dating a "quirky" girl
a video essay featuring my random thoughts after water Stargirl on Disney+, among other movies.
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    thanks for watching everybody. Given current events, it felt weird to just sit here and make jokes about Disney Channel movies or whatever, so I wanted to do something a little more serious (but not too serious, I mean this is ME after all). I don't do video essays too often, so some of you may have never seen one of mine. On LV-home, most video essays are really just like fancy wikipedia articles or college thesis papers. But with mine I like to make them more personal, more about my experiences and opinions, rather than like "look at how many big words I can use". In this video, I use the words "quirky" and "manic pixie dream girl" somewhat interchangeably. This is technically not correct, but I wanted to focus more on my experience with these kinds of people, rather than a dissertation about the trope itself and how it manifests in different kinds of media over time or whatever. Like I mentioned in the video, I was REALLY into the idea of the MPDG back when I was in High School, so it was interesting for me to think back on why that was, and why I can't stand them now. And again, as I touched on in the video, these roles of "sad boy" and "MPDG" can easily be reversed. But, at least in movies and tv shows, the trope is overwhelmingly portrayed in the way I talk about in the video. The MPDG doesn't really exist in real life, but I have met more than a few girls (and guys too) who, either on purpose or by happenstance, are emulating one. I used to think dating these girls would be a dream come true. I was wrong. It was agony.

    • Glass World
      Glass World

      @Rehema Watch me riot how does his reviews relate to current issues? It is review/comedy channel.

    • I'm here I'm queer
      I'm here I'm queer

      I think I'm the kind of person you're talking about. I'm in an identity crisis. My whole childhood my identity's been suppressed so now I feel like sometimes I'm trying too hard to be myself to make up for lack of freedom of expression as a kid. Now I get defensive if I feel like someone's telling me to do something that I think will suppress the person I am inside. I get defensive. It's mental illness. I'm also the type to try to help others find their path in life and tend to act according to my bipolar disorder I tend to be irrational and spontaneous, I move as fast as I can until I can't move any longer and then when I come out of my depression I try to shrug it off like the amount of work I refused to do when I was depressed didn't affect any of the people around me. I'm a perfectionist, I live in this fantasy world where I try so hard to be important. To stand out. I fear of being forgotten. I'm not good with commitment. People choose when they want to be around me when they need my help but they never stay. I'm too spontaneous which isn't exactly a good thing. There's no trust in any of my relationships. They've already caught on to the type of person that I am. I used to think I was pleasant to be around, but it's all a facade that people can see through. I'm trying to change. To take the time to just live, and to know who I am even if I have to part with some of the things that make me me temporarily so that I don't bother others. To meet in the middle is what I want. Separating myself from the rest of the world and then trying to have long lasting relationships isn't working for me anymore.

    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger

      I didn't read this comment because it's super long and I don't have the time right now, but I agree with your opinions in the vid and I have kind of already figured out for myself the hard way that dating a manic pixie dream girl really isn't.... healthy. Yet, they are still fully capable of wrapping me around their little finger. Don't know why I can't resist them. Anyway, I think that you should do a video on the old Disney classic, "The Thirteenth Year".

    • Alister Wednesday
      Alister Wednesday

      This made me really sad thinking that I might be this person...but I’m real...I can’t disappear from my shitty self...🥺 I’ve been having a lot of deeper conversations and thoughts lately...I don’t like it. I like being ignorantly happy.

    • HetLedie

      Yo Alex I agree with you homie dating these type of Girls is on nightmare I was with one for only a few months she literally cheated on her me with her ex the day after we broke up

  • Ashwin Fritsch
    Ashwin Fritsch

    Shouldn't the guy just try to fix himself instead of relying on someone else? Get a therapist or somthing.

  • Audrey Russelman
    Audrey Russelman

    You should know that the man who coined this MPDG term wrote an article where he completely wishes he never did. It turned into a sexist term that men use when they feel like they can convince a quirky or MPDG to debt away from who they truly are and who they always said they were. Please men, if a girl tells you something, LISTEN. All of these women from the start explained who they were, and the men thought they could “save them” and “show them what true love is.” But love is more than that, it’s accepting the person and listening. I don’t think this video understand that at all.

  • KayKay2513

    I really wish Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was brought up. OR that one episode on friends where they love the "fun guy" until he stops drinking.

  • Julia Coffey
    Julia Coffey

    I actually relate alot to the quirky girl thing, not the fixing people part but like always being happy and being loud you know that part, and whenever i see videos that say it is unrealistic I always question if I fake it and dont realise, but it feels real.

