Fifty Shades Darker is the dumbest movie...
50 Shades Darker Animated Reaction
Check out my video on the first movie:
Fifty Shades of Grey is hilariously dumb...
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Love Is Blind is the dumbest show I've ever seen...
Twilight doesn't make any sense...
Twilight New Moon doesn't make any sense...
Umbrella Academy is kinda weird...
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  • Ava Olivia
    Ava Olivia

    People say twilight is bad but fifty shades is way worse especially with the red flags

  • mexicanraincoat

    “A small family gathering of about 700 people” I swear that’s my family lyk a bunch of random people walk up to and say “omg look how much you’ve grown I remember when you were tHiIiIiS 🤏🏽 small do you remember me?” Lyk I’m so gonna remember aunt frickin cookies (real aunt btw) when I was tHiIiSsS 🤏🏽 small

  • Amber Anderson
    Amber Anderson

    that's it that's her whole personality, she reads books and drinks tea

  • Victoria Bryer
    Victoria Bryer

    10:40 You can really hear Jamie's real accent here lol

  • Renee wang
    Renee wang

    10:23 notice how the font’s comic sans

  • Aritza Acosta Enriquez
    Aritza Acosta Enriquez

    You need to do fifty shades freed

  • Triss Faris
    Triss Faris

    "No more fursuits" LOL

  • Mullen, Izabella 2027 Student SMS
    Mullen, Izabella 2027 Student SMS

    a small gathering of 700 people sure alex

  • Olive Smash
    Olive Smash

    Is it just me or am I the only one who laughed at the part where she threatens to shoot her with a banana? Something about someone killing someone with a banana doesn't seem right lol.

  • Holly.l

    Hold on a sec: between the ending of the first and the start of the second movie are basically just a few days but somehow Christian has a completely different hairstyle?🤨

  • Hydro Drex
    Hydro Drex


  • Memoona Khalood
    Memoona Khalood

    guys i think her favourite color's red

  • Tobbox

    I watched the fifty shades of grey movie and im traumastised...

  • Isabel Becerra
    Isabel Becerra

    You forgot about the part Anna threw her drink at Mrs Robinson and Christians mom slapping her after finding out what she did to Christian as a kid 😬 satisfaction lol

  • Nugget

    how does alex manage to make me laugh so hard at this

  • Elizabeth Kardal
    Elizabeth Kardal

    The fact this came from someone's head

  • Estella Borck
    Estella Borck

    “A small family gathering of about 700 people” ~ everyone in America during quarantine

  • Carolina xoxo
    Carolina xoxo

    i love the banana

  • Clara Francis
    Clara Francis

    The vampires daires pls 😭

  • Olipearl

    The girl stalking Ana looks like Anna from 31 reasons Why

  • Iskra Biscevic
    Iskra Biscevic


  • Sullivan Latoya
    Sullivan Latoya


  • Jezebelle Stevens
    Jezebelle Stevens

    The ex kinda looked like a 14 year old. I know (hope) she isn’t but it made the movie 10 times more fucked up to me

  • It’s Henka You Psycho
    It’s Henka You Psycho

    You know it’s not a good love story when there’s multiple movies

  • Karaoke Instrumental Edit
    Karaoke Instrumental Edit

    Could you do CandyJar

  • cordelia brown
    cordelia brown

    he should do the third movie

  • Seesaw_korekiyo

    this wouldve been such a good psychological horror movie. if they hadnt made it seem as "romantic", it couldve been one of the best dark films out there.

  • Contranym

    7:05 Me: You go girl!😀

  • Contranym

    4:45 wait this is just twilight now OH

  • Ai Haibara
    Ai Haibara

    If a guy ever says he likes this movie AND Christian Grey.. *RUN FOR YOUR LIFE*

  • Jiji Shibu
    Jiji Shibu

    Who makes you animation!?? It's sooo funny😀

  • Elaine Moua
    Elaine Moua

    ok but his ex sub also has brown hair and blue eyes so....maybe all of his 15 ex girls also had brown hair and blue eyes.

  • amievenpartofthisuniverse no
    amievenpartofthisuniverse no

    For some reason I think Christian revealing that he's a vampire would make the movie better.

  • Claire Bacon
    Claire Bacon

    Now in a healthy BDSM relationship (though in the first movie instead, so in the vetting phase, and NOT in the second movie), when Anna tells Christian that she can't give him what he needs, and their kinks don't match up, he would say okay, they would wish each other well, and move on. But does that happen? Nope, there's a whole other movie.

  • Claire Bacon
    Claire Bacon

    Personally I would've stayed in the relationship for a few months or years, just to get as much money as possible out of him, keep a separate savings account he doesn't know of, then bail... Which would be a horrible thing to do if Christian weren't such a narcissistic abuser.

