Legacies is actually kinda good
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Twilight doesn't make any sense...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Starting off the new year with a bit of a positive video :) (and under 10 minutes! its a miracle!) Big thank you to Swagbucks for sponsoring this video. Use my link below to get 5 dollars free toward your first gift card! www.influencerlink.org/SHHX

    • hanna bennet
      hanna bennet

      @Johanne Eines huh

    • Johanne Eines
      Johanne Eines

      @hanna bennet It is perfect for a person like me

    • hanna bennet
      hanna bennet

      @Johanne Eines you said make legcies seson 2

    • Johanne Eines
      Johanne Eines

      @hanna bennet what?

    • hanna bennet
      hanna bennet

      @Johanne Eines and im not him

  • Charlotte Beacham
    Charlotte Beacham


  • Adley Sketches
    Adley Sketches

    I couldnt finish even one episode because the actors suck (I feel bad for saying that by still)

  • Iron Industries
    Iron Industries

    for me personally I don't like legacies for a couple of reasons the most glaring being I don't like hope as the main character to me she isn't main character material she is not charismatic or witty like her father nor is she badass like her mother I see hope just as a whiny priveleged child who is just bland in uninteresting to watch on screen I find this happens a lot when it comes to the "handing off the torch" when in a franchise two characters have a child then the older main characters give their main character roles to the next generation which usually does not work well

  • Dan83l

    I can name at least 10 facts of why legacies is worthless, useless and stupid, I mean since when can werewolves turn back in one second!! And still look like they just finished dressing up 5:00

  • Dan83l

    "The originals is dumb" "Legacies is kinda good" Get outta here now, just no, NO

  • Toca_ Bunny
    Toca_ Bunny

    Legacies is great

  • Shubhangi Sadhwani
    Shubhangi Sadhwani

    OMG How can u say that tvd and to is kinda dumb and LEGACIES is "kinda good"????? Explain

  • Devika Anoop
    Devika Anoop

    U got some serious issues u say tvd and to are dumb and now saying lagacies is nice. Dude seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arushi Brahma
    Arushi Brahma

    Alex struggling to say he thinks a movie is decent is me talking to my relatives who I don’t know

  • Hope Mikealson
    Hope Mikealson

    The originals is peng... and I totally haven’t watched it 7 times

  • Robin Kletsman
    Robin Kletsman

    Wtf is wrong with you it’s sucks but TVd and originals is amazing

  • Bex

    I just hate how it was so repetitive

  • devika sabharwal
    devika sabharwal

    You have shitty taste

  • Lancel

    Yeah i guess the first season is okay, The second one well not so much.

  • Tarshari Mehta
    Tarshari Mehta

    You found tvd and originals dumb and you think legacies is GOOD? Whatt the fuck, Alex

  • Danny Perez
    Danny Perez

    I actually really liked it!!!! I haven’t even watched vampire diaries

  • hg's gaming bound
    hg's gaming bound

    Seriously you discriminated both vaampire diaries and the originals and I thought the show was great but the show I think is lame Alex decide to conclude it's okay... seriously ☹️

  • Sami Nicole
    Sami Nicole

    I tried watching vampire diaries but I ended up enjoying the originals and legacies more😌

  • Maryam Timsal
    Maryam Timsal

    no flying cars? Huh, you get a pandemic instead


    Dont ever disrespect hayley!!

  • Hannah Butler
    Hannah Butler

    Actually Hope is the Main Character.

  • Angel Jackson
    Angel Jackson

    the originals will forever be the best for me.

  • Avery Benoit
    Avery Benoit

    This show could have been good if they didn’t add the weird monsters to it

  • Vitina Morabito
    Vitina Morabito

    It does eventually fall into tropey garbage, but it doesn't happen until the 2nd season

  • Chythanya Anil
    Chythanya Anil

    no offence but u obviously just saw d first episode and was like bruh what the hell is this but no! vampire diaries is soo much better if u see the full series not just the first episode! this is literally like judging a book by its cover

  • Books and Coffee
    Books and Coffee

    Vampire Diaries is a much better show.

  • Jad Salem
    Jad Salem

    true legacies is the only vampire related non anime show that is not trash

  • Isa Garay
    Isa Garay

    Ok so u think that the originals and Tvd r dumb...but u think that legacies’s great? 💀💀

  • Jahmiere Black
    Jahmiere Black

    Legacies will get canceled soon I can feel it in my bones

  • Naveed Rajpoot
    Naveed Rajpoot

    you said the originals dumb and saying that legacies is cool. dude there is something wrong with you..............

  • Lps_ Greenleaves_
    Lps_ Greenleaves_

    Ok but TVD-WE LOVE TO-WE LOVE TL- uhh yeah this ones ok Alex- TVD is kinda dumb TO is kinda dumb TL is good 👁👄👁wHaT

  • Corinne S.
    Corinne S.

