dating a "quirky" girl
a video essay featuring my random thoughts after water Stargirl on Disney+, among other movies.
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    thanks for watching everybody. Given current events, it felt weird to just sit here and make jokes about Disney Channel movies or whatever, so I wanted to do something a little more serious (but not too serious, I mean this is ME after all). I don't do video essays too often, so some of you may have never seen one of mine. On LV-home, most video essays are really just like fancy wikipedia articles or college thesis papers. But with mine I like to make them more personal, more about my experiences and opinions, rather than like "look at how many big words I can use". In this video, I use the words "quirky" and "manic pixie dream girl" somewhat interchangeably. This is technically not correct, but I wanted to focus more on my experience with these kinds of people, rather than a dissertation about the trope itself and how it manifests in different kinds of media over time or whatever. Like I mentioned in the video, I was REALLY into the idea of the MPDG back when I was in High School, so it was interesting for me to think back on why that was, and why I can't stand them now. And again, as I touched on in the video, these roles of "sad boy" and "MPDG" can easily be reversed. But, at least in movies and tv shows, the trope is overwhelmingly portrayed in the way I talk about in the video. The MPDG doesn't really exist in real life, but I have met more than a few girls (and guys too) who, either on purpose or by happenstance, are emulating one. I used to think dating these girls would be a dream come true. I was wrong. It was agony.

    • Ian Wulf
      Ian Wulf

      @Tracie Trosclair It's okay. Tbh, the YT comments section isn't the best place for a debate like this, lmao. And to share with you, I've never had an actual relationship myself (never made it past a first date). I'm practically a hermit over here as well. But I'm working to correct it. I'm starting by finishing a degree so I can get a real career and live independently. Once I do that, I feel it will definitely help in the self esteem department. Of course, that's only my external situation, but it's a big start. We can't give up on relationships, though, whether they be friendships or something deeper. With each attempt, we can learn and grow. If we stumble, or even ultimately fail a relationship, we must take time for introspection. Reflect on what it is we may have done wrong. Was I too impulsive? Was I not considerate of the other person's time, feelings, etc? Did I act immaturely? Did I miss certain things about this person that could have clued me in to what kind of person they really are, or did I ignore those signs? Was it all my fault, or maybe only partially my fault? Can I do or say things differently next time, or in the next relationship? Of course it's always hard to keep one's personal bias out of analyzing such situations. I have trouble doing it myself. I often wonder, if I ever saw that girl again, what would she say to me now? Would she yell at me or scold me for how immaturely I treated her after I felt "wronged"? Has she simply moved on and forgot about me? Has she forgiven me? Who knows. I know I'll never get the answers to those questions, so it's best for me to just remember what I learned from my experience and focus on the present.

    • Tracie Trosclair
      Tracie Trosclair

      @Ian Wulf I am not morally superior, and I definitely do not feel so. Perhaps I myself am still struggling with forgiveness and letting things go, in similar scenarios like yours; where I am on the same end as the woman of whom you are referring. I will admit that there is a lot of anger built up in me for all the years I have failed in the department of cultivating true friendships and vice-versa with those involved. It is highly possible and probable I am projecting all of my sorrows and experiences with others on to you... I'm guessing what happened when I read your first comment is that I felt the need to justify myself through the woman you were accusing; for similar personal accusations I've been accused of all my life😞 I tend to want true friendship so badly that I somehow f### it all up in the end ...... which is part of the reason I now live as a hermit and have so for the last ten years or so.... .... what else can I say but that I'm actually really sorry and feel like a major dick head now🤐🥴

    • Tracie Trosclair
      Tracie Trosclair

      Also, Any name you call me is accurate; but I don't know how productive it will be to keep telling me things I already know about myself and also loath and despise far more than you.

    • Tracie Trosclair
      Tracie Trosclair

      @Ian Wulf You say you overreacted, while you act like she is a monster for betraying you because she let you talk her into having one meal with you.... However, You're right, I can be pretty dense in real life sometimes; but I think in this scenario I'm just seeing right through you. I can only observe what you lay out; and so far, any human would interpret as I have thus far.

    • Ian Wulf
      Ian Wulf

      @Tracie TrosclairIf you're too dense to recognize why my feelings were hurt in that situation, then this exchange is over. Besides, I've freely conceded several times that I overreacted and misjudged things and have since learned from my mistakes. Both I and the girl in question were at fault for how things transpired, yet you insist on throwing insults as if to say the blame lays solely on my shoulders without even knowing the person I'm speaking about, and without having witnessed the events that transpired. I still feel remorse for handling the situation the way I did, but I know it was not entirely my fault either. Regardless, this happened several years ago. I'm now working on improving myself by finishing my ComSci degree and being happy living by myself before I engage in another relationship. But no, really, do go on and continue to throw insults at me if that makes you feel morally superior.