  • tohnk

    Katharine Hepburn was annoying in Bringing Up Baby

  • turanga leela
    turanga leela

    When I look back I think a lot of dudes thought of me as their mental health fixing "manic pixie dream girl". I mean yes I do have some of the characteristics, unusual interests, I dress "quirky" and I like to play the therapist for my friends from time to time. I always thought they see me as a very unique and cute character, but they all just saw a fixing machine for their own problems. I remember my first boyfriend who told me that he had depression, and that his ex girlfriends were very complicated and mean, and that he saw an "angel" in me because he believes in love again. Later I realised that he never tried to understand me and all my interests, but I had to understand him and his interests. He also never really helped me when I am sad. Sometimes I think he broke up because I couldn't fix him, or because the job was already done and he doesn't need me anymore. I like to be the quirky girl and I like to help people, but I don't like to be seen as the therapist for every sad boy, I am also a person and I also want to be understood by others.

  • ELon Mackey
    ELon Mackey

    bro I swear when I was like 5 -7 years old I was in love with twilight and I couldnt stop watching it

  • Cory Pedigo
    Cory Pedigo

    Did you just hashtag BLM?

  • レイエスクリス

    These are facts

  • The Real Trivia Livia
    The Real Trivia Livia


  • fruity garlic
    fruity garlic

    Very cute how so many people in this comment section watched this video and decided that "girls are shallow and manipulative" was the takeaway, instead of literally anything that was said in the video or makes sense if you even care about other people. xx

  • Rabab Karim
    Rabab Karim

    I really enjoyed watching this video. I can relate to what you said because I have always been the quirky kind of girl who leaves eventually because it gets tiring. I've never been completely satisfied with any relationship I had because I always go for the hopeless cases to fix them and then leaves. Maybe because deep down I know that I'm selfish and I need to do something that makes me feel better or to satisfy my narcissistic side that I'm an angle who helps other people and gain nothing in return. But every time I leave I feel shit all over again and the guilty feelings gets deeper and deeper till I reached a point where I hate myself entirely, I feel exposed, I don't wanna be with anyone anymore, and I just hate my life and have no passion about any damn thing anymore.

  • forifdreamsdie

    ugh I was about to watch star girl....

  • Noah Thurman
    Noah Thurman

    You should totally watch mr. Right then

  • That_Rockabilly_Gal

    the problem with Manic pixie dream girls is that the boys who like them do NOT listen to anybody but themselves. The girl clearly states that she doesn't want to be tied down with someone and yet the guy keeps pursuing her without a care for what she WANTS. He just wants her to conform to his IDEALS and keep on doing what he wants her to do to make him feel good about himself. And when she leaves him, he vilifies her by calling her selfish and whatnot.

  • Adriana Ana
    Adriana Ana

    Whoever writes these scripts for the movies obviously has never had a period or hormonal changes 😂

  • Daggeira O'Cinnéide
    Daggeira O'Cinnéide

    Suspenders aren't overalls lol. One is an accessory, like a belt, and the other is an actual article of clothing that covers the chest, as well as the legs (hence the "all" in overalls)

  • Maria Sassi Burigo
    Maria Sassi Burigo

    You should watch this:

  • Catalina Arias
    Catalina Arias

    How to be a manic pixie girl 1. White 2. Skinny 3. Pretty 4. Quirky It only works in that order

  • Arelorium

    My favorite Manic Pixie Girl is Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs the World

  • FartyFat

    Women in movies/tv/books seems to always want to fix the men because deep character flaws in men are more acceptable than in women. So the women are written to be the catalyst for making him a better man/companion. For example look at how reactors watch avatar for the first time. Compare their reaction to Zuko in book 1 and 2 of ATLA and to Korra in book 1 and 2 of TLOK. People seems to easily forgive Zuko (even after betraying one of the most lovable character, Iroh) and keep saying he's just lost his eay but hes good boy deep down (which ofcourse true) instead of the anger people have toward Korra when shes being selfish and bratty (though she's also shown to be remorseful and did apologized to the people she hurt). But at the other end, female characters can't be too perfect either. People love the amazingly talented chosen one storyline like with Neo in The Matrix but hate when its a woman chosen one like Rey in the new Star Wars trilogy.

  • 제니시린

    Those manic pixie girls, do they really exist? Has anyone had a relationship with them? I think that most mentally and emotionally stable guys wouldn’t want another mom/doctor figure that would fix them or tell them how to live. I don’t think girls would want to be in a relationship where she has to work her but off to fix someone.

