The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

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    • PunchFor Pound
      PunchFor Pound

      Alex, I really like your comedy but can you please stop including what feels like 1-2 jokes pushing regressive SJW political agendas into every video? I don't think that's what most people come to your channel for. IMO, funny review videos about about old TV shows, often kids and teen TV shows, is not the place to push, IMO, regressive, one-sided political opinions. If you want to preach SJW political views, IMO I think you should make videos specifically about that, or dedicate an entire channel to it, but that's just my opinion and my preference, and I respect your opinion and your views too. I'm just giving my own personal feedback of how I would like your channel much more. But of course, you are free to do what you want. It's just sometimes you not only include, IMO, very controversial political opinions into your videos, but you do not even label them as opinions, you just state them as if they are scientific facts and not your opinions, which IMO comes off sort of cocky and condescending. But, it is your channel! Respect your opinion... no hard feelings... Peace

    • Alice Auger
      Alice Auger

      Alex Meyers I love your videos but can you check out my LV-home channel of the infinite Kitcat please

    • Breanna

      its 30$ not 29

    • Shanni Elgarat
      Shanni Elgarat

      Once upside down magic comes out pls do it

    • Berliandiva Aulia
      Berliandiva Aulia

      Dylan Sprouse is going to be in the new After movie sequel

  • immabot

    Do Young and Hungry

  • Kivi

    When I was like 3 years old😂😂

  • Riley Maley
    Riley Maley

    “His wife can drop out of college” Me:I-

  • Karen A
    Karen A

    “All the rich, attractive people at my high school were also valedictorian” omg... THATS SO TRUE, SAMEE

  • Noah Trujillo
    Noah Trujillo

    Wow, Dylan/Zack started making beers while his brother Cole/Cody became a archeologist and a Popular actor in shows like Riverdale.

  • Isabelle Nagle
    Isabelle Nagle

    Can you do Suite Life on Deck??

  • Flying Dragon Entertainment
    Flying Dragon Entertainment

    In my country we had our own version of this show when I was a adolescent it was called suite life of Karan and Kabir aahh those good old days

  • SeanTheMan1

    Hydrohomie 😂😂.

  • SeanTheMan1

    Mosbey & Arwin are the best. They’re so funny.

  • ShinyEevee

    Im really worried about Alex.he sounds really depressed

  • Daniel Deya
    Daniel Deya


  • Daniel Deya
    Daniel Deya


  • Saira kamran
    Saira kamran

    I kinda know this show because Disney India made a rip off of this series called "THE SUITE LIFE OF KARAN AND KABEER" and I watched it in 2013 - 2014 and now I now this is the original

  • Jungwoo Lee
    Jungwoo Lee

    Is no one really gonna talk about Dylan Sprouse just went missing..? or am i the only one worried about him 🤔

  • Wild flxwrr
    Wild flxwrr

    The show wasent that bad it was ok it was quite fun to watch! I really liked it.

  • Mariah Hiwatari
    Mariah Hiwatari

    Broooo I would die to have a boyfriend who talks about anime and doesn't give me judging stare

  • Persondy - T
    Persondy - T

    Alex bro cmon At least the whole school didn’t hate you for no reason

  • mecha might
    mecha might

    You think every show it's weird

  • ano problema mo
    ano problema mo

    0:28 when i win the lottery

  • ironicznie

    Don't pretend to be busy, be busy

  • peterjhamill

    who else thinks the sprouse twins in suite life on deck look like the stokes twins

  • Oliver Cartoon studio
    Oliver Cartoon studio

    Why did you not do a sweet life on deck with you yet

  • Iris Lopez
    Iris Lopez

    I play vvvideo games just cause we gurls ar Gurls dose not mean we should be treATeted difrently also(that was a kinda joke) yeah itwas nott htay funny soerry for my typo o erosass

  • Delirium Slimlol
    Delirium Slimlol

    I love this tho I still watch it

  • Sara Shafie
    Sara Shafie

    just cause london is rich does not mean she has to be dumb!

  • assassinman0066

    “What are you? A 14?” “Yes... The same as your IQ.” DAAAAAAAYM MADDIE AINT HOLDING ANYTHING BACK

  • Lilliannthepups

    👁 👁 🐽 👄 MY GOD


    And they had a indian version of this called suite life of karan and Kabir....

