The Santa Clause 2 is the dumbest Disney christmas movie
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The Santa Clause doesn't make any sense...
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The Santa Clause doesn't make any sense...
High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...
The Knight Before Christmas is the dumbest movie...
The Princess Switch is the dumbest christmas movie...
Home Alone literally makes no sense...

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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • Cohen GamerTV10
      Cohen GamerTV10


    • Scythe

      Oh no

    • Dennis Posthuma
      Dennis Posthuma

      Why was the principal still at school when charlie did that thing to impress a girl

    • Logan Propper
      Logan Propper

      Can you do the Santa clause 3

    • Brayden Murray
      Brayden Murray

      He’s been captured

  • Kirsten Reyes
    Kirsten Reyes

    Hey! Try to watch She-Ra and the princesses or power (Netflix) I really enjoyed it and it'll be cool knowing what you think about the show

  • Codas Funhouse
    Codas Funhouse

    Stop bullying all the good movies

  • Ethan Playz
    Ethan Playz

    I love home improvement so seeing Tim in a Christmas movie makes me happy

  • IDon'tGiveAShitAnymoreII


  • Stoof 101
    Stoof 101

    First off I love ure vids Alex, but y tho ? That is a really good movie? What ever keep making vids

  • xXReAPeRxX200 9
    xXReAPeRxX200 9

    He gets the most Raid sponsors than anyone else

  • Luke Andrews
    Luke Andrews

    why did u put a naked spongebob

  • WolfBeans yt
    WolfBeans yt

    Eh the third movie is alot worse

  • Munro McLaren
    Munro McLaren

    I can’t believe the film crew guy made it into the film! 😂😂

  • Aurora Cotto
    Aurora Cotto

    By the way did you know like my favorite movie ever is the Santa Clause all of all three of them and I do rituals on Scott all of the cool characters in the movie this movie is amazing you always hate everything Alex except for the things that you love and then we come and hate them

  • Ethan akers
    Ethan akers

    The santa clone souds like Buzz Lightyear

  • Johnbro Beys
    Johnbro Beys

    Holy crap he actually got off riverdale

  • Nicholas Zoller
    Nicholas Zoller


  • Munchkin Queen
    Munchkin Queen

    You can Easily slide out of that red ribbon

  • John Stewart Wilson IV
    John Stewart Wilson IV

    Dear Mister Meyers If you want a movie that will make you cringe then you can watch the 2020 movie "The Iron mask" with Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Sans La sansasional
    Sans La sansasional

    Wait........ it is from Disney? :V I DIDNT KNEW :V

  • Susan Splett
    Susan Splett

    Do Santa Clause 3

  • high shreck
    high shreck

    I think all of his videos are sponsored

  • RogueBulbasaur YT
    RogueBulbasaur YT

    I wonder if he actually plays raid

  • Keaton Neufeld
    Keaton Neufeld

    "And just like that, Christmas was saved all thanks to this dude from the film crew who stood in the shot."

  • The weird luminary
    The weird luminary

    Yoooo was that the fricken Love theme from Mother 3 at 9:02 ?!?!?!?

  • The Sir
    The Sir

    The Santa clone turned into Stalin

  • KansasRush18

    Do the Santa Claus 3

  • BeautifulDreamer

    “HE IS TOO SANTA” 😂😂😂

  • It’sCrazyCam YT
    It’sCrazyCam YT

    Umm I have no clean underwear

  • Mariah Spink
    Mariah Spink

    Him: starts talking about raid shadow legends Me: Is this an add- Video: No skip button Me: Welp guess I have to listen to him talk about a game ill never play bc im lazy (btw love ur vids they are hilarious :>)

  • ꧁ Srxbrry ꧂
    ꧁ Srxbrry ꧂

    That movie scares me

  • claybear795


  • random YouTuber
    random YouTuber

    9:01 mother 3 lol

  • Zack F
    Zack F

    when he turns in to Santa he face is creepy

  • Omar Tena
    Omar Tena

    Alex: is at a Funeral Also Alex: today's video is sponsored by raid Shadow Legends

