Victorious was kinda dumb...
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Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
Glee is pretty dumb...

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  • Jackie aesthetic Bobrov
    Jackie aesthetic Bobrov

    i am finishing the show right now *s:1ep17

  • Ling Lu
    Ling Lu


  • Davis Hall
    Davis Hall

    2:56 I know the musical that’s from cough cough musicman

  • Collette Lake
    Collette Lake

    you you just shut up you,you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lily Belle
    Lily Belle

    Andre and Tori would be good together and...sikowitz..or however you spell it is not said sicowits

  • ْ

    iCarly CAME OUT IN 2006???!! i have always thought it came out around 2010 or 2011…damn my whole life is a lie

  • W M
    W M

    What I dont understand is 1) If trina is so untalented how did she get picked to perform at the showcase? 2) isn't the school FULL of talented af so why did Tori have to fill in?

  • Jeremiah Joinville
    Jeremiah Joinville

    I hate and love your vids wtf

  • Kevin Malone
    Kevin Malone

    I don’t know if anyone agrees but tori is like my least fav character in the show

  • Trucker Jack
    Trucker Jack

    Girl walks through do: I’m upset! Audience in the back: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THATS THE FUNNIEST THING IVE EVER HEARD AHAHAH

    • Trucker Jack
      Trucker Jack

      Girl: woof Guy: you belong here, you are very good at improv, omg

  • LunaLight Cosplay
    LunaLight Cosplay

    The struggles of being talented and goodlooking, haha CAN'T RELATE


    plzzz do bird box

  • LegendIceCream

    Do Henry danger

  • Samurai-Capri •
    Samurai-Capri •

    6:58 ima ghost (pause it)

  • Instant Noodles᯾
    Instant Noodles᯾

    is this supposed to be a hate video of victorious?

  • PePpa Pig
    PePpa Pig

    I’m still mad over the fact tori and beck never got together

  • Eggocado

    10:46 nickelodeon was always more edgy *cough cough* gravity falls *cough cough*

  • Desperate PSdude
    Desperate PSdude

    Do you have rinnegan or whatsoever

  • palivivi

    Ariana pulled a reverse Michael Jackson

  • Pablo plays Restart
    Pablo plays Restart

    I liked this show

  • Lih-Ann Animations
    Lih-Ann Animations

    "the struggles of being talented, and attractive" what about QUIRKYYYYYY?

  • Lih-Ann Animations
    Lih-Ann Animations

    SOMEBODY WHO KNOWSSS everybody i know loves it so i cant complainnn

  • Gigi _
    Gigi _

    He forgot to talk about that one time jade turned half the girls who watched it into lesbians

  • Heydemonsitsmeyaboy

    the only reason i watched victorious was because of jade

  • Iván

    What is wrong with hers neck? 4:38

  • Allison Peterson
    Allison Peterson

    LOL I was just going to say it sounded like the kid was doing blackface with the puppet but he beat me to it.

  • Madison

    Before Ariana Grande went crazy.

  • zaccwiggins

    2:53 as a “theater kid” I deal with this every day

  • Josue GUERRERO
    Josue GUERRERO


  • Cringe e noob gamer
    Cringe e noob gamer

    Pls pls do pokemon

  • What Happiness
    What Happiness

    They never let cat sing alone because they knew she was better than tori

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    Tori did nothing but kiss everyone BF all show

  • Franco Bradshaw
    Franco Bradshaw

    People in comments so dumb about andre lol. He shouldn’t have been the love interest or main character. Was perfect

  • pixiethefirecat 7
    pixiethefirecat 7

    I can't believe I watched a whole video about victorious without a single mention of how tori is the worst character

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson

    I know this came before but that looks like the house from lab rats

  • Sydney gamer
    Sydney gamer

    ok this is my favorite show but love the vid so I'm ok with it

  • This be Me
    This be Me

    As a crew member I agree with the annoyance scale

  • Lemon Dealer
    Lemon Dealer

    Best show ever

  • Jonathan Coombs
    Jonathan Coombs


  • Kyliegh Nix
    Kyliegh Nix

    This was my favorite show and I'm watching it again!!

