Doin' The Devil's Tango Ep. 6 - Are you undatable??
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  • Mohammed Sherif
    Mohammed Sherif

    Continue to watch the flash pls

  • Let Me Be Frank
    Let Me Be Frank

    15 ADS in about 49 minutes?? No way im sorry.

  • ᗩᖇTEᗰIᔕ

    This video has 16 ads, which aren’t like those 5 sec ads

  • Ana Boch Landaverde
    Ana Boch Landaverde

    SPEAKING OF MOVIES NEVER LIE! Did y’all know that if your cat gets stuck up a tree the fire department won’t help you because of “safety hazards “ like they do in movies and shows! But me totally climbing up a tree with zero experience, no harness, not even a safety net, ISNT a safety hazard??? Boiiii I was mad af! When I told my friends they were completely blown away.

  • URChibified! !
    URChibified! !

    As someone who's single and went thru the online dating experience.... suggestion would be to find ur passion/hobbies and find groups/meetings in those areas. Granted covid has made things harder (hence me just chillin with myself lol)...but online dating is a lot harder as an average person (especially average male - as studies have shown). So going outside and showing the world that u exist is ur best bet. If ur state/country allows u to go outside hahha. Good luck!!!

  • Akshay Dave
    Akshay Dave

    This man is speaking language of Gods

  • Roca

    I lived in Germany for three years without knowing German and had no problems.

  • Wonder Panda
    Wonder Panda

    My advice for dating is to never think your in a relationship where your boyfriend only cares about his Xbox and his friends. Never hangs with you. Has jealousy problems like: doesn't let you hangout with Guy friends. And has a HIGH chance of cheating. (And also gets dates with girls after you break up with him.) DON'T get into this situation. I've been in this complicated mess before, trust me you do not want this type of guy in your life. Ways to fix this(guys): care about the little things, trust your girl, DON'T CHEAT, and if you break up don't date around. After a break up it's a time for you to think about what's the HEALTHIEST way you can get over your ex. And it's a time for reflection of yourself. Just my opinion and my experience with advice for women so you avoid this situation. Thank you!

  • Rayy-chul

    Warts can be removed 😂 so true.

  • Chasity Coy
    Chasity Coy

    Do hocus pocus ‼️😍

  • Guadalupe Garcia Galicia
    Guadalupe Garcia Galicia

    Do harry potter

  • Alex Tenorio-Torres
    Alex Tenorio-Torres

    You should review League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  • Yl

    Review greenhouse academy

  • jeff thegurl
    jeff thegurl

    Disney made a new movie called upsidedown magic

  • Sam TriesToDraw
    Sam TriesToDraw

    Do art, music, sport or just a hobby that’s easy to get into from home to stand out

  • coolbluebird21

    Back when I went on Ok cupid a guy got my attention because he noticed I put C++ as one of the languages I speak(its a coding language) and was saying how that's not very common, that and he recognized one of the spots I took a photo in. That plus some solid conversion and while it didn't work out he definitely got noticed.

  • mighty girl
    mighty girl

    If you guys love disney and want to improve your english listening at the same time, I really recomend this video :

  • Simran Thakur
    Simran Thakur

    It would be great if Alex does follow up episodes either telling us outcomes of the advice or having them on the podcast for more context and stuff.

  • Darryl Thompson
    Darryl Thompson

    Step 1. Let them know you want the box.👍

  • Limerence

    For the 21 year old girl, you need to get over your own insecurities. You have to allow yourself to lose control in the little things in order to gain control over your insecurities. First thing is stop imagining how situation might happen. There this thing in stoicism where you divide out everything that can happen to you into things you can and can't control. You will never be able to control most situations therefore you should try relinquish the idea of control over those situations and learn to accept whatever situation might arise (within reason of course). What most people don't realise is that how you will act is not in your control (again within reason). I might hate being awkward at parties. It is not in my control to get invited to parties, therefore I try to not let it get me down if I'm not invited. It is in my control to attend the party or not. I will never learn to not be awkward in parties if I do not try and go. However it is not in my control for me to walk into the party and act like all cool and like a social butterfly. I will be paralyzed by fear but that is completely okay and I shouldn't hate myself for feeling that. I tell myself that I'm normal and it's completely fine. I can decide to go home if it gets much or I can find people in the party I feel comfortable around. You need to control your insecurities by letting control of the little things you can't control.