  • Jennifer Wagner
    Jennifer Wagner

    Let me give you a hint about the next Santa Claus you should make is a video the villain is someone who can freeze people and his name begins with Jack okay you already know it's Jack Frost

  • 0ddSt0ff !!!
    0ddSt0ff !!!

    awww wwe still dont have the santa clause starring tim allen 3 reveiew

  • Maksie0

    I hate this movie because Tim Allen throws some Christmas magic at a strong professional woman who's passionate about education and has the ability to indimidate students into obedience effortlessly, and turns her into a docile little wife instantly. Mrs. Newman deserved so much better.

  • david bray
    david bray

    I have raid shadow legengins

  • Mistah J
    Mistah J

    Two things.... A) Where is The Santa Clause 3 video? ( the most over the top of the trilogy). But a question not asked for this movie, B) What happened to the previous Mrs. Claus? You would assume the Santa from the first movie would be legally bound by the same terms and conditions that Tim faces in this movie, so where is his ball and chain?

  • Paul & Tara Marshall
    Paul & Tara Marshall

    Hey next year can you do Santa Claus 3 the escape clause review

  • Elijah Goode
    Elijah Goode

    He’s calling movies bad, but he’s sponsored by “RAID SHADOW LEGENDS”

    • What Happiness
      What Happiness

      You know he respects the actors he just does the for full hearted fun

  • Grayson Davis
    Grayson Davis

    raid shadow legends is just a cash grab. half of the 5 star reviews are bots.

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk

    Santa clause 2 is not the dumbest movie ever don’t use his opinion just watch it your self people ok!

  • RonRonPlayzRBLX

    "Oh dear, DE-SANTA-FECATION PROCESS HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Arcader 813
    Arcader 813

    6:27 Is no one going to acknowledge the waitress in the background that looks like distrusted Gordon Ramsey?

  • SuperStarDustElite425876

    So it’s basically the Christmas version of Age of Ultron

  • Teutonic Knight
    Teutonic Knight

    The Santa robot became Bennito Mussolini

  • solarial


  • I don't know what i'm doing
    I don't know what i'm doing

    santa claus 2 kinda looks like hi#ler with that blakc suit.

  • Ebeos

    I rememer my parents making me watch a chrismas movie with them and this is what that had me watch... I wanted to die

  • Farel Suryadi
    Farel Suryadi

    4:55 *if you listen closely....* *OH MY*

  • GamerFanfics BTS&GAMERLOVER
    GamerFanfics BTS&GAMERLOVER

    The roasts made me die of laughter am I the only one?

  • Sarah Chris
    Sarah Chris

    That’s me when a girl kisses me on the cheek

  • Evan Kleuser
    Evan Kleuser

    I know what he said! He said, "The desaasbdfdndfdbdddcation HAS BEGUN!

  • Jason McMillin
    Jason McMillin

    5:35 ye I totally under stand

  • AEF3000

    I bet that the kiss on the cheek meme took like 8 hours to edit lol

  • mad animations
    mad animations

    So if Santa clauses kid wants to be Santa then he has to kill his dad

  • Kay Mtz
    Kay Mtz

    I love all Santa clause movies ❤

  • Kboythegod Gaming
    Kboythegod Gaming

    I watched this video as soon as i was done watching the second movie

  • Anita Saric
    Anita Saric

    do you like all the movies you talk about)

  • Kailey Hallett
    Kailey Hallett

    Now I remember why this movie terrified me as a kid. Clone robot Santa is nightmare fuel

  • mp2bill

    13:50 I actually thought The Santa Clause 3 was better than 2. They’re both horrible, but 2 is just never level horrible.

  • David Alan
    David Alan

    Charlie on the sax FTW!

  • Dark Rainbow
    Dark Rainbow

    “I’m not this size. I’m usually much bigger.” Dark Rainbow’s Dingdong.