  • ITS Laurie
    ITS Laurie

    Well, I'm from iowa so when u were talking about the rich kids being smart I was like yup

  • dinanath upadhyay
    dinanath upadhyay

    a very richsy hotel with world smallest lobby apparently .😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random

    Dylan sprouse is obviously Roomie

  • Awesome Tanay Sharma
    Awesome Tanay Sharma

    laugh is funnier than the video

  • Amber Currie
    Amber Currie

    1:53 I'm beginning to think Alex really likes Harry Styles lol

  • curly anika
    curly anika

    London got dumber and dumber in every season

  • Alisha Raj
    Alisha Raj

    At least it is better than Riverdale

  • Bella Rodriguez
    Bella Rodriguez

    populare kids are weird af =_=

  • mr NoName
    mr NoName

    after college Dylan Sprouse was in the movie banana split and is going to be in After we Collided, he has his own comic book and his own meadery place called all-wise meadery and is in a long term relationship with model Barbra Palvin. Dylan's brother Coles Sprouse is in Riverdale witch is a dark twist on the Archie comics, and was also in the movie Five Feet Apart, Cole is also a great photographer. And although Coles Sprouse is "more famous" I honestly think in my opinion Dylan is more successful but this could totally change because it seems like Coles has a lot of plans for the future. And I would also like to add that I think Cole should stop playing teenagers since he is almost 30. thank you if you read all of this sorry I did not expect it to be this long.

  • A U R I E L L E
    A U R I E L L E

    Can you watch the spinoff, The Suite Life On Deck

  • Bisma Anna
    Bisma Anna

    Is Alex in any way related to staphenie mayers

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval

    I think you’re the racist one. Casually.. lol

  • Rosalie B. Rowan
    Rosalie B. Rowan

    Thanks for adding to the stereotype that alternative people are uneducated😬 News flash! Alternative people can be clever and motivated too just like petty rich people. All these stereotypes are dumb.

  • tristan truitt
    tristan truitt

    Dylan was recently in a film “ Banana Split “ and it was actually pretty good

  • Autumn Peacock
    Autumn Peacock

    On the "pretty/popular = dumb" yeah my school was the opposite too. The most attractive and popular girls were really smart and going off to good colleges.(popular guys, still dumb) But apparently even Paris is actually smart but has an image to keep up of being dumb for some reason

  • Selin Güleryüz
    Selin Güleryüz

    "kamehameha" i'm done

  • Selin Güleryüz
    Selin Güleryüz

    u are everything i aspire to be

  • Frank Castillo
    Frank Castillo

    This show was hilarious

  • Boris Gorchilov
    Boris Gorchilov

    Dylan works in a coffee shop in NYC

  • Gunnar Karotte
    Gunnar Karotte

    My girlfriend watched the show on disney+ and I have to say: I'm happy I wasn't there all the time. It felt dated and just... on repeat to me for the most part.

  • Jacqueline Faith
    Jacqueline Faith

    I never understand it

  • narutosbelievin

    Paris Hilton just realized like last year that London Tipton was a spoof of her.

  • Cory Brown
    Cory Brown

    omg is that madam hooch?!?!?!

  • Quwyn Iscoool
    Quwyn Iscoool

    cole sprouse might be playing in the one piece live action

  • Ganime Ozcay
    Ganime Ozcay

    omfg the tweet has the tag @joegoldberggg and the name *please step on my throat geralt* IM DYING

  • Jamie Dave
    Jamie Dave

    Can you do a review on Sonny With A Chance?

  • Caden Holtz
    Caden Holtz

    I love when he makes jokes about him being thirty and a LV-homer, like buddy I’m trying to be a music major you’re doing better than I’ll ever do

  • Just Hincapie
    Just Hincapie

    While other use Disney plus to watched live action Mulan, I binge all the suite life series

  • Rune stone
    Rune stone


  • Leah Smith
    Leah Smith

    5:49 is probably my favorite Alex Myers moment, I don't know why but it makes me laugh every time.

  • Tut lrala
    Tut lrala

    Haha yeah Dylan... This one guy in the second loving part of after

  • WAM Spray
    WAM Spray

    Do on Deck

  • TheMarKus

    When that chubby kid from suite life on deck got bit by a rat. That was the funniest episode ever.

  • Fm Studios
    Fm Studios

    More I want more please

  • Wagic with Watson
    Wagic with Watson


  • Anime Hanako
    Anime Hanako

    2:46 is that Sharpay from HSM (High School Musical)

  • Life of Talise
    Life of Talise

    Y’all remember when Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens guess starred on this show, and also the cross over of the century with On Deck, Hannah Montana, and Wizards of Waverly Place.

