Julie And The Phantoms is pretty dumb
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THIS is the most horrifying kid's show ever made
After 2 is hilariously dumb
Shake It Up was a weird show
Emily In Paris is pretty dumb
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Danny Opoku-Agyemang
      Danny Opoku-Agyemang

      Julie and the Phantoms are the best show they have music and a mean girl to smack all the time on ur phone or iPad

    • Video game channel
      Video game channel


    • Video game channel
      Video game channel


    • Video game channel
      Video game channel


    • Aqua


  • Bryan acosta
    Bryan acosta

    Fun fact: *One of my teacher like this show*

  • BTB Kease
    BTB Kease

    Hey I actually like this show

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    Isn’t Julie’s mom, Rosa that the boys met in 1995?

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    Is that kid wearing an Apple Watch?? 8:01

  • Ambrož Oblak
    Ambrož Oblak

    I go full gamer rage when i hera the songs out of this show

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    Wait, I thought there were four boys??

  • Nora E.
    Nora E.

    I kinda want to see him do Lost in Space on Netflix. It’s no teen rom com but I think it might be fun to watch 🤔

  • Saisha

    OK JATP is not dumb it is amazing!!!

  • a

    i did not expect to fall in love with the cast


    It's not that long, I want to see more of it

  • Agent Melo̸
    Agent Melo̸

    I know this is your opinion but im still kinda offended u call my favorite show dumb😕

  • Vada Fontenot
    Vada Fontenot

    I love this show it has really good songs

  • Susan Splett
    Susan Splett

    No dude

  • Alysse Hayden
    Alysse Hayden


  • Vize LRQ
    Vize LRQ

    Like this show is not dumb the only thing that’s dumb is this vid

  • Vize LRQ
    Vize LRQ

    No no no some of your vids are true but Julie and the phantoms is the best like dude season 2 is almost here so just stop

  • Pottah Peep
    Pottah Peep

    Did you watch the rest of the series? Cus episode 8 killed me.

  • Bianca EXO-L
    Bianca EXO-L

    If I watched this when i was 10 i would've loved it. It's still pretty enjoyable

  • Hoodie DJ
    Hoodie DJ

    Man... just gotta realize... *you get in trouble for the dumbest shit in school*

  • Teal Is now taken
    Teal Is now taken

    i binge-watched this.. what, who didn't? anyways next season is supposed to be fire!111!!!!!1111

  • Cartoon goon
    Cartoon goon

    I never watch stuff like this...but...I might watch one just because of this

  • Bla_nk

    I watched the whole show expecting it to be horrible like every other show these days turns out It was horrible like every other show these days

  • The Little Author
    The Little Author

    It is pretty dumb but it’s also amazing at the same time

  • Shalanna Rador
    Shalanna Rador

    It is my favorite show it is so not dumb you have your opinion I have mine

  • My name is speen aswell
    My name is speen aswell

    This is my fav show lololol

  • al355andr0 jaja
    al355andr0 jaja


  • The gaming Potato’s
    The gaming Potato’s

    To Who ever is reading this And if your still reading this your a legend 🤩🥳

  • It's Savanna
    It's Savanna

    when you critizize a 5 star show:

  • Silver Animations
    Silver Animations

    OK, I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL, BUT YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR! Yes I know this channel is just for fun but Julie and the phantoms is my favorite show ever

  • Bella Scribner
    Bella Scribner

    3:17 charlie gillespie, owen joyner, ans jermey shada are gonna be either laughing thier buts off or MAD!

  • Corrynn LaBranche
    Corrynn LaBranche

    Julie looks different when you introduced her

  • Llama Alana
    Llama Alana

    Julie and the Phantoms or Gem and the Holograms

  • Kai Johnson
    Kai Johnson

    1:28 ...

  • Christian Boss
    Christian Boss

    you should do code lyoko or wolfblood

  • Lydia Pearson
    Lydia Pearson

    Alex and Willie are cute at least

  • Santelmo Dias
    Santelmo Dias

    the show is based on a Brazilian show, with the same name. The original one its from like 2010 i guess and its so much better, like there´s a more adult vibe, and still be a kids show, its was darker and more realistic (of course, not so muhc 'cause u know GHOSTS)

  • Jordan Bell
    Jordan Bell

    They copy Your lie in April 😂

  • Isabella Tam
    Isabella Tam

    i love this show so you can back off #julieandthephantoms

  • Lola Ciesielski
    Lola Ciesielski

    Anyone else ONLY here bc they’re ABSOLUTELY obsessed with this show me wanna see what he could say is POSSIBLY wrong abt this show!?!? Just me? Okay.