  • DerbDanny

    Could u do Santa clause 3

  • Elissa Villarreal
    Elissa Villarreal

    Just imagine that you were Charlie for a second, so your on the naughty list a your dad is Santa but he needs to find someone to love before Christmas. And who dose he choose your evil principle. So imagine your principle being your step mom AND MS clause

  • made with coconut
    made with coconut

    dude!!!! You are Awesome!!!! Awesome!!!! Awesome!!!

  • Katelyn

    dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋

  • The Adventures Of E.K And Dave
    The Adventures Of E.K And Dave

    its like every movie he watches is dumb. no hate

  • Gael Campos
    Gael Campos

    Plz part 3

  • Rowdy Hogue
    Rowdy Hogue

    4:37 say that five times fast

  • Kevin Lavictoire
    Kevin Lavictoire

    Roxane.. i get it

  • asamusicdude

    BRO HOW OLD ARE YOU?.let me tell you that.CITY FOLK JUST DONT GET IT.take it from someone who's been in the city ALL HIS LIFE.

  • T̶o̶x̶i̶c̶ b̶o̶y̶ W̶i̶l̶l̶
    T̶o̶x̶i̶c̶ b̶o̶y̶ W̶i̶l̶l̶

    *splish splash your opinion is trash*

  • Gabriel Tube
    Gabriel Tube

    11:29 what the hecc is buzz lightyear sayng??

  • Peyto N
    Peyto N

    I love all the movies

  • Zach Jones
    Zach Jones

    We need the review to the third one

  • Insane Unlimited
    Insane Unlimited

    I was vibin here till he said the words............”this game is sponsored by raid shadow legends

  • Zippey Fresh
    Zippey Fresh

    Me asking a girl out for the first time Me: Do you want to get noodles Gen Z: Is that a threat

  • Kyle Windover
    Kyle Windover

    This movie terrified me as a child. The robot Santa gave me nightmares.

  • Inaworldoflove

    Sorry, thumbs down for the product placement.

  • Mister Justice
    Mister Justice

    So what happened to the previous Mrs. Claus, the one married to the Santa that Scott Calvin "killed"? She wasn't at the North Pole when Scott and Charlie arrived there that first night. Was she just immediately evicted and evacuated from the premises when they found out that the current Santa died?

  • SpraggDrums

    Futurama did evil robot Santa first

  • HazChaz

    I actually prefer this to the first one

  • Marcy Trumble
    Marcy Trumble

    This guy stinks

  • Sophie Hudspeth
    Sophie Hudspeth

    I love these movies!! I think they're all great even number 3

  • Jessica Olsen
    Jessica Olsen

    Watching on Christmas no joke watched this movie last night MERRY CHRISMAS

  • Bar1

    It's Tim Allen all his things are dumb

  • BeckDawg Gaming
    BeckDawg Gaming

    I am sorry but I love all of the Santa Clause movies

  • NooLooPhoeni

    Fun fact your wrong

  • Isaac Ogunmuko
    Isaac Ogunmuko

    13:52 Hey the Santa Clause 3:Escape Clause didn't even include the Benard(the Responsible and Strict head elf) that's what really ruined the Series. If Benard was still the head elf, he wouldn't have let Jack Frost get away with the Escape Clause.

  • Youssif Elrahimy
    Youssif Elrahimy

    Yall know what time it is

  • Ron Gamer
    Ron Gamer

    Imagine rewatching old videos on youtube and all you see is Raid

  • TheMrKlassy

    always thought the principal was so hot

  • Splashstorm04

    Ah, gotta love quick romances........ It's not like they're rose & jack or anything 😪

  • iperez0603

    Take it backkkk

  • Laura Hitchens
    Laura Hitchens

    Jar jar reindeer

  • jayden kraft
    jayden kraft

    do the third one

  • droopy animations
    droopy animations

    Dude you complain so much about movies just quit youtube if you have to be mean to directors

  • sopa lucac
    sopa lucac

    Millenials had it good with movies....

  • Natalie canales
    Natalie canales

    I watched the stanta claws 1in school

  • Isaac Ogunmuko
    Isaac Ogunmuko

    13:00 If Santa can’t deliver presents anymore. Friends and Family would give each other presents, Just like In the real world.