Sierra Burgess is a Loser is a pretty dumb movie...
Sierra Burgess is a Loser animation
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  • Shivani Adhiyaman
    Shivani Adhiyaman

    Wowwww! After this video, I don't even intend on watching the movie! I'm rooting for Veronica!!

  • Pleeji Thoj
    Pleeji Thoj

    i got excited when they actually casted a chubby girl that wasn't pretty, I was like "yes!! ugly people representation for once!!!" and then they made sierra a brat and who sexually assaulted someone... thanks guys

  • Harri Jose
    Harri Jose

    I know that he will never do this but I really want him to react to Karen’s

  • m h
    m h

    The title tells you everything you need to know...just saying 😂

  • Anna D
    Anna D

    I was a healthy girl in high school and I didn't get any hot, nice, athletic boyfriend 😂

  • Zelaird

    Why is Alex not doing Betterhelp sponsorships? Did I miss something years ago?

  • Brad Heller
    Brad Heller

    Maybe Sierra went to a party after they started dating and her new friend Veronica brought the other friend Nancy which soon became sierras friend and died because of the demogorgan

  • Obbie Grey
    Obbie Grey

    Geraraa town😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ohhh noo

  • Warrior Catter
    Warrior Catter

    Can you do Greenhouse academy it is on Netflix

  • Sierra Bunnell
    Sierra Bunnell

    It's weird hearing my name this much in a negative way.

  • Sir JJ
    Sir JJ

    Sierra Burgess is a loser aka Complete Sociopath the movie

    • Sierra Bunnell
      Sierra Bunnell

      She just needs help!

  • KIM_Taehyung_and Seokjin JUNG_Hoseok
    KIM_Taehyung_and Seokjin JUNG_Hoseok

    Okay, but Veronica getting dumped for being stupid is actually pretty funny, especially when you think of how ironic it is😂

    • Sierra Bunnell
      Sierra Bunnell

      Lmao seriously lol. 💜💜💜

  • al hadi
    al hadi

    This guy have a problem with every single doesn't look funny anymore😑😑

  • Jayden&More

    banana phone

  • Anne Banga
    Anne Banga

    The camera setting for this movie🙉

  • cheesy gubbins
    cheesy gubbins

    sierra needs some help, people need to stop calling her a psycho or sociopath and shit. shes genuinely a person who needs help and youre just making her out to be a bitch.

    • Sierra Bunnell
      Sierra Bunnell

      Your so right!

  • Wise Girl
    Wise Girl

    IS that Heather DUke?

  • Hoda Hamad
    Hoda Hamad

    did he say "back when i was 21 year old high school student"?

  • Char Stifler
    Char Stifler


  • Moksha Shah
    Moksha Shah

    Pls do a video on instant family

  • Caleb the Sponge
    Caleb the Sponge

    i watched this movie just because giorgia whigham was in it and she ended up having such a minor roll lol so it was a waste of time. sierras friend was a pretty fun character through. him a giorgia were the only things i liked

  • Coleslaw 7227
    Coleslaw 7227

    I loved every movie you said at the beginning...

  • m h
    m h

    Mean girls is irreplaceable why do these ppl keep trying to replicate it

  • That_one_emo_kid 08
    That_one_emo_kid 08

    God Netflix movies are terrible wtf

  • Bee

    I mean switch the genders and you got your classic cat fish warning videos to teach kids that don't always trust strangers on the internet

  • Ayden Chi
    Ayden Chi

    Sierra hunny You did all of this for what!!

  • Lib R
    Lib R

    Her following 0 shows that she’s popular but has no friends

  • Future Ariana Grande
    Future Ariana Grande

    3:39 "back when I was a 21 year old high school student"?

  • Masti Last
    Masti Last

    Cause I ain't never seen two pretty bestfriends


    I literally vomited around 9.58..😒😒😒

  • Dr.Bluebox11

    Dbz lore and lunchables? We would've been great friends.