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos

    MPDGs are real. I fell in love with one.

  • Anahi Loetz
    Anahi Loetz

    All this time. Alll this time! I thought that stargirl main character was zendaya... Is it zendaya Idk!!!😂😂😂

  • Dylann Riggs
    Dylann Riggs

    Ahhh no! Summer isn’t a manic pixie dream girl. Tom, yes, is the sad boy and thinks Summer will complete him. So in his eyes, he does. In until the expectation/ reality scene when Tom has to come to terms with the fact that Summer is her own person and not just created to bring excitement to his life. Manic Pixie Dream Girls have no character arc, backstory, or conflict. This is completely contrary to Summer as she has all three. At first glance she can be thrown into the MPDG troupe but she is in fact quite the opposite.

  • A

    this is an ad for disney plus

  • Shay45

    Why do people call funny/ normal girls "quirky"???

  • __

    it kind of reminds me of the romantic ideal of women existing to support a man's emotional journey.

  • Seraph Sephiroth
    Seraph Sephiroth

    I think eternal sunshine of the spotless mind did a good job of deconstructing the manic pixie dream girl. She's fun at first but over time her random bullshit is going to make most people hate being with her.

  • Neko Conner
    Neko Conner

    The Stargirl book worked because Stargirl was actually batshit crazy, not palatably quirky. The movie was a disgrace.

  • Violet Ice
    Violet Ice

    I honestly don't get it who and why puts dislikes to it. I enjoy listening to your thoughts and reasoning and can't catch anything offensive or annoying. Keep doing the content, you're great at it!

  • DrPres -J Palomino
    DrPres -J Palomino

    I think it’s true tho that for kids sometimes this dynamic really does exist ie. kids often idolize each other and attach to each other for little or no reason

  • Susanna Link
    Susanna Link

    also, I'ts just fucking sexist that these female characters only exist to "fix" men; that its always about the growth of the man. The woman is merely a tool here.

  • Senem B
    Senem B

    Paper towns entered the chat

  • babyKermithefrog Yep real name
    babyKermithefrog Yep real name

    I thought when someone said “quirky”it means some who keeps bragging about there differences. So I’m kinda confuse is it ok to be different or is that quirky?

  • Sakine Sêvdîn
    Sakine Sêvdîn

    Nice way to completely overlook the fact that, in every single one of these examples, the protagonist always feels like he is owed affection for what he does and how he behaves. A concept that is a problem in general and explains what happens to the "sad boy" if there is no "Manic Pixie Dream Girl". Because sometimes they just become Incels and commit mass murder because they think they are owed something like this. Which is exactly the damn problem with many of these kinds of movies. The indication that women are there to fix the problems that some men have. That they are expected to fill that kind of role, suggesting to people that this is something real to look forward to and hope for. And out of those expectations? Well we have seen I'd say. But that's the point. It ain't anybodies responsibility to fix people and so it's also not anybodies responsibility to behave EXACTLY like you want them to behave. If the alternative to that cliché is that the girl is always just expected to essentially do the same thing but then just end up in a relationship with the "nice shy guy" because, well, they behaved like true gentlemen? Then I'd say that creates an even worse picture. Nobody is owed something like this. Nobody.

  • Nona P.
    Nona P.

    Well you could also argue that those movies represent boys as the ones whose characters do develop menawhile girls only help them doing so. It is still the perspective of the boy that is in focus, no matter if the main characters are girls or boys. So the message that the young female moviewatchers recieve is: do care mostely for the boy of your interest, he is the one that still has the opportunity to grow and you are the one that can help him with that. Not the things I want my possible future daughter to lean to.

  • Giovanni Madrigal
    Giovanni Madrigal

    I dated “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”. Don’t. What the video says about her “doing everything she wants” and expecting you to accept it is real. Shit hurt.

  • Rikin Shah
    Rikin Shah

    what are the movies? I dont see the credits.

    • Jaylie C.
      Jaylie C.

      Star girl, twilight, 500 days of summer, and breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  • ahriiko

    But don't demonize women just because these are the messages of those movies. You may not be intentionally but trust me when I say incel culture is at an all time high and we don't need another reason to further hate women.