    Watch more Legacies, it gets worse my friend

  • ria thavutu
    ria thavutu

    You think originals dumb and legacies good? Dude someone must have compelled you Lol

  • Gaia Karam
    Gaia Karam

    react to s2

  • Jenny Donelly
    Jenny Donelly

    ah yes Alex (in 2019):We are so close to 2020 Today: ...

  • Dakshita Maheshwari
    Dakshita Maheshwari

    He doesn't like THE ORIGINALS AND THE VAMPIRE DIARIES but he somehow likes LEGACIES......how?

  • Virgo

    Plot hole- if his mind can't be controlled that means he is a supernatural being Nope. He could be protected by witch Or he could have vervaine in his system Or even just have a vervaine bracelet lol

  • graph egg species
    graph egg species

    I watched legacies every friday after coming back from school. I am season 4 is coming up

  • Caelans Life
    Caelans Life

    youre show taste confuses me lmao, legacies is trash compared to the vampire diaries and the originals.

  • Desiree Gonzalez
    Desiree Gonzalez

    WAIT A SECOND!!!! Your saying : "the vampire diaries is kinda dumb" "the originals is kinda dumb" and then you have the AUDACITY to say "legacies is kinda good" Like WTF are good????? And bunch of other stuff was just wrong, like don't disrespect Hayley like that EVER, that's just wrong man. And mean to tell me that you didn't know who alaric is? I mean have you even been paying any attention to the shows? And can you tell me how the hell you didn't know that Hope was the daughter of Klaus and Hayley. plz i need answers no hate tho i love your videos i just have a very different opinion ( and literally mostly everyone else can agree with me )

  • Lily Pily
    Lily Pily

    When she said “he had it coming” my headphones literally died

  • Holly Robinson
    Holly Robinson

    U think everything is dumb.

  • Reme Yousif
    Reme Yousif

    Where did you watch this? I have trying to find an app/website to stream this show. So help a girl please.

  • Chitra Rani Sahaya
    Chitra Rani Sahaya

    OH, so The vampire diaries and the originals are both kinda dumb, but legacies is kinda good. News flash: No tvd and originals, NO LEGACIES

  • Kai Calleiro
    Kai Calleiro

    from a legacies stan.... no it isnt

  • Psycho Binod
    Psycho Binod

    Spoilers Landon is a pheonix who can only be killed by a golden arrow and can fly with fire wings

  • lps vids
    lps vids

    you brain is dead you dont know whats good

  • Fernanda Carr
    Fernanda Carr

    Legacies is my favorite show of the tvd universe. It’s awesome

  • Annus Kósa
    Annus Kósa

    the vampire diaries and the originals is way better than legacies. who watched the shows understand this.

  • Danielle Ashanti
    Danielle Ashanti

    Who’s here after season 2 👇 👇


    Thank god there is some series in ur list wch doesnt have - 'dumb' in the title

  • army tiny
    army tiny

    What more of the originals you won't regret it.

  • pratiksha phukon
    pratiksha phukon

    Legacies is the dumbest show I have ever seen

  • somesh narayan
    somesh narayan

    I don't believe this you like this and not the originals

  • Samako RaexxBB
    Samako RaexxBB

    Hope is from the Originals as a child, they explain her a little more there. Her family and who she truly is.

  • Alexandra Diggory
    Alexandra Diggory

    I love that he says "never dies" as he's talking about vampires

  • Aera Suna Channel
    Aera Suna Channel

    I can't help noticing every time that you draw the ring grip on your phones. I just always find that kinda unusual and cool

  • Rudra Chanderpaul
    Rudra Chanderpaul

    Tvd,TO and legacies are dee best I don't care what you say

  • z

    how is this good i-

  • PoeticSonic

    it actually got way better after the first episode and the quality of monsters that they make through props are off the charts

  • Elma Kabir
    Elma Kabir

    wtf you seriously like legacies better than both the originals and tvd. Legacies is so stupid.

  • effayeyeayzed

    Originals >>>>> TVD and Legacies Non-negotiable.

  • Maya Pie_73
    Maya Pie_73

    I’m so hurt you think legacies is good but called vampire diaries and the originals dumb 😂💔

  • αsh.

    "the vampire diaries is pretty dumb..." "the originals is pretty dumb..." "legacies is actually kinda good" sorry WHAT

  • tessa freberg
    tessa freberg

    I actually prefer Legacies more than the others solely because I like the fact that they bring so many creatures into it. I could also be biased because Legacies is what brought me into the Vampire Diaries universe in the fist place :)

  • Lilly McMeniman
    Lilly McMeniman

    I loved the first season. Exploring all the different myths. 👏

  • abby //
    abby //

    Listen, I actually really like the whole TVD universe. A lot of vampire stuff is weird, but I feel like TVD was really well done. Naming it ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is where they went wrong because of how cheesy it sounds lol.


