The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
The Princess Switch animation
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  • Jubilee

    Tall glass of Ovaltine indeed. And good for you.

  • parada lada
    parada lada

    10:31 "It's just this half-*baked* revenge story" Ahh, I see what you did there 👀

  • Ophelia

    That piano scene was a total rip off of the piano scene in It Takes Two. But that version is endearing because they're like 10....

  • Marianna Drootin
    Marianna Drootin

    i love this movie though

  • SushiRoll Speaks
    SushiRoll Speaks

    This seems like a copy of the scapegoat by daphne du maurier

  • Ephiniane

    “Tall glass of ovaltine” so we’re not gonna talk about that huh lol

  • Carl and Edin
    Carl and Edin

    Can you plz stop cuz your super negative

  • hey i’m sadie
    hey i’m sadie

    Yeah I knew this was a hard pass once I saw the preview 😒

  • nothingness :3
    nothingness :3

    It’s just the princess and the pauper just trash

  • poison pixie
    poison pixie

    I love it

  • cryogenicheart2019

    Er he spoiled the whole movie WTF

  • P Six
    P Six

    Do a face reveal. Can I borrow some toothpaste.... toothpaste!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mira

    there's a phineas and ferb episode IDENTICAL to this plot

  • SatAngel *
    SatAngel *

    " Vanessa from the famous movie Beastly" HSM: Am I joke to you?

  • BaMs is the name
    BaMs is the name


  • gloria xx
    gloria xx

    I loved this movie, Edward is so charming lol.

  • Sandra Reyes
    Sandra Reyes

    I hate you😜

  • Kinsey McKittrick
    Kinsey McKittrick

    If Netflix made a Christmas movie about YOU then that would be the worst Christmas movie EVER MADE!

  • JKV F
    JKV F

    2 DAYS!!!!!!

  • Sharee Wright
    Sharee Wright

    LOL!! This movie is all kinds of corny😂😂😂😂Funniest breakdown ever!👏😄

  • Oleksandra Nikanova
    Oleksandra Nikanova

    When you put that licking sound after ”just checking out some...sights" I died😂. Along with the mistletoe and Santa that was the funniest thing!

  • Riley Anderson
    Riley Anderson

    "ohh... It's one of these movies... Oh!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • im bored
    im bored

    HAHAHAHAH 6:09

  • Belle 123
    Belle 123

    Hey I like this movie agree to disagree

  • Cara Emmanuelle Atayde
    Cara Emmanuelle Atayde

    Lol this video was posted on my birthday

  • kaylove

    🗣️📢 ITS BEEN 2 DAYS, 2 WHOLE DAYS EVERYBODY 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rhiannon Charbonneau
    Rhiannon Charbonneau

    Please do a video on the movie Beastly

  • VichyGlitterGun

    The writer for this movie watched barbie and was like "not a bad idea" 🤔

  • Nicole

    Is it so cheesy and bad? Yes. Will I still watch this and the sequal? Absolutely.

  • əuphoria x
    əuphoria x

    Edward looks 20 and 50 at the same time

  • Latom OUO
    Latom OUO

    I like the movie though

  • Little Travel Blog
    Little Travel Blog

    "Can I borrow some toothpaste?" Ah, yes. I also use the toothpaste of my friends and spit it out afterwards, so they can use it again. 4:50 I feel called out.

  • Little Travel Blog
    Little Travel Blog

    Ok, I looked it up. "Belgravia is an affluent district in Central London, shared within the authorities of both the City of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea." So yeah, it kinda makes sense they all are British.

  • Mayooran Thevakumaran
    Mayooran Thevakumaran

    Watch they make sequel to this..

  • Shivpi3141592654

    You should do dash and lily

  • Emma Herron
    Emma Herron

    I love it how when they showed the plane taking off at the airport and it was a 737. I don’t know think a normal 737 can do a transatlantic flight 😂

  • bellz9113

    2:46 hits different in 2020. Traveling feels like a foriegn concept now.

