Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
Camp Rock Animation
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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
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High School Musical doesn't make any sense
High School Musical 2 doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
Home Alone literally makes no sense...
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  • Czedric Villarta
    Czedric Villarta

    I think Alex shoud do Parent Trap.





  • Maria Eduarda Alves
    Maria Eduarda Alves

    13:00 we do

  • Anabelle Spangler
    Anabelle Spangler

    I hated the it was so bad.😡

  • PickYourPoison

    Ahhhhh, 2010. One of the greats. Brought us shows such as Adventure Time and Regular Show. And Disney was over here doing this.

  • quaxntrxllee

    Alex: Can you Imagine actually liking yourself Me: no

  • Itz_Memelanda223 223
    Itz_Memelanda223 223

    *But mom Shane has cool hair and all I wanna do is go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

  • fennex

    '""""" DRUMS """""" !!!!

  • Jenny Ruiz
    Jenny Ruiz

    Do How to rock

  • Sketchy Art
    Sketchy Art

    Hey I live in Vermont and I only have 5 hamsters 2 fish 3 dogs and a chinchilla. Oh wait no I’m going to be lonely forever

  • Asiya Hassan
    Asiya Hassan

    F*ck you I HAVE THE JUNIOR NOVEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Metro Iggn
    Metro Iggn

    i care about the outros

  • Emma A
    Emma A

    I just realized all 4 Jonas brothers are in Camp Rock 2

  • Veer Singh
    Veer Singh

    At my school we watched a play on this movie

  • Raymond Mitchell
    Raymond Mitchell

    My q is who is the girl watching this thank you for your service

  • Thunderb0y 11
    Thunderb0y 11

    Do the good place!!!

  • Tor Taylor
    Tor Taylor

    I see you playing Football Head on that end screen

  • ebony

    Tell me why the like 12 year old kids are all together in a cabin with no girl and boy separation

  • BoiEatsnack

    "Camp rock Vs Camp star! what do you think bout dat?" black guy: *D R U M S*

  • Jocelyn Webb
    Jocelyn Webb

    Me and my sister when we watched the movie called nick jones a stalker for watching her a cross the lake😁

  • Exotic iEnVy
    Exotic iEnVy

    Do heavyweights

  • Noah Parks
    Noah Parks

    In some shots it looks like the mom has a mustache Lmao

  • I don't care that you don't have a mustache
    I don't care that you don't have a mustache

    Lol haahabbahahah 6:57

  • peterjhamill


  • peterjhamill

    harry potter

  • Toko911

    Ok ok ya know I feel like a Barbie movie has similar elements 🤔

  • Aiden Dunlap
    Aiden Dunlap

    You know what I realized? At the end, Camp Rock and Camp Star come together. Camp Rock + Camp Star. Rock + Star = Rockstar.

  • Yuri Estaniel
    Yuri Estaniel

    ok im not gonna stop laughing on your edit like to much

  • Yuri Estaniel
    Yuri Estaniel

    ok they even replaced shane the hip hop rockstar ok there even dumb

  • Yuri Estaniel
    Yuri Estaniel

    ok this is dumb why would someone replace the other real main character whoever made the show please use your brain

  • Isabella Brown
    Isabella Brown

    how do i break it to everyone that connect3 are not brothers.

  • Cíťa

    The 'hoo hah hoo hah stuff' really got me and now my tea is all over my table...

  • Spring_Time_Fun gaming
    Spring_Time_Fun gaming

    Heavy weights good

  • Phoenix Unboxing
    Phoenix Unboxing

    Its the almost jonus brothers

  • MI EP
    MI EP

    This just is identical to Barbie "Princess Rock 'n' Royal or whatever it was called

  • Nada

    9:56 I did this and it worked but didn’t last very long bc I got bored 😞

  • Beezy G
    Beezy G

    Camp rock was a movie with music camp rock 2 was a musical

  • keistopherc

    I never liked how tess just goes "Im CoMiNg HeRe NeXt YeAr" like they just said there was no next year BECAUSE OF YOUU

  • RONIN GOBLIN reactions
    RONIN GOBLIN reactions


    • RONIN GOBLIN reactions
      RONIN GOBLIN reactions


    • RONIN GOBLIN reactions
      RONIN GOBLIN reactions


    • RONIN GOBLIN reactions
      RONIN GOBLIN reactions


  • sofia


  • Reee Girl
    Reee Girl

    Does anyone else relize that there are MULTIPLE High School Musical actors in this movie, so this is LITERALLY a remake of High School Musical.