  • Limerence

    For a guy to stand out on a dating app, first don't ask for nudes or anything crude or creepy like that. Treat her with respect. You can try cheesy lines, that's a good time to try be funny. Trying to be romantic is a hit and miss. You can try every trick in the book and it still might not work. Women want different things. They might want a real relationship, a fling or a one night stand. She might not be good for you either, perhaps she's just into money or having a hot boyfriend. You can definitely be yourself as long as you being yourself isn't disrespectful to her, others or even your own dignity. Trying to put on a facade will just be exhausting for you. That's not saying that Alex's advice on trying to improve yourself should be ignored. Good looking men are more likely to get a girl's attention. But anyone can look good. I know plenty of women, myself included who've had crushes on guys who weren't that physically attractive but they were so nice and kind and total sweethearts that they thought they were handsome regardless. If you do get to go on a date, get the girl flowers. This will only work if you're both pursuing a romantic relationship. It sounds cheesy but if a girl is wanting to be wooed you will make her feel so special if you get her flowers and will like you even more. I wouldn't recommend getting flowers for a girl who hasn't agreed to go on a date with you yet. If you know each other well and you two have a friendly relationship you can get away with it but she might not want your attention and that might make her like you less. If a girl already likes you, romantic gestures are welcome, if she doesn't she'll find it creepy and it won't end well for either of you. So that's why romantic gestures should only come after she's agreed to the date. It's important you're both comfortable and you're both on the same page about what you want. It's different if you want to date or just want to hook up. For dating its important you're comfortable with each other and enjoy each other's company. If you want to hook up its a different matter. Still be respectful to each other but there I would recommend a guy to be as physically attractive as possible and have a charismatic personality but also as gentle and kind as possible. Girls do want to have one night stands but they won't want to do it with someone who seems like they might assault them or take pictures of them naked and share it with their friends. Comfort is a top most priority. In the end attraction is really only going to happen by accident so none of this is a sure fire way and everyone has different wants and desires. It's about finding out what they want and desire but if that's not you than you shouldn't turn your whole life around and fake it. Just don't be creepy and don't be desperate. If she's not interested take the hint and move on. Don't pursue someone who makes it clear to you she doesn't want your attention.

  • Lucas Murphy
    Lucas Murphy

    Never had a girlfriend 😢 nah jk idc

  • The Weebly Girlz
    The Weebly Girlz

    Damn thats alot of ads...jezus

  • TQuin TV
    TQuin TV

    Be sincere and prepare yourself to accept the reality that there are many garbage people that you will need to overlook.

  • Esme Louis
    Esme Louis

    Me: **reads title** well probably

  • Iron Revenant
    Iron Revenant

    Want to know a paradox? I know how to play guitar but I have never gotten a girl because of it. Maybe I should re-examine my life lol.

  • Soaps great Ideas
    Soaps great Ideas


  • Brittany Gibbs
    Brittany Gibbs

    All you do is say bad things about good tv shows and movies but you are weird and you don’t make any sense and I bet the the only shows you watch is peppa pig

  • Tohab

    Whenever I consider romantic relationships, I remember that I'm not really prepared to invest myself in that kind of life yet. Kinda wish there were better online platforms for meeting and getting to know people in general.

  • Ellie Caine
    Ellie Caine

    When the straights complain but you're constantly falling in love with straight girls 😭 (not trying to invalidate the straight struggle, there are just statistically less options for lesbians)

  • Zach Sutton
    Zach Sutton

    Way better than the judgemental last episode.

  • Alayna Swanger
    Alayna Swanger

    Please, Alex, teach us how to become funny

  • leehan

    and the answer is.. probably.

  • Sora

    Alex, we love these, make them two hours long and I would absolutely love it! \(*^*)/

  • ilanbens1

    most guys are horrible? wow dude stop hating yourself and stop speak for yourself. you put girls on such a pedestal, you are aware they are human beings right? they can have flaws? you said to some dude "why would you date yourself?" while that is an important introspection, I guarantee if i ask a girl she wouldn't be able to name 1 thing of worth other then looks and attention, 2 things 80% of girls can accomplish with little effort.