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer

    After 2010 nick is horriness

  • Mackenzie 24
    Mackenzie 24

    The best characters were jade, Andre, and cat.

  • Deiny Ucros
    Deiny Ucros

    Is everyone forgetting that one episode where Robby needs to rate Trinas play because in that episode they show Robby is IN HISTORY CLASS

  • sgt uwu
    sgt uwu

    ahhh I miss stage crew.

  • Simply

    The doll was talking, and his mouth wasn't moving.

  • juke365


  • Gacha Reezzz
    Gacha Reezzz

    6:11 I’m one of the acting/improv guys but I have never heard of Mody Python should I know what that is?

  • Sully 8
    Sully 8

    I think we *all* sing

  • •Whovian •
    •Whovian •

    i LOVED this show when I saw younger

  • Pedro Seda
    Pedro Seda


  • Brennan Thomas
    Brennan Thomas

    There was 2 season of sam and cat

  • Shark Cat
    Shark Cat

    the only reason i watch victorious is because of andre cat and jade. Tori was just meh

  • Gaming Ike
    Gaming Ike


  • RIP X, LLJ
    RIP X, LLJ

    Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?

  • SkySqui 1220
    SkySqui 1220

    When listing the theatre kids you missed the orchestra Alex (We're really annoying but at least we don't sing all the time)

  • just ur local kpop stan
    just ur local kpop stan

    I ship Tandré (Tori and André)

  • rach78901

    Lmaoooo her pants r taking me out 😭y they so big

  • Sophie Gail
    Sophie Gail

    Yea it was kinda dumb but I still love it

  • David Alan
    David Alan

    I wanna hear the behind the scenes where you record “wow” over and over ‘til you’ve got it just right.

  • theweirdblonde

    one thing i was annoyed at about the show is that they overused the laugh track way to much.

  • Tami L
    Tami L

    My kid points out the odd pointless laugh tracks.

  • Rangerson 8
    Rangerson 8

    Me agreeing with him

  • Underwatch Rnaqvi07
    Underwatch Rnaqvi07

    Andres Grandma, Trina, Jade, Cat and Sikowitz carried the whole show

  • Fire VS Ice
    Fire VS Ice

    When beck and tori about to kiss Me: Waits for hoover lady Alex: Cuts it Me: *Crying*

  • Night Owl63
    Night Owl63

    The fact that Tori touched mold and didn’t even was her hands after 🤢🤮

  • JessK

    How the hell did Trina get picked for the big showcase when everyone knows she can't sing at all?

  • Juana Bertone Villanueva
    Juana Bertone Villanueva

    Does anyone also HATE Jade??!?!!??! Is it just me?

  • Cesar Canal
    Cesar Canal

    Hot take : Everyone is always saying they ship Tori and beck but... I think Tori and Andre would be much better I mean just look at the chemistry...

  • Corinn Mildenberg
    Corinn Mildenberg

    “ wE aLl SiNg “ ~ Victoria Justice 2010

  • Teo Contreras
    Teo Contreras

    Wait the first episode is the pilot so

  • crash and burnie
    crash and burnie

    We never talk about the random objects they had people carry in this show. Like there was an episode where Andre was carrying a whole ass Yamaha keyboard for the first half of the episode and nobody questioned it

  • Music Is life
    Music Is life

    I’m musical theater and actor I don’t know how I have friends

  • ringpon homes
    ringpon homes

    Love cat Valentine

  • ??

    Victorious is as old as meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 2010

  • Dae_ ssz
    Dae_ ssz

    If you spoke spanish and had a lot of hispanic viewers you could do a series called “patito feo” ma guy you wouldnt be dissapointed

  • Luella Otis
    Luella Otis

    "Theatre kids are the worst" Don't judge me

  • fierro x chase
    fierro x chase

    Ad: Nyc, you're doing great at wearing masks and social distancing. COVID: Are you sure though?

