone who's half vampire, half Telletubby.

  • Bethany Varre
    Bethany Varre

    Anyone read the graphic novels?