Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one
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The Princess Switch 2 doesn't make any sense...
Shake It Up was a weird show
Emily In Paris is pretty dumb
Julie And The Phantoms is the weirdest show...
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  • Crypto Bandito
    Crypto Bandito

    Wheels more like wheels the real deals am i right it rolls of the toung

  • Haniel Lopez
    Haniel Lopez

    Can he please do a review on Sailor Moon?

  • Tone B.
    Tone B.

    I mean he might as well do one on Spy Kids...... unless he did one that I didn't know about.

  • VibeKiller000

    And I thought you couldn’t touch lava girl soooooooooo

  • Janna Smith
    Janna Smith

    React to bunk’d

  • DAkota B
    DAkota B

    your videos amazing

  • VibeKiller000

    Bootleg avengers 😴

  • Matteo Gagliardi
    Matteo Gagliardi

    Anyone notice that Missy’s dad is Pedro Pascal? Mr. Mandalorian himself?

  • David Johner
    David Johner

    me watching the video: okay me realizing who the dad is: :0 ITS THE MANDALORIAN i'm a BIG mando fan

  • 1not matt
    1not matt

    Its 2021 not 2020

  • Mariama Magona-Kallon
    Mariama Magona-Kallon

    For my favorite LV-homer and that's my favorite movie we can be heroes is the best like your videos

  • Kenneth Fare
    Kenneth Fare

    This shaped my childhood I don’t know why I’m ready for spy kids 5 it’s gonna be bad

  • alfie

    I seen the heroics

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a interesting stuff

  • Erdall Pirqi
    Erdall Pirqi

    Both movies were really good not wierd

  • Catherine Arnold
    Catherine Arnold

    This acting is so painfully Disney

  • Husky Flusky
    Husky Flusky

    De banna phone

  • K. Formston
    K. Formston

    Gotta love a movie where there is literally no threat

  • Smart- Waffles
    Smart- Waffles

    “And uh, looks like Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy doing.........*inhuman noise*” 🌚👄🌚

  • Pop Cat
    Pop Cat

    That "Devils Tango" part had me laughing for a while.

  • j0shss

    Yo what's the Mandalorian doing here

  • Discus.Offical 01
    Discus.Offical 01

    so the drawing girl is like banana joes mom from gumball?

  • alpha dog
    alpha dog

    You suck we can be heroes is the best

  • Peter Brady (STUDENT)
    Peter Brady (STUDENT)

    i watched this movie 2 or 3 days ago

    • Peter Brady (STUDENT)
      Peter Brady (STUDENT)

      we shold have known that Ojo was an alien because she is the only one without a parent fighting

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez

    Do attack on titan

  • Ben Zou
    Ben Zou

    bruh this movies almost bootleg xmen

  • Xtornite

    “My mommy is lava girl and my dad is shark boy” Captions: *choked boy*

  • ILoveYoonmin

    Lava girl still looks so cute

  • Catherine Laughey
    Catherine Laughey

    I wouldn’t call this a sequel it’s more like a spin off

  • Sayuri Gholson
    Sayuri Gholson

    Can you react to my here academic pls?

  • Mscott Allen
    Mscott Allen

    dude this movie was good

  • Kaitlyn Manmohan
    Kaitlyn Manmohan

    I don't care what you say.I just like the movie.

  • Christian McLaughlin
    Christian McLaughlin

    Soooo the gard died oh god

  • littlecora

    He makes fun of *every single movie that comes out*

  • fr6sty

    holy i forgot about this movie this used to be my faveret but its so cringey

  • Hack Martinez
    Hack Martinez

    People are not gonna wanna know how many times you can get a free candy from the boss

  • honey bee
    honey bee


  • Good Side of Gaming
    Good Side of Gaming

    Shark boy and Lava Girl are boomers now

  • little fraggle09
    little fraggle09

    This is a bootleg avengers film wheels is Charles exavior from X-Men there's a dollar store Mr fantastic the frickin madolorian as a ninja ?

  • Wayne Antonson
    Wayne Antonson


  • Wayne Antonson
    Wayne Antonson

    so i want you to try marvel

  • Noah Joseph
    Noah Joseph

    do u like..... ever shut up and stop complaining about shows?

  • Delaine Jacobs
    Delaine Jacobs

    its 2021

  • smiley backpack ツ
    smiley backpack ツ

    u literally have a problem with EVERYTHING, ur channel sucks 😬

  • Heather Frietas
    Heather Frietas

    Guard. Oh no she's got shark strength Me. The fuck?