  • Reee Girl
    Reee Girl

    6:35 I've seen that same step routine done in plenty of other movies, and they comepletely FAILED that one...

  • D-N-A the GrowthBrokers & Content2click
    D-N-A the GrowthBrokers & Content2click

    hi how are you and how is charlie doing

  • Yao Du
    Yao Du

    Is it just me or does Michi looks like Dora in the first movie?

  • Lamp Mothboi
    Lamp Mothboi

    liking myself? what does that mean?

  • Vincent Gardini
    Vincent Gardini

    i do i do listen to them

  • Hendre Terblanche
    Hendre Terblanche

    I love how he says "ALONE TIME" It makes me laugh my ass off! HA HA HA HA HA!🤣🤣🤣

  • Sara T
    Sara T

    4:44 is Franky, the Jonas Brother's other brother 😂

  • jason Johns
    jason Johns

    I know right life is so meaning less 🤣😢😢😢😢😢

  • Midwifery Jude in the Bible!
    Midwifery Jude in the Bible!

    man this is very funny

  • Vivin Anand
    Vivin Anand

    hOw On EarTh CaN yOu TeLL iF tHe SoNg hAs gReAt sPoTs FoR dAnCiNg aNd A GoOd GrOoVe bY loOkiNg aT tHe LyRiCs!!!!!!!

  • Maya Bee
    Maya Bee

    Is it weird im 11 and watched smart guy boy meets world full house and family matters like the first episode to last and my friends dont even know who steve urkel is😅

  • Ai

    I like your videos

  • MrSolomon

    "Did somebody get replaced with a robot?" No that's just Demi Lovato...

  • delta 4684
    delta 4684

    should be called camp dripping wet vagina and hidden boner......if everyone listened to black metal, no one would be this fucking dumb....a camp about music....all of it is body languaged hip hop......i want to call it camp Cock

  • Semaj Playz
    Semaj Playz

    I'm glad that they didn't win so that it's not one of those movies were it makes no sense how they win 😑 it was much more realistic in this

  • J

    turns 10 today! Actually went from 40% to 63% on Rotten Tomatoes So much better than the first movie. Better songs, catchier lyrics, bigger emotions and cooler new characters Ending had me in tears But it's one of the better Disney Channel original movies thankfully The song Can't Back Down in particular really resonates with what's happening with covid-19, it's true we as a people can't back down and ignore what's really going on, it's important to share the risk of every decision recognizing what's happening in our own backyards Stinks they cut out a deleted solo number and only put it on the UK version

  • Ruth Gibson
    Ruth Gibson මම දැනටමත් ඔබට පැවසුවාඔබ ඔයාට කිසිම කපටි කන්න බෑ

  • Petty Bee
    Petty Bee

    That one's the "better" one. Oh it's better all right. It has tenX MORE meme-able content. It was creepy as shit for Nick and the girl to spy on eachother. Wtf was that camp rock macarena shit they did down the hill. LMFAO. And how TFFFFFFFFF does that bracelet fly out her wrist so far out like that. DRUMS.

  • Mesrop Panosyan
    Mesrop Panosyan

    You are sooooo funy❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Blueberry Eyes
    Blueberry Eyes

    I was thinking 🤔 wow Mitchie in this movies looks like tes did in last movie and tes looks like mitchie in last movie 🎥 😳

  • Em

    nobody: tess in that one scene: iM gIvInG yOu tHe fIrE

  • nataliekontakos

    Do avatar last airbender *Live action*

  • [Marie McDaniel]
    [Marie McDaniel]

    About how cheese smells like feet ur something xD

  • Sally Bradshaw
    Sally Bradshaw

    The funniest thing about Camp Rock 2 is that it came out the same year Nick Jonas played Marius in the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert.