  • Rihana Jan
    Rihana Jan

    so they basically sexually assaulted the guy and no woke celebrities/liberals said anything? imagine if a male character kissed a girl while making her believe he was someone else

  • Meenakshi Halankar
    Meenakshi Halankar

    If this happened in real life it would be so creepy

  • peachy bee
    peachy bee

    But, I really love this movie and my sister as well...

  • rawan saad 2
    rawan saad 2

    you are the voice of sense in the world

  • rawan saad 2
    rawan saad 2

    why are people neeeeeeveeeer honest in movies ?

  • Rosie

    No one: The thumbnail: farts

  • Kate_13

    I never thought I would want the "mean girl" to end up with the guy in a movie like I did when I watched this one.

  • Tesh C
    Tesh C

    "Back when I was a 21 year old high school student...." LOL You jester!

  • Prescilla Tamang
    Prescilla Tamang

    The worst part of the show is it’s song called ‘Sunflower’ which literally screams of Internalised misogyny and pick-me culture. So this song basically tries to convey that - Sara (or whoever )is not like the ‘other girls’ who are like ‘roses’ and who own perfect bodies but she is a ‘Sunflower’ and is funny. So Sara is out here trying to say this to a man she likes : “HEY PICK ME CAUSE IM A SUNFLOWER NOT A COMMON ROSE LIKE THE OTHER PRETTY MEAN GIRLS” Basically I’m just tried at this point with such movies where they falsely portray pretty women as villains whose only motto in their lives are to ruin the lives of the “nice girls”.

  • THAT identify thief
    THAT identify thief

    "InSeCuRe and smart girl likes popular guy? BRING ME NOAH CENTINEO THIS INSTANT!"

  • Swetha Muthusamy
    Swetha Muthusamy

    Throwing shade at Logan Paul huh? It was funny tho

  • Rithy Moni
    Rithy Moni

    He actually wrote the consequences line and wrote it was from Logan Paul 😂

  • Edveena Baby
    Edveena Baby

    I think I'll watch movies after seeing your reviews.. Since we have the same move taste

  • it's me boo
    it's me boo

    I'm sorry but everything lined up for seirra and Veronica to be together. The joke kept on coming up about her "not" being lesbian, Veronica got dumped. Veronica had a sunflower ring (the name of the song serria made about someone "very special to her"... Its just like cmon it would of been a way better film.

  • linda iglesias
    linda iglesias

    9:49 This was so FUCKED UP tbh Jeimy: ur not everyone's type, but you're MY TYPE Sierra: Ok ?? Jeimy: you're EXACTLY MY TYPE Like come on, who tf made the script lmao Who's your type homie? The psychopath? Yeah, yehhh that's fucked up

  • Cynthia Dueñas
    Cynthia Dueñas

    i have family issued im 12 the picture is my mom so i dont have much money i also have trust issues because i went to therapy once and the therapist told my dad all the stuff i said and he screamed at me so... ill keep my depressed a** here but thanks for the offer anyways

  • Maria Eduarda Alves
    Maria Eduarda Alves

    “Nice Girl, The Movie” YEAH! That summarizes it perfectly

  • Ty Tanya
    Ty Tanya

    omg tell me if im wrong but at 3:09 one of the mean girls is heather duke!?

  • Anna Patricia
    Anna Patricia

    "What is this movie??!!" Bwahahahaha!

  • The Man Behind The Slaughter
    The Man Behind The Slaughter

    Day 2 of asking Alex to review Help! Im a fish

  • nicole ubani
    nicole ubani

    if sierra was his type....why didn’t he just....ask her out originally....?

  • StopItSimp

    Barb *honey* no-

  • AnnaBunny45

    Any idea why Alex Myers suspended the Better Help sponsorship?

  • Amanda

    eeeeeek. I always cringe so hard just thinking about this movie. the only way this movie would have been SLIGHTLY redeemable is if sierra DIDNT get the guy. but her and veronica DID make up. I saw so much more character development when focusing on sierra and veronica's relationship. vs sierra and jamie's relationship which was just very cringe and super uncomfortable for everyone.

