Victorious was kinda dumb...
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Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
Glee is pretty dumb...

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  • Ariel Wood
    Ariel Wood

    Heavy in the Nickelodeon has never been the same!!!!!!!

  • Lyra Lyrics
    Lyra Lyrics

    How does no one notice he said SICKO-WITZ instead of PSYCHO

  • Kaje Penndragon
    Kaje Penndragon

    I don't like Jade at all.. Sue me..

  • Amalie Nielsen
    Amalie Nielsen

    *jade west.........*

  • FBI

    Jade helped me realise how gay I am

  • Abigail Simpson
    Abigail Simpson

    He just pronounced Mr.Sikowitz wring at 7:50

  • Best Forever
    Best Forever

    I wonder what is your favorite movie is. I will watch what you recommend :)

  • Dragon Moonstone
    Dragon Moonstone

    Your dog is super cute!

  • Chicco Raseloma
    Chicco Raseloma

    4:09 Can you see my BRAIN?????Bts is my life and harry styles is cute

  • TreeckoJedi9

    I think my only favorite episode from this circus of a show was the Ke$ha ice cream episode. Mainly for the Willy Wonka reference.

  • Yossiddys Sanchez
    Yossiddys Sanchez

    Andre, cat, jade, sinjin, Andre’s grandma, sicowitz, and Trina were the best characters

  • Claire Zhong
    Claire Zhong

    Sinjin and Andre were both givin less credit than they should have had

  • Raimunda Moreira
    Raimunda Moreira

    at least trina has personality is not like other people cof * cof * TORI cof * cof * Sorry I'm with turboculosis

  • Jo B
    Jo B

    Alex, do you have any advice for a person who wants to be a theater kid?

  • Jo B
    Jo B

    IMPROV- If you ever buy anything from apple, you should use Wikibuy.

  • DxtroitJayy


  • Fritha Jennings
    Fritha Jennings

    Can you do henry danger?

  • Crazy girlkatie
    Crazy girlkatie

    Do Julie and the phantom

  • JVIP Westmoreland
    JVIP Westmoreland

    Two funny shows together *watches it*.... this not funny at all JOkInG

  • MelissaSlaps

    3:03 third one is accurate.

  • Logan Dunn
    Logan Dunn

    I Carly was so stupid in my opinion. It had some gross scenes in it too. If I was a celebrity I wouldn’t wanted to have guest star on that show.

  • Golraka

    So the video ends 9:30 but 2 more minutes are just... To reach the 10 minute mark and add another ad?

  • Edgar Cabello
    Edgar Cabello

    OK I HAD ENOUGH do you always think many series and movies are dumb and weird not all of them are weird and dumb

  • Joel Javier
    Joel Javier

    It’s not stupid

  • Dona Nasol
    Dona Nasol

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that the random hobo teacher's whiteboard says; "Improv is like a fine cheese, but not really." Improv is fine cheese? Well, yes, but, actually no.

  • Layla Paskalidis
    Layla Paskalidis

    My personal ranking of the characters: 1000. Tori 9. Beck 8. Rex 7. Robbie 6. Sinjin 5. Trina 4. Andre 3. no one 2. Jade / cat 1. Andre’s Grandma

  • Pacific Gamer
    Pacific Gamer

    7:21 why you shocked bro she deserved it for being a annoying person

  • UniSpaceLlama 13
    UniSpaceLlama 13

    As a tot I had a toy that would play the theme song, the button became stuck and I then list it (messy room) and so in the middle of the night it would go off 😂

  • Hazel W
    Hazel W

    You can also watch television shows and movies

  • Hazel W
    Hazel W

    Per month

  • Hazel W
    Hazel W

    You can read audiobooks for free on hublo

  • Sariyah Camp
    Sariyah Camp

    The only reason why I love this show because of the amazing cast and my favorite characters and my favorite episodes

  • Dr Strange
    Dr Strange

    Screw you

  • Mortisims

    Honestly, this show has the MOST problematic fandom in the history of Dan Schneider shows. Maybe because Tori's character was badly written so people dragged that FICTIONAL character down and even the actress who did nothing but play the character for the show to exist yet people literally bullied her. toxic asf

  • ryan

    “sick-o-witz” bruh

  • Crudethree jorge Jorge
    Crudethree jorge Jorge

    I like how the puppet rex can get all the hoes hahah

  • Foxy Awesome
    Foxy Awesome

    Ik it’s your opinion but ya’ll really need to STOP HATING ON TORI

  • GoldenChezburger Girl
    GoldenChezburger Girl

    This was my favorite show and also I’m pretty sure that ICarly was made by the same person as victorious was

    • Fire Wolf
      Fire Wolf

      Yeah, Drake and Josh,iCarly, Victorious,Sam and Cat,Henry Danger,Game Shakers and some others were made by that same person... And he's fired.. was a freak but had the best shows.... R.I.P Good Nickelodeon series...