  • Lais Brasileiro
    Lais Brasileiro

    500 days of summer is actually a criticism on this kind of trope and I don't think breakfast at tiffany's really fit in this situation, because manic pixie girls are there for the sole reason of being the love interest of the protagonist, they're quirky and empty, but both holly and summer (especially holly) have issues of their own...

    • Lais Brasileiro
      Lais Brasileiro

  • ennui blue
    ennui blue

    In Breakfast at Tiffany's she was trashing her room in grief upon learning her brother died. It was misrepresented here 🤔

  • Valentina Lopez Lanciotti
    Valentina Lopez Lanciotti


  • Nevaeh Finney
    Nevaeh Finney

    when you said manic pixie dream girl I thought you meant Ramona flowers and not grace vanderwall

  • honey oof
    honey oof

    Dang this video was really deep about "manic pixie dream girl"

  • Miles Keesey
    Miles Keesey

    This analysis actually pretty closely matches Jung's analysis of the Parsifal myth i.e. boys have to find the castle of the Fisher King, girls never leave said castle

  • beebo flat
    beebo flat

    goddd im so tired of people really picking and choosing "types" of firls, quirky, smart, nasty, freaky, cool girl. whatever a girl can be anything:/

  • maynstagram

    3:21 i know this supposed to be serious, but like what is this outfit???😂

  • fortnight gaming
    fortnight gaming


  • Vizune

    Manic Pixie Dream Girl literally describes a woman with autism minus the anxiety, depression and insecurity.

    • Tee Gee
      Tee Gee

      no because we don't want a girl with autism, we want a girl with good social ability

  • Elena LPR
    Elena LPR

    have u ever thought WHY those quirky girls are acting the way they do ?! why they’re always happy and full of life? ...and have you ever thought WHY they choose to be with those sad boys? well it’s obvious that they weren’t happy before , because something bad (as always) happened in their past and they had to go through it ALONE ,because no one really understood them and no one even bothered to help them ,so they had to learn the hard way because HEY-sometimes thats how life works.When it’s time for them to move on from whatever happened to them ,they always try to see the positive side to everything and everyone, they want to help others and make them happy and they want to live without guilt for being who they became well- who they are. Now ,the reason why they choose to be with the sad boys is because they see a part of themselves in they really want to help them and be there for them ,because they don’t want them to go through whatever they’re going through alone. Of course you can’t choose who your heart wants and it’s most likely for them to fall in love and when it’s time for the boy to open up his wings and be free just like the girl wanted him to do ,love always gets in the way and the girls don’t want them to be stack with them forever, they want them to live life to the fullest and make memories (also quirky girls often tend to have fear of attachment (this happens because of their past), so thats why they don’t want something more than that with the boys (and anyone in general ) and as human beings they’re not always perfect ,so their decisions sometimes might be stubborn ).

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net

    Dream girl? yes. Pixie girl? Yes. Manic Dream girl? I am sure its a thing. But manic pixie dream girl? *smfh * Nope. Doesnt exist.

  • Worst Kiter Chan
    Worst Kiter Chan

    Hello I am the girl who always thought that only these cute pretty girls are likeable so I hoped to become a pretty cute happy girl. Thats when my bipolarity, anxiety and insomnia kicked in and I realized my main project should be happiness and self love and not appearing cute to others.

  • Marlen070

    I really like this video. I found your observation quite interesting. I can’t wait for another video essay. Keep up the great work ma dude.

  • Counter Point
    Counter Point

    this doesn't work in real life

  • yeet my waffles
    yeet my waffles

    This trope is unfortunately permeated and lowkey ruined my life in high school. I have bipolar disorder and when I'm manic I actually do dress and act more like a manic pixie dream girl, and so the kinds of people who asked me out were normally entitled repressed nerds who ignored any of my "unpalatable" human person traits (while I was expected to welcome theirs). All while I desperately wished for an SO who was emotionally stable and had a nice personality and respected my boundaries and communicated with me and had like interests and stuff and oh my god the bar is on the ground

  • Cerece

    Sooo every John Green novel?

  • Makena Weiscopf
    Makena Weiscopf

    clementine from eternal sunshine

  • Klaus conte schertel
    Klaus conte schertel

    see the title: oh it must be a man

  • LailaMai Laila
    LailaMai Laila

    I am literally the only one here for STARGIRL. disappointed

  • Jessica V
    Jessica V

    This is kinda why I don't love the character Jess off of New Girl. I really like the show, but she is still a "watered down" manic pixie dream girl. It makes the plot so cringe to me at times.

