Riverdale is a mess...
Riverdale is a mess animation
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Riverdale - How to make a Teen Drama
Thought I would try a little something different. I've always wanted to do animation, which is why I started doing motion graphics in the first place.
But now that I have a pretty good grasp on video/animation, I wanted to finally sit down and try something new.
I hope you liked it.
I've never used a tablet or anything before, so it was a learning experience. Kinda funny how my drawing skill got a lot better by the time I finished the video, so some drawing are pretty okay and some are terrible. Haha.
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  • Matthew J. Barnette
    Matthew J. Barnette


  • Aban Slah
    Aban Slah

    Season 1: brilliant Season 2: irrelevant but good Season 3: wtf is going on here Season 4: why do I bother

  • AssassinXMod

    Riverdale? More like Riverno-dale.... eh? :3

  • Jessica Flores
    Jessica Flores

    I can 100 percent agree with all that he said!!! 😂🤣

  • Mikaela Delaney
    Mikaela Delaney

    this man has 4 hours 23 minutes and 13 seconds of riverdale content....

  • Lis Klock
    Lis Klock

    I can grant them one thing, their music and an action mixes are awesome

  • Suzanne Dawson-Hopkins
    Suzanne Dawson-Hopkins

    Alex you forgot the people who are 40 going on 15... Also, being 40, I can tell you Pureheart the Powerful was Archie’s superhero name in the forties and fifties when the comic book did a superhero series...(but agreed, it’s an awful hero name...)

  • Meleina Brock
    Meleina Brock

    Where is the season 1 video??

  • Niamh HA
    Niamh HA

    Most cringeworthy parts of... *Season 1:* “I hAvE a DaRkNeSs In Me” *Season 2:* Jughead suddenly acting “tough” for the Serpents. A teenage girl stripping in front of her mum, her boyfriend and a bunch of old men, while ruining a song (Mad World). Archie having to “prove himself“ to Veronica’s dad and being “observed” by a guy that Veronica’s mum hired. Ethel punishing Veronica... by throwing a milkshake on her *Season 3:* Weird D and D larping stuff. Betty’s mum joining the cult with Polly, which resulted in the weird floating babies scene. “I dropped out of school in fourth grade, to run drugs to support my nana”. Archie being forced to join a fight club. A bunch of teenage girls cheerleading FOR A BUNCH OF PRISONERS. I could go on forever about the cringiness and messy writing in Seasons 3-4, but it would take forever to type.

  • Kris Thomson
    Kris Thomson


  • Monique Hines
    Monique Hines

    Too many sex scenes for nooooooooo reason what so ever Why, why, why, why do they present Veronica's character with Archie all the time in bed?!?!! Why did they have to make the show so cringe with the good girl with bad guy and bad guy with good girl??!?! Why is the only good ship in this show Cheryl and Tony?!!?!

  • Mentally Unstable
    Mentally Unstable

    Pop is the best character. Fight me.

  • David Konevky
    David Konevky

    Season 1: had a nice simplistic and believable plot, some corny writing but it was watchable Season 2: added a cringy new plotpoint that was super annoying and made the characters x1000 more cringy Season 3: had semi-decent acting, but the plot was so unrealistic and out of place that it just made you wonder if you were watching the same show.

  • Aster F-T
    Aster F-T


  • Sakshi Kandgatla
    Sakshi Kandgatla

    thank you so much for mentioning that these 16yr old teens are overly mature. this show always made me believe i am an immmature 16 yr old. now i realise that i'm appropriately mature according to my age. plus also telling me bout the show's total garbage. gladly, i dont watch that show anymore. i happily stopped at season 2


    I love how increasingly complex and weird this show’s plot gets the first season has one single plot thru-line and Seasons Two-Four have multiple plot thru-lines to summarize without spoilers Season One: Jason Blossoms murder Season Two: The Black Hood& Jughead joins the Serpents Season Three: Gryphons & Gargoyle’s and The Farm Season Four: Weird Videotapes and Jughead’s misadventures at private school/questionable Jughead Murdered or is he plot? Season Five: I guess we’ll see But no matter what I am 100% there for everything cause Riverdale is legit the only show that I actually make the effort to tune in and watch anymore so yea I’m there no matter what also Jughead is absolutely my favorite character!

  • arch god
    arch god

    YALL SEASON 1 was very interesting

  • Ankita nagwekar
    Ankita nagwekar

    Basically actors in Riverdale did everything thing except studies what a normal highschool students do😅😅


    So the ironic thing is that in Season Four’s Halloween episode Archie dresses up as a superhero that is named “anyone?,anyone?” Pureheart The Powerful!

  • Mustard Man
    Mustard Man

    How did I not realise this contains spoilers.