  • Freex Wifii
    Freex Wifii


  • Lord of the Night Wolves
    Lord of the Night Wolves

    I literally stood 3 ft. Away from my phone (The full length of my headphone's cord) when watching this because the movie was too cringe, I had to literally distance myself from the story to enjoy it.

  • Kangakool

    The prince was so boring. There was NOTHING inticing about him at all.

    • Malak Sayed
      Malak Sayed

      *enticing. But you're right he's so boring 😂

  • radiohead tv
    radiohead tv

    The princess pink suit reminds me of Jackie Kennedy

    • KateMiles44

      Wow that would be quite the different film...

  • Katharine Unwin
    Katharine Unwin

    belgravia Is real And It's in london

  • aGoDvibes

    Shut up bitch

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith

    Don’t y’all realize this mans yt chanel only talks about the worst and dumbest movies when this dud doesn’t even show how stupid this Chanel is

  • ツ•Imnotsleepy•

    Uhm... ExCuSe me The princess switched is my favorite Movie it's not lame !!!

  • Ayomikun Onakoya
    Ayomikun Onakoya

    wait till he watches the second one

  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear


  • Honey Bear
    Honey Bear

    do part 2

  • Marium Khalid
    Marium Khalid

    God that's such a terrible British accent

  • Cathery Vang
    Cathery Vang

    I can’t wait until he reacts to Princess Switch 2: Switched Again. 😂 Edit: he did 😂 I loved it

  • Anita Hong
    Anita Hong

    u should watch the most recent reboot!

  • Toopsie Daisy
    Toopsie Daisy


  • kisshulove

    Looking forward to the new video ... it's SO BAAAD

  • Jaslynne Gonzalez
    Jaslynne Gonzalez

    Alex: The Princess Switch starts with Vanessa Hudgins, who you might remember from the generation-definining, smash-hit movie, Beastly. Me: Mmm, no I remember her from High School Musical. What the fuck is *Beastly?* Also on a completely unrelated note, *ALEX PLEASE CHECK OUT THE PRINCESS SWITCH: SWITCHED AGAIN IT'S THE SEQUEL TO THIS MOVIE AND IT'S HILARIOUS-*

  • AADYA SINGH student
    AADYA SINGH student

    how os it the worst

  • Rüthi mapping official
    Rüthi mapping official

    Hehe we need a 2020 edition :>

  • Isabella Sullivan
    Isabella Sullivan

    You so stupid this is the best movie alive open your avocado eyes and stop being so dum

    • Harsha Sewlani
      Harsha Sewlani

      It's a comedy.... To make people laugh.....

  • Rebecca Mae
    Rebecca Mae

    I'm ready for him to do the sequel lol

  • Alba H
    Alba H

    Why is there a second movie out now?? As if one of these wasn't enough for this world 😭

  • Fiona Leigh
    Fiona Leigh

    You know. Nothing can beat the barbie princess and the pauper

    • Marium Khalid
      Marium Khalid


  • mintlouvre

    Now we wait for Alex to watch the sequel 😫😫

  • Rollie Mc Splat
    Rollie Mc Splat

    It’s time to review the sequel!

  • Isabel Prosper
    Isabel Prosper

    THERE'S A SEQUEL!!!!! It's called the princess switch : switched back. No joke. Please please please do a video on it.

  • Luke Robertson
    Luke Robertson

    Wait till he watches the second one...

  • Ewelina Pardak
    Ewelina Pardak

    Do a second movie! Princess Switch 2 is already out

  • PHSDM104

    I wonder if Alex knows they made a sequel.

  • Kayden Gonzo
    Kayden Gonzo

    My brother thought the old man was an angel

  • Krissy

    11:52 “It’s been only 2 days STACY!!!” LOL

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar

    I'd like to see a doppelganger movie without them switching places Like literally all of them have THE SAME PLOT!