  • Thais Mollyen
    Thais Mollyen

    To the first guy, show interest to the girl, ask about her, about her interests and passions. Much more than to stand out as to your looks and personality, it's important to show that you are genuinely interested on the person and willing to spend time actually getting to know her! Hope I helped 😊💕

  • Thais Mollyen
    Thais Mollyen

    I love how you rambled and got to nothing in the first answer lol

  • Kingston Sewa-dovi
    Kingston Sewa-dovi

    Yes there is a TV show called next

  • Kingston Sewa-dovi
    Kingston Sewa-dovi

    Please do next

  • Em

    I've had 5 relationships since mid-high school and always have an easy time finding matches and dates online. The #1 problem I see with "undateable" (or "nice") straight cisgender men is unearned confidence. Which is similar to what Alex is saying, just my way of describing it. They are convinced that their approach, their pickup lines, or something about the girl they want is the problem. In reality, they don't have anything to offer. They're not as great as they think they are. Get a hobby that you actually love and work at - not just one that looks cool or is "badass." Pay attention to other people. Do nice things, to people beyond just girls you want, with zero expectation of getting anything in return (and don't get mad when nothing happens. The point is to be a better person!) Get a job! That actually pays all your bills! Living with roommates is a normal adult thing, living with your parents means you are not ready for an adult relationship. And be honest with yourself. There is a line between body confidence and a lazy, unappealing physical appearance, and most "undateable" straight cisgender men are on the wrong side of that line and convinced they're just "confident in themselves." Guys I've matched with and talked to: a motorcycle and beer enthusiast who reminded me of Josh Gad; a cosplayer with a profile pic in a dinosaur costume; people whose lives basically revolve around their pets; someone who started conversation with swapping playlists; people who travel or hike or cook. Guys I matched with and block/ignore/ghost: anyone who starts with a pickup line; people whose profile pics focused on abs or cars; people whose personalities revolve around where they're from or being "country" (it's one thing to appreciate farming, like country music, enjoy beer. It's another for your entire profile to be interchangeable with any other Country Boy.) Guys I actually dated: boy who wanted to be a musician and dreamed of aviation school; writer who worked hard and did make it big later on; nerd obsessed with Harry Potter who cared a lot about his mom and planned to go to Japan; man who works hard to support himself while enjoying carpentry, cycling, and hiking in his free time and has amazing relationships with his family. Translation: people who prioritize goals, hobbies, friends, careers, and/or family over "getting a girlfriend."

  • fred fred
    fred fred

    Saw the question and answered with a resounding YEAH

  • SunStrider Sunburn
    SunStrider Sunburn

    Review The DOOM patrol

  • Marlie Jay
    Marlie Jay


  • Sphe Cele
    Sphe Cele

    I might be wrong here but did Alex just finish a whole podcast video without mentioning the name of his partner!?

    • Black Ninja
      Black Ninja

      Yes he did, yup he made it a whole podcast without saying her name He deserves a cake

  • Mariah McCaleb
    Mariah McCaleb

    I'd stop with the fish photos on tinder very few girls will be interested. But a good pic of you on the boat or with your friends /family are cute and allow me to look at all of you. Just food for thought on fish/truck and guy squatting in front of some expensive car.

  • Àngela Garcia
    Àngela Garcia

    To the undatable guy, stop focusing on girls, focus on you. What are your goals, what you want to do with your life, what hobbies you wanna start or invest in? Improve your life and focus on your projects (that may include whatever you want to do to improve your appearance, if you want). And some day, someone will be interested with you. You can't control that, you gotta wait for it, so focus on other things instead. And this other things will probably make you more interesting or noticeable.

  • Laura Jurjec
    Laura Jurjec

    You should check out work it

  • Ayoub Kun
    Ayoub Kun

    Where is ksaraaa

  • jay koozs
    jay koozs

    Canyou watch Cloak and Dagger

  • B Giles
    B Giles

    As someone who online dated during covid (and found success) what attracted me to my boyfriend was how easy it was to talk to him. We had full on conversations about who we were as people and we shared a lot of the same values. (Although he is the epitome of true neutral and I am a chaotic good) I didn't swipe on him because he was super attractive or had all these hobbies. I swiped because he was unapologetic about his taste in music Paramore was his song on tinder and I was blown away by his security as a guy. Be unapologetically AUTHENTIC about who you are and what you are looking for.

  • Kitija Mirončuka
    Kitija Mirončuka

    People should not really "be funnier", ask if they are "datable", or change the way they feel. However if the aim is to be appreciated by someone else, let`s start with appreciating oneself. And being average is not that bad, and doing something to be more likeable won`t help if the person does not like oneself. . Also to brake up because a partner does not want to waste a time whilst being on long distance relationships is something partners should talk and not wonder what if. It is possible to have a relationship whilst partners are separated by the distance, the question is - do you want to work on this obstacle or just go the different way.