  • TeddyJacob

    Hey Alex! Ummm it’s kinda rude when you say movies / tv shows are “Kinda Dumb” just saying some of these things are good but when you make fun of these great shows it’s kinda rude

  • gacha confetti
    gacha confetti

    noooo its really not

  • Lil mini Kat
    Lil mini Kat

    Alex Meyers: *Makes rant about JAPT* Us fantoms: *How dare you do that*

  • mynu tom
    mynu tom

    i do not like julie ew

  • Mackenzie Wolfe
    Mackenzie Wolfe

    Does that one dude have an apple watch in 8:01?

  • Rhyan Melia
    Rhyan Melia

    I'm grounded for one month and I come back to see my favorite show get rated im scared

  • Allyphone


  • Michelle Alexandria
    Michelle Alexandria

    You realize it just airs in 2020. It was filmed in 2019.

  • deborah lebi
    deborah lebi

    I love Julie and the Phantoms! I thought musicals were dumb but this show makes musicals better!

  • desdemona weasley
    desdemona weasley

    NO julie and the phantoms slander I will poison u with a hotdog 🧍🏽‍♀️

  • Leonel Natanael Sepulveda Gomez
    Leonel Natanael Sepulveda Gomez

    Any latino thought of a totally different and better show?

  • Tripp Savallo
    Tripp Savallo

    Alex: You can play on any device! Like pc and mobile! Me who is watching on my Samsung galaxy fridge: I can’t play raid shadow lengends 😭😭

  • Julia Nunes
    Julia Nunes

    All you do is hate on cool stuff! Wtf is wrong with you?!

  • Rebecca Ana-Lucia Croes
    Rebecca Ana-Lucia Croes

    Why is this dumb I love it

  • isaya Nekomura
    isaya Nekomura

    its too hyped and there are better shows on netflix ^^

  • vampyy

    pardon me, what? :) . edit: nvm he said it was alright...i was finna say 😀

  • MCmonstructUK

    2020 in this show is NOTHING like the actual 2020! That hallway at the school would be EMPTY BECAUSE WERE ALL IN QUARTENTINE

  • Gannah Amgad
    Gannah Amgad

    this show is a masterpiece and surprisingly so emotional I started watching it thinking that It’s just a dump show little did I know that I’d cry like a baby more than once so yeah I love this show and every character in it -except Caleb he can go to hell- with all my heart

  • Poopi Poops
    Poopi Poops


  • 7up_ Wolfie! .w.
    7up_ Wolfie! .w.


  • MiniKittyGamer

    Can we talk about how talented these kids actually are??? Like I know all the guys are in their 20s but Madison (the girl who plays Julie) is like 16 and SO talented and literally everyone is actually playing the instruments????

  • Liz Z
    Liz Z

    I mean yea, there are some pretty cringey lines and plot points, but I still really enjoyed this show. It’s really fun to watch and the music is pretty good!

  • Evangeline Dolan
    Evangeline Dolan

    JATP is actually my favorite I’ve watched it 7 times


    Why does this show remind me of "your lie in April"

    • Liz Z
      Liz Z

      Oh very true! Finding purpose through music with the guidance of another musician. Death is involved.

  • That Fat Hawaiian guy that NO ONE invited
    That Fat Hawaiian guy that NO ONE invited

    He has rickets

  • payal sharma
    payal sharma

    Honestly it’s good to me.

  • Imani's lifestyles
    Imani's lifestyles

    You can call any thing else dumb but not that cause I mean they have the cutest guys Kenny picks only cute guys to be in his movies so yeah.

  • TrxpRxses

    Bruh, you should really stop. People spend a lot of time making these Shows/movies. And you even said HARRY POTTER was bad. (Where is your Childhood/life?) you have some problem bro.