  • Jasmine Scott
    Jasmine Scott

    This is highly ignoring for me. 1) Lots of girls talk about such things with Their moms.I talked about such things with my mom. Especially when I was around that age. Their are parents in this world who only care about their children being careful. 2) Veronica is a Rich party girl. So yeah she drinks. 3) Carebears are the children version of superheroes 4) Kevin lives in a small town. Less about being gay. More about being a lonely gay guy in a small town. Their are problems with this show. But you honestly can’t watch one show that doesn’t have faults. So all in all. I am going to enjoy my show. With the hope that they won’t put Betty and Archie together. Bughead all the way!😋

  • Nightbreaker

    Idk why I keep watching this show. It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen but I keep coming back to watching it

  • Nightbreaker

    Season 1: Pretty good Season 2: First half was good but fell off halfway through Season 3: Definition of dogshit and one of the worst things I’ve ever seen Season 4: Mediocre at best

  • unknowngamer_girl 101
    unknowngamer_girl 101

    Archie's hair:im ginger Eyebrows:UH I THINK THE FUCK NOT

  • Subhalakshmi sengupta
    Subhalakshmi sengupta

    Riverdale is definitely a very ridiculous show, but I think its one of those shows which people can't stop watching despite it taking no sense. lol

  • Tia Fakhouri
    Tia Fakhouri

    someone explain, what he's saying about saudi, is it good or bad ?

  • Mariam Adel
    Mariam Adel

    *Ah yes.. And the floor is made out of floor.*

  • m b
    m b

    5:33 yes, yes I did use this to come out





  • alex5671 alex5671
    alex5671 alex5671

    ok now THAT is a SIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIVERDALE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • power toyou
    power toyou

    People should rather watch thai and korean school series as those are litteraly 100 times realistic and better than these western ones. Periodtt

  • ꨄ Krynge_MK ꨄ
    ꨄ Krynge_MK ꨄ

    Pureheart the powerfull is actually a reference to the comic, in which there was an Archie superhero named pureheart.



  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos

    I just love the animations and the voices SO MUCH

  • Trinity Olusola
    Trinity Olusola

    you know, i always thought he was black. huh? well then..

  • Evalily4


  • jellybean

    im rewatching this and let me tell you, Alex's animation got SO MUCH better it already was but the evolution is so amazing

  • james Little
    james Little

    So parents and their kids have a honest open conversation now and days!!!

  • Sander Fander
    Sander Fander

    I listened to this while cleaning my room the whole playlist

  • Rosey

    How come I just NOW came up with the revelation that the show RIVERDALE is LITERALLY based on the ARCHIE COMICS??? How did I not know that???

  • Esther Oyoo
    Esther Oyoo

    🎶25 yr old teenager🎶- kennieJD

  • iiTropical Honey
    iiTropical Honey



    Jughesd likes movies

  • Sia Briste
    Sia Briste

    In the comics, Kevin was a cheap character to boost diversity ratings, but he also had a little thing called a personality. They reduced his character to the word "gay" and that's it. It's fricking annoying.

  • Actually Me
    Actually Me

    I wasted my time watching this show tbh. Should've watched Sherlock instead:/


    This video got spoilers i got spoilers please put a spoiler alert in thr video 😥

    • AkMoGAMING

      @Actually Me really

    • Actually Me
      Actually Me

      All the videos this guy creates contain spoilers. And this show is NOT worth watching. So cheers x.

  • hemanshi rajpal_9A_22
    hemanshi rajpal_9A_22

    charolette? dude come on it's Cheryl... CHHERYYLL.. SAY IT WITH ME CH..ER..YL BLOSSOM

  • Recycled Microchip
    Recycled Microchip

    It kinda is

  • Rudo Chigudu
    Rudo Chigudu

    Cheryl not Charlotte

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen

    Its Cheryl not Charlotte 😖

  • Alicia Nelson
    Alicia Nelson

    Maybe Kevin meant he doesn't have many options for romance

  • Hei -_-
    Hei -_-

    Okokok im taller that tall girl BUT riverdale is great

  • Kennedy Nautel
    Kennedy Nautel

    react to how you met your mother!!

  • Russian Hackr
    Russian Hackr

    im not the only one who got the pure heart the powerful right? (pure heart the powerful was a spin off of the archie comics in which archie was a super hero named pure heart the powerful)

  • shyamolie parekh
    shyamolie parekh

    its cheryl btw

  • WREN

    I enjoyed it I guess... But I hate that blonde chick

  • Kingj42j

    2:10 Almost spit out the muffin I was eating 😂😂😂. Almost got filled out like an application.

  • Crim Crim
    Crim Crim

    My friend forced me to watch the first 3 episodes. After I was done, she went home and I deleted it out of my Netflix list and bleached out my eyes

  • Issyy playz stuff
    Issyy playz stuff

    Its da best!

  • GachaLife Girl
    GachaLife Girl

    5:34 I think you missed the point here a little. It's not about Kevin having to hide his sexuality. It's about him havin less to no options bcs, as established in season 1, the amount of open gays in riverdale is ver very small. Those woods are his one option to find someone to hook up with while Betty has all the options open because no one of her boys hides their sexuality. So it's not about Kevin himself, but more about the other gay boys not being out of the closet yet and therefore Kevin being out of options.

  • Natsuki

    yEaH rIvErDoNt iS rIvErDaLe aNd rIvErdaLe iS rIvErdOnt

  • Kyra Denise Alston
    Kyra Denise Alston

    He called Cheryl - Charlotte! 😂 I thought I was crazy for a second but yeah love his videos!