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger

    Am I the only one who came here because of Grace Vanderwaal? Yes? Okay.

  • Nao Mi
    Nao Mi

    Looks like you didn't actually understand the meaning of 500 days of Summer :/ the whole movie is a critique on the projections and badly placed expectations of the male character. I mean you mention it briefly towards the end, but it doesn't quite make it justice since you used so many scenes from that movie to make a video about the mpdg

  • •ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʟɪʟʟʏ•
    •ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʟɪʟʟʏ•

    hi sorry but the stargirl book was better than the movie

  • ultra subscriber
    ultra subscriber

    in 6th grade my teacher readed the book to us and then months later i saw a movie about it

  • Liepa O.K.
    Liepa O.K.

    Anyone seen "bridge to terabithia"? (kinda a spoiler, not rlly) They got rid of the girl on an extreme level O.O

  • Billy Russo
    Billy Russo

    So I am attracted to two types of girls Manic pixie dream girls Damsel in distress

  • SocratesandStorybooks

    Ok so I feel like The Philadelphia Story kind of reveals the flaws of this ideal woman really well for a black and white movie.

  • Nani Frantz
    Nani Frantz

    Have to say I honestly am this "happy all the time, middle finger to society, doing whatever she wants whenever she wants and only chooses you(my partner it would be) for some reason". But not in any shallow way at all. Ive created myself to be able to live and act and be so freely, my own self and my own light. Nice video though. Definitely gave me a lot to think about and be thankful for! With a good dose of common perception. Blessings

  • prokkle

    It's part of that whole thing where women are supposed to "fix" men, make them better people etc. blah. Who wants to spend their whole life being the "fixer" or the one in need of fixing? It's demeaning to both sexes. It's pathological co-dependency.

  • kuroneko2788

    This is why I hate the video game "Life is Strange". It's like its trying to hard too be artsy and quirky. There's definitely a formula at this point that everyone follows.

  • Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Herrera

    Last Christmas is a pretty damn good movie that displays a scenario where a sad girl is fixed by a happy and upbeat boy and then he vanishes from her life. It's pretty similar to what you describe, but the other way around gender-wise.

  • Earthling Ellis
    Earthling Ellis

    it's the same with "paper towns"...

  • Mustard Bastard
    Mustard Bastard

    Usually when I see couples where a girl tries to "fix" a guy they: 1. Get dragged down by a real PoS guy, usually a criminal or abuser whom they think just needs fixing. 2. Throw a fit when the guy won't change his morals, personality, friends, beliefs or hobbies to fit her vision of him. 3. Pick out a total slob manchild who becomes their little pet in exchange for shirking any responsibility but maybe he starts washing his hands or something. 4. Take advantage of a guy in a real bad place who ends up debating leaving her because she makes him feel like trash but he's worried she's right and that he's lucky to have her "love" and will never get anyone else.

  • a u r o r a
    a u r o r a

    Honestly I hate the trope but I did find Star Girl to be a cute movie. She seemed almost otherworldly. Plus I really liked the part where she changed herself for him before discovering she's worth more than that. And along with that, she is not as perfect as she may seem, in trying to be kind she hurts others. (kinda Mary sueish for sure) but I don't see that a lot. She develops a lot over the movie unlike the main guy who just is less sad and gains confidence.

  • auro ra
    auro ra

    summer is not a manic pixie dream girl!!!!!!!

  • Wood On fire
    Wood On fire

    I'v never seen a boy that is really happy . I guess sometimes man just wait for woman who smiles and makes him do the same. Because they think its cute?

  • Lili

    The idea of manic pixie girl really hurt me growing up. I thought I had to be the fun, happy, sunshine in a guy’s life, without any real problems that would make me “less ideal”. But it should be mutual and people shouldn’t be an “object of fancy”. I want to be loved for being myself, not for living up to someone’s fantasy.

  • sezameStrt

    omYgHOD, this is so accurate ,same with Paper towns

  • jennifer olive
    jennifer olive

    Now what I want to see is one where the boy changes the “quirky” girl instead of the boy changing

    • DanielBoonelight

      @jennifer olive everything is done like 40x better in the book, but i suppose that's always true (; ya should, what's an hour and a half? 😆

    • jennifer olive
      jennifer olive

      @DanielBoonelight hmm wasn’t planning on watching it but now I think I will thanks for telling me 😁

    • DanielBoonelight

      literally part of the plot of stargirl.