  • Nath

    Veronica's sisters are the only and main reason I don't wanna have kids

  • Anamika Pathak
    Anamika Pathak

    Everything for alex is pretty dumb. But I love the animations and mostly agree with him so what the hell😝

  • Cammi Singh
    Cammi Singh

    in real life alot of "ugly" girls says the meanest things to "pretty" girls, always judge them and are jealous of them, but it slides cos they're allowed to say that since they're the ugly & underrated girl. Its acceptable for them to say it but if a pretty girl dared to even comment or pass judgement on a less attractive girl they would be labelled as the vain or egotistical pretty girl. This movie pushes the narrative that you can basically say and do whatever you want (even manipulate a guy) because you're seen as less attractive (since you're already mistreated by society so what's the point) but pretty girls can't (because they get better treatment)

  • Daisy Cabbell
    Daisy Cabbell

    I just realized seirra is Ethel from riverdale lol

  • An S.
    An S.

    Me thinking about how I’m in a friendship group with two friends 😭

  • emma_claire

    “Back when I was a 21 year old high school student

  • Starkey101 Ruby
    Starkey101 Ruby

    Don't shame the marching band. They work harder than football players.

  • Greta

    man this movie was so sleepy

  • Yasmin Haq
    Yasmin Haq

    The biggest problem with these high school movies is that in reality most people in high school aren't jerks who Bully others. Its not woke.

  • CarnationLove001

    You should do Drop Dead Fred. It’s an old movie but....please do it. 😭

  • Niña Angela Raypon
    Niña Angela Raypon

    "hi" "hello" "is this Veronica?" "uh no" "are you sure? you gave me your number" "this is not Veronica" "ok" the end

    • Mellysa Henggar
      Mellysa Henggar

      only good girl did that

  • Layla Norcross
    Layla Norcross

    I honestly thought that Veronica and Sierra were gonna fall in love, but now I realize.... Veronica is so much better than her and should end up with Jamie or something.

  • Elise Grimes
    Elise Grimes

    Moral of the story: you can do anything you want in life, however wrong weird or illegal it is as long as you are a bit insecure about yourself then its perfectly acceptable lol

  • Elise Grimes
    Elise Grimes

    Police officer: stealing is not okay, you're going to have to go to court Sierra: but you can't get mad at me, I'm slightly chubby Police officer: well in that case...

  • Elise Grimes
    Elise Grimes

    movie logic: Pretty girls are mean, centred), and nerds are annoying. Got it XD lol

  • Sad Face
    Sad Face

    They’re not friends they are minions

  • Ellis Lawrie
    Ellis Lawrie

    Sierra is literally a sociopathic liar why are we supposed to care about her? Cause she’s “fAt” like girl I genuinely don’t care about a Sierra at all

  • John Obrien
    John Obrien

    me: casually grinding my weed the video: 1:28

  • The Law
    The Law

    7:24 isn’t that sexual assault?

  • Angie Nongthombam
    Angie Nongthombam

    The only good things about this movie is how Veronica turns out to be nice because I cannot afford my fav actress - Kristine Froseth to be bad. She is my Alaska Young, come on! 😩 My idol even tho she is fictional.

  • Studio Hinode
    Studio Hinode

    Lets...rewrite the whole story of this show. How about... Sierra would be insecure and would hate her body? And how about she, Jamie and Veronica would need to make a study group together because Veronica is failing a class and Jamie needs a tutor? about Veronica learns how to not be a bitch, Jamie gains the courage to become more confident and Sierra learns how to love her body as it is after becoming buddies with Veronica and Veronica shows her photos of confident plus size models? And how about Jamie falls in love with Sierra instead of Veronica? That'd be wholesome. Or how about we'd...just make Sierra tell him that he got the wrong number and says that Veronica kinda does it alot..? Like it would be way better

  • Diego Uy
    Diego Uy

    This is a Cyrano De Bergerac rip-off. I wonder if there could be a modern interpretation of that play.

  • INTP lol
    INTP lol

    "Hmm, how to get yourself a boyfriend?" Google: Try to be more sociable and confident. Bing:

  • corvus

    The movie should have ended with Sierra alone. just alone by herself all sad because she's a bad person.