  • Life of Talise
    Life of Talise

    Ok but like honestly I loved London and Mr. Mosbey’s relationship, he was more of a father to her than her real father.

  • Lys M
    Lys M

    Do suit life on deck it’s better then the original

  • delta 4684
    delta 4684

    ill help you.....this show is about 2 twin boiz being 2 twin boiz who apparently live in a hotel and for some reason are not featured playing with the room of clean towels, eating from the kitchen when they are not supposed to, and pranking hotel guests....and featuring a girl who is smarter than others...women are attracted to bisexual and gay guys and also think they can win guys over from other girls

  • Bob The Mage
    Bob The Mage

    From a psychology stand point, you wait and don't seem eager because it makes you seem like you lack value. People who are hard to get are seen as having value. Is it stupid, yes, but thats just how we work.

  • Official Coleslaw
    Official Coleslaw

    The only weird thing here is you😂 not trying to be a hater here but you’re trying way too hard to make this show “weird “

  • Official Coleslaw
    Official Coleslaw

    Ofc he thinks Esteban is racist, funniest character on the show chill out snowflake.

  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang


  • Cheeta246

    All the popular in my school were the best ranked in the school too. They were also super assholes.

  • Juul x
    Juul x

    can we talk about how the sprouse twins now both play wEiRd TeEns? Because cole is apparently a weirdo and dylan apparently got into a college and ruined his teachers life because he got a B+ on an essay

  • Tip Of The Iceberg
    Tip Of The Iceberg

    The guys that disappear are always the more successful

  • jcg1359

    you mean,the prndl

  • Danielle Edwards
    Danielle Edwards

    Do a video about the suite life on deck love your vids


    what about the skater goth nerds

  • Haven Elliott
    Haven Elliott

    Dylan Sprouse was in a movie on Netflix, I think he played some sociopath high school guy who would do anything to get an A from his teacher even murder him...

  • BunBunUsagi

    I heard anime and animal crossing and came running!!! Love your perspectives on this show, but I'll admit I missed the Hilton connection until you mentioned it. I took Maddie and London as a reverse stereotype.

  • That 1 Dude 2020
    That 1 Dude 2020

    Found your videos a week ago! Super love the content!

  • Violet Molloy
    Violet Molloy

    ah yes i still wonder why my ‘species’ exists

  • Rhea Goddess
    Rhea Goddess

    Rich girl Homewor- Homew- H o m e w o- That's hard

  • Annabel Wilson
    Annabel Wilson

    I like how majority of your vid was on the side characters 😂😂

  • Joey Madrigal 94
    Joey Madrigal 94

    Dude do you say friendship is magic 😄 Alex are you talking about My little pony friendship is magic 🦄💜💜💖💘

  • debora ersado
    debora ersado

    i love how maddie is the anti-stereotype thing like massive claps to whoever decided to have a SMART POOR white blonde instead of the DUMB RICH white blonde

  • poketall2

    How about the disney crossovers? That's so sweet life of Hannah Montana, Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana, and Raven about Bunk'd.

  • Jojo 210204
    Jojo 210204

    Can you Do a Video to lost and found?

  • Anasyub

    its so nice too look back man this show was my everything, every kid had a crush on the twins aha. this show just has a special place in my n my heart. cole and kim rhodes (the mom) are both working in CW in different shows so its nice to see tht come full circle in a way

  • Usha Kanchi
    Usha Kanchi

    there is an Indian version of this show it is known as suite life of karan and Kabir it is literally the same like exactly

  • Matthew Bowles
    Matthew Bowles

    Do you have to complain about every show and movie

  • Treasured


  • Breanna


  • danielle d
    danielle d

    Dude this is my life

  • Brooke Simons
    Brooke Simons

    The reason was cause disney doesn’t like to have long shows anymore they try to keep shows at 3 seasons then they do a spin-off. It’s stupid idk why Disney does it.

  • knight daemon
    knight daemon

    He didn't disappear from the face if the earth. He became a mead brewer!

  • Berta Dellasala
    Berta Dellasala

    i loved the show, but i love alex's videos too xD

  • *hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*
    *hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*

    i didnt say anything when you went after HSM. Or iCarly. Or Teen Beach Movie but you’ve gone too far, sir

  • Rory Giambalvo
    Rory Giambalvo

    6:47 London's face and the way she says it is so innocent and genuinely inquisitive and I don't remember the actress's name but she plays it really well!