  • ChillFalc0n

    brought up some really interesting ideas, really enjoyed it 👍

  • Andrew Canning
    Andrew Canning

    "500 Days Of Summer" is very specifically an anti- MPDG movie.

  • Haydin K
    Haydin K


  • Ian Lindo
    Ian Lindo

    I never understood fully what makes Tom the "bad guy". Yes he is going about the situation incorrectly, but so is she. The correct thing to do in that kind of relationship is to break it off, and that applies to both of them. She KNEW he had stronger feelings for her, yet she basically continued to use him for s *x. If the genders were reversed and it was a movie about a guy who says he's not interested in but keeps hanging out with a girl and having bedroom fun with her, everyone would think he's an a-hole. So why does Summer get off the hook because she was "honest about her intentions"? How is telling someone you want to be just friends but then making out with them the next weekday being honest about your intentions?

  • Stormy Weraf
    Stormy Weraf

    At the end of the day fellas, if you’re lonely, just keep doing you but add a smile. If people see you’re happy, they got no reason to bother you so you can stay lonely.

  • 심린

    My experience as sort of like a real version of a manic pixie dream girl Both of my ex's have taken interest in me because of my bubbly, happy, caring and "doesn't really give a fuck about what other people think". Both of those relationships ended in the same way. They both dated me because I made them feel better, made their lives seem brighter, at least temporarily. It always felt like if they were upset, I'd have to cheer them up to the best of my abilities but if I were upset, they would become even more upset. In my second relationship, it was so obvious the guy wasn't happy and he would almost always feel like shit. It felt like it was an expectation for me to fix his broken self and when it wasn't working, he would keep bottling things up and so would I; I guess we could never be on the same page. When you date someone to fix you, it almost never gets past the initial exciting butterflies stage of the relationship; never gets to the "settling in" part. The support is always one sided and no one can fix you besides yourself. I think that, if a relationship does go past that into the settled in stage, it's only a rockier road from there as love is absent and the relationship is built on dependency. I am personally a really anxious person but it felt like I had to contain my thoughts. I often felt overwhelmed, like I couldn't breathe and I would prioritize the other person's happiness. Unlike the manic pixie dream girl, it wasn't me who left them. It was the opposite way around, near the end of the initial stage of the relationship, when they realized that I couldn't make them the better version of themselves and I couldn't bring them true happiness alone. Sorry for this long ramble and thank you to everyone who read the entire comment :D

  • Em b
    Em b

    Stargirl :0 uwu I'm so QUIRKY i love grace do 👌

  • Sara

    reminds me of your lie in april

  • mamokitty 19
    mamokitty 19

    Why did I think a man knew anything about the manic pixie dream girl trope lol

  • IQ450

    there are so many ideas of a quirky girl that no more normal girls exists as a movie lead

  • Lindsay Morrison
    Lindsay Morrison

    In defense of Breakfast at Tiffany`s, at least this Pixie Dream Girl is flawed and given a backstory that explains why she is the way she is. She`s not selfish so much as she is traumatized from being in a loveless child marriage and suddenly becoming a stepmother to so many children when she was still a child. You understand why she lives the way she does and why she has only ever been able to use her personality as a way of surviving. Sort of. It`s hard to accurately say whether or not she could`ve just gotten on a normal job in that time period without having any proof of education, identity, or references except men (who would then be controlling of her), but surely she could`ve made friends with a few women and eventually won their trust enough to get hired for a real job... But she`s also unused to that work ethic. I guess I`m rambling, but the point is that at least Holly is complicated. The movie is still absolutely more about the male gaze of her and how she change the main character than how she changes or takes agency over her life, but it does get at some things that I think are valid in relationships. If you`ve been consistently been controlled or disappointed by every male in your life but then do fall in love, how do you love him without feeling caged? Can you still "belong" to each other? It`s not a perfect film by any means, but I think it oddly does the trope better than most.

  • she she
    she she

    I WAS Manic Pixie Dream Girl before this pandemic happened😭

  • Nuit

    fam, which quirky girl hurt you?

  • Dark Raven
    Dark Raven

    This is really interesting🤔 Nice video

  • tetsucat13

    WOW , the world makes sense now. Cheers.