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔhoney LEMONʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔhoney LEMONʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    It could have been good but they failed miserably

  • Hart Blair
    Hart Blair

    To be fair pureheart is his superhero name from the comics


    Isn't Betty jughead's brother?

  • Jusstt Mayy
    Jusstt Mayy

    4:01 6:07

  • Jusstt Mayy
    Jusstt Mayy

    Oh yeah don’t you just love Charlotte

  • Mythical Cat
    Mythical Cat

    I like riverdale but why is it all so crazy at season 4 ?!? Plus, at season 1 Veronica keeps going like “My dad has to be involved with this.” She says it like so much times

  • WolvesEdge Gaming
    WolvesEdge Gaming

    Anyone else realize that is Cody from the suite life

    • Big chungus•28 years ago
      Big chungus•28 years ago

      You late

  • Sonia Garcia
    Sonia Garcia

    Did he just call Cheryl "Charlotte"?

  • Brooklyn Kidd
    Brooklyn Kidd

    Getting filled out like a college application 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hiku yabbadaabado
    Hiku yabbadaabado

    That's so true it went dowm🤯

  • kayla l channel
    kayla l channel

    Cody lol from suite life zack and cody

  • kayla l channel
    kayla l channel

    I hate the show to 😡😡😡😡

  • Brenda

    It's sad because I think the cast is really good. I love every actor of Riverdale

  • • j i y a •
    • j i y a •

    Oddly enough, I agree with him.

  • lulu Lindsey
    lulu Lindsey

    OMG my brother told me about this and is what i am watching. And i'm scared

  • You are AWESOME! Don't forget that
    You are AWESOME! Don't forget that

    Riverdale is just a glee wannabe

  • R A
    R A

    Who hurt you?

  • Itz_Addie 123
    Itz_Addie 123

    Me: - replays the video to see if he is saying Charlotte- Anyone else hear him say Charlotte idk ;-;

  • Learah Rollins
    Learah Rollins

    Are we not gonna talk abt how he calls Cheryl Charlotte

  • Bloodday 554
    Bloodday 554

    I hate you because you’re talking about bad Riverdale

    • Big chungus•28 years ago
      Big chungus•28 years ago

      @Bloodday 554 you still mad over something that happened 2 days ago and has a gatcha profile picture so your probably in like 5th grade 💀

    • Bloodday 554
      Bloodday 554

      @Big chungus•28 years ago go and cry to ur mom that ur getting Bullied in school and you just take it out on people you don’t even know

    • Big chungus•28 years ago
      Big chungus•28 years ago

      @Bloodday 554 not you getting triggered already go cry about it gatcha player 💀

    • Bloodday 554
      Bloodday 554

      @Big chungus•28 years ago I was just saying u dumb ass

    • Big chungus•28 years ago
      Big chungus•28 years ago

      Ok we didn’t ask

  • Aditi

    am i the only one who thought he was saying charlotte to cheryl??

  • Nabaraj Karki
    Nabaraj Karki

    Finally, I found someone who feels the same about this series.I knew I wasn't the only one.😅

  • Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah
    Emily Amgad Samir Lotfy Motawashlah

    I have watched this video 5 times

  • Emvaarys snave
    Emvaarys snave

    in archie comics there were stories where the squad were superheros and 'pureheart the powerful' was legit archies name. it's one of the few actual references to the source material of the show

  • David

    My favorite part of this season was when Midge Klump started dealing Jingle Jangle, a drug which looks like pixie sticks.

  • Adventures of Madi and Mom
    Adventures of Madi and Mom

    thats a carebear im chokeing

  • Hayley French
    Hayley French

    Charlotte 😂😂😂😂

  • h chee
    h chee

    did she say bean and beluca. I hope she didn't mean DEAN AND DELUCA 2:51

  • idayat Balogun
    idayat Balogun

    lol i love his vides so good started wacthig 2018

  • Minceraft Gameplay
    Minceraft Gameplay

    I will never watch it, because it took a fun, happy comic for kids, and made it in to a dark soap opera. It’s a disgrace and it disrespects the original idea of the comic.

  • King River
    King River

    that was kinda right but i my name is river

  • Lauren Oler
    Lauren Oler


  • imagen a creative name
    imagen a creative name

    I have never watched Riverdale. I am never gonna watch Riverdale. But I'm gonna watch these vids even tho I probably dont get half of the jokes

  • Gaby Villanueva
    Gaby Villanueva

    To be fair I have talked about sex with my mom, kinda sad more people don't do this especially when they are younger.

  • J. Francisca649
    J. Francisca649


  • Rodrigo Gil
    Rodrigo Gil

    5:32 Señor Chang, is that you?

  • ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ඞ
    ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ඞ

    me: oh this is gonna be goood! random ad about SpongeBob: USE ARCADE TV FOR FREE SHOWS LIKE SPONGEBOB! also me: BIG sigh. SpongeBob is my child hood, my child hood was great, i like to think of life as horrid. but okayyy…

  • Anna Potter
    Anna Potter

    Her brother dies and she burns down the hows in the season finale. Is it just me or does anyone else feel remembered of another teen-drama show?