  • Danny Opoku-Agyemang
    Danny Opoku-Agyemang

    Well I want u to quit LV-home because Julie and the Phantoms r my favorite show but left us on a cliff hanger

  • Shrek Oh yeah
    Shrek Oh yeah

    alex please make a “Julie and the Phantoms is Pretty Dumb part 2.” and react to unsaid emily (episode 8) i’m begging you

  • Jonathan Coombs
    Jonathan Coombs


  • matu cangmai
    matu cangmai

    This is my favorite TV show!😓 I LOVE THE MUSIC

  • Karla Elaine Mason-Morrison
    Karla Elaine Mason-Morrison

    I’m kinda upset that people do hate videos..just keep it to your self... 😡😠

  • Arya Daoof
    Arya Daoof

    Ok at first I agreed with your other vids but now...... you- YOU KILLED USS ALL HOW DARE YOU CALL THAT AMAZING SHOW DUMB?!?

  • {G̸ḁͦlḁͦxy}

    your lie in april any one?

  • ꧁ ᴀᴘʜxxᴍxᴜ ꧂
    ꧁ ᴀᴘʜxxᴍxᴜ ꧂

    If a bunch of young adults like JATP then I think other people will probs try to find and attack you..

  • andrea avina
    andrea avina

    Idk if anyone even knows this but there’s this Brazilian show with the same name and I feel like it’s kinda like this. Except the other show is better lol

  • Softie._Xx BobaXx
    Softie._Xx BobaXx

    First of all this show is about how u can case ur dreams and ur not alone and second ur making this good ass game a blame am totally putting him on the worst Anna oop challenge next year

  • iiKxnedii

    This is the best show ive ever seen and u cant change my mind ever and seeing u hate on it is just u making fun of it for views do hate on it all u want all the fantoms are gonna defend jatp and your just gonna get more people to see the show so if its ur intention then thank you but if not then u have no taste and ur new title wheather u fix it or not its not Julie and the phantoms is an Amazing show! AND WATCH THE WHOLE SHOW. U just hate on tv shows i dont even know why people subscribe to u have a great life man. U deserve it 😑💢

  • Jamilé Cantillo
    Jamilé Cantillo

    I love Julie and the phantoms probably because of reggie

  • Jenna Fox
    Jenna Fox

    He went from Dirty Dancing to Decedents? Jeez

  • Jill_ 057
    Jill_ 057

    You this one I'm kinda mad about but it's ok cuz I love your vids

  • 김지현

    U be like “JuLiE aNd ThE PhAnToMs Is PrEtTy DuMb” and at the end you said “tHiS sHoW iS pReTtY gOoD”

  • ImLiviëéê


  • Royal Rainbows
    Royal Rainbows

    Please watch Pup Academy on Netflix

  • Cindy Campbell
    Cindy Campbell


  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar

    Hey this show is good 😭❤️

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star

    The show wasn’t even that bad. It has fantasy, music, and a lil comedy, but sometimes people don’t like those sort of shows and I understand. But if you do, then I recommend Julie and the Phantoms completely.

  • WTHnada

    I get really annoyed by your now shitty videos bc it seems all you do is watch a show and DIG for something to make fun of. This is a kids show and half the shit you criticized were explained in the show so maybe you should’ve focused on trying to understand what’s happening rather than just looking for things to make fun of for your crappy click-baited video. Your dads probably right, it’s probably time to find a different hobby :/

  • Kada Art
    Kada Art

    I used to like your videos but now it just feels like you’re reaching to make fun of everything rather than actually finding plot holes and it just doesn’t hold the same value :/

  • WTHnada

    It’s a kids show lmao what did you want?? 😂😂

  • WTHnada

    Pls. This title... I’ll throw hands

  • Cora George
    Cora George

    Who else feels sorta sorry for Carrie because she probably worked hard to make her Dance team and Julie comes and everyone forgets about her plus her Dad is always busy and her mom died

  • julissa !
    julissa !


  • julissa !
    julissa !

    Literally in the hot dog scene he didn’t explain it and they actually got battery acid in the hotdogs because they were serving the hot dogs out of a car

  • Jvvg Sghhy
    Jvvg Sghhy

    No raid got another one r.i.p

  • canded pizza
    canded pizza

    Alex: Then they die Me: * laughs* Alex: no they really die Me: oh

  • Kelise Hunter
    Kelise Hunter

    Me being in love with Julie and the phantoms🥰 Me:sees the title 😟 Me:UM EXCUSE ME😢

  • fleabaggage

    yes it’s dumb yes i’m overly invested in it

  • Lauren Rogers
    Lauren Rogers

    I just finished this show and actually really liked it. It was cute.