    • Cammi Singh
      Cammi Singh

      sounds harsh but tbh, you're right

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random

    "You never have to face consequences for anything you do no matter how creepy and/or illegal it might be." -Logan Paul

  • Schwarzer Ritter
    Schwarzer Ritter

    Why every popular girl has exactly 2 friends: -Being popular is like a war. -The god of war is Mars. -Mars has 2 moons.

  • Little Jilliery
    Little Jilliery

    When I was in 2nd grade the mean girl had over 16 friends so-

  • Allie K
    Allie K

    I just realized Veronica is Kelly from the Society!

    • Lise Magic
      Lise Magic

      Also she is Alaska from Looking for Alaska

  • Alexis D
    Alexis D

    Wait a minute....did Sierra inform Veronica that she heard her bf saying that he called her dumb so she'd have sex with him? Or did she just....not? Because if she didn't that SUPER scummy.

  • TeenWolfFan 101
    TeenWolfFan 101

    I'm just watching this video so I don't actually have to watch the movie😂

  • Titli Roy
    Titli Roy

    I like Veronica a lotttt more than Sierra.

  • Mystic Manta
    Mystic Manta

    I cringed so hard when Sierra kisses him... God, I hate this movie.

  • Bayleigh X
    Bayleigh X

    Jamie knows veronicas voice the face time thing is dumb

  • sudhakar prassana
    sudhakar prassana

    Do just add magic

  • Louise Rosado
    Louise Rosado

    I promised to myself that I would never watch another Netflix's teen romcom

  • VintageRyn *
    VintageRyn *

    This whole movie made me feel really...disturbed? How can you do that to someone? Not to mention someone you like? I just don’t understand...😅

  • Ashley Nnanna
    Ashley Nnanna

    Netflix is something else like not every movie needs to have a happy ending. sierra turns out to be the bad guy if someone ever did that to me it's going to take a little while longer to forgive

  • rose rose
    rose rose

    For my personal experience I didn't want catfish anyone but guys never gonna ask a fat ugly girl out because of her looks and it hurts sometimes we can't control how we look and I feel Sierra tbh and it's disgusting how people judge this movie cuz it's a part of real fact in society , anyways sorry for my bad experience and people who didn't like this movie and just want a pretty skinny girl movies should start making their own f movies

    • rose rose
      rose rose

      @Cammi Singh yea ik but when you're a teenager and you just want keep feeling good about new experience you don't realize what your doing is wrong , sorry for my bad English

    • Cammi Singh
      Cammi Singh

      Yeah but that doesn't give less attractive girls the right to catfish and manipulate guys... thats no excuse. You dont have to go to those extremes to be accepted.

    • rose rose
      rose rose

      Bad English

  • ÅłłįęMøøñ

    U know the drill but it’s makes as much sense as this movie: 1: 1 2: 2 3: 8 4: 4 5: devils tango 6 French 7: 7 8 eight 9: UwU 0: nun

  • Jennifer Jackson
    Jennifer Jackson

    Me who hasn’t watched the movie and only this video: oKaY So WHaTs uP WiTH... wait, never mind.

  • Eliana Mears
    Eliana Mears

    What I think popular girls really have is two best friends, and a handful of others including the annoying boy who thinks he's popular

  • Angie Jumanji
    Angie Jumanji

    Veronica and her friends were like the mean girls AND the heathers Btw one of Veronica’s friends in the movie was literally heather duke in the musical

  • Victoria the green cheek conure
    Victoria the green cheek conure

    You’re actually right Sierras actoe played barb

  • Chloe Spatino
    Chloe Spatino

    Where’s grandma when we need her

  • Ella McConnell
    Ella McConnell

    the movie should have been about Veronica. She was just helping out Sierra but then of course nice girl becomes mean girl as soon as mean girl becomes nice girl. And she doesn't have any other friends and her entire family hates her. If your team Veronica like this comment! GO TEAM VERONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!