  • Claire Bacon
    Claire Bacon

    Y'all are focusing so much on Christian (I agree with how fucked up he is), but can we take a sec to focus on Anna's friend? The one who put her picture all over his exhibit? WITHOUT HER CONSENT??? And his explanation was literally "oh but I knew if I asked you would have said no" ?!?!?!?!?!?

  • aradhana mishra
    aradhana mishra

    Why the hell 😡😠🤬he is comparing fifty shades and Twilight 🤦🤦

    • Mack Hartford
      Mack Hartford

      Well, it technically was a “Twilight” fiction, before go turn into a book and a movie...

  • aliendroid

    The Host, the book was written by the author of Twilight and yes it has a horrible movie. Once you're done with the last Fifty Shades movie, you should watch that.

  • Carlito lol
    Carlito lol

    The soundtrack is still amazing even it's a bad movie

  • Cotton candy
    Cotton candy

    This is literally better than a movie

  • Jowel Sukla Das
    Jowel Sukla Das

    Don't make it a big deal, It's just a movie.Wait Wt I realised now tht nobody gives a fuck for ur opinion 😏😂

  • Kaissidy Homolka
    Kaissidy Homolka

    There's a really bad knock off book series of Twilight that they made into a movie called Fallen

  • Jessica Marisol
    Jessica Marisol

    do the last one

    • Deepan S
      Deepan S

  • Subhrajyoti Pati
    Subhrajyoti Pati

    I wish to have a man like Christian someday.....

  • Lovely Hearts
    Lovely Hearts

    Considering the fact that i read the damn books, this movie plus the two other ones are complete s h i t

  • Holistically Holly
    Holistically Holly

    Really didn't see the answer being C: Ana taks her lipstick to draw a square around Christian's pecs. LOL Glad you made these videos! I never watched these movies and I am baffled they were so popular. Reminds me of the movie Fear with Markie Mark and Reese Witherspoon, except that movie is way better. Same concept with crazy stalker boyfriend.

  • Leslie Gutierrez
    Leslie Gutierrez

    “And one time you told me to dress up like Dora the explorer and call you backpack” 😂 that’s why I love this videos!!

  • Anjali Verma
    Anjali Verma

    dude why harry styles as essentials?

  • Bthomhank

    Dude the banana is on point man

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    First off, why is it that EVERY man in this universe is a massive creep with no boundaries? "I would have asked for your permission, but I know you would have said no" Fuckin duh! I get the feeling that 90% of shy bookworms don't want their face plastered all over an art gallery for people to come stare at. Second, why in the FUCK is she marrying this dude?! He is made of red flags!! lmao No, not every guy in the real world is a creep, though I know a lot of them are (answering a snide comment that has not yet been made.)

  • S Ga
    S Ga

    "Hi" ("Okay") And "Adam" Won everything Edit:"there's no rules!" This whole movie is a MEME

  • hE NeEd sSoOmE MiLk
    hE NeEd sSoOmE MiLk

    So this is what straight people have been up to?

  • Melissa Borowy
    Melissa Borowy

    I’m sorry..if a guy shows you a file of another woman you run. I mean she should’ve ran before but keeping a file of someone like a cop is..something

  • Blessie Barbie
    Blessie Barbie

    Make a review of the last movie

  • **

    I feel like the art exhibition that was 99.9% Anna's face should have gotten a Big O'l Red Flag parade.

  • 43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava
    43 Vaibhavi Shrivastava

    4:41 And it’s time for the RACE RUNDOWN WTF1 fans unite😂

  • Passive Aggressive
    Passive Aggressive

    You want garbage? Watch the Seventh Dwarf

  • Yvng Mikeria
    Yvng Mikeria

    4:31: " And one time you told me to dress up like Dora the explorer and call you backpack" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Oboro Shirakumo
    Oboro Shirakumo

    1:05 I got an ad on my phone while playing a game while watching this... All it said is "run!"

  • Infinity 18
    Infinity 18

    Alex should animate an episode of animaniacs

  • Anika-banika kee-kee
    Anika-banika kee-kee

    honestly, i haven't watched the movies bc from what i see they're honestly terrible. why tf is ana still with him if literally hes this weird-ass sadist-sort-of creep who has mentally unstable exes and, idk, just generally brings trouble. like wheres the GoOd?? *plays the cardi b "what was the reason? WHAT WAS THE REASON?!!?" vine*

  • Iva Petrusheva
    Iva Petrusheva

    Stop making jokes! You are not funny! Every person in the world has his own opinion about every film... You cannot say something is bad and something is good. This is your opinion NOT MINE!!!