    • Elena Adamovic
      Elena Adamovic

      I'm actually friends with a manic pixie girl

  • Grega Repnik
    Grega Repnik

    Ever occurred to you, that the "new" girl actually seems fresh and energetic only to our main protagonist (love), and is portrayed that way (universally attractive) so all of us can understand his subjective feelings?

  • manouna

    500 days of summer is actually the opposite of that! It's about how the boy was dreaming about having that MPDG save her but he then realizes that girls aren't existing just for men and we see that the girl he likes also has her own ambitions and her own life.

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check

    This explains why I hate RomComs so much. They are so cliche and follow the same formula.

  • Akram Safirul
    Akram Safirul

    I went to rehab once, before i got discharged i asked my counselor "what should i do to stay clean" and he told me to "find a woman to love you" And in my case it does help

    • Daredevil Poet
      Daredevil Poet

      It helps but only if your understanding of relationships comes from a healthy place. I think to an extent you need to learn to be happy on your own before you can be happy with someone else.

  • Grace Kathryn
    Grace Kathryn

    I think I consumed way too much content like this when I was a kid. I actually fell into a short-term relationship where I wanted to fix the guy and it caused problems real quick. Life Lesson: YOU CAN’T FIX SOMEBODY ELSE. And it is not your job to fix somebody else. So don’t take it upon yourself unless you’re in it for the long haul and prepared to accept that they may never grow into a better person if they’re dependent on you. That leads to resentment and stagnation. So stay in your own lane and recognize that a real relationship takes work and loving someone isn’t something that just happens. You’ve gotta put in the work and choose to love and be loyal to someone every day, even the shitty ones.

  • Patricia Ferreira
    Patricia Ferreira

    The show 'You' took quirky and sad to a whole new level lol

  • Haley P
    Haley P

    Aka breeding grounds for being a narcissist

  • Daniela Perez Palma
    Daniela Perez Palma

    i just realized-i was the "manic pixie dream girl" type of girl-and the sad boi was my ex-and that i still am the "manic pixie dream girl"-

  • Kolby Sholly
    Kolby Sholly

    you say that these girls don’t exist irl. but alex lemme tell ya...this video has helped me realize that this is my life. i was horribly sad and depressed upon meeting my gf and she faces me new life and has completely changed me but now we are coming up to the 3rd year mark and it really is tough to feel like you have little to no real impact on someone that has changed your life and impacted you so profoundly. also the “if you don’t like it then why don’t you just go find someone else” is very frustrating at times when you, yourself, have come to understand your flaws and change for the better and yet this person has made almost no change since we’ve dated, even when i point out her toxic traits and describe how theyre affecting me. like you cannot show her her wrongdoings without either a) getting upset and throwing a pity party or b) getting upset and saying take it or leave it. there are obviously many nuisances as this is a real person and not j a movie character but still, at its core, this is my story

  • James McSweeney
    James McSweeney

    I dated a M.P.D.G. for 5 months when I was 21. It was a whirlwind that definitely changed me for the better. She broke my heart when she moved on to the next guy. It's been 10 years now she's an exotic dancer and married to a man with numerous face tattoos.

  • αєνα т
    αєνα т

    you know it's a different video when you see the watercolor transitions

  • Just_a_Girl

    I’m surprised no one’s talking about the chick from Bridge to Terabithia tbh

  • Cliff Bushin
    Cliff Bushin

    I think the Manic Pixie Dream Girl would work better if she was a hallucination or ghost that only her loser boyfriend can see.

  • Cliff Bushin
    Cliff Bushin

    Summer is not a manic pixie dream girl. Tom was expecting her to be one, but he made the mistake of selfishly expecting her to be one and in the movie "500 Days of Summer," he was being punished for projecting his expectations on her. Summer does not choose Tom. 500 Days of Summer was a really good movie but it does not really belong in this video.

  • Jackson T
    Jackson T

    I don't think Summer or Tiffany were in the wrong at all. These men chose to give them narratives that both characters actively told them that weren't for them. If you catch feelings for someone who specifically tells you not to catch feelings, whose fault is that?

  • Heidi Aberdein
    Heidi Aberdein

    500 days is literally a comment on Manic pixies, it's not a good movie to prove your point

  • Zacharion Tab
    Zacharion Tab

    I honestly don't find it sexist, I find it as plot device and I don't mind if it's used the right way

  • Aaron Kurz
    Aaron Kurz

    So basically the girls have to provide emotional labor. Fun.