  • Shir Cohen
    Shir Cohen

    4:10 omg bts💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I love bts references💜💜💜💜

  • mr.killer09

    Tori's mind full of harry styles and bts? lol that's my mind every second

  • Arrietty Sparrow
    Arrietty Sparrow

    Tori: Kisses Jade’s boyfriend Also Tori: WhY DOeS sHE haTe mE

    • Trevor Smith
      Trevor Smith

      Maybe she heard her play the French horn

  • Steven Newman
    Steven Newman

    Victoria really couldn't sing. Let's be honest with ourselves.

  • Iforgot oops
    Iforgot oops

    i wasnt even alive for these but erm anyway I watch these hi millennials and old/ middle gen z

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson

    The people were laughing and when they made that Nickelodeon show you're listening to dead people

  • mery

    I love Victorious

  • John Taffy
    John Taffy

    I saw everyone talking about Andre's Grandma, and I had to look her up. Her channel is Marilyn Harris

  • Sarah Kearns
    Sarah Kearns

    I am the singer kid and the acting/improv kid so I’m extremely annoying

  • Kuroshinigami

    How did Tori survive Highschool if she literally tried to drop out of a theater arts school just cause of one "mean girl"

  • Grace Weigel
    Grace Weigel

    This guy must have a lot of trouble during movie night

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    But let's not just talk about how shitty Tori was for having Beck kiss her no matter who his girlfriend is, because the whole point is he had one. But let's also talked about the fact that Beck let it happen when he could've said "let's not" and then to change up the story some more "let's not, because kissing kills aliens" and won the whole day

  • MegaKnight2012

    Now that Alex mentions the hierarchy of theater kids annoyance, I remember musical kids being annoying in how obsessed with musicals, but improv was probably the only theater class I can describe as traumatic (it was a college class, not high school, but still). Got some great experiences out of improv, but can't describe the other theater classes as traumatic

  • JV Reviews
    JV Reviews

    Victorious was good, I liked it. It’s not as good as iCarly or Drake & Josh, but it’s far better than the last 3 Dan Schneider shows.

  • Orisha R
    Orisha R

    Let me have been Tori when Jade poured that drink on her. Baby would’ve gotten mopped.

  • Freddie James Mercury
    Freddie James Mercury

    0:14 bruh I'M a teenager. Those noobs look like they're 18 or something...

  • Freddie James Mercury
    Freddie James Mercury

    I remember wanting to look like the nerd boy from Glee when I was little

  • Freddie James Mercury
    Freddie James Mercury


  • Dogboy 563
    Dogboy 563

    To be honest I like victorious

  • Molly V
    Molly V

    I never really saw the show, but I always thought that Jade was the main character

  • moss

    im not in theatre but i strongly relate to singing hamilton. (he listed others but thats like all ive watched)i am aware im annoying be my place as a musical kid will stay. yes i can rap guns and ships its my biggest flex

  • GrayFox_ SJJBO
    GrayFox_ SJJBO

    I love this show Reasons: I'm stupid, I like music and they got Cat, Jade and André

  • Mutsor Tima
    Mutsor Tima

    1) The pilot was filmed in March 2009, about a full year before its official premiere after the 2010 Kids Choice Awards. 2) "Make It Shine", the show's opening theme, was sampled from an unused song from the Canadian TV show _Instant Star_ titled "Just Remember Me". It would have been used in that show's finale had it gotten a proper fifth and final season. 3) Before _Victorious_ debuted, Hollywood Arts High School served as the bad guys' hideout in the 2006 TV movie _Drake & Josh Goes Hollywood._ 4) When the show ended in 2013, the character of Cat Valentine was brought over to the _iCarly_ spin-off _Sam & Cat_ that year, where it is revealed that Cat dropped out of Hollywood Arts to live with her grandmother in San Francisco. 5) Along with the debacle regarding the _iCarly_ theme song in 2007, _Victorious_ is usually argued as Nickelodeon's event horizon for never going back to using popular songs for their live-action scripted shows ever again.