  • Macarena Rocio Borgna
    Macarena Rocio Borgna

    this is one of my favorite movies, to be honest, its really funny, but this video made me laugh so hard haha

  • neccarreyn dieran
    neccarreyn dieran

    guys dont bash her she was just doing whats her role please dont bash her

  • Gigikju

    I just watched the princess switch 2 now I don’t think I’ve EVER been SO EXITED for an Alex Meyer’s video

  • ari y
    ari y

    Ok, let´s make a list; this is the EXACT SAME PLOT AS: 1- Barbie 2- Monte Carlo 3- The Parent Trap (kinda) Feel free to add more. OHhHh, I forgot: 4- Avril Lavigne did it with 3 Avrils.

    • CountessArie


    • Gracekim21

      Barbie apparently did it twice

  • Gem Masweng
    Gem Masweng

    UHHH princess switch is the best!!!!! Why do u hate the movie!!!! If u hate them dont mame a video about the, weirdo!!!

    • Harsha Sewlani
      Harsha Sewlani

      It's not supposed to be taken too seriously, because he's literally just making fun of it

    • Harsha Sewlani
      Harsha Sewlani

      Honey, it's what he does..... His entire channel is bashing shows and movies.... It's just exaggerated comedy and commentary

  • Carolina Maldonado
    Carolina Maldonado

    Please review the new sequel! It's even dumber :P

  • ggukiverse

    i could never watch the movie only because of her annoying british accent

  • Addie does Music
    Addie does Music

    Came back here after I watched the second one- 🥲🥲🥲

  • Alyssa Gonzales
    Alyssa Gonzales

    Kevin though

  • Tyrone Brailsford
    Tyrone Brailsford


  • Jaymie Colindres
    Jaymie Colindres

    Don't spiol the part two movie of the princess switch part two I'm going to watch it tonight sophie

  • Boi

    who is hear after Princess switch 2 came out

  • Riley Hostetler
    Riley Hostetler

    Vanessa Hudgens trying to have a British accent is like Alex trying to not make fun of the Kissing Booth IMPOSSIBLE

  • Dannique Beckford
    Dannique Beckford

    Plzzzz do the princess switch again it's on Netflix now😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jenny Cruz
    Jenny Cruz

    We need a part 2

  • Marvi Calsenia
    Marvi Calsenia

    Your rude!!!!!😡😡😡😡

  • The man to scared to get a tattoo
    The man to scared to get a tattoo

    So you’re telling me there’s a royal that looks EXSCLY like this girl, and no one In her life has ever mentioned this to her ? Also that dudes going to be sleeping with a her that looks exactly like his BFF. That’s weird.

  • Alexandria Houghton
    Alexandria Houghton

    Alex:Who you might know from the hit movie Me:HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

  • Alex Putt
    Alex Putt

    Alex : Vanessa from the famous movie Beastly High School Musical : quaking

  • Claire Mitchell
    Claire Mitchell

    And you are the worst youtuber ever :)

  • Mocha Energy
    Mocha Energy

    This is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • SoapyBubbles 33
      SoapyBubbles 33


  • Samantha Goetz
    Samantha Goetz

    What is wrong with you? You are so rude. You just keep saying this movie is trash. Some people like me love it, the whole time you just keep making fun of it. Can you ever stop? You just don’t know when to stop.

  • Jamison Garland
    Jamison Garland

    Ok I just wanted the movie and honestly it isn’t that bad

  • Jemma Thompson
    Jemma Thompson

    Grab some hot coco Me in a Aussie Christmas: no❤️

  • Stacy Stanley
    Stacy Stanley

    Don't hate me but- I actually REALLY love this movie

  • Jasmine Mathew
    Jasmine Mathew

    ooo the sequel to this movie comes out on Thursday!

  • Anna B
    Anna B

    I don't know how to tell you this but this year the Christmas movie is the part 2 of this

  • TakeThat.Barlow_Fans

    I actually like the Prince....🤷‍♀️


    Ur videos make me laugh so much and I realize how cringy the shows I watch are lollll

  • Iris s
    Iris s

    Vanessa Hudgens mimicking some sort of odd English accent haunts me as a UK resident

  • Elizabeth dark shadow xxx
    Elizabeth dark shadow xxx

    How cloud you say that prinses switch is a bad movie I H A T E Y O U I'm uninscrbing from you