  • Nega

    For some reason I have the very specific and somewhat similar type of “Cute, pale, funny, young women with natural but uncommon hair colors, and names starting with the letter A” which fits the profile of every girl I’ve ever liked/dated.

  • Game Dev Tutorials
    Game Dev Tutorials

    OK, girls and boys. I have an idea. Girls try to be pixies and boys try to become brooding badasses.

  • Jotta H.
    Jotta H.

    There are no human beings without complications.

  • Harini Mukund
    Harini Mukund

    So true

  • Joanne Lam
    Joanne Lam

    I've met “quirky” guys before lmao we literally texted TEXTED for less than 5 hours in total and he decided to ask me out for coffee

  • Tina Rodriguez
    Tina Rodriguez

    Girl and boys, men and women, whoever you are... Fix your damn selves! Good night!

  • Stop being insecure
    Stop being insecure

    Gee, the analysis was right and then you missed the point entirely. None of these girls have any obligation to these boys, and none of these girls are interested in a relationship with them in the end. None of them are ignoring basic human decency by not wanting to continue the relationship or by doing what they want to do.

  • dnyaneshwari jambhulkar rollno.22
    dnyaneshwari jambhulkar rollno.22

    This reminds me of the hindi movie Jab We Met..😍💖

  • Ghostly 00
    Ghostly 00

    The Art of Getting By, Youth in Revolt, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Juno (pretty much every Michael Cera movie lmao).

  • Violet luna
    Violet luna

    I am here bc a girl just told me that i am a real life "manic pixie dream girl" I am like ??

  • Britt P.
    Britt P.

    If you haven't watched The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, you need to. It really explores what a real adult relationship where the two mains both expect this MPDG schtick to make their relationship special and magical but neither can really change for the other. It's heart-breaking.

  • juicy juicy
    juicy juicy

    stop you leave jess day alone

  • mademxhall

    This is literally the description for Your Lie in April

  • I Scott
    I Scott

    *how simps are born*

  • Bronny

    you may be missing the point 🥶 I believe these movies (the manic pixie ones) are meant to show that happiness is a choice and you can’t accomplish it through love. Which is why almost all of these movies end in a break up - but start with a relationship. The boys like the girls because they chose to be happy and not sad - and they learn that through these girls. The misconception is; that you don’t need to be in a relationship to learn these things. But most of these movies - the relationships are consensual. So who cares? It’s not a BAD plot line or a bad story to push - BUT I can admit it’s fricken boring and I’m so sick of this female character trope.

  • Aušrinė Svečiulytė
    Aušrinė Svečiulytė

    Is it bad that I think I am the manic pixie dream girl?

  • Glass World
    Glass World

    You know, I never really thought about this seriously. Now that you've pointed it out, I agree with you

  • Venus Z
    Venus Z

    I used to be like the embodiment of this in my bf’s life and I wasn’t even conscious of it. Thankfully, since this is real life and not a movie, when we got to 6 months together he helped me understand how my unpredictability could tear us apart and if I love him and want to be with him, I have to be an adult.

  • TapDancing Rabbits
    TapDancing Rabbits

    Who hurt you lol. The kind of men who put you in this role, I've personally found, do not give a shit about what you may want or feel. It's all about fulfilling his needs and desires, if we're selfish for not kowtowing to it, then so be it. But it's not an inherent selfishness, it's called having boundaries and the fact that we are our own persons

  • Northern Words
    Northern Words

    My best friend is pretty much a manic pixie dream girl bit I don't think she even notices.

  • Alison Wallace
    Alison Wallace

    In Stargirl's defense, She was willing to compromise when she thought that acting normal would make her and Leo happier in the end. It was after acting normal and seeing that it changed nothing and just made her unhappy, she leaves Leo for her own good. Even when she acts like herself, many of the quirky things she does is for other people's sakes. That's why I think Stargirl is different than most Manic Pixie Girls because she doesn't act out of selfishness but actual love for other people.

  • Itsyourgurlmoon 5
    Itsyourgurlmoon 5

    Most of the movies i watched has every protagonist girl looking average or has certain way of dressing and it isn't even ugly but it is portrayed as if it is and everybody kinda ignores her but then she transforms herself with makeup and dress and hair and what not she is considered beautiful and everybody is drooling over her like bruh

  • The True Stool
    The True Stool

    Reminds me of "Your lie in April"

  • Goonbeats OP
    Goonbeats OP

    I have a gut feeling this fantasy is rooted in boys who did not have their needs met as children.