  • Maani Sobhani
    Maani Sobhani

    Do a “Dark” series review.

  • Naki

    For someone who claims to be a nerd their whole life and then claim they had a fair share of relationships is really debatable. Make up your mind.

  • No name Here
    No name Here

    Did u skip 5?

  • Fanro Cm
    Fanro Cm


    • Fanro Cm
      Fanro Cm


    • Fanro Cm
      Fanro Cm


  • Somebody call the Whambulence
    Somebody call the Whambulence

    Alex you should definitely cover the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

  • Maude Demouy-Girard
    Maude Demouy-Girard

    Dear average looking guy, Hi darling! 👋🏻 Guess what ? No one cares you look average ! Even if you’re average looking, if your funny, charismatic, passionate, something like that. The important thing is for you is to be something MORE than the the average looking guy. What are you good at ? What passionate you ? How funny are you ? Are you smart ? Are you charming ? What makes you YOU and not just some average looking guy. Make effort to talk more, be more assertive and charismatic, learn a craft, improve your culture, learn all you can, be funny... There is so much you could do ! Also, girl dating the weirdo German dude... Why don’t you just learn German ? Why would you ever want to depend on him anyway ? Why would you want to live in a country where you feel like you won’t be able to get around because of your lack of language skills ? Just learn German man. There are worst things in the world.

  • AwkrdW1llCmdy

    I'm in a long distance relationship. It takes a lot of maturity, communication and patience. Probably not recommended someone 19 does it, unless they are VERY sure about that person.

  • Yuliya Vi.
    Yuliya Vi.

    Well, what does "average" even mean? Why do you HAVE to "stand out"? I believe to the right person you WILL stand out. I mean, I suppose if you're into people who care about things like that. It doesn't necessarily make you a better person if you've lived in a foreign country or are a LV-homer/Influencer/insertSpecialCareer or whatever special "asset" you have that the majority around you does not. I guess maybe it's just me and the people I surround myself with, but I couldn't care less. Can I talk to you? Do we have things in common? Am I PERSONALLY attracted to you? Do you CARE about me? The only thing I kind of agree with is physical attractiveness. But still, it's a very individual thing. I guess I also value brains and intelligence (and I'm not talking about academic achievements), but there is a fine line between being able to think outside the box/talk about deeper topics and just being someone straight out of r/iamverysmart. Same goes for those very "interesting" individuals who travelled to 50 countries and plan to visit 20 more after COVID or whatever. You can spend the majority of your time at home and still have a vivid inner life while these supposed cosmopolitans can be as close minded as you can get.

  • Vpr\mrJORDENjr

    Do how to get away with murder

  • Valeria López
    Valeria López

    “ what are you gonna do? Meet them at the morgue?” Me : ☠️

  • Jared Garcia
    Jared Garcia

    Can you do Sharpay’s fabulous adventure please please please please

  • Avery Bresnick
    Avery Bresnick

    for your thing PLEASE DO Harry Potter and the socers stone

  • Kaitlynn Clodfelter
    Kaitlynn Clodfelter

    You should look at Julie and the phantoms that would be interesting

  • Casocki

    Nonromantic cuddling doesn't necessarily have to be weird; it depends.

  • Scott Peterman
    Scott Peterman

    "Are you undatable" Me ugly loser self somehow *friking somehow* with a girlfriend: Well, yes, but actually no.

  • Alixy

    Can you please make a video about Stranger Things? You’re the best

  • Lindsay Chatmon
    Lindsay Chatmon

    Funny story!!! Love your channel, I’ve been subscribed for a while and I know your dad! 🤣🤣🤣🙌🏽

  • zach's Mad
    zach's Mad

    Do zoey’s extraordinary playlist

  • Теодора

    I just realized that you kinda have voice like Jughead hahah

  • molly duru
    molly duru

    watch cw show dynasty

  • Monsieur Pickles
    Monsieur Pickles

    @25:00 As older adults, long distance can really work out as long as both people are genuine. There are a niche set of circumstances where long distance works out, but its always with the understanding that one or both parties are relocating.