  • Elaine Frausto
    Elaine Frausto

    Not trying to hate AT ALL but he’s kinda just hating on shows that I like and it gets on my nerves again NOO HATE THO

  • PlsFramey

    Ariana grande in the show: constantly getting beaten up Ariana grande in IRL: the one beating up people

  • Jinhoo _
    Jinhoo _

    *"Victorious was kinda dumb..."* Nah, i was r e a l l y dumb in my *opinion*

  • Guraikam Is Bad At Life
    Guraikam Is Bad At Life

    Andre should have been the love interest for Tori

  • Julia

    mk......I personally LOVE victorious but..... tori and her outfits were.....interesting. WHY was Tori the main character. I know this is probably un unpopular opinion but I didn't really like her voice. Cat and Jade's voice had much more range. give it up IS AMAZING. Andres grandma was AMAZING Andre had an AMAZING voice and a good personality Jade was a cool character with an AMAZING voice Cat has a REaLLY REALLY good voice too with a good personality ............... but I felt like tori had a sorta fake personality. "wE aRe ALL ......"

  • Saria Wood
    Saria Wood

    I love your videos you’re so funny me and my brother watch you every day keep up the good work on your videos thanks for all your support

  • Alisha - Roblox
    Alisha - Roblox

    I think it makes sense why Tori is the main character of the show. She’s basically just a new student, nothing special or interesting like the others, which what makes the show interesting

  • Venkata Koduru
    Venkata Koduru

    You’re saying sikowits wrong

  • Cyann Raily
    Cyann Raily

    Me, a theater major, art student who studies in the only art school in her country seeing this... Straight faxxx dude.

  • wisdomwalrus

    you should review bunkd

  • Peyton the panda
    Peyton the panda

    fuck you im a theater kid oh also love your videos

  • Elise Grimes
    Elise Grimes

    tori: iM So sAd, wHY dOes JadE hAte mE? me: you kissed her bf...

  • ThatGirlMae

    that’s rly rude. im a theater kid and nobody can tell I’m one bc well... IM NOT ANNOYING

  • Gabriellaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Gabriellaʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Me at the end : Why did beak say sure like did he forget he has a GF

  • Thatartguy


  • raquel pereira
    raquel pereira

    Do teen beach movie 2

  • raquel pereira
    raquel pereira

    Do Austin and ally

  • Liv Doughnut
    Liv Doughnut

    Sooo....basically your whole Chanel is just saying every T-V show there is, is dumb I love this so I can’t agree

  • Eyeless Jack
    Eyeless Jack

    At 4:43 to 4:51 you made me laugh so hard 😂

  • Estella Silver
    Estella Silver


  • Anastasia Medina
    Anastasia Medina

    When I first saw the first episode for the first time I was like "Woah, that's Ellington Ratliff from R5. "

  • UwUKiKi08

    Who else misses Victorious I’m still crying from it

  • Maggie Eddyshaw
    Maggie Eddyshaw

    jade was the best person in this ngl

  • ShonenJapan

    3:20......I can't be the only one to question why she just kicked him out?

  • Lumos Maxima
    Lumos Maxima

    Im a shy theater kid I don’t talk about musicals to anyone and I’m the one who is always singing o myself in the bathroom in the stall while crying cuz of idk what reason sometimes I’m emotionally unstable and I just get worked up about everything but I’m not annoying I am very shhhhhh

  • PhantomGamer 1.0
    PhantomGamer 1.0

    Why does this show blatantly state that anyone with a shred of intelligence can be easily taken advantage of,and that these people have no talents

  • poly cube
    poly cube

    What!? That rubbish was more popular than freaking iCarly!? iCarly was the last great Nick show.

  • poly cube
    poly cube

    I don't really like this show, it's too much like a Disney show than a Nickelodeon show, gimmie SpongeBob, the Angry Beavers, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, iCarly, Drake and Josh and Kenan Kel any day.