  • asiabrew81

    I thought about it and the only film that comes to mind that is ABOUT a "manic pixie dream girl" is Happy-Go-Lucky.

  • Elsa

    Appreciate the video but Holly Golightly is NOT a manic pixie dream girl. I recommend you watch Breakfast at Tiffany's again. She's broken inside but masks all that sadness and pain with the whole outgoing- socialite personality. She's not there to make Paul's life seem more meaningful or bring more liveliness into his life. She has her own struggles. If anything, the entire story is about her , how she learns to be vulnerable and accept someone's love. That's not the story of a MPDG.

  • Rebecca Freeman
    Rebecca Freeman

    I am the manic pixie dream girl and can confirm that is does get old when dating one...pretty quickly...

  • Jonathan Pinzon
    Jonathan Pinzon

    My kind of girls.

  • Maarit A'Hearn
    Maarit A'Hearn

    The opposite of quirky girls is a Hallmark Christmas story.

  • Colleen Broderick
    Colleen Broderick

    Omg is Bridge to Terrabithia a Manic Pixie Dream Girl movie?!?!

  • Catherine Mai
    Catherine Mai

    I would never be with a guy just to 'fix' that kind of fantasy is ridiculous

  • TheBonny720

    Thank you for being one of the few people that called out Summer’s part in the dissolution of their relationship. Her actions do NOT match her words. She basically uses him and knowingly leads him on like a plaything, and just expects to not have any repercussions. The guy definitely is selfish and doesn’t actually respect her personhood, but she is not without fault. She should absolutely be held responsible for her actions. Also, the argument that men have been playing women like this for centuries doesn’t justify women doing it back to men. That being said, men should finally be held accountable for similar “Summer-like” behavior they’ve displayed in relationships. Everyone should be held responsible for the part they play in any situation without impunity, there shouldn’t be a double standard.

  • Douglas Dea
    Douglas Dea

    Perhaps my favorite example of this is Elizabethtown, a movie where an angelic Kirsten Dunst saves Orlando Bloom's life. It's a far-from-perfect film but there's something about it I just like.

  • Noah Rives
    Noah Rives

    Ah. I dated one once. She was my first kiss. She was gone in a few months, but helped me grow. Literally lived it. Huh.

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King

    Not only do guys apparently need to be fixed and chicks get to be themselves, but if you try to fix a woman or let a guy totally be himself, and reverse the trope, it's seen as misogyny. Not to mention, the only way a real life "saving" can happen, is if both people compromise between totally being themselves and needing to be fixed, however it's different between the genders, for example Edward Cullen ends up turning Bella and protecting her forevermore, but in 500 days of summer, the woman is unwilling to change and therefore doesn't actually save Tom, but instead ends up making him feel even worse.

  • vladimir roman
    vladimir roman

    Except 500 days of summer is a breakdown of this trope. There is no indication that summer is a manic pixie girl. She from the get go says she doesn't want a relationship. Tom projected what he wanted on to her.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Manic pixie dream girls aren't real. So borderline and bipolar aren't things huh?

  • Gesha Dimitrov
    Gesha Dimitrov

    So basically they are sociopaths

  • welte92

    My ex was exactly that. Never made compromises and put much effort into our relationship. I changed for her bid by bid till I realized I wasn't myself anymore. When someone tells you they never had a relationship that lasts longer than 5 months and ended some because they were annoyed by them, don't think it will be different with you. It usually isn't

  • Modus Pwnens
    Modus Pwnens

    And why are they always white?? Almost like a dream girl happens to always be white for people, which is also a problem

    • Michael

      How is their race a problem?

  • Efe Devrim Özen
    Efe Devrim Özen

    I really really hate the idea of guys being a 'project' for girls. I am me. I decide whoever I want to be. Infact the person who I am is my choices. And a girl comes to my life and being like ''I do whatever I want this is just who I am. Deal with it.'' no bitch I am being I am. You deal with it. If you can't be in a relationship like that break up with me and stop acting like we are a couple.

  • mar izabel
    mar izabel

    society: gives things for women that are 'made' for them (e.g : twilight) women: oh cool i'll use that then society: bwaahha u have no taste and are so basic women: okok i guess i'll like something unconventional society: wow ur not like other girls huh? think ur quirky?