  • Aviation Cinematics
    Aviation Cinematics

    holly slept over-movie

  • Celestestation

    These films and books glorify domestic violence

  • Tae's Stigma got me feeling like a Psycho
    Tae's Stigma got me feeling like a Psycho

    Ana is so stupid, it is painful to the point of being funny🤦‍♀️🤣 she is so bland and boring

  • Tae's Stigma got me feeling like a Psycho
    Tae's Stigma got me feeling like a Psycho

    I honestly thought they were gonna to 'tHe DeViLs TaNgO' LMAO they are so weird, wtf is wrong with them🤣

  • Priyanka Banerjee
    Priyanka Banerjee

    As Alex said in the end, I’d actually like to see him make videos on the movies like Divergent, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Harry Potter. The thing is even if I love and like the movies or shows he’s making a video on I just love his videos and I wanna see these.

  • S M
    S M

    So basically the whole Fifty Shades Trilogy is about *making paper snowflakes*

  • Batman Wakanda
    Batman Wakanda

    this animation thingy really just saved my 2 hours

  • Peeta Griffin
    Peeta Griffin

    I haven't watched the movie but I'm not sure if you just make the movie sounds bad or it is really bad.

  • ILoveCookie

    4:37 My first thought: A My thoughts after answer is revealed: 😐😑😐

    • romario henry
      romario henry

      You had no idea how lost I was when he said the answer.

  • Human Bng
    Human Bng

    Ana is looking so old

  • Jackinabox

    This series is just about a woman going through abuse

  • Hipsygirl

    Wait! Pause on 5:06. You caught me up on that one! I had to see if the lady's name was actually Mrs. Robinson (I've never read the books & plan not to). You got me, haha! Love your word play and slight jabs.

  • Spidey girl
    Spidey girl

    WHERE IS *FIFTY SHADES FREED* ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aashi Dhaniya
    Aashi Dhaniya

    wish fulfillment is a real thing

  • girlnextdoor0703

    Abuse me till you're sane....this seems legit.

  • Kent Olgen
    Kent Olgen


  • Katelyn Frank
    Katelyn Frank

    These are so freaking funny but I wish you would stop comparing it to twilight. They are both romances but I’m pretty sure twilight is also a fantasy and is kinda just a different kind of movie.

    • romario henry
      romario henry

      50 shades is a twilight fan fic.

  • Simplyxstqr

    This guy always know what to say about everything 😂😂😂 No disagreements here!!

  • Shamoya Bartley
    Shamoya Bartley

    His laugh is soo contagious 😭😭

  • me ow
    me ow

    the abusive woman: Elena Me being called Elena: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

  • Naomi Davis
    Naomi Davis


  • Serenity oop
    Serenity oop

    At least bella KNEW she wanted to date a psychopathic vampire.

  • Parvika Singh
    Parvika Singh

    Small family gathering of 700 people Me, an Indian: Bruh that IS small.

  • Karrot Kake
    Karrot Kake

    in the sequel they revealed it was d. all of the above

  • Dr.Bluebox11

    "My last day without you" is a good sappy romance movie. Give that a try.

  • Yamilet

    i really tought option C was a joke, Hollywood got me again

  • Andrea Savopoulos
    Andrea Savopoulos

    I always LMFAO watching these 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nasteha Aden
    Nasteha Aden

    I can’t think of a series but for one off movies I would be blood and chocolate, beautiful creatures, mortal instruments, fallen and worm bodies those are the ones I can think of from the top of my head🤔😀

  • Harpreet kaur Bajwa
    Harpreet kaur Bajwa

    If Christan was ugly. This would be a horror movie.

    • romario henry
      romario henry

      Just like 365

  • Rishi Singh
    Rishi Singh

    Has he made a video about Gabriel's Inferno?

  • Geert De boer
    Geert De boer

    Feel like the ex girlfriend just needs a hug

  • Alexa Rose
    Alexa Rose

    The story plot seems a lot like Storm And Silence (yes, I used to **shudders** read wattpad, I'm not proud of it)

  • Liv R.
    Liv R.

    4:19 is literally what everyone is trying to point out to Ana

  • aurora mokey
    aurora mokey

    Haha the dirties look youve ever seen? That was more like hmm oke mister i see you thats a little weird look not so much a dirty look little over dramatic on that one😄


    Those sex sounds are too funny 😂😂😂 Great work man

  • Deveta Dowling
    Deveta Dowling

    2 hours of.....NOTHING LOL

  • Yuuki Bean
    Yuuki Bean


  • Hania Rizwan
    Hania Rizwan

    "but shes just sitting there touching his boob" this sent me laughing soo hard 😂😂😂

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Markiplier Is Real
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