  • Avi M Schwartz-Vazquez
    Avi M Schwartz-Vazquez

    Random comment pt 1: i like penut butter

  • Devin Booker
    Devin Booker

    Devin Booker

  • Dumpling Lovers
    Dumpling Lovers

    4:08 omg wtf 😂😂😂😂😂💜

  • amina abdullahi
    amina abdullahi

    Avatar the movie plssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Silke Vanden Eynde
    Silke Vanden Eynde

    "Theatre kids are the worst" Me: okay but that hurted

  • Hampus Sandström
    Hampus Sandström

    I saw this show when i was like five and it was horrabul

    • Help me get to 10k with no videos
      Help me get to 10k with no videos

      Learn how to spell dumbass

  • R. S.
    R. S.

    Ah I remember that I enjoyed this back in the days when I still watched these type of shows. I think we can all agree that Tori was the least interesting and funny of them all, yet she was the main star...

  • christian mccourt
    christian mccourt

    Look doggy pickture

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random

    Ok as cute of a ship as Robbie and Cat might be, ot would be so. Frickin. Toxic. Cat is way too good for him. He can be sweet sometimes but mostly he's a jerk. For example, when Cat said she had a date to prome, Robbie accused her if lying and was a total jerk about it. I feel like if they did date he would be the type to take advantage of her

  • Hafsah Saleem
    Hafsah Saleem

    U are dumb.....

  • Alisha Raj
    Alisha Raj

    My favorite character on Victorious is Andre’s Grandma I know she can yell a lot but she is pretty funny

  • Lilian Gangla
    Lilian Gangla

    it was canceld cause of victoria justic........but anyways pleas do dynasty

  • Hannah Dewar
    Hannah Dewar

    2006-2010 also gave us H2O: just add water

  • Mehr Narula
    Mehr Narula

    can u review the show jessie please

  • JonDee Stoner
    JonDee Stoner

    Me: wishes i had those problems

  • cherri. pxt
    cherri. pxt

    Andre Is The Best And He Should Be The Main Character 😌 Like literally he's the one who's doing the music


    Ok but tori didn’t want to do the big show case so why would she put on the costume

  • Emily

    i don’t even blame jade in the first episode tori deserved it

  • Leigh Garner
    Leigh Garner

    do liv and maidie

  • emma wheeler
    emma wheeler

    Rewatching victorious now literally all I think when I see Tori Tf is wrong w u bitch Like come on Jade maybe spilled coffee in her her hair but Tori kinda made out w everybody's boyfriends and got to sing all the songs. I just think that Jade and Cat deserved better.

  • Maria Elisa
    Maria Elisa

    Omg that was Ellington Ratliff from R5 in the pilot?!?! And I'm just realizing it now!!!

  • Taco Dude
    Taco Dude

    Oh my God. My school did the music man as a musical too, I was in it :P

  • It’s Massive
    It’s Massive

    4:08 Me,a BTS fan: actually BTS started their band in 2013 so there’s no way Tori could’ve known about BTS

  • Fantasticfloor

    No one is going to mention that this show had a scene which was basically a gang bang metaphor?

  • Bubbleslayer Gaming
    Bubbleslayer Gaming

    among us code xcutg america

  • Big Lenin
    Big Lenin

    Yo dude... seriously. I think it says a lot about you whwn you say that the puppet has a "black voice" i dont see how the puppets voice is "black" at all. I e never even considered the idea. Sounds like your implying that because the puppet has an agressive and flirtatious character hes...uh.. "black". Seriously makes me wonder why you see/hear these character traits and think "black person" its wierd man...


    tori is lowkey a jerk

  • King Nugget II
    King Nugget II

    Nobody talks about the fact that ever since that one episode where the butterfly goes in cats ear, she gets dumber and dumber, THIS IS SCIENCE PEOPLE!!!!

  • Some of Something
    Some of Something

    Oof, I go to a preforming arts high school.

  • Leah Hsyntien PEN
    Leah Hsyntien PEN

    hey victorious is nice to watch

  • Rose Blythe
    Rose Blythe

    One thing I wish they had added to the show is if Tori had friends she still interacted with from her old school. Think abt it, she just quit her old school and all we ever see her interact with is people from her new school like she completely cut off everyone else. Obviously I wish she had another talent as well besides singing (you could say acting as well but it’s known she kinda struggles with it, I guess she does get better as the show goes on but maybe she could have played an instrument or something or been good at painting idfk). I feel like this show had a lot of potential that they didn’t deliver on bc it’s a Nickelodeon show so it’s geared for super young kids.

  • Laila Farag
    Laila Farag

    Victoria is not dump victoroa was amazing

  • It's complicated Okay?
    It's complicated Okay?

    W H A T S W R O N G D O G

  • Dan

    " I AM SO UPSET!" *laughing intensifies*