  • Sam P
    Sam P

    after watching the twilight clips, i just realized that there's a really blue filter over it? did anyone notice that?

  • Lupla

    Manic Pixie Dream Girls are just unhealthy fi users

  • Danni Jensen
    Danni Jensen

    The best version and example of the "manic pixie dream girl" is Rita from Arrested Development. It shows that those that are this constantly happy are in some way less dense than the vacuum of space.

  • Sky loves Beanies
    Sky loves Beanies

    wow i just had a serious personality realization

  • NoBigDealMedia


  • Mia Bergeron
    Mia Bergeron

    In my personal experience, I feel as if men have really taken this trope and tried to integrate it into their own lives (not all men, of course, just a handful.) They try so hard to be like the male protagonist in these films that they completely forget that the woman is a real human being with their own emotions and wants. For example, I recently had a guy who wanted to pursue a relationship, but I didn't because there was a large age difference and I just got out of an abusive relationship. He got upset and said I was being selfish and wasn't thinking ab his needs. This type of thing has happened several times. It's incredibly draining.

  • cherry the corpse
    cherry the corpse

    Summer isn’t a manic pixie dream girl

  • Eleni Kakouri
    Eleni Kakouri The critic who coined the phrase used it to explain cultural sexism in movies and how male writers/creators made male fantasies come into life through the female characters in the movies.

  • Abigael Chambers
    Abigael Chambers

    The only good manic pixie dream girl I've seen is YLIA (your lie in april). Manic Pixies were fine at first, but it got old quick. YLIA took the whole idea of this pixie and made it good and interesting. I recommend if you haven't seen it

  • Google made me do it
    Google made me do it

    The only good movie about this trope is Eternal Sunshine on The Spotless Mind. Both Joel and Clementine realize they had a very bad relationship because of the memory wipe being revealed to them, and they learn how to put aside these assimilated stereotypes to try again. I think that's way more interesting, because it reveals that we often assume positions and roles within our relationships and that it doesn't hurt to evaluate them in order to renew the relationship and grow as people as well. That asking "Why did we live each other in the first place?" doesn't mean the end of a relationship, but creates opportunities to make it new. 500 Days of Summer has this message of "just deal with it", while Tom's actually being emotionally abused by Summer to be there for her whenever she feels like it but doesn't reciprocate that service. She ignores his romantic feelings towards her entirely for the sake of having someone around, to not be alone. That's fair, as long as she'd be honest about it, but she never really was. It made me wonder if she even is genuinely in love with her husband at the end of the movie, or if he's just someone she found tolerable to share a life with in order to pacify her loneliness. All in all it's a rather sad movie about a girl who's rather introverted and that's why I like it. Tom thinks he can heal her with his love, but he can't. Summer is just Summer. They don't fit. And that's the end of it.

  • Nicholas Davis
    Nicholas Davis

    Wait people actually still believe Summer is a manic Pixie Dream girl? Bro what lol, she’s a fleshed out character and the movie goes out of their way to point of that it’s not okay viewpoint, she isn’t “quirky” at all and even changes her mind and realizes that she was wrong. It’s the anti- manic pixie dream girl, it’s like saying Clementine from eternal Sunshine is a MPDG

  • Cathy Reisenwitz
    Cathy Reisenwitz

    Every girl in these movies: "This is who I am." Every boy in these movies: *Ignores who the girl is and projects who they want onto the girl and then gets mad when the girl is, gasp, exactly who she says she is* Honestly

    • Jesse Leeward
      Jesse Leeward

      .... what?

  • Paul Langland
    Paul Langland

    3:16 I lowkey in High school actually always sort of wished for this to happen. I just always hoped that a new girl would move in the next year and be cool. Sadly, that didn't really happen. But then again, life really is not like the movies. Movies for the most part are fictional(even the ones based on real events are still fictitious enough for creative license).

  • DreamComa

    Out of all the manic pixie girl examples out there, this guy can only come up with 3 examples...weak bro.

  • Ana Laura Forster
    Ana Laura Forster

    But summer isn't even a manic pixie dream girl lol

  • Hanin Azlan
    Hanin Azlan

    Paper Towns, in a nutshell.

  • Cruella De vIL
    Cruella De vIL

    it reminds me of that time a dude who pointed my flaws and tried his best to find common things between us , was agreeing with everything i said and wanted to fix me cuz he said that i bottle up my feelings whatever that means ,he even started talking to me as if i was his girlfriend even though i told him i don't want a relationship ,damn ,it's the movies that made him this way .