    Nuh uh originals was the only part of the series worth watching and nothing can change my mind

  • mgh gh
    mgh gh

    tvd is dumb , legacies is childish and trash . but the originals is and AMAZING show .

  • • j i y a •
    • j i y a •

    “magical witch girl” lmao alex 😭

  • Jianna Rowser
    Jianna Rowser

    “Hope this magical witch girl” don’t you ever disrespect Hope Andrea Mikaelson the powerful tribrid, daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. We will fight🤛🏾🤛🏾🤛🏾!!!

  • Salma Noureldaim
    Salma Noureldaim

    legacies is the worst one

  • Rose Weasley
    Rose Weasley

    the disreapecc

  • gledis kuçi
    gledis kuçi

    At least you agreed with the fans in sth

  • Jelena Alison
    Jelena Alison

    i’m in tvd when i’m done with the originals i’ll watch legacies and come to this vid

  • vijaya rao
    vijaya rao

    Legacies is the best show ever

  • sana amin
    sana amin

    Don't judge a spin off if you haven't watched the main show. Originals is the classic series from the Vampire Diaries. The fact that this channel judges shows based on their pirot episodes is disappointing, like bruh the writers are not stupid. Stop making fun of someone's hardwork just because you think you're funny.

  • Yara’s Life
    Yara’s Life

    “The Vampire Diaries is kinda dumb” “The Originals is kinda dumb” “Legacies is kinda good” IN WHAT BLOODY WORLD I mean idk abt you guys but I’m not even gonna watch legacies because I know some things about the plot and all and the monsters I find really unrealistic They literally just wanted to keep the show going To me The Originals>The Vampire Diaries> Legacies

  • Blūeberřy Pop
    Blūeberřy Pop

    Guys it his option

  • Bheeshman Karan
    Bheeshman Karan

    me watching this video in 2020 and hearing the end card

  • renesme love
    renesme love

    Omggggggg!!! He likes something that has teenagers , supernatural powers , stupid unrealistic events and well...the DNA of tvd and originals 😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤣😅

  • salty rainbow
    salty rainbow

    But this show was epic. You should cover season 2 as well.

  • Catalina

    4:08 when you realize they are having the party in the same spot tvd had the party from the 1st day of school in the pilot, just that now they redecorated it and it looks better

  • Beatriz Sales
    Beatriz Sales

    The Originals > Legacies > The Vampire Diaries

  • Zik

    Lol, 2019... When life still relatively made sense

  • Varshini Hegde
    Varshini Hegde

    Disrespecting legendary Hayley Marshal????? Not cool👿

  • Varshini Hegde
    Varshini Hegde

    Legacies is kinda good and I agree with u... But calling originals dumb doesn't go well with me🧐 It's the best show ever👍

  • Justin Casar
    Justin Casar

    Vampire diaries + the originals = boy meets world Legacies = girl meets world They basically made legacies PG and less serious than vampire dairies and the originals for the younger crowd and doesn't have that same raw emotion/humor and intensity as boy meets world.


    The Original is the superior one out of the three and Legacies is nothing but an embarrassment...

    • Died Yesterday
      Died Yesterday


  • Angelina Kassiotis
    Angelina Kassiotis

    I felt the same way about it and this is coming from a tvd fan

  • Jack Shirley
    Jack Shirley

    The amount of plot holes and inconsistencies in this show bewilders me

  • Jack Shirley
    Jack Shirley

    I saw the title and my jaw dropped

  • Raúl Antunez
    Raúl Antunez

    Are you damn insane??? The vampire diaries and The originals are good. Legacies is worse than garbage. I mean it. I really don’t trust your taste.

  • Arianna Caderao
    Arianna Caderao

    Me: VAMPIRE DIARIES IS SOO GOOD Alex: *vampire diaries is the worst show ever!* Me: I LOVE THE ORIGINALS OMG! Alex: *The Originals is a really dumb show!* Me: BRO LEGACIES SUCKSSS!! Alex: *Legacies is actually really good*

  • HeroicEmiya

    Legacies actually is the worst of the three series in my opinion. The two main leads are what really drag this show down. And I'm not even going to go into how misandristic this show can be sometimes

  • Akshita Rawat
    Akshita Rawat

    Am I the only one who thinks Alaric REALLY looks like Harrison Ford?

  • loner teen
    loner teen

    The originals was better in my opinion

  • Chané Josop
    Chané Josop

    Bad acting. This show is more for teens but they shouldn't have called ut legacies n just another show itself. They don't reflect the legacy of OG or VD And btw they were afraid of Hope in OG and wanted to kill her as she is super powerful, but in Legacies they just make her look weak.

  • Naomi's Performing Arts
    Naomi's Performing Arts

    Salvatore school? HMMMMMM!!!