  • Xian

    Youre dependent if you expect them to fix you without you doing any work

  • Celina Yetter
    Celina Yetter


  • Caroline Ironwill
    Caroline Ironwill

    Woman's perspective: READ HER PROFILE! RESPOND TO HER PROFILE! I get a doze cut and pasted messages a day. I use a code word at the bottom of my profile. Messages that don't include the code word mean that he didn't bother to read my profile.

  • Junior Playz
    Junior Playz

    Do walking dead world beyond

  • yumi456

    I'm so hoping for the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend episode :D

  • Josie Wong
    Josie Wong

    You should do “The faith wave, it’s a good movie but kinda weird.

    • Josie Wong
      Josie Wong

      Sorry fifth wave

  • Caleb Packer
    Caleb Packer

    Straight up I would say just be confident, when I was in high school I was so dang shy, and got no attention from girls, then I got a job doing door to door sales, and that was the hardest and worst thing ever, but it taught me to be super confident in myself, and after the summer, my first 2 weeks in college I got asked out 13 times by girls, just cause I was walking around more confidently

  • Winged Hussar
    Winged Hussar

    42:13 insert Big ol’ Red Flag here

  • Karina Menezes
    Karina Menezes

    Have you ever watched Elite Squad? You should try that out

  • Maite Rieiro
    Maite Rieiro

    To the person that sent the last email: In Europe most people speak more than one language, and especially in Germany, lots of people will speak English for sure. And if they don't, google translate will be your new best friend. I moved to Bulgaria (!) by myself, speaking only English and Spanish, without knowing anyone there and, again, not speaking the local language at all, and I've been able to establish myself, meet great people and communicate mainly using google translate. It's actually very fun! I've been learning Bulgarian basics online as well for like, two months already. My point is: You can definitely survive (even if you were on your own!) without speaking the native language. Besides, it´ll be great for you to learn German, since you'd be able to practice it everyday. But yeah, as it was already established, only do it if you ACTUALLY want to move abroad and live in Europe.

  • Mekded Tadesse
    Mekded Tadesse

    Hey, you should do Apple and Onion on cartoon network next its.....hilariously weird who agrees?

  • xXxXSunnyVibeXxXx

    Can u do the Tom Holland Spider-Man’s plz if u do. Well thx!🥳

  • Brimolten s
    Brimolten s

    I cuddle with my friends all the time 😢

    • Brimolten s
      Brimolten s

      ... pre covid 😭

  • Sam

    I'm too introverted and neurotic to be funny.

  • Sam

    Yes I am. And always will be.

  • Her Majesty
    Her Majesty

    This was an awesome intro to your podcast. Color me subscribed!

  • Ma Rie
    Ma Rie

    Dating tip and best approach: have female friends. Do treat them like you'd treat your other friends. Do not view every interaction as a means to an ends kinda thing. Might result in a relationship, it might not, but whatever. Worst case you get some cool friends and get gut at communication.

  • Hedda Solstad
    Hedda Solstad

    Get a hobby, there you go already interesting

  • Chulumanco Mnqanqeni
    Chulumanco Mnqanqeni

    Hey Alec in your next video can you please do a video on Julie and the phantoms

  • Glo Mar
    Glo Mar

    This show is so fun! Keep it coming! --One complaint though is that you really repeat yourself, though I love the points you make. But you tend to repeat the same point five times before moving on.

  • JackieWarner13

    I've had like 1 real boyfriend & that was when I was 15 & I had other "boyfriends" but like it was primary or high school & you never saw each other bc other schools & then just broke up via msn or text. Im now 28 but I also don't like going out to bars or clubs never have so I don't meet too many new people.

  • Mai N.
    Mai N.

    Germans don't necessary know english tho... tbh the majority sucks in english lol (I'm german myself) - also, she should not move to him...

  • Mori

    Oh no for the first one pls show off your Yu gi oh collection


    How many adds does this shit have?

  • Hassina Ibrahimi
    Hassina Ibrahimi

    Can you react to adventures in babisitter

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee

    The girl who “gets into her own head” needs to be encouraged to see a therapist. She stated she has traumas. She needs to see someone.

    • Z Anime
      Z Anime

      Yeah honestly

  • Jachym Bartonicek
    Jachym Bartonicek

    to stand out in 2020, u learn to play a loud instrument, drums, saxophone, just something even the neighbours and their neighbours can hear

  • Paige Wilson
    Paige Wilson