  • Riley SniperrSharkk
    Riley SniperrSharkk


  • Alyson Miller
    Alyson Miller

    I make called on a toaster so explain that

  • Laylah Cassina
    Laylah Cassina

    That’s not evEn the real shark boy and lava girl like dude😒😑🙄

  • Jayden Drayton
    Jayden Drayton

    Facts they didn’t do nothing

  • Juan Alvarez
    Juan Alvarez

    The fact that he actually had to watch all of this 😂

  • Cassandra Neyenesch
    Cassandra Neyenesch

    The reason spy kids and shark boy and lavagirl and this movie are all so similar is cause they are all from troublemaker studios where they make kids movies with kids who are the hero’s are stereotypical villians and soooooo much sgi

  • Jack Dave
    Jack Dave

    it wasn’t really a sequel

  • Maya’s Wonderful World
    Maya’s Wonderful World

    It’s not shark boy and lava girl two it’s called we can be hero’s

  • Joshua RossStarks
    Joshua RossStarks

    It's we can be h

  • lil l squad
    lil l squad

    You should do good Burger

  • Aaa Adi
    Aaa Adi


  • Mr matt
    Mr matt

    says it’s 2020 me looks at the date me: but it’s 2021 wait......

  • BaBaBooey Alexa
    BaBaBooey Alexa

    This vid was literally made on January 6th 2021- what do you mean 2020

  • Roblox Fun
    Roblox Fun

    “She got shark strength” lol

  • J o s h
    J o s h

    I’m not gonna lie this movie was pretty good yeah it had some stupid stuff and was kinda cringe but it was also made for kids 😂

  • Ninjaboy1028 YT
    Ninjaboy1028 YT

    this is actually called we can be heroes not sharkboy and lavagirl 2 but i TOTALLY agree that it is SOOOOOOOOOO DUMB

  • BeyBlade Burst Power
    BeyBlade Burst Power

    Shark boy and lava girl is the best


    Bro. Shut. Up. Stop complaining

  • Lillianna Allen
    Lillianna Allen

    Me: bruh- your hating on a movie that's cringe-

  • CaXoda

    Watch spy kids

  • a borger man
    a borger man

    "SHE'S GOT SHARK STRENGHT" "Sir this is a Wendy's"

  • Jari Burnam
    Jari Burnam

    5:10 a compella : sings* alex: oh no not today Me: LOL

  • abood maanter
    abood maanter

    about we can be heroes i agree

  • Pe Lebbyy
    Pe Lebbyy

    “Its 2020 he says”description”cap its january 6 2021” ok im joking he posted it on a different day

  • Gunnar Berthen
    Gunnar Berthen

    this is not shark boy and lava girl 2 , this is we can be heroes. dumb dumb

  • VoltageYT

    I didnt even know there was a part two

  • Lost my name
    Lost my name

    Damn mando doesent feel himself since _that_ day...

  • RoofToofToofToofFoofRoofToofToofToof Koof
    RoofToofToofToofFoofRoofToofToofToof Koof

    Ojo sour apple acapella youre trash slo mo youre solo twins youre able guppy youre killed font join the devils tango adults are smart on

  • Pebblezz


  • Nicole

    Is the retired dad the mandalorian?

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith


  • YouTubeUser

    Boy, those kids escaping truly makes no sense. They can just tell the grownups, who are on the same side, what's going you said. Why the forced roadblocks? edit: oh, of course, that's why

  • Emilio Sierra
    Emilio Sierra

    i grew up with shark boy and lava girl but it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.

  • Lauren Baker
    Lauren Baker

    this Is stupid

  • Gonzo YouTube
    Gonzo YouTube


  • Wendigo Productions
    Wendigo Productions

    This movie is the definition of a shitpost status


    Sound like Donald Trump, hey 🤫🤔

  • Andersonfamily A&A&
    Andersonfamily A&A&

    People who thought it was a good movie at first until they saw this lol

  • Félix N. Burgos
    Félix N. Burgos

    I will never ever get people who don't enjoy we can be heroes for what it is

  • Vibing Nugget
    Vibing Nugget

    i saw this moive

  • Shane Norwood
    Shane Norwood

    yeah, chita speed and lisard glide, falcon flight and lion pride gona go wild wild where gona go wild wild kratt

  • Theoutcast 20
    Theoutcast 20

    I like them both

  • Tammy zvolena
    Tammy zvolena

    i liked this movie :(

  • Eleftheria K.
    Eleftheria K.

    wait so did missy end up having powers or is she just the main character?



  • Jadarie Animate
    Jadarie Animate

    That's perfect 6:49

  • Shuichi Saihara
    Shuichi Saihara

    oH nOo! sHe'S gOT sHarK sTreNgTH!!1!

  • Edasia 2021
    Edasia 2021

    watching him make fun and laugh at a family movie is the best thing ever xDDD

  • Jadarie Animate
    Jadarie Animate

    No I'm using express vpn

  • harp seal
    harp seal


  • Raphy Datoc
    Raphy Datoc

    "SHE'S GOT SHARK STRENGTH" Me: Sharks have no strength...

  • Brandon Cole
    Brandon Cole

    Ik this was for kids but this wasn't for kids This was for us but also for them

  • Nadia Ibrahim
    Nadia Ibrahim

    Well it is a kid show soo........

  • Theycallmedots

    This is just the Jimmy Nutron movie

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