  • Michelle Jasso
    Michelle Jasso

    Hey, does anyone else notices that Shane only likes Mitchie for her voice?!?!?! Like in the 1st movie all he said to her before kissing her is " I guess my search is over" or some cheesy thing like.

  • vellichxrry

    Alex: Michie and friends, Me: Laughs uncontrollably

  • Ayson Hernandez
    Ayson Hernandez

    i love watching your channel and one of my favorite parts about your vids are the last end sene's

  • No


  • Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari
    Karina Isabella Ardhanareswari

    Your so true

  • Tayyaba Iqbal
    Tayyaba Iqbal

    I always listen to the end 🥺🥺🥺

  • Aria Andriese
    Aria Andriese

    The only good thing about this movie was "Introducing Me"

  • Rhea Goddess
    Rhea Goddess


  • Kaizer Wave
    Kaizer Wave

    Hold up is the camp star guy Carl from goosebumps

  • Manuelita Guido
    Manuelita Guido

    Camp Rock made me cringe whereas I knew every line of dialogue in HSM

  • Valerie van Wyk
    Valerie van Wyk

    I love your humour and animation and thanks for all the effort you put into it!!

  • Alya Soliman
    Alya Soliman

    Please never stop making LV-home videos, I cried with laughter so much, you're so funny Alex. Thank you for your awesome videos!

  • Daisy S
    Daisy S


  • Akuma

    i watched this movie at school when the teacher was lazy and then the teacher went and did whatever at his desk.

  • Sigrid Lae Steinsrud
    Sigrid Lae Steinsrud

    Can you watch Cats?

  • Taylor Howard
    Taylor Howard

    When Demi Levato starts doing step, you know it’s about to get real

  • Mr PoopyButtHole
    Mr PoopyButtHole

    Plot twist “Camp Anawanna” winds up winning

  • Airen

    6:56 Don’t mind me, DruMs

  • Haunted Haunter
    Haunted Haunter

    Sometimes I wonder how much of the movie you watch cause you’ll be confused at something that makes total sense

  • Craig Sewell
    Craig Sewell

    oh now i get it the camp's name are just the phrase rockstar

  • Miley Mills
    Miley Mills

    Don’t come after ‘Boy Meets World’ like that.

  • Rose

    axel: 'lets get to what campfires are really about, singing' me: i dont know about you but i think toasting marshmallows is what campfires are about . and singing is ike, the irritating part, like its just a few kids awkwardly sing kumbayaaaaaa rly off tune while the rest just look embarassed.

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown

    "All the hOo-hA hoO-Ha stuff" You can't just drop a line like that out of nowhere hahahahahaha

  • welcome to hell
    welcome to hell

    Am I the only one who completely forgot about mitchi's dad, and thought her mom had a thing going on with the camp director (or whatever he was/ that British guy)

  • Mahi

    Your voice gets so high pitched when you imitate characters 😂😂

  • AceMercer AMV
    AceMercer AMV

    5:29 Mood

  • AceMercer AMV
    AceMercer AMV

    Her: why are you looking at me like that, honey? Him: 1:00 (I'd love to say "me and my gf", but I'm single af)

  • Play it Dude!
    Play it Dude!

    it’s called camp ROCK but there is no rockp

  • Play it Dude!
    Play it Dude!

    its got a great grove wait what U SAW IT FOR THE FIRST TIME AND HAVN’T PLAY IT N THE DRUMS btw Flashback

  • Play it Dude!
    Play it Dude!

    what do u think about that ? radom guy ‘DrUMs’ with auto tune

  • Naiyla Nakhid
    Naiyla Nakhid

    As a creative, I felt that whole end card deep in my core.

  • Kristen Riley
    Kristen Riley


  • Kristen Riley
    Kristen Riley

    “What do you think about that?“ “ 𝗗 𝗥 𝗨 𝗠 𝗦 .“

  • Sebastian Galleguillos
    Sebastian Galleguillos

    You keep saying things like "people told me NOT to mess with camp rock" or "everyone says CR2 is better". Who are these people? LOL who defends these movies?