  • Grace

    I could never place why these character types bothered me so much and now I finally get it

  • gunes candansayar
    gunes candansayar

    who broke your heart

  • Clare Weitzel
    Clare Weitzel

    I get about the selfishness part of it, but what gets left out is that Stargirl, does listen to him. He confronts her actions. She gets called out for being “selfish” and not thinking. She does make an effort to be more “normal.” It just doesn’t work. Even though she likes him, she tells him that her own well-being comes first. She tries to help someone, she fails, she apologises, she tries to change, only to get rejected again. She goes back and focuses on herself. And one more technicality, I don’t know any of the other stories, but I would like to say that Stargirl does not solely focus on helping Leo. She tries to help her whole town, even the people that shun her. It’s not _just_ about him. It’s close, but it’s not quite exactly the same. I believe there’s more depth to her character, and also a sequel to the book from her point of view and where she goes from there.

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann

    Ditzy, rumor, gossip, and story ones exist too

  • Andrew Cobble
    Andrew Cobble

    Yo I think that this video pretty well describes garden of words, y’all should watch it

  • Susie Jay
    Susie Jay

    6:58 so true, and on the flip side, a relationship where one party is worshiping you/obsessing over you to an unhealthy extent isn't good either

  • YourCreativeDreamer

    But 500 Days of Summer doesn’t condone the manic pixie dream girl trope at all. In fact, its characters and plot directly critique Tom for viewing Summer that way. And Tom isn’t reliant on her for his personal growth- he had to choose for himself to snap out of his depression and chase after his architecture dreams.

  • this Kid
    this Kid

    @ the comments the girl you dated WASNT a movie character sorry 🤦‍♀️

  • Franky

    Anime take this shit to a whole new level

  • Daniel Neutra
    Daniel Neutra

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is exactly this but it criticizes this as well Fantastic movie

  • Leksi Wins
    Leksi Wins

    Manic Pixie Dream Girl = Autistic Woman with ADHD from a male perspective~

  • Heidi Cavalier
    Heidi Cavalier

    The best example I know of a Manic Pixie Dream BOY isn't Edward Cullen, it's Jack from Titanic -- and his bubbly, charismatic self DOES change Rose, and then he disappears forever. Ya know, at the bottom of the ocean. And if you want to imagine an alternative ending, there's Revolutionary Road XD

  • isadora wp
    isadora wp

    Wtf so in this dude perspective wanting to leave a realitionship that is bad because a sad guy is hell of consuming cause he doen't know how to deal with their own feeling and escects you to do so is a SELFISH action and doing whatever she wants like WHAT dude relationships demand consent in the emotional part to, you are all the emotional version of incells who think is selfish for a girl not to have sex with them like eww

  • strawberrie

    you got burned huh

  • Angela

    You didn't even say nothing about the hetero normative quality of this archetype.

  • miwa gudmundsen
    miwa gudmundsen

    Bridge to Terebithia

  • Florian Rachor
    Florian Rachor

    Trying to decide if trope is more toxic for young men or young women.

  • Coo kies
    Coo kies

    5:30 "Girls are just there to improve the boys life"

  • Mary Emma
    Mary Emma

    For this guy I dated before, I was his "manic pixie dream girl" but then it's quite the opposite from the usual... Bcos he's the one who left me, and not the other way around....

  • Gabriela Rodriguez Varela
    Gabriela Rodriguez Varela

    Bro who hurt you

  • Ariel Sky
    Ariel Sky

    I'm low-key a manic pixie girl irl... That's not bad?

  • celeste

    OMG im a manic pixie girl

  • Kz Cb
    Kz Cb

    Well said. I especially like your opinion on the portion of how guys are portrayed. Though this has been spoken about before you did a great job of diving into this, in this particular way by validating how these films have portrayed men, id love to see a film on the subject.

  • Sleepy Grandma
    Sleepy Grandma

    I feel like I am the manic pixie girl, and I always think it's a good thing? But after watching this video I am not so sure now. I look like and dress like the typical quirky girl, and I always dump guys(just like the girls in the video). I usually get interested in a guy, we flirt for some weeks, and when the relationship gets out of my hand/ the guy is seeking for more intimate relationship, I get bored and lost interest in him. I mean, I always think I have the power to do whatever I want, but this video points out that what I did was selfish and irresponsible? I am not so sure what's the boundary between "whimsical" and "selfish".

    • Cassidy Paige
      Cassidy Paige

      You sound like a fellow Gemini lady!

  • María José Contreras
    María José Contreras

    This is so shigatsu wa kimi no uso

  • Jessica Landrey
    Jessica Landrey

    Stargirl was